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GBATE!! Never saw it coming
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Large Cloth Cap
Large Cloth Cord
Raw Hide
Bone Chips

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in cave past the nokk undead in crescent reach hollows area....
rare drop from him is the foul ichor residue for the aragol's seance HALLOWEEN QUEST received from Aragol Gloomflow in the same cave area...


Aragol's Seance (Crescent Reach)

Go north of the haunted farm and waterwheel, cross the bridge into Nokk undead territory, and enter the zone's northernmost cave. In the place where the cave splits into left and right tunnels, Aragol Gloomflow is mourning over an open coffin or crypt with the spectral form of his love, Iris Gloomflow, in it. You may have to kill the undead standing around this chamber in order to talk to him safely, or just stand there being punched while you get the quest.

Aragol wants you to retrieve one Foul Ichor Residue (rare drop) and one Fine Bone Powder (common drop) and combine them in a two-slot bag he gives you, so that he can do a seance to speak to his love one last time. The drop come from the various undead in this chamber and the left hand cave.

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Drops a Foul Ichor Residue
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