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Summons. Enrages.

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Level: 58
Expansion: Original
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This is a ridiculous spawn. The last one i need for the hunter achievement in this zone. My map showed where this npc spawns but i had to check online to be sure. When i saw the picture of Silverfang i figured i was in the right spot but i checked Magelo, just to be sure and checked the /loc as well in game. It matches what others have posted in the hunter achievements linked to this zone. I have camped this particular spawn on and off for more than 5 days now after having gotten every other named in the zone. Sometimes as much as 10 hours in a row. The 6 npcs that spawn are always piranha type. Never anything different. Sometimes other named piranha will spawn and those see through invisibility. I am camping this with a lvl 88 heroic bard. I have what i consider my main character in the guild hall grouped with the bard to get the achievement. I checked track and set it for distance just in case some piranha was stuck in a wall nearby and i had missed it. Not the case.

This is on the Cazic-Thule server. Maybe just a coincidence being the cazicthule zone when you do a / but again i doubt it. I don't know why it's taking so long. I used /up to determine the zone had been up and running for at least 6 days and 17 hours, roughly 6 minutes less than the server itself. Usually i am the only one in the zone. Over the weekend 2 or 3 people showed up, i am guessing to get named or loot. I am not sure as i haven't seen any of those people in a few days now.

It probably doesn't matter but i have tried camping the bard in the water where the spawns are for a few hours. I have also tried out of the water near the well entrance when you first go towards it, most of the time. I highly doubt the position where i sit/stand while i wait for spawns, has any relevance but i am mentioning this as i am bored nearly to tears. If i hadn't killed the piranha for hours on end for a few days near the a Tae Ew spear fisher spawn point i would have been willing to run over there to see if Silverfang would pop in that spot but i already know he doesn't.

A long time ago i camped the Minotaur Hero for many hours over the course of days. I knew something had to be wrong. The game actually broke me at that point and i ended up quitting for over a year. Still read the patch notes every now and then and saw this much later on

I have a feeling something similar is happening here. Where the spawn is just broken. Of course if i were to go to the forums and tell people i think it's broken they will tell me to keep on trying no matter what and that no matter how many hours i have spent camping it, they have spent more. Then some overly dramatic person would claim that i am trying to make Everquest easy because i don't want 100+ hour camp spawns. Then of course anyone reading it will tell me they got Silverfang to spawn without giving me any information who so ever about what server they were on and when it happened.

EDIT: So of course i didn't realize that some of the spawns, 4 of them to be exact were not spawning. They were stuck in the nearby water area with the slimes. I could only see 1 of them and it was so far into the wall i could barely tell. I should have payed more attention to distance tracking. Killed them and started to see 10 piranha type spawning in the pool. I guess that is how it should have been all this time. Spent a tremendous waste of time. So if you ever decide to camp Silverfang, make sure all the piranha are spawning that are suppose too.

EDIT: Finally spawned after roughly 10 clearings. Dropped Silverfang Club. Finally completed hunter achievement for this zone.

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summons --enrages

sobmre - stromm
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