a spirit of flame  


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In Lake Rathetear: Spawns as part of the Cleric Epic 1.0 quest.

In Relic: Spawns during the encounter with Ashenback.

In the Hills of Shade: Max hit ~1,350; hits fast even when slowed; flees at low health. A rescued spirit spawns following its death.

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Minimum Level: 79
Maximum Level: 81
Expansion: Secrets of Faydwer
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Additional Spell Drops
# Sep 26 2010 at 11:43 AM Rating: Good
In HoS on the ships also dropped:
Spell: Chromassault
Spell: Forbear Corruption
Spell: Torrential Hail
Spell: Fever Surge
Spell: Dragonscale Aquifer
What it drops etc...
# Jan 30 2008 at 7:42 PM Rating: Decent
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The only spell I can recall having seen drop from these is Spell: Winter's Blaze in over twenty hours. It dropped twice in that amount of time.

If you're really crafty and exceptionally bored you can kind-of pull these off of the boat and kite them but their pathing is horrible and usually you end up with copious adds. I just did this with my wizard for awhile trying to spawn Eternity's Blaze but eventually gave up because it's too slow and dangerous. If you snare one and get adds... more or less I just let the snared one's aggro drop and ended up kiting the adds instead. It's as ugly as it sounds. It can just be done.

I really wouldn't generally recommend it.

By the way, the second floor of the boat (just above the main deck and below the helm I guess it's called) is safe to pull to. And so is the claustrophobic room below it, below the deck... That is, if you're not silly enough to try to kite them.

When meandering below the deck be careful that you don't run right into Eternity's Blaze... He's an extremely rare spawn but he can blindside ya' down there since he sees invis and can spawn anywhere.

they hit fast
# Dec 15 2007 at 4:37 AM Rating: Decent
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Snareable, rootable, calmable. Run at low health. Small assist aggro range. Max hit on 3100ac was only 1344 but they hit surprisingly fast, even when slowed. Seem to be harder for the tank to hold aggro compared to other mobs in the zone. I find these mobs are quick to aggro onto the cleric after a heal or any nuker after a nuke. Quicker than typical.

Camping them on the ships is a bit of a pain since the floors of the wrecks aren't flat enough to put down a campfire. Watch for lag if you pull them through the water, especially if several groups in zone. My tank occasionally freezes for as long as 3 seconds just at the time that the mob emerges from the water.

I found my tank had a tendency to be stunned by a flurry of their hits upon first contact. This means he can't hold aggro well at the beginning so watch out for any group member casting a heal or a slow or any aggro spell early in the battle.

A rescued spirit spawns upon death. Grey con, non-aggro, responds to hails with a couple of different messages about how we saved him and there are others needing saving. Doesn't seem to connect to any quest.

Surprisingly, these mobs don't seem to have higher-than-normal FR. I changed my nukers' spellsets to vsCold settings but then I changed them back to normal after testing a few fire-based nukes.

Faction: The Fallen goes down. Bertox's Chosen goes up.

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