a broken trialmaster  


Uploaded July 24th, 2007

Broken trialmasters tend to be warriors.

Aggro: a broken trialmaster says 'I revel in your death.'
Death: a broken trialmaster's corpse spits out a last breath before dying.

Category: EverQuest
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Minimum Level: 64
Maximum Level: 66
Expansion: Gates of Discord
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These mobs are way under con-ed.
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a broken trialmaster - 65 hot zone quest
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This is the mob for the level 65 hot-zone quest at this time. Kill 5 and win a prize!

If you go straight south past the first camp (Invis, watch for unkuns), to the second set of buildings, you will see 3 pyramids out in front. IF you enter the pyramids you will find a room on the left and the right. These rooms hold one or two mobs and some are a broken trialmaster.

My first experience pulling these with my necro was when I pulled one, they all came. So expect 3 mobs. They are the worst for an initial pull since they all come unless you have crowd control. One or 2 at a time is much better and they will kill your healer merc.

There is about 1 mob per 1 or 2 clearings of the 3 mobs in the pyramid so 5 kills for the quest takes a while. Some of the pops are names and some of the wanderers are names.

At the leftmost pyramid where I happened to be camping I found the following names popping up
Pixtt Battlestrategist
Hexxt Spiritpillager
Enslaved Vrex Zealot
Coerced Tiv Chanter

I think they're all random name pops from that camp.

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