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New Sublime and Exalted Quests
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The quests to be able to make these come from 'Artisan Calian Silverlake in Kelethian at loc 942, 667, 117. Quest text goes as follows


You say, 'Hail, Artisan Calian Silverlake'
Artisan Calian Silverlake says 'Ah, the blessings of Tunare upon you Artreth. Perhaps you have come in search of lessons on how to create some new [armor]? Or maybe it was to hear a bit about the natural world and our history?'
You say, 'armor'
Artisan Calian Silverlake says 'I thought you might be interested in my new [designs], your current armor looks a bit worn. I've recently discovered a way of crafting the essence of the natural world into my armor pieces. Armor crafted in this manner comes out better than anything the elders have seen before. You may also be interested in the [runes] I have discovered for these armor pieces.'
You say, 'runes'
Artisan Calian Silverlake says 'These runes can be quite complicated to create but are well worth the effort. They serve to enhance the natural forces in the armor and can bring untold benefits when put to use by a skilled crafter. If you're interested, I would be willing to give you instructions on how to create these runes. Though there is a certain consistency to them, there is also a level of on the spot inspiration needed when making the symbols. I will give you a book that you can use as a basis for the symbol patterns if you can prove your ability to seek inspiration. Take as many of the tasks I offer you as you wish too. During these tasks you will make impressions of certain things that you find in the impression book I will give you. This magical book can make impression of objects with depth to them or just of the pattern on the surface of an object.'

at which point a popup box shows up with the Following

-Blessed Impressions
-Revered Impressions
-Sacred Impressions
-Eminent Impressions
-Exalted Impressions
-Sublime Impressions
-Darkhollow Geode

the Exalted impressions are for this task =)

The Exalted Quest is laid out as follows

Kill 40 Darkroot Shaman -- 0/40 -- Direwind Cliffs
Make impressions of the totems darkroot shaman carry -- 0/6 -- Direwind Cliffs
Kill 20 Adult mammoth -- 0/20 -- Icefall Glacier
Make impressions of the molars of adult mammoths. -- 0/4 -- Icefall Glacier

The Sublime quest is laid out as follows

Kill 40 reavers -- 0/40 -- Fortress Mechantous
Make impressions of some of the meldrath symbols on gnome reavers armor -- 0/6 -- Fortress Mechantous
Kill 20 foundry workers -- 0/20 -- The Steam Factory
Make impressions of the designs the Foundry workers are making -- 0/4 -- The Steam Factory

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his name
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When using the "Find" method, his name shows up as "Artisan Calian Silverlake" so you have to look for the "A" instead of the "C"
Emick Shadowbane
~Rogue's Do It From Behind~
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hes at 940 by 655 by 117
far NW of city
use Find when in zone
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