a Solusek goblin sage  


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Minimum Level: 22
Maximum Level: 25
Expansion: Original
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Faction info for kill
# Dec 31 2019 at 9:02 AM Rating: Excellent
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[Mon Dec 30 13:28:19 2019] Your faction standing with Goblins of Fire Peak has been adjusted by -1.
[Mon Dec 30 13:28:19 2019] Your faction standing with Tribe Vrodak has been adjusted by 1.
[Mon Dec 30 13:28:19 2019] You receive 3 gold and 7 silver from the corpse.
[Mon Dec 30 13:28:19 2019] A Solusek goblin sage's corpse collapses and begins to crumble into glowing embers.
[Mon Dec 30 13:28:19 2019] You have slain a Solusek goblin sage!
# Nov 21 2005 at 8:52 AM Rating: Decent
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One of their spells hits for 242. Even when they start conning green, they can still put a hurtin' on someone.

Best way I found to kill them, at least until you can resist their spells, is to DOT and run. they can't cast while running.

A pure melee would have a lot of trouble with them and they aren't really worth the aggrivation.
# Apr 06 2005 at 3:45 AM Rating: Decent
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I wandered into Lavastorm as a 24 Iksar Beastlord... Pulled one of these chuckleheads because he was dark blue.

Instill, Nuke, Nuke, Nuke, Nuke, Nuke, etc. Repeat until you have toasted lizard. These guys are wizards. They don't hit too hard in melee, and nuke for 108 and 37. And yes, they chain nuke. I got him down 4 or 5% before I saw the dreaded Loading, Please wait, and was then presented with a naked lizard.

My resists were all above 50, and not a single spell was resisted. Don't take these guys on without a group.
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