Free Trader Arislo  

Quest NPC

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  • This mob spawns at +196, -796, -13.09 in the Free Trader camp.
  • Findable (via Ctrl-F): No

You say, 'Hail, Free Trader Arislo'

Free Trader Arislo says something a sibilant language that you are certain you will never be able to speak. He pauses, makes a sound like a cough, and then continues. 'My sorries to you, upworlder. The upworld speak is not comfortable to me. You come to trade at us? I have things I [need] for trade, but I have [things] that make me more happy that you bring to me.'

You say, 'need'

Free Trader Arislo says, 'I will take trade with many items, but must come to be in groups. Need parts to [make armor] and items to [make weapons]. We also need [food and drink] supplies.'

You say, 'things'

Free Trader Arislo says, 'I want you to make understand why I want get these things. I was member of Shiliskin Empire. I was one that fight to save Illsalin from Drachnid. I was willing to trade life for continuation of empire, of dominance of Emperor Draygun. I was leading small force to push back Drachid, was at walls when Draygun choose to destroy everyone, Shiliskin, Drachnid and all others. I was just out of reach of accursed magic. A few of us survived to understand how Draygun betrayed all of us. Most of younger generation not understand this. They make this Free Traders because they think we need to adapt and survive. I agree to them, [almost].'

You say, 'almost'

Free Trader Arislo says, 'They right that we must adapt. They wrong to forget past or not want to kill Draygun. He took their empire from them, he cursed my offspring. We can't fight against Dreadspire and Draygun at the same time, so we must [destroy Draygun] first. We must take back our city and reclaim our empire. Then we can deal with Dreadspire.'

You say, 'destroy Draygun'

Free Trader Arislo says, 'Yes, eventually. For present we must defeat his armies. There are too few of us now, and less that know and want the fighting. That is why I tell you the [story]. I want you to kill them for me and I will pay you for it. [Bring the hands] of my accursed kin and I will give you some of the metal money that you use.'

You say, 'story'

Free Trader Arislo says, 'There are many stories to tell. There is one who knows them better called Jarzarrad. He knows the story from view of the royal, the one in the tower seeing everything from above. I know the story as the one in the water fighting. I maybe tell you more about what really happen at [Xill], [Illsalin] or [Malgrinnor].'

You say, 'Xill' Free Trader Arislo says, 'Xill was born out of the success of [Illsalin]. Illsalin was known as the Gladiator King. He drove back the Wurine and the silly Sporali. He made the empire when he tamed the Korlach and made all of Darkhollow ours. It was Illsalin that had us build Xill. To many of us, Xill proved our strength. Even after Illsalin was built and named after the great emperor, we still only had one city. Xill proved that we were an empire and that we controlled Darkhollow. That's why they [attacked it] first.'

You say, 'Illsalin'

Free Trader Arislo says, 'I did not know Emperor Illsalin. I can say that the city he built was suitable for the greatest emperor to ever live. We had grand homes, slaves, spectacles to watch in the arena and the best [food and drink]. We were safe but diligent. The city was destroyed because of Draygun. Because of his stupidity the Korlach beast turned on us and the Drachnid were able to breach our defenses. There will never be a day like that, when our protector, the great beast, turns upon us. Only the emperor could have caused that to happen. I have been told that he turned to the undead magic of the Drachnid. The beast must have sensed that and destroyed us for it.'

You say, 'Malgrinnor'

Free Trader Arislo says, 'Malgrinnor has become our home. It is the only place left that Draygun has not destroyed through his ignorance and weakness. Those of us that survived Illsalin fell back to Malgrinnor and held it against the attacks of the Drachnid and their allies. It is our last stronghold and our people defend it well. I have come here because I must speak with creatures like you, for you will not be allowed into Malgrinnor.'

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Level: 70
Expansion: Depths of Darkhollow
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Free Trader Arislo is located at 189.60, -797.70.
In the Free Trader camp funnily enough
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