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Some additional hard info
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HP -- 11,500
Minimum hit (no shielding) -- 43
max hit (no shielding) -- 178

Contrary to the prior post, their aggro radius is not large; in fact, it's quite small. I measured it at less than 144 /loc units (probably significantly less than that).

Cash loot is consistently in the range of 6 to 7 plat. Rarely will it be less than that; if less, it's usually about 10 to 12 gold. Infrequently, may be as high as 8 plat with change.

Anyone seeking to hunt these should be aware that several named dragons path right over top of the wyvern caves, and may aggro in assist to a wyvern that you've engaged. Cragwyrms may also aggro the same way, from a significant distance. Wyvern hunters and huntresses above the cave are less likely to assist, because their assist radii are much smaller, although it can happen in certain parts of the wyvern cave, where there is little vertical separation between the ceiling and the ground above. Finally, there is a small chance that you may aggro a velium hound in certain parts of the cave, due to the hounds' larger aggro radius, but this rarely happens, in part because so few hounds frequent the section of the zone where the cave is.

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Regular Wyverns
# Dec 05 2004 at 2:04 PM Rating: Decent
These summon, but are fully stunnable. Lowest level wizar stun Tishan's Clash (level 20) worked, so I assume all stuns will. Couldn't test, as I got aggroed by Vraptin...

Yup, all stuns work. The occasional resist is a bummer, but that's what epic rune is for! They have a huge aggro range, btw.

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