Legate Loxias  


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Spawns a shade of corruption upon death.

Category: EverQuest
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Level: 51
Expansion: Serpents Spine
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Known Habitats:
  Goru`kar Mesa
Factions Increased:
  Nymphs of the Windwillow +2
  Minohten +2
  Tuffein Leadership +2
  Tuffein +2
Factions Decreased:
  Foulblood Fieldstrider Centaur -2

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# Jan 16 2015 at 2:26 AM Rating: Excellent
1,738 posts
For Loxias:

Foulblood Fieldstrider Centaur -2
Tuffein 2
Tuffein Leadership 2
Minohten 2
Nymphs of the Windwillow 2
Multiple Loc's
# Sep 09 2008 at 1:27 PM Rating: Decent
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Killed both Legates, and Nestor. After I killed the shade, Nestor popped where Loxias usually is and Loxias popped in the corral. Cletus was in his usual spot.

Happened this way on 2 separate days.
# Apr 09 2008 at 1:07 PM Rating: Decent
loc 775, -1025
Trampling hit for 500
# Sep 04 2007 at 8:18 PM Rating: Decent
I was trying the other Legate trying to get the Charm item from crate .. he smacked me down with Trampling and hit for 500 damage on lvl 55 necro.

Wish I'd known that I was actually down on the ground he beat me dead pretty quick .. hehe.
Shade of Corruption
# Jan 04 2007 at 10:02 AM Rating: Decent
Please pay attention of Shade of Corruption is up. If it is up -- faction hits are correct.

If someone killed it (you can know easily -- curse does not cast on you once you are in the valley and centaurs will not normally be KoS) -- faction hits reverse.
# Dec 10 2006 at 9:07 AM Rating: Decent
163 posts
Just dropped Centaur Chain Bracelet

Slot: Wrist
AC: 8
Str +6 Sta +6 Agi +6 HP +50 MANA +45 Endurance +?
Save Disease +7 Save Poison +7
Recomended levle of 50 Required Level of 43
WT: 3.0 Size: Medium
Race: all
Slot 1, Type 7: Empty
drops, factions, other info
# Nov 30 2006 at 7:04 AM Rating: Decent
158 posts
Wandered across him today...he hit for 123 or so...air pet (MoD'd) ate him alive...mob proc'd Flurry of the Archer a few times...

Firestrider Brand
Secondary Magic Lore
Focus: Imp Dmg IV
Save Dis 6, Save Cold 6
Mana 60
HP 55
AC 15
Int 6 Wis 6 Cha 6 Sta 6
Rec 50, Req 43
Weight 1
All Races
Classes: Clr Dru Shm Mag Nec Wiz Enc
Slot 1 is Type 7
Size Medium

Foulblood Firestrider Centaur dropped
Tuffein, Tuffein Leadership, Minohtein, Nypmhs of the Windwillow rose

On death he spawned a shade of corruption (con lt blue to 70)
# Oct 29 2006 at 11:13 PM Rating: Decent
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Centaur chap who summons, hits for 150 max
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