Ariahn Teller  

Quest NPC

Uploaded July 24th, 2007

Screenshot by: Saraban of Darkwind

Category: EverQuest
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Level: 72
Expansion: Depths of Darkhollow
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Known Habitats:
  Dreadspire Keep

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# Dec 24 2008 at 4:48 PM Rating: Decent
max hit around 1400
her guests will assist too=p
AE Turn in
# Jan 03 2006 at 1:37 AM Rating: Decent
Resides in library, just off of ballroom.

Turn in Sister's Handkerchief from Sisters event in demiplane for 1/4 of your AE blocker
RE: AE Turn in
# Jan 03 2006 at 2:35 AM Rating: Good
Ungainly Ninja
6,998 posts
Do you happen to have logs detailing how you learn this in-game and what happens when you turn in? We need dialogues, faction hits if any, flavor text, etc.
RE: AE Turn in
# Jan 11 2006 at 11:51 AM Rating: Decent
31 posts
before turn in:
[Wed Jan 11 11:13:49 2006] You say, 'Hail, Ariahn Teller'
[Wed Jan 11 11:13:49 2006] Ariahn Teller laughs uproariously, breaking her own rule of silence in the library. 'Oh, Skurge, you have one of the Wailing Sister's Handkerchiefs! The helpless, whining, sycophant. She was exiled from the Master's Keep, wasn't she? If you only knew how delighted that makes me. Tell me, did she kick and scream when they escorted her out? Blubbered like a newborn baby, no doubt. I'd give you anything for that little conversation piece. Even better, I'll share with you the greatest secret in all of Dreadspire. Please, let me have it!'

turn in:
[Wed Jan 11 11:14:29 2006] Ariahn Teller smirks and pockets the square of cloth. 'Skurge, allow me to demonstrate what it means to rewrite history. No doubt, you've heard the tale of Tserrina Syl`Tor? It's well known that she and Mayong Mistmoore had a falling out, but what was the real reason? Rumor has it that she created the first dracoliche and he [feared retribution] from the gods for involvement in the creation of the undead dragon. Perhaps Mayong considered making her his equal, but a [glimpse into the future] showed that she would grow powerful enough to turn on him. Or perhaps Mayong gifted Tserrina with immortality, but an unexpected side effect of undeath was that it [killed her ability to love] him in return, and all his attempts to rekindle her affections were for naught. Or, perhaps Mayong simply [grew tired] of Tserrina, as he does all things. What do you think?
[Wed Jan 11 11:14:29 2006] You gain experience!!

my response:
[Wed Jan 11 11:15:42 2006] You say, 'grew tired'
[Wed Jan 11 11:15:42 2006] You feel as though you have been judged, and that this decision may affect you sometime in the future.
[Wed Jan 11 11:15:42 2006] Ariahn Teller nods. 'Well put, Skurge. Mayong and Tserrina were madly in love. However, Mayong is fickle. Once his appreciation for her beauty faded, there was nothing left for him to admire. Conversation with her bored Mayong. There are few beings in existence with his vast knowledge. He was looking for an excuse to sever his ties with Tserrina when she slighted him on their wedding night and he left her forever. She now rots within the icy confines of the Tower of Frozen Shadow. This is a plausible explanation of their situation. Perhaps untrue, but that does not matter. History is a point of view, not a fact, and you just twisted it to your whim. The history books shall be rewritten as you commanded, Skurge, and THAT is true power.'

RE: AE Turn in
# Jan 11 2006 at 11:53 AM Rating: Decent
31 posts
Not sure what she says when you don't have the Sister's Handkerchief.
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