Captain Zeke  

Quest NPC

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Located at -850, -290 (a dock near the middle of the coastline).

In addition to his tasks, he has this to say:

You say, 'Hail, Captain Zeke'

Captain Zeke says 'Aye, how be ye this fine morning? Things are well enough with me, I [1].'

You say, 'You suppose?'

Captain Zeke says 'At least the cartel sent a guard over to try to keep the undead at bay. I guess that's kind of them, considerin' that I'm not truly a member of their bloody [2]. They only let me use this dock because I act as a barrier between them and those stinkin' corpses that walk the beach to the south. What with the dead, the and thieves, I'm surprised that I get any customers at all. Hang on, are you a customer? Bloody bones, I didn't mean to make it sound all that bad.'

You say, 'What walking dead?'

Captain Zeke says 'Them undead sailors were mutineers from the haunted ship Decay. They were dropped here by their captain after their mutiny was quelled. The Stormguard would love to destroy them, but they haven't the manpower. Most of the undead sailors fear the sea now, believing that either Prexus himself would destroy them or their old captain would seek them out and give them a far worse punishment than destruction. So they roam the beach to belong there.'

You say, 'Pretending to belong?'

Captain Zeke says 'Aye. These undead are loosely organized. Their leader is the man that lead the mutiny. He calls himself a captain now. The others all seem to think they are just waiting on the Decay to return for them and take them back. But they do grow restless at night and often wander over near the dock here. I don't much like them eyein' the Dancer like that.'

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Level: 60
Expansion: The Buried Sea
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Known Habitats:
  Barren Coast

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