a rare creature

Uploaded July 23rd, 2021 by Cylius

  • This mob spawns at both the southwestern room as well as the northwestern room of the coliseum loop. In the southwestern room he spawned at precisely 503, 319, -32.
  • Mob sees through invisibility: No

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Level: 62
Expansion: Gates of Discord
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Dedgerex spawn location
# Aug 11 2021 at 10:07 PM Rating: Excellent
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I saw Dedgerex spawn in both the southwestern room as well as the northwestern room of the coliseum loop. In the southwestern room he spawned at precisely 503, 319, -32.
I suspect any noc in north corridors is PH.
# Mar 28 2019 at 8:41 AM Rating: Decent
19 posts
I think any noc is a PH. Found him in a small room SW of the large room.
Reyna's Bloody Earring
# May 20 2014 at 8:14 AM Rating: Good
17 posts
Dropped Reyna's Bloody Earring today
<Fair Trade>
Spawn info
# Apr 29 2014 at 4:24 PM Rating: Decent
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Found him in the back large room north of the Arena. Not sure if he has any placeholders other than one spot, as he was surrounded by Nocs.

Add to loot table
# May 18 2009 at 11:04 AM Rating: Decent
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Dropped Spell: Torrent of Pain
Loc, please.
# Dec 08 2008 at 5:39 AM Rating: Good
Where is his PH? It appears that mobs which drop the Tome of Rage Axe are all spawned. The drop is not common and the Tome is not researchable! No wonder berserkers are rare. They need these axes for most of their discs.
Fight smarter not harder.
Not so gimp
# Sep 05 2008 at 7:08 AM Rating: Decent
Killed this today with an 80 Druid and well yes he was easy. . . but . . . I wouldn't call him gimp just old. If you can solo in Dragonscale Hills or higher then yes he is a cakewalk but if you can't well bring a healer or some pots. Was a quick fight but since I was tanking and not kiting he did do some damage before I killed him. Took several dots and nukes to bring him down because he heals himself to about 45% multiple times after 30%.
# Jun 25 2008 at 8:45 AM Rating: Decent
Solo's him with 74 Mage, was a 90 sec fight... no risists
New Drop
# May 29 2008 at 12:18 PM Rating: Decent
Elaborate Defiant Plate Wristguard
Magic, Attunable, Infusible
Race: All
Size: Medium
Weight: 4.1
Rec: 70
Req: 59

AC: 38
HP: 125
Mana: 129
End: 142
Purity: 40

Strength: 30
Stamina: 31
Intelligence: 11
Wisdom: 15
Agility: 8
Dexterity: 23
Charisma: 14

Magic: 19
Fire: 9
Cold: 8
Disease: 20
Poison: 22

Attack: 13
HP Regen: 3
Mana Regen: 3
Combat Effects: 1
Damage Shield: 1

Slot 7:
Slot 13:

Focus Effect - Severan's Bile

Dropped off Dedgerex in Riwwi, May 29, 2008, about 3pm central (shortly after patch)
# Mar 25 2008 at 3:49 AM Rating: Decent
This guy was cake. nothing to him I soloed him with my 79 Shadowknight today droped the mace of dark glory. no tomes yet I must of killed him 30 times always spawns in the same room. as soon as you come into the zones court yard turn to the right. go into the tunnel system and make first left. up the ramp thought the great room and down the other ramp this is his room it's one of the corner rooms. any of the noc's can spawn him I never seen him spawn anywhere but this room. hope this helps

Slyscythen of Sullon Zek
Knight of Shadowhawk

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Edited, Mar 25th 2008 7:53am by Slyscythen
Took him twice today.
# Mar 14 2008 at 7:47 AM Rating: Decent
149 posts
70 paladin, 59 Chanter, 55 cleric, 55 shaman.


-Shaman slow landed fine
-His damage was no issue after sLow landed.
-Doesn't summon
-Casts alot
-Was stunnable with pally stuns
-Ran at 15%
# Feb 19 2006 at 1:24 PM Rating: Decent
134 posts
Confirmed to have multi spawns. Do not summon neither any mobs i've killed in Riwwi
# Jul 18 2005 at 10:20 AM Rating: Decent

Very doable ... was in zone for BiC quest the other day, solo'd him and his buddies in the room, dropped the Cudgel.

70 Druid
EM Server
Awefully Nice
# Jun 22 2005 at 1:51 PM Rating: Decent
144 posts
Went to Riwwi the other day. Group was 69 Pally (me), 66 Bst, 67 Wiz, 65 Cleric, and 65 Ranger.. Roll and Smashed all the way into Arena, this fella was up in the room just before you exit back out to the outside area that Blindeye spawns in. cleared the room below, and all roamers, made sure Wiz had Manaburn rdy and pulled..

I'd say fight lasted about a min and a half, I never got below 60% HP with only HoT's once he was slowed. He only managed to hit me (1600ish AC) for about 750 or so, and not all that fast even with only Bst slows

Anyways... he was kind enough to drop the cudgel (I knew he would as I was taking the 600 DD procs during fight). Then much to our surprise, not 2 minutes later he is kind enough to spawn again in the room just down the ramp. rinsed and repeated (minus the Wiz's manaburn) slapped him down again and whaddya know.. he was kind enough to drop another cudgel.

kind of a double edged sword with him... unless your group will overpower him like this one If you bring *just enough* to kill him, hes alot harder when he has the cudgel, but when he doesnt whats the point? hehe

on second kill he dropped a mid 50's Necro spell as well (was kind of surprised) cant remember for the life of me which one though

99% sure the spell was Crippling Claudication (56Necro)

Edited, Wed Jun 22 15:45:20 2005
# Mar 13 2005 at 7:19 AM Rating: Default
141 posts
could a 66 beast or a 70beast solo this mob ?
Biko - Formerly of Solusek Ro
# Oct 30 2004 at 5:16 AM Rating: Decent
Taken down tonight by a 61 shaman (self), 60 Beastlord (Tanking), 63 Druid, 57 Cleric.

This is an awesome zone for exp to begin with, the DRU seeing him up and pulling him was even better. He was a resistant one but fully slowable.. Once turgur's landed (took a Malo and three tries) he was toast.

Max hit on tank was 900ish, when he came after me he hit for 973.
Dropped Words of Misery, Mace of Dark Glories.
no summon
# Sep 11 2004 at 8:45 PM Rating: Decent
Just killed him alone today did not summon me. not sure if some summon and some do. but the one i got today did not summon
Kasthil Darkwinter
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Xarrus - 80 Mage
Svarog - 80 Shaman
He now summons
# Aug 16 2004 at 9:24 AM Rating: Decent
74 posts
As of the August 2004 Patch, Dedgerex summons, as do all the other named in the zone. I can confirm this as we took him down on the 15th, and I'm the proud owner of a Cudgel as a result.
Drops Tome
# Aug 05 2004 at 6:03 PM Rating: Decent
He also drops the Tome of Leg Slice
bard soloable?
# Jul 04 2004 at 7:47 PM Rating: Decent
wanting to know if this guy is soloable by a 65 bard.. have about 4200 unbuffed.. and resists around 350-425 with veeshan playing without amp
RE: bard soloable?
# Aug 24 2004 at 6:03 AM Rating: Decent
94 posts
This guy hits for around 1000. A friend 2 boxing his 65 shaman and 65 monk and I, a 65 druid, just killed this guy without any kind of clarity. We ran out of mana just as he was dying. The shaman and I both have some elemental gear, no time gear.

I really don't think 4200 hp is going to cut it, what with the summoning and all. Oh yeah, I tanked him for most of the fight. Go go fast heals!
RE: bard soloable?
# Jul 05 2004 at 6:45 PM Rating: Excellent
30 posts
Anyone that can run faster than him and casts (or sings) should be able to solo him. Snare classes or selos will do the trick. Just know that he can cast a snare on you. I resisted it twice, not sure what the resist check is tho.
RE: bard soloable?
# Jul 08 2004 at 4:14 PM Rating: Decent
cool cool tyvm .. guess im gonna go down there and either charm and kill PHs or we it takes to kill em.. and for him.. ill scope out the area to see pathing.. and ill either snare kite em or charm something to beat on his ***
RE: bard soloable?
# Aug 30 2004 at 9:40 AM Rating: Decent
Just fyi, was there last night and there are alot of wanderer's roaming around. Killing the spawns is just part of the battle. The roamers can be trouble also. You will need alot more DPS than what we had to get them killed fast and stay ahead of the spawn/roamer cycle. We had a Bard, Warrior (Me), 2 clerics a Ranger and Driud. Took longer than desired to kill the mobs but we managed to stay like 5 mins ahead of the cycle. Besides the roamers/spawn cycle, He summons.. Not sure how you gonna work around that. One more thing, with 1500ish AC, his max hit was not even close to 1000. More like 500-600ish i'd say. Went down pretty fast and yes he does snare but with your resists, that should not be a problem.
RE: bard soloable?
# Aug 11 2004 at 9:33 PM Rating: Default
with July patch ALL GoD named mobs from 50 to 70 will now summon
RE: bard soloable?
# Jul 26 2008 at 4:56 PM Rating: Decent
You're wrong. Most still don't summon.
Look here
# Jun 30 2004 at 11:29 PM Rating: Excellent
I've killed this dude about 6 or 7 times now. Here's the scoop.

He spawns near the coliseum. That means he does not walk into the battleground of the coliseum, and it means he does not spawn outside of the coliseum. There are hallways within the coliseum, with many noc's. I have seen him spawn in 3 different locations, each where a non-roaming noc usually is. Including the noc directly behind the officiator, the nocs in the room just west of coliseum battlegrounds, and the room down the ramp behind the officiator.

He is not charmable by a bard. He is mezzable, but reisists a lot.

He is snareable and rootable.

He hits hard like the average mob in this zone, 200-900 per hit.

NO MOBS IN THIS ZONE SUMMON, you freaks. (save taskmistress who will 1 round your lambent ***)

Like all aneuks in this zone, he SNARES. His snares are very hard to resist. So expect to be snared.

You can also tell what weapon he has by the looks of it. If it looks like a troubador's mace it's the flitforged cudgle, if it looks like the weapon in the picture, its the dark glory.

Edited, Thu Jul 1 00:32:21 2004
RE: Look here
# Sep 18 2004 at 12:17 PM Rating: Decent
103 posts
This was all true until the last patch, where they added the summoning ability to all the named in Riwwi (and most GoD named mobs that couldn't before). Any named mob in this zone can now summon, you have been warned :)
# Jun 28 2004 at 11:42 AM Rating: Decent
It is a level 63 cleric max hit is 972.
RE: info
# Jul 29 2004 at 9:19 AM Rating: Decent
Yes level is 63
# Jun 28 2004 at 3:20 AM Rating: Default
Is this able to be snared and rooted?
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