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[Sat Nov 21 22:22:31 2020] Storm Reach Sensei begins casting Fist of Mastery.
[Sat Nov 21 22:22:04 2020] Storm Reach Sensei begins casting Whirling Smash.
effects in round 1
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the disciple of fire casts "nova inferno".

the disciple of water casts "mists of enlightenment"
# Jul 09 2005 at 11:40 PM Rating: Decent
He also drops a duid/monk/beast tunic. has about the same stats as all the other stff.
Drops Legs also
# May 19 2005 at 10:10 AM Rating: Decent
These legs dropped last night.

Leaguewalker Leggings
Magic Item Lore Item No Trade
Slot: Legs
AC: 40
Focus Effect: Aneuk Vision
Str: +12 Dex: +16 Sta: +15 Wis: +13 HP: +140 MANA: +135 Endurance: +135 Sv Fire: +13 SV Disease: +10 SV Cold: +10 SV Magic: +10 SV Poison: +10
Attack: +20
Recommended level of 70.
Wt: 8.0 Size: Large
Slot 1: type 7

Aneuk Vision
Spell Effect: Increases the range of detrimental spells up to level 70.
Cheap Level 80 mob
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Previous Post rejected......This was not posted by me, My guess my brother had posted it on my comp :( ..i agree with you Saraban

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RE: Cheap Level 80 mob
# May 18 2005 at 9:31 AM Rating: Good
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First of all, the level of a mob is totally meaningless, especially on scripted raid mobs and maybe just gives a vague indication of a scripts difficulty. If the guys at SOE wanted they could create a Mata'Muram like encounter around a level 2 mob or the other way around. And don't forget that all you can see by fair means is that this mob is red to a lvl 70 player - so he might be anything from lvl 73 to 255 really.

And most importantly you (or at least my guild) don't do him for the loot, but because he is a necessary step in the DoN progression (check the quest links directly above your post). The loot is just a bonus really. And I'd think this encounter is doable with EP equipped players, so this "crappy loot" may be actually of use to people who can win this.

Edited, Wed May 18 11:22:23 2005
Saraban Luvanir
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RE: Cheap Level 80 mob
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Your our post is useless. It has nothing of value.
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Can someone who has done this raid give a strat pls. If not i will post one in a week or so.

Tillainx Guildpoolgigolo
70 Warrior
Shadow Congress (
Info on this raid event
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Hey, man... week is over =) OK, I'll post some infos instead then =)

Well... the basic setup of this raid event (24 people, 6 hours time limit) is simple : You will have to fight against waves of goblins. First you will face 5, then 4, then 3, then 2 goblins and finally the Storm Reach Sensei listed here.

But let me elaborate a bit :
Zoning in drops you at the portal to the dojo. Enter and you will see the Storm Reach Sensei in the middle of the opposite wall and your future opponents unattackable at the side walls.

The Storm Reach Sensei says, 'Good, you have decided to meet the challenge. I will not bore you with unworthy tales of our training methods or our meager accomplishments, certainly your own deeds far outshine our own. We are but meager servants to the Strom Mistress, Yar`Lir, and are of little consequence. We have been asked to test you and, certainly, ourselves in a battle to the death. The residents of this place are away at tasks beyond those such as we, and for a short while we have this room to ourselves. We must finish our contest before they return, and so there is little time for pleasantries.'
The Storm Reach Sensei says, 'A winner will be declared if they are the only combatants alive in this room. Your first challenge will be to defeat the Disciples of The Five Elements. Certainly they will be easily defeated by such mighty beings, but it is within their hearts to try. Your battle will begin in one minute. Prepare yourselves.'

In a clear, ringing voice, The Disciple of Metal says, 'Please forgive my poor humor, but I am very eager to test your mettle.'
The Disciple of Earth rumbles, 'When we have defeated you, I shall see that your corpses rot in the soil as is proper.'
The Disciple of Fire shouts, 'I make no apologies. I shall burn your hearts out!'
The Disciple of Water says, 'Ah, yes. You must forgive Fire, for he cares little for pleasantries. It is part of his charm. You most certainly will be worthy opponents. I am honored to face you.'
The Disciple of Wood says, 'May our efforts here earn favor with those that watch over us all.'

The 5 disciples will come up and attack you.

Disciple of Earth : 240-1500, average 630, ~83k HPs
Disciple of Fire : 100-700, average 350, ~57k HPs
Disciple of Metal : 300-1300, average 690
Disciple of Water : 100-700, average 300, ~65k HPs
Disciple of Wood : 170-900, average 460, ~78k HPs

The Storm Reach Sensei says, 'Congratulations! You have defeated the Disciples of the Five Elements. You have proven yourself worthy to face the Four Emotions. They have mastered their emotions and from them they gain strength. Each has become a conduit for the emotions of our kind, a paradigm, if you will. Certainly you shall defeat them, for you are the champions of your people and they are slaves. We shall begin again in two minutes. Rest and consult with each other, if you have need.'

The Master of Rage shouts, 'I hate you! I will rend you into bite-sized chunks of flesh and feed them to the puma!' Rage's face darkens with blood and flecks of spittle fly from his mouth as he pants and stares at his enemies.
The Master of Deceit smiles broadly. 'You certainly will find Rage difficult to stop. I see it boiling up inside many of you. Allow it to take over, and Rage will ruin you.'
The Master of Doubt mutters, 'I. . . You. . . ' he sighs, 'I do not know what will happen next. I see the same misgiving in some of you. Could it be that you are like me? No, that seems unlikely.'
The Master of Contentment drawls, 'Ah! I am pleased to meet you all. This is a fine challenge for us, is it not? I find this sort of exercise invigorating, though rarely do I find invigoration to be a good thing.'

The 4 masters will come up and attack you.

Master of Contentment : 190-990, average 490, ~100k HPs,
Master of Deceit : 310-1500, average 770, ~110k HPs
Master of Doubt : 240-1020, average 500, ~101k HPs, casts Doubt and Mental Discord
Master of Rage : 80-1200, average 540, ~98k HPs, rampages

The Storm Reach Sensei says, 'Well Done. It is rare that an opponent is able to defeat the goblin Emotions. Your next test will be greater, I fear. You must face our three Animals. These are grandmasters of our arts and have never suffered defeat against opponents outside of these grand islands of the sky. You look weary. You shall have three minutes to prepare for the next contest.

The 3 grandmasters will come up and attack you.

Grandmaster Beetle : 150-850, average 510, ~152k HPs, uses Whirling Beetle Strike
Grandmaster Puma : 150-800, average 400,~140k HPs
Grandmaster Snake : 120-730, average 280, ~126k HPs, uses Venomed Mist

The Storm Reach Sensei says, 'Amazing, simply amazing! Never before have our grandmasters been defeated by anyone other than your next opponents. Prepare yourself, for next you must face Silk and Steel. You have four minutes to prepare, use those minutes wisely.'
In a voice more fluent and soft than any you've heard a goblin use, Silk says, 'Forgive my brother. He has a keen mind but a blunt mouth. We look forward to this test of our skills. Thank you for honoring us by accepting the challenge.'

The 2 brothers Steel and Silk will come up and attack you.

Steel : 130-830, average 350, ~221k HPs, highly resistant to weapons
Silk : 30-420, average 210, ~202k HPs, flurries, casts Corporeal Torment

The Storm Reach Sensei says, 'Wonderful! You have defeated all of the students of the Storm Reach Dojo! Celebrate your victory. Remember this day.'
The Storm Reach Sensei says, 'You have beaten all of my students, and have only had an advantage in numbers. Experience has taught me that such advantages usually lead to disaster caused by overconfidence or reliance on the lesser skills of others. Today you have proven that my experience is not always correct, a humbling moment.'
The Storm Reach Sensei says, 'You should return to those that sent you and tell them of your success. It will be a moment of shame for me to return to my mistress and explain the defeat of my students. I offer you my humble congratulations.'
The Storm Reach Sensei says, 'However, our challenge is not over. You were to defeat all of the members of the Storm Reach Dojo to prove your worth. You have indeed defeated all of the students of my humble dojo, but you have not defeated the master of this insignificant school. To complete the challenge, you must defeat the school's master.'

Storm Reach Sensei attacks you.

Storm Reach Sensei : 330-2300, average 850, ~336k HPs, casts Whirling Smash, rampages

Storm Reach Sensei's corpse falls slowly to the floor, a small smile on his face.
Your task 'Goblin Dojo' has been updated.
You've done well. Thank you for representing us.
You have gained 15 Radiant Crystals.

Ah, the loot... in addition to the Thunderheart and the 6 Meditation Stones already listed he dropped a Kilt of the North Wind for us once.

PS: The numbers listed are from just one single fight, so they may be not represenative. Also YMMV based on your tanks of course =)

[sm]edit : removed several picture links as they have been used on this site =)

Edited, Thu Apr 28 04:20:12 2005
Saraban Luvanir
Plainswalker for Darkwind - Antonius Bayle
RE: Info on this raid event
# Aug 20 2005 at 12:17 AM Rating: Decent
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To also add to this strategy.. In each wave there is One Mezzable mob. Find the mob, Mezz it and take the other mobs out.. When the last mob is the mezzed one take what time you have to rez any deaths etc and prepare for next wave. Once the mezzed mob is attacked and killed the next part of the script will commence with the Sensei saying rest X mins for next wave etc.

On the last wave of Silk and Steel neither could be mezzed so it was DPS on these two and then onto the Sensei part of the script.

Hope that helps some.
# Mar 15 2005 at 6:58 PM Rating: Good
For a level 80 raid encounter, they should have made him look more intimidating in my opinion.
RE: Hmm...
# Mar 30 2005 at 10:22 PM Rating: Decent
You wouldn't think Yoda is that intimidating until you see him fight ;)
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