Gurtrude the Spymaster [ Quests 75+ ]  

Quest NPC

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  • This mob spawns at 210, -1570.

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Level: 80
Expansion: Secrets of Faydwer
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208, -1570
Disable the Recycler
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Disable the Recycler:

2 lines in the task when you get it, 2nd one is blank until you complete the 1st:

1) Search for a way to destroy Meldath's recycler.
2) Speak with Gurtrude the Spymaster.

You do this in the far NW section of the Fortess. When someone with the task climbs the ladder up onto the platform 3 spider type clockwork skitterers will spawn. There are a couple of other mobs up there too. You have to kill all 3 spiders (mezzable.) After killing those, 3 reaver types (mezzable) will spawn. After killing those 3, a large gnome (yellow con to 80) pops. Kill that one for the update for the first step. Return to Gurtrude to complete the task.

Azia Clockwise Capping Rotator (you only get this if you have already completed Hunt A Spy from Clockwork Warmarshal)

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Gives Tasks :
Disrupt the Workshop
Supplies for Spies
Disable the Recycler

and once u finish all those she gives you:

Spy Reports
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Darkdoc wrote:
Gives Tasks :
Disrupt the Workshop
Supplies for Spies
Disable the Recycler

and once u finish all those she gives you:

Spy Reports

If you have logs and/or screenshots from these, please send them to
Quests from Gurtrude
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[Fri Nov 30 18:41:14 2007] You say, 'Hail, Gurtrude the Spymaster'
[Fri Nov 30 18:41:14 2007] Gurtrude the Spymaster says 'Shhh. . . A good spy knows to keep her voice low and quiet. Now, have you come here to assist me with my [work], or to [try to join] my gaggle of spies?'
[Fri Nov 30 18:41:17 2007] You say, 'work'
[Fri Nov 30 18:41:18 2007] Gurtrude the Spymaster says 'Well, it is my task to lead a fine group of spies. I can't tell you anything about them, but it is our duty to infiltrate the enemy's structures, disrupt their war effort and steal what secrets we can. Now, I readily admit that none of us on this detail were much for spying before the crash, but when it became obvious that we would not win this battle by strength of arms, I convinced many of the crew to work together as spies. They are even now infiltrating Meldrath's infrastructure. Though, we are spread a bit thin, and there is no support from the ground for our efforts. Perhaps you might be willing to do a few simple [tasks] for me?'
[Fri Nov 30 18:41:21 2007] You say, 'task'
[Fri Nov 30 18:41:21 2007] Gurtrude the Spymaster says 'Good! Obviously I'm risking the lives of my people by trusting you, but I have no choice. I won't be sending you to speak with our most important spies, however, since I really don't know you very well. Will you be handling this [alone] or with trusted [friends]?'
[Fri Nov 30 18:41:25 2007] You say, 'friends'
[Fri Nov 30 18:41:26 2007] Gurtrude the Spymaster says 'You seem like a nice person, but as a spy I know that not everything is as it seems. Perhaps you would be willing to prove to me that I can trust you by doing a few simple things [alone] before I trust you with anything that requires a large force.'
[Fri Nov 30 18:41:28 2007] You say, 'alone'
[Fri Nov 30 18:41:29 2007] Gurtrude the Spymaster says 'Well, even these tasks are dangerous so be very careful, for our sake as well as yours.'
[Fri Nov 30 18:41:34 2007] You have been assigned the task 'Disrupt the Workshop'.

There were other solo tasks, have not done them yet.
Name misspelled
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Gurturde should be Gurtrude lol
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