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In Goru`kar Mesa: Kathryn is a Druid located alongside the Windwillow tree.

In the Mountains of Rathe: (magelo shows as warrior)


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Level: 35
Expansion: Serpents Spine
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Update for Ciodaru's Love Quest
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As posted by Gaeastar on EQTraders Message Board.

Update for Ciodaru's Love Quest and Timing of reward
You say, 'Hail, Kathryn'
Kathryn says 'Hello traveler.'
You say, 'How are you doing?'
Kathryn says 'Thank you for asking Traveler. I am doing well. The only thing that would make my life more perfect would be someone to love.'
You say, 'What is your favorite gemstone?'
Kathryn says 'My favorite gemstone? That would have to be an emerald. The green is so brilliant.'
You say, 'What is your favorite drink?'
Kathryn says 'Simple cold, pure water is such a relief to drink.'
You say, 'What is your favorite food?'
Kathryn says 'I have no real need to eat, but one time I tried a roasted acorn that had such interesting extra flavors added to it. I would so like to try that again.'
You say, 'What is your favorite color?'
Kathryn says 'Just like the emerald, my favorite color is green, but a deep green like the healthiest green of the forest.'
You say, 'What is your favorite scent?'
Kathryn says 'I so love the smell of the earth, rich and filled with life, ready to grow.'
You say, 'Hail, Ciodaru'
Ciodaru says 'Please tell me what you have found that my heart's desire desires'
You say, 'Kathryn is doing well'
Ciodaru says 'Splendid. I am so glad.'
You say, 'Kathryn's favorite gemstone is an emerald.'
Ciodaru says 'Emerald. I see.'
You say, 'Kathryn's favorite drink is cold, pure water.'
Ciodaru says 'Cold and pure water. That may be a challenge.'
You say, 'Kathryn's favorite food is roasted acorn.'
Ciodaru says 'Spiced Acorns, I know who makes that.'
You say, 'Kathryn's favorite color is green.'
Ciodaru says 'A deep green, like the forest, a dress of that would look splendid on her.'
You say, 'Kathryn's favorite smell is of the earth.'
Ciodaru says 'Of course. She is so attuned to the tree, that what a tree loves, so would she.'

It is at this point you get the Glowing Green Earring of Dragonoste
Kathryn's Task
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Kathryn is part of a quest started by the Minohten, Ciodaru. She is Ciodaru's love - obviously not his first from what Simu says to him at camp - and he wishes to gather information about her during the first quest. During the second quest, he wishes to make for her an emerald pendant of sorts for his first gift.

>>>Will continue this on Ciodaru's page<<<
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