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approx. - 715 x -375 x -420 . the ph seems to be a random Taelosian mob ( kyv, ratuk whatever). Its in the ruined building to your right once you zone in from Natimbi. Repops seem to be about 20 minutes.

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U might rather try jumping off a cliff
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So the location is right there on your map (Mapfiend)

-All mobs see invis, so that either means u need to FD/Fade and dead-drag, or fight to them.
- At 77 they are light blue. Although they are fairly easy, if u start getting adds you beter AOE slow. Also if u get lazy and dont buff (b/c its so boring), or stand around you can prolly bet ull die.

How I did it:
I camped right there on the dirt wall next to rock. The only safe side is this, and also right next to platorm/structure on other side of rock on wall.

They are slowable (partially), snareable, and lullable. Single pulls was rarely a problem, and as long as u dont go running off to far, wont have to worry about adds.

There are 4 mobs in the room. The named as in the picture; is against the corner.

So far: 5 total hours in. Dropped: "Totem of Elitist" whatchamacallit. gratz rott.

EDIT: right after post, he popped again. Dropped: "Totem of Elitists" again, and Elaborate Silk boots (or slippers).

EDIT: about 10hours into it. Seems named will spawn once every 3-6hours. Usually a ph in his place.

77brd, 77shm +war and cleric mercs

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What is the spawn location for this guy so I can farm him to gear my bots.
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