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Level update
# Mar 26 2007 at 10:55 AM Rating: Default
Last night Barxt conned red to me, a 74 paladin, 3-25-07
lvl wrong
# Nov 27 2006 at 8:07 PM Rating: Decent
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This guy and the devastating construct conned white to 73 sk today, just so ya know they are definently not 78.
lvl wrong
# Nov 28 2006 at 10:44 AM Rating: Excellent
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dredwards wrote:
This guy and the devastating construct conned white to 73 sk today, just so ya know they are definently not 78.

Updated, thanks.
I hate Sony
# Apr 14 2006 at 11:38 PM Rating: Decent
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Got THREE Breastplates (the Jade-Inlaid Curaiss) from him tonight. That was it. What bull****! No point in casters even coming. I swear, Sony needs to at least balance loot on big nameds.

Otherwise, Grats Justice League of Norrath on Tunare Server!
I hate Sony
# Aug 24 2006 at 9:48 PM Rating: Good
ever hear of qvic?
RE: I hate Sony
# Apr 15 2006 at 3:06 AM Rating: Decent
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Everything has a percentage. You just got unlucky. It could have just as easily been 3 caster items.
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#REDACTED, Posted: Sep 26 2005 at 10:47 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) 78 not 80
# Dec 13 2004 at 3:02 AM Rating: Decent
Any decent places too go for strats on this guy?

RE: Strats
# Feb 11 2005 at 5:31 PM Rating: Excellent
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Fairly straightforward -

Run into room and engage the golem. He hits hard and has high attack, but hits fairly slow and really doesn't do all that much dps (~900dps). He's got about 1.5 million hitpoints though and procs FD.

When the golem hits right about 69%, Barxt will come alive and storm the raid, so your tank needs to be ready. Since you're now tanking both at the same time, it's recommended your raid saves their discs to minimize this healing strain. Your clerics will most likely be unable to spam heal Barxt due to the intensity and duration of the fight. Now, if Devastating Construct is a Honda Civic, Vrex Barxt Qurat is a Pro-5.0 Mustang capable of a 6-second quarter mile. He flurries, rampages, and quads hard and fast for ~3400s for a pretty stout ~1800dps. At around 30% of the fight, a few things will happen. His AC and Resist will increase quite a bit making it a little harder to finish him off. Also, two channelers spawn, one of which has an AE manadrain and the other an AE spin-stun. Despite having a lot of hitpoints, they are pretty gimp, but they can cause a considerable amount of raid disruption, especially if you forget that Uqua is an indoor zone /hint /hint /nudge /nudge. Barxt has about 1.5 million hitpoints as well.

If you do not defeat both the golem and Barxt within approximately 6 minutes, he disengages from your raid and summons a whole slew of adds on you. They're mezzable, but they're also super resistant and require malosinia/tash if you want them drooling in their own sleep. Kite is your friend here. ;)

Now, why did I choose to spill the beans on this? You can be spoon fed all the strats on Uqua, but Uqua really isn't about solving the mystery of an Escher sketch, it's about raid execution, leadership, and performance. Just because I explained the strat on Barxt doesn't mean you can actually follow through and do it, hehe.

Besides that though, I do hope this helps. All in all, Uqua as actually a very well designed raid zone. Too bad it took ages of re-designs to finally get it right.
#Tuluvar, Posted: Aug 06 2004 at 6:00 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) And another ghey loot table. Shamans get screwed again. Int casters arent too good off on this one either. HEY SOE, THE GAME HAS MORE CLASSES THAN MELEES AND HEALERS
# Jul 20 2004 at 1:26 AM Rating: Default
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i hate this as.hole =(

Edited, Tue Jul 20 02:26:59 2004
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#REDACTED, Posted: Jul 14 2004 at 2:28 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) barely killed quarm? as a member of pdm we farm that $hit once a week. quarm is my *****.
my limited info
# Jul 09 2004 at 3:24 PM Rating: Decent
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Hits for: damn hard (76-3162 max on me)
Effects used: no ae's as far as i can tell.. not sure if he was casting, or the adds were casting the mana drain
Drops: lots
couldn't get a clear picture of him last time, i'll try to get one when lockout is over =)

if anyone knows at what percentage the adds spawn, please.. re-post =)
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RE: my limited info
# Aug 03 2004 at 1:08 AM Rating: Default
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Just wondering -

Hits for: damn hard (76-3162 max on me)

This guy double/triple/quad?
RE: my limited info
# Aug 24 2004 at 1:12 PM Rating: Decent
This guy quads for sure. And he swings faster than any mob I've seen. He also comes out of the gates with what seems like Selo's speed. When he dropped me, he dropped 3 more people before the loading screen came up. While an amazing badass, this fight is the most fun I've ever had in EQ.
# May 21 2004 at 5:19 PM Rating: Default
hoo boy he's got a lot, will list as many links as I can to lucy.

in other words, he drops alot of stuff.
RE: Drops
# Nov 19 2004 at 7:01 AM Rating: Decent
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Plus a Ceremonial Cowl for us... whatever it use may be...
# May 21 2004 at 9:34 AM Rating: Default
Spiked Fists of Annihilation
Skill: Hand to Hand Atk Delay: 21
DMG: 25 AC: 25
STR: +20 DEX: +15 STA: +20 WIS: +15
HP: +180 MANA: +170 ENDUR: +170
SV FIRE: +15 SV COLD: +10 SV MAGIC: +15 SV POISON: +20
Required level of 65.
Effect: Crumbling Blow (Combat)
WT: 0.6 Size: MEDIUM
Class: MNK BST
Race: ALL
Slot 1, Type 8

Edited, Fri May 21 10:56:23 2004
#REDACTED, Posted: May 16 2004 at 3:50 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) lol i dont think that'll happpen but if it does,your totaly ****** if u were to run into it.The strongest guild on TZ BARELY killed quarm,a lvl 75 mob for all the people who didnt know in PoTime.And that was when everything was at full mana and health.and if they could barely do that,any other guild is ****** if they were to run into the 100 mob
RE: re:wow
# May 26 2004 at 9:26 AM Rating: Default
there are 5 guilds on lanys that kill quarm very easily...this guy is just a new challenge
RE: re:wow
# May 19 2004 at 10:31 PM Rating: Default
Quarm is trivial to alot of guilds nowadays. There are a ew guilds on the Nameless that farm Quarm easily. They farm Quarm to gear up for GoD. The whole thing about these new lvl 80 mobs is for when we are able to lvl to 70 (if that is the new cap with OoW)we have mobs that will be dificult still. Thos of course is all IMO. I think we will see mobs at lvl 85+. If you read the lore of OoW there is mention of Gods that have been unreachable muc like the Nameless (The God of Norath). I am sure you can imagine the lvl of The Nameless if he ever becomes and actual mob.

Just my 2cp on the subject =)
# May 15 2004 at 10:49 PM Rating: Default
# May 13 2004 at 2:37 AM Rating: Default
effects used? hits for? drop table? pictures?

is vrex single or does he have a significant other? A... friend wants to know.
# May 12 2004 at 7:51 PM Rating: Default
geez, lol, i cant wait 'till they get a lvl 100 mob in this game up...
RE: wow
# Jun 23 2005 at 5:33 AM Rating: Decent
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I think we will see mobs at lvl 85+.

geez, lol, i cant wait 'till they get a lvl 100 mob in this game up...

my real question here is, where are we coming up with what level these *red to 70* mobs are? is it based on difficulty? Beacause if it is, you cant tell me (being considerably harder than this supposed lvl 85) that the Sleeper wasnt dang near if not 100. I know, I know the sleeper's dead and he'll never come back... just sayin

Edited, Thu Jun 23 06:36:04 2005
#REDACTED, Posted: Jul 05 2004 at 8:13 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) I think, by that point, at the going rate, EQ will be obsolete and they'll stop introducing new content, phasing it out,and forcing a move toward EQII.
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