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Venerable Impressions Quest
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You speak with Kjell to obtain the new UF quest to be able to make the new Venerable Symbol augs.

You say, 'Hail, Artisan Kjell Sunrunner'
Artisan Kjell Sunrunner says ''Aye, hail,' the barbarian says as he raises a fist in salute. 'Have you returned for the [funeral], Lonintwo?''
You say, 'funeral'
Artisan Kjell Sunrunner says ''The funeral of Fellroon Skene. He's one of the last of the Skene clan. The lad fell in battle. It was a proud death, a warrior's death! Too bad there are so few of his kin left to mourn him. That's why I've returned to Halas, to pay tribute to a great [warrior]!''
You say, 'warrior'
Artisan Kjell Sunrunner says ''Aye, all the Skenes had a penchant for warfare. That's probably why there are so few of them left. Before he died, Fellroon told me where to find his clan's armor pattern book. Their ancestral designs were a long kept secret, but Fellroon said he didn't want these patterns to die with him. He told me to pass them on to all Barbarians across Norrath. Would you be interested in a pattern [book] or perhaps some armor [patterns]?''
You say, 'patterns'
Artisan Kjell Sunrunner says 'Well then, Lonintwo. Now that the Fellroon is dead, a tribute is important. Take this impression book and make impressions of certain parts of critters that you slay in your heroic deeds. This magical book can make impression of objects with depth to them or just of the pattern on the surface of an object. Take as many of the tasks I offer you as you would like.'

You have been assigned the task 'Venerable Impressions'.
New DoN Cultural.
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He still gives out the Ancestral Barbarian Armor book. With the same components.
And the new quest for the Darkhollow Geode.

But, none of the other quests still exist. None of those components to make the cultural are the same.
use this as a guide for components.

From now on the quests are given out as scrolls from Cultural Historians located outside the library door in PoK.
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Enter Halas, go left and straight to tailoring shop, he is hiding behind the door when opened.
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