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At kindly faction to the Dark Reign, here are the tasks that Daleynn Spiritshadow offers. I have completed up to and including tier 4 of evil progression (have the Power of the Dark Reign AA). The character I hailed with is a level 80 dark elf Shadow Knight.

The Creator
Scions of Thundercrest
Splitting the Storm
Behind Closed Doors
Holy Hour
Lair Unguarded
Simple Task

Her in-game location (/loc) is approximately: 3071, -312, 40 .

The descriptions in the task window for each quest listed above is the same as what I see listed in the first paragraph of the Allakhazam listings for the tasks as of this date (same as the Good versions), except for two corrections posted below. I did not confirm if the steps of each task are the same.

In "Simple Task", the phrase "There is a small tree that grows a rose they call the Dark Lady." is actually "There is a small tree that grows a rose that they call a Dark Lady." ("a" Dark Lady and "that" they call). Also the phrase "You need to figure out how to do that." is actually "You'll need to figure out how to do that." ("You'll" not "you".)

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