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Lvl 75 - #15 ??
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Is there any information anywhere about the (currently) last step in this quest arc?

Can't seem to find it anywhere. Not even Google !!

Please Help

windspirit bottle
# Apr 05 2008 at 6:17 AM Rating: Decent
How do I get the bottle I purchased filled? I have tried swimming around and through the waterfalls in the grove. Is there something I am missing?
lvl 65 #13 - lvl 70 #14
# Aug 08 2007 at 2:25 AM Rating: Decent
Sat May 05 06:53:26 2007] You say, 'Vasha'
[Sat May 05 06:53:26 2007] Venesh the Greenblood says 'Vasha, Munkkun. There is much for you to learn, just as a seed prepares to reach out with its roots. As much as nature is beauty and life, it can also bring swift death. Some of the deadliest creatures are the loveliest. If you desire to learn more and are certain you wish to walk the brambled [path] of the Greenblood, say so.'
[Sat May 05 06:53:30 2007] You say, 'path'
[Sat May 05 06:53:31 2007] Venesh the Greenblood says 'I must tell you that it saddens me when we see the kin of the wyrms afflicted by illness. It makes me sadder still when they are no longer victims and wield their illness as power. You will find a corrupted drake in Sunderock Springs called Serravok the Plague Wind that yields a sickness as a weapon. To preserve nature and return its balance, you must kill the afflicted thing. I beg you to mourn the loss of one of our own, no matter how terrible it may have become.'
[Sat May 05 06:53:31 2007] You have been assigned the task 'Strengthening the Blood'.

Located in sunderock as listed on the map.
Breath of Draton'ra lvl 65-#13 - Serravok's Head

level 70,#14 breath AA updating ,Velosk is a random spawn from his PH. 'a bone grafter'they can be on the spiral or around the pools of water in vergalid's mine, the keyed area..
Breath of Venesh lvl 70 - #14- Skull of Velosk

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Where to find rest of quest
# Jun 26 2007 at 3:43 AM Rating: Decent
I see the task that my parent dragon gives up to #12, but where is rest found ?? I am looking for quest 13, 14, 15 to finish this quest and have not found them, if anybody able to post or link where to find rest of quest i apprciate it.

Lost 1, this is lost 3.............R u lost 2

the only hard day was : yesterday
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He is located in Crescent Reach near the Newbie port-in up in the trees on the North side.

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Breath Weapon Task information
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There is a series of quests offered to Drakkin by their Parent Dragon to obtain then improve their Breath Weapon.

The task is called Strengthening the Blood: Breath of (Name of Parent Dragon) #1 thru 15.

Upon completion of each stage of the task, you receive an AA ability. It can be found under General Abilities using the Alternate Advancement button. You may obtain the task from your parent dragon every five levels from Level 5 through Level 75.

For Drakkin whose heritage is Draton`ra, Master of the Void, it would be Breath of Draton'ra.
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