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a forgotten noble

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Southern end of the zone in the tunnel next to Emperor Ganak's tunnel, at -3270, 2535

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Level: 60
Expansion: Ruins of Kunark
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Known Habitats:
  Trakanon's Teeth

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# May 09 2006 at 8:55 PM Rating: Decent
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He doesnt cast that, Spirit of Kotiz does though
MM Raid
# May 08 2006 at 10:58 AM Rating: Decent
Last night, The Harrowing, tried this MM raid. We got all the way to the end and had problems defeating the council. We got the first two down, but when three unlocked/activated we kept wiping to them. We tried a combination of things from trying to train them to Jugg area, to kiting and trying to snag one, to rushing them with dragons, etc. We finally called it, and vowed to try it again another day.

A few things about the raid. You are re-inacting the fall of Sebilis, when the Dragons Trakanon, Severilous, Gorenaire, and Talendor break free. At the same time the Frogloks and Sarnaks rebel. In the MM you can have up to 18 people, 4 play as dragons, and the rest play as either Froglok and/or Sarnaks. They both have the same classes, a choice of warrior, chanter, cleric, and rogue. You can have three of each class.

The clerics get a 3K heal, the chanters get haste and clarity and a nuke, the rogues get lesion and hamstring... as well as backstab, and the warriors get a Hate disc.

The dragons are Trak (Necromancer), Talendor (Warrior), Gorenaire (Cleric), and Servilious is a shaman. The shaman has an AE slow, and a DoT, Gorenaire has a CH, and a frost breath. Talendor has fire breath, and Trak has an AE DoT and some kind of nasty ability that I can't remember off hand. They all have arond 32k hp.

Now, all three races start in different locations. The dragons are in Traks room, the Sarnaks start in Brogg's room (the golem with the clay shield... if I remember correctly), and the Froggies start at the Seb zone in.

Now, the Council is trying to stop the Dragons so they send waves of undead to them every 5 minutes or so, they're trivial and in fact the people playing the dragons were bored out of their mind for the first while.

The Froggies are KoS to everyone, while the Sarnaks are Indifferent. Sometimes the agro range is large, and sometimes its not so while fighting mobs you'll get some odd adds (such as from a room across from you, while the mobs upstairs just sit and watch).

There are a few tasks you have to do, one is kill 80 undead mobs (the dragons do this with the waves of skeletons), and kill 80 Iksar. You also have to find the Iksar Champion and the Iksar Slavemaster and kill them, loot their heads and give it to the Council Leader.

The Champion is near the Sarnak zone in, and the Slavemaster is near the Froggies zone in. You must clear your way down to Traks room and this will take a while. If you are able to have everyone be Sarnaks then once you get your Iksar kills you can pretty much run to Traks room. Only problem is if you have a full 18, 2 people have to be Frogs, therefore do this raid with 16 instead.

Also, while you are killing Iksar they can drop weapons and shields for your characters. They're pretty nice with some stats on them, such as the cleric shields have 25 Mana regen on it. The more uncommon items are the Shields and 2 hand weapons, like the chanter staff and warrior claymoire. Atleast they were on this mission. For some reason there were 2X the number of chanter clubs then there was anything else.

After you get down to Traks lair, you'll see 7 people, 5 council members, 1 council leader, and 1 general (they all have names but I can't remember them atm). They're all red to the Sarnaks, and the ones we engaged hit up to 2K on the Sarnaks, and around 1K on the dragons.

They'll be sending in waves of undead all through out this, so have all the players, Sarnaks, and Froggies go to the far end of the chamber so they don't agro the undead. Between waves set yourself up and when you're ready hand in your skulls. The council will stop sending in undead and basically just sit there.

We had the dragons tanking the council members, we fought 2 the first time... we're not sure if it was agro'd from a Dragon OTing or if it became activated. We had everyone pile on one of the Council Members and killed it. They have a ton of HP. After that one was dead everyone piled on a 2nd council member. Now... this is where it went down hill. Because we're not sure if other council members became active on the death of the two members, or if they were AE'd, or if they were activated in other ways... we'll be doing this again and experimenting. Anyways we ended up having 3 council members wipe everyone.

The first 2 council members (they're on the edges of the council member line... you'll see), they're easily slowed. Partially but slowable. The other 3 councillers, are much more resistant. I played an enchanter and at best I got them slowed only slightly and usually with a resist or 5 in there. Having three council members is a PITA because they hit hard and fast.

We regrouped and tried to pull them single, however they appear to be linked. When we trained them out to the JUggs, and the Trainer died, they would warp back to their spawn point, and at times we would get 1-2, but the 3rd would charge in out of no where and kill us. We tried OTing all three but they hit to hard for only haveing 1 CH'er and 4 or so 3K casting clerics... who get major agro for chain healing. They also path horribly. From their spawn point, they will run towards the bridge, then zig zag towards the back South corner. And usually by the time they do this they've agro'd any others that have warped back.

My recommendations... play all Sarnak, as you can get your 80 kills clearing the top of the zone, then run through the Jail, Fungus area, and Juggs. Saves you a good hour of clearing, and deaths. Also the Sarnaks/Froggies don't have much HP, so they can't tank any of the council members, they just provide support.

The zone does not repop and when you die you respawn at your original starting point. And when you get to the council, you will respawn at the bridge area leading up to Trak's room. I hope this helps for those who want to try this Raid. Its long but interesting.

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Mission giver
# May 08 2006 at 8:38 AM Rating: Decent
We tried the Raid mission this guy offers with guild. It was Fun on the first try we made it to the end when we needed to finnish off the rest of the council.

But it kinda went downhill from there , it seems there are 7 council members it starts off you kill 2,then 3, then back to 2 and the 2 being the Council leader and General, well anyways if anyhas anymore info on this final encounter please post would like to see the strategy.
Mission Giver?
# Mar 11 2006 at 2:32 PM Rating: Decent
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This mob is located at neg 3260 pos 2534 (this is in the second of the crypt systems near to the Emperor - its actually the one alongside the Emperors crypt).

He is Dark blue to a level 70 Druid. Cons indifferent. He has the word Missions under his name.

When hailed he gives the following text, which links him to the Spirit of Kotiz, another mob in this zone located at neg 1244 neg 2033.

You say, 'Hail, a forgotten noble'

a forgotten noble says 'The book. Charged, was I, with its safekeeping. All was well until that fateful day: the day of the fall. They descended upon us with horrible fury. I could not fulfill my task. The failure will haunt me. I will haunt this grave . . . until the end of time. An eternity of unrest awaits unless I can uncover the whereabouts of the ancient book of the dead. You, mortal . . . you must seek them out. Find Tulok the Folklorist and the Spirit of Kotiz. They can help pinpoint the location! Kotiz is nearby. Tulok wanders the Emerald Jungle.'

Tulok is located in Emerald Jungle at location 4016, 3465 - this is on the Plateau. He is located in a Ruin in the far North West Corner. I have made a post regarding him so see that for info :)

Murril Merryweather
Spirit of Light
The Rathe

Edited, Sat Mar 11 14:44:03 2006
Probably not 70
# Mar 06 2006 at 7:45 PM Rating: Decent
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On track, this mob conned dark blue to a 65 druid.
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