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No chest sux
# Sep 06 2005 at 6:40 PM Rating: Decent
I just got Vish Eye, bought the mask in good camp, combined, equipped, zoned in and killed trash to Ascent top only to find ... absolutely nothing.

Go, go, good team. Quest is currently bugged on AB server I guess.

Hope someone read my /petition.
RE: No chest sux
# Sep 07 2005 at 5:46 AM Rating: Decent

Got reply to my petition that the reward don't pop: "Please use /bug, go away, don't bother to petition again."

Thanks GM Trawin, I hope you don't get paid for that.
RE: No chest sux
# Sep 08 2005 at 8:02 AM Rating: Decent
Followup to my Followup:

After patch 7 Sept the zone was reset and the little chest popped when I logged back in (I had camped in Ascent at the clicky-bridge).

So conclusion; if you don't get the emote " see a glittering path guiding you ... somewhere" your little chest isn't up and the zone need a reset.
Class list for rewards
# Jul 26 2005 at 10:52 AM Rating: Decent
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Since these are class specific rewards for this 'quest', it's usually easier if you can go directly to what you are looking for:

Bladed Fang Mantle (Warrior)
Braided Kirin Mane (Cleric)
Chain of Dragon Kin (Beastlord)
Chain of Talon's Charm (Enchanter)
Chain of the Kindred Scale (Wizard)
Cloak of Scale Spines (Monk)
Dragonshade Mask (Rogue)
Fire Fury Cloak (Berserker)
Mantle of the Wyrmguard (Paladin)
Mark of the Brood Warden (Shaman)
Mark of the Dragon Slayer (ShadowKnight)
Mark of the Grave Finder (Necromancer)
Mark of the Last Wing (Magician)
Mask of the Ancients (Druid)
Sash of Dragon Kind (Ranger)
Speaker of the Scale (Bard)
Tanliel Ta'Eldareva
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