The Fabled Quillmane  

Fabled Creature

Uploaded July 24th, 2007

Appeared in Southern Karana.

Category: EverQuest
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Level: 50
Expansion: Gates of Discord
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NPC Last Updated: 2020-07-27 16:28:52

Known Habitats:
  South Karana

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Echelon's Guide
# Aug 03 2020 at 10:38 AM Rating: Good
2 posts
It seems Echelon's Guide is no longer up. Here is a copy/paste from the Wayback Machine Internet Archiver. I am not responsible for the content of this guide.

South Karana is home to many named and quest mobs. If the named you are looking for is not up, there is a placeholder (a.k.a. PH) wandering somewhere in the zone that you will need to find. A good starting place to find a PH for a named is at the Lair of the Splitpaw. Most, if not all, PH's will eventually path through Splitpaw. Some PH's will walk north to south and some will walk south to north but they will all walk straight through paw at some point in their travels. If a named is up, they will also path through paw just like their PH's do.

The PH's for many named are basically wandering yard trash; the key word being wandering. All PH's and the named mobs wander. Do not kill static mobs as they are not PH's. The aviaks at the tree city are not PH's. The gnolls at Splitpaw are not PH's. The gnolls wandering around Splitpaw are only PH's for the named gnolls. The wandering PH mobs that you are looking for to spawn Brother Qwinn, Quillmane or other named mobs are often lions, wolfs, centaurs, elephants, aviaks, escaped splitpaw gnolls with an occasional cyclops, treant or other unusual mob. Don't get hung up on the type of PH that is spawning. The key to popping your named is where in the zone your PH's are spawning. There are a few cycles such as a named centaur who's PH's are always centaurs and a named aviak who's PH's are always aviaks, but these are an exception.

Once you kill a PH on one of these named "cycles", another PH should pop in 78 seconds. If another mob spawns 78 seconds after you kill something, you are probably now on a cycle of one of a dozen or more possible named. You can continue to kill mobs that spawn every 78 seconds until a named pops. Static mobs in the zone respawn about every 6 minutes. I have observed some cycles that pop PH's around every 36 seconds. Shaman Ren'Rex appears to spawn on one of these 36 second cycles. Killing Ren'Rex immediately spawns High Shaman Grisok, but you get either Ren'Rex or another PH in 36 seconds.

Now to make this work:
    You need a tracker with tracking sort set to normal. Preferably a ranger with max tracking AA's. New mobs spawning in the zone appear at the top of the list using "normal" tracking. Bards and druids have "normal" tracking but rangers have the ability to sort. Rangers also have greater tracking range. You need to be patient to use this method. Finding named using this method is surgical. However, I have proven time and again that this method is faster than slaughtering everything in the zone over and over again. I tend to work one cycle at a time, killing one PH every 78 seconds until I feel comfortable that it's the cycle I'm looking for. Because this method is surgical and requires tracking, other people hunting or slaughtering in the zone may confuse your tracker with their repops. Your tracker may be able to work around this if he is very exacting on his 78 second repop timer. Keep in mind that once your named pops and dies, the PH cycle continues every 78 seconds. You will either get the same named in 78 seconds or another PH. I often chain spawn Quillmane for those that want/need. Because some mobs on certain cycles can pop in the extreme north or south part of the zone, this can often happen out of the range of the trackers ability. The tracker may have to run around the zone a bit to pick up his new spawn. Again, it is difficult to do this if others are hunting in the zone and popping respawns. I often use a familiar as a placeholder on tracking sort to help me keep track of new and old spawns. I kill the familiar and recast it as I feel necessary. Refreshing your track window as soon as you kill a PH and keeping it open until 78 seconds rolls around helps keep you organized too. If you spawn the wrong named, leave it up. That way you won't hunt that particular wrong PH cycle again. Wandering PH's and named basically walk a figure 8 or hourglass shape path the around entire zone with the bottleneck of the figure 8 or hourglass located at Splitpaw. I usually wait on the north or south side of Splitpaw and observe the wandering PH's that roam from the north or south. When I'm trying to locate the Quillmane cycle, I tend to watch for lions, lionesses, escaped splitpaw gnolls or "an elephant". Fabled creatures spawn on the same cycle as regular named. Sometimes a new mob may just appear on track for no apparent reason. This may be due to the game randomly despawning and respawning mobs or mobs of different factions slaying each other.

Zone Legend:
1. Undead Ruins with Lord Grimrot
2. Treants
3. Vhalen Nostrolo's Well
4. Centaur Stables with Merchant selling Bowyer Supplies
5. Obelisk with Zombies
6. Entrance to Splitpaw
7. Hermit House
8. Ruined Stone Ring
9. Aviak Town

PH Legend:
BLACK - Typical Quillmane spawn area (78 second cycle). From my experience, PH's for Quillmane always pop south of Paw with many of the PH's popping towards the west wall. Other PH's can pop to the south or east but if many are popping near the west part of the zone and south of Paw, you are probably on the Quillmane cycle. Quillmane's PH's typically path north once they start roaming. When an elephant spawns on this cycle, it is always "an elephant" and no other type of elephant. Expect lots of lions and lionesses on this cycle. Quillmane does not drop the cloak every time he spawns.
YELLOW - Typical Brother Qwinn spawn area (78 second cycle). Brother Qwinns PH's pop anywhere along the west wall of the zone. Most of the PH's for Qwinn pop in the southwest but they can also pop in the northwest. But the PH's always pop towards the west wall of the zone. Brother Qwinns cycle is unusual in that he shares a cycle with another named - Narra Tanith. Kill Narra if she spawns as you would a PH. Qwinn does not give any type of faction hit and from my experience, must be visibly wearing the robe to drop it.

GREEN - Typical Grizzleknot spawn area (78 second cycle). Grizzleknots PH's pop anywhere along the east wall of the zone. Most of the PH's for Grizzleknot pop in the northeast but they can also pop in the southeast. But the PH's always pop towards to east wall of the zone. Expect lots of lions and lionesses on this cycle.

RED - Typical Kroldir Thunderhoof spawn area (78 second cycle). His PH's are always a type of centaur.
# Jul 24 2020 at 12:57 AM Rating: Decent
4 posts
Manage to spawn every named in the zone but the stupid flying horse... is there any disadvantage to killing everything but the named mobs? I have a tracker but all the hocus pocus isnt cutting it...
Pops a Quill every 15 minutes
# Jul 12 2015 at 10:40 PM Rating: Decent
3 posts
Start with:
1. A ranger with 200 tracking skill (make one yourself or make a friend) with the tracking set to normal
2. Someone high enough level to hang out at split paw and not get owned

Quillmane's place holder follows these rules:
1. Place holder will spawn south of split paw (I found some directly east but not many)
2. Place holder will eventualy pass by and through split paw
3. Has a 60ish second spawn timer (seen it pop at 60 and then at 66 and some at 68. Could be server latency that causes that difference)
4. The Place holder durring my time there was:
a Lion
a Lioness
an Elephant
Escaped Split Paw Knoll
Shadow Wolf

The rub:
1. Take the non-tracker and go to split paw. Murder everything there, gnolls, wanderers, does matter just kill it. (and make some profit too)
2. Draw lines between the aviak village to the hermit, then from the hermit to split paw and from split paw to the aviak village
3. Put the tracker in the middle of the triagle
4. Murder any of the above creatures that may cross your path (I was dual boxing at the time so I just killed stuff at split paw)
5. Wait for Quillmane to spawn

Once Quillmane has spawned:
1. Track him down (duh)
2. Once he is dead start your timing device and have your tracker run back to the middle of the triangle like before
3. In about 60 or so seconds something will pop, you now have Quillmane's PH
4. I am not sure how many place holders you had to kill before it would pop but it was at least 5 or more (because my mercs would be ready to go again)

Now I did notice while I was in South Karana that there were multiple an Elephants. I think the others are for other rare spawns.
Kill one and wait for something to pop at the 60 second mark and chase it down until something interesting spawns.Took about 8 kills to get the cloak.

If you are on the Vox server and need this beast killed, or if you want a demonstration so you can do it on your server look me up.

Nadias (Ranger)
Setesh (Mage and proud owner of his Epic)
My experience with killing him
# May 15 2015 at 8:06 AM Rating: Decent
44 posts
I'm going to preface this by saying this was the first and only time I've ever gone after Quillmane. I may have made mistakes in any of this.

I took my ranger into SK and promptly put up track. Because I'm level 68, and because most of the placeholders are low level, I left all mobs turned on for track. Based on what I had read, a lioness and an elephant calf are the placeholders for Quillmane, so I began by hunting down every one in the zone and killing them. Of course, keep track set to Normal, but switch quickly to Alphabetical in order to quickly locate those critters.

Now, something I'd read was that there's never more than 1 minute in which one or both of those mobs will not be up. I found this to be inaccurate. Several times throughout the evening I would check track and run all over the zone and not find any. At those times I would begin killing every roaming mob I could find other than the named ones (I made an except for the fabled Ishval Mal) until a lioness or calf popped and then I'd resume chasing them down. A few times other people came in and were killing everything in sight, but none of this seemed to spawn Quillmane.

After about three hours, I was ready to go to bed and was about to camp when I noticed The Fabled Quillmane about halfway down my tracking list (set to Normal). I hadn't seen him appear near the top, but it's possible I was at the far end of the zone when he did. I can't definitively say the lioness/elephant calf method works, I tend to lean more with the folks who suggest killing everything that moves.

I think once fabled season is done, I may spend some more time trying to nail down the details and expand on the work everyone else has already laid out.
Quillmane, update July 9th, 2013 (3)
# Jul 09 2013 at 9:15 PM Rating: Decent
I want to warn you I am not an expert on Quillmane, spawning or tracking. I am going to give my recent experience in hopes that you will find it helpful during your quest. Because this guy is a real pain to spawn. But once you do spawn him, you will be grinding him I swear. Quillmane takes patience and dedication. I compare it to the Plane of Sky part and to the Fire elementals you hunt in the trap. Just a bad spawn and a bad drop rate of the item you need. However once you pinpoint his exact place holder (PH) then you will be getting him to spawn a very quick and at a relatively easy pace.

Like I said earlier, I am no expert but I have found things to be different from the info I have read through, but PLEASE read through the forums and not just this. I got different bits and pieces from each post I read forming a picture on this guy so it may behoove you to do the same. Also check the dates of the posts/threads because a lot of the information was from 2002-2006 or when the fabled came out.

I want to say good luck to those that want to solo without a tracker (Bard, druid and ranger) (side note why cant a beastlord track? Lol). More power to you. However if you want that quick and easy pace then you will need a tracker. I used a level 55 ranger, no AAs, 200/200 tracking skill. Keep your tracker on NORMAL. It will place newest spawned creatures at the top of the list.

Spawning Quillmane:
I really stink at spawning Quillmane, I based it more on luck, but here is how I got him to spawn. Where to start your killing is between the Aviaks, Splitpaw Gnolls, and the hermits house (building southwest with a cottage inside walls). I suggest pulling as much as you can then nuking with aoe and killing everything within a few seconds. I am not using the timer at this point. I found it to be useless until Quillmane spawned, however do not cut it out, because the creatures do have different spawn timers. It seemed regular mobs would spawn within 32 seconds or had a 4-6 min timer. The NAMED PH mobs will have the same timer as Quillmanes PH. So with your timer counting to 78 secs will guarantee all of the mobs spawned (adjust how you see fit) to the PH. Then you could pull just the 78 second ones to kill. Keep killing like this until Quillmane spawns.
-Kill ROAMING Mobs, not stationary (note newly spawned mobs will be stationary for a short time)
-Leave Named Mobs, ALIVE
-Do not kill mobs that you did not intend to kill, let them beat you up or just run away from them til out of agro distance (you will lose agro).
-Quillmane DOES NOT have ONE SPAWN LOCATION. He has quite a few, but his spawns will be below the splitpaw southern line, but across that whole southern zone.

Finding Quillmane:
After finding the elusive beast don’t kill him right away. It took me like 10-12 kills just for one drop so it will benefit you to follow these steps. (just pull him and let him beat you up, or just leave him alone until your ready to kill, he is NOT a hard fight at all, easy peezy)
1. Kill two or three STATIONARY gnolls at splitpaw, and let them respawn 4 to 6 minute timers. This will be your buffer for all creatures between you and Quillmanes PH.
2. When gnolls respawn they should be at the top of your NORMAL track list, now kill quillmane, if cloak drops great! If not continue…
3. His PH spawn will be exactly like his spawn, all over the southern zone you made from splitpaw. So running around is A GOOD IDEA! And forget everything about only lions, wolves, forget all that NONSENSE. Because I found it to be anything that can roam (DON’T KILL NAMED CREATURES!!!). Centaurs, aviaks, Cyclops, undead Cyclops, wolves, lions, or anything else that spawns at the top of your list, don’t let any stone be unturned.
4. The TIMER!!!!! His timer IS NOT 78 seconds (I said that earlier just to be sure of his PH spawns as you pull and kill). I found Quillmanes PH TIMER to be 40-45 seconds (RARELY BUT HAPPENED WITH A LION AND UNDEAD CYCLOPS) and 62-66 seconds. I could not find any other type of timer with him. Just continue killing the PH until Quillmane spawns, however….
5. I warn that killing Quillmane rapidly seemed to cause the zone to SPAWN NEW creatures to push to the top of the tracker to counter this way of playing. If this happens I would go kill Gnolls again to put at top.
6. And I do believe Quillmane could have two possible timers, but works with either (both don’t have to be dead), I do not have the evidence for this just a feeling from how my experience went. I had a 45 second undead Cyclops spawn then a 62 lion spawn, I ended up killing the lion first then the Cyclops (just to be sure), I felt at that point I could handle two spawns. After I killed both however, only one spawned. So it could mean that Quillmane needs both creatures dead.
- 40-45 second timer (rare) and 62-66 (common)
- Killing quillmane rapidly causes more new mobs for tracker, kill some stationary gnolls as a reference on tracker to cut the bull-corn mobs
- Don’t leave any mob alive that spawned on these timers, no matter if they are a Cyclops or centaur or aviak or wolf or etc. ( to be safe, HOWEVER….)
- HOWEVER, DO NOT KILL ANY NAMED. Even if it spawned on timer, you must had the wrong PH. THIS IS HELPFUL just for one reason that you don’t have to deal with his PH again.
- Do not kill unnecessarily and keep tabs on your normal tracker and timer at this point.
- When I killed quillmane like this there were NO OTHER PLAYERS in the zone, so I was just Killing one mob every minute or so and it was still causing multiple new spawns, like the zone refreshed or restarted or something. I believe SoE does not want us to grind in this way…but ***** them, its already hard as it is lol.

Here are a links to places I looked. Thanks to all who helped me both on my server and online if you read it, your hints and guides were helpful to me.
Burdoc (73) of Vazaelle…Now Drinal

Allah quillmane:

Allah fabled quillmane:

Allah cloak:

Allah fabled cloak:

Allah South Karana:

Echelons Quillmane guide:

And thanks to Zarovich with his update on the Allah quillmane link.

Hope this helps! Good luck!!!
Spawn Strategy comments
# Apr 17 2010 at 9:27 PM Rating: Default
Used this list of PHs as a guide. Ran into SK picked one from the list and killed, soon as i kill PH i cast pet for tracking record, anything that spawns above my pet's name on track within about 80 seconds is a named placeholder. Repeat killing placeholders in the chain unless they spawn one not on the list(a diff named would be at the end of this chain) or they took 6min to spawn (like a normal mob), or if they aren't in quillmane's "spawn areas" (north and south of split paw worked for me) Make sure to do a roaming track and recast your pet everytime you kill a placeholder. Flaws to the tactic would be if you kill a mob that wasn't a PH for a named it will take 6 minutes to spawn and eventually ***** up your tracking record with your pet. As long as you stick to vmardian's list of PH's and the rule of a named chain has a 80 second spawn time you will track quill down like i have done twice.
Complete Quillmane Facts and Strategy
# Jun 08 2009 at 8:43 PM Rating: Decent
Warning: Its been many years since I played EQ. I had written this information down at the time. They may have changed some aspect of the spawn since.


I've killed Quillmane many times. Here is everything you need to know:

Quillmane Facts
At any given time, exactly one mob within South Karana is the placeholder for Quillmane. Determining the placeholder is the key to repeatedly spawning Quillmane.

Rule No. 1: Quillmane placeholders are on an 80 second timer.

Rule No. 2: Quillmane and placeholders will only spawn within the region bounded by Splitpaw to the North, the Hermit hut to the East, the Aviak Village to the South, and the zone boundary to the West. After spawning, they can roam anywhere in the zone.

Rule No. 3: Quillmane and Placeholders will spawn with the following probabilities:

a lion -- 19% of the time
an escaped Splitpaw gnoll -- 17%
an elephant -- 13%
Quillmane -- 11% of the time
a mist wolf -- 9%
a lioness -- 9%
a shadow wolf -- 8%
a treant -- 3%
centaur charger -- 2%
a cyclops -- 2%
centaur sheltie -- 2%
aviak harrier -- 2%
centaur courser -- 1%
aviak egret -- 1%
aviak darter -- 1%
aviak avocet -- 1%

After killing thousands of placeholders, I believe the above list to be a complete list of possible placeholders.

Quillmane Strategy
Spawning Quillmane is a two-step process.

Step 1: Determine which mob is the placeholder. Randomly select a mob from the list above and kill it (better to choose "a lion" or "escaped..." first). If the next mob to spawn does so while meeting all three rules, then it is possible that you have just killed the placeholder. Continue to kill this lineage of spawns. Note: I use the word “possible” because of the fact that some spawning regions that also run on an 80 second timer overlap, and it may have just been coincidence that the mob you killed happen to spawn within Quillmane’s region. If any subsequent mob fails to meet any of the three rules, then this lineage of mobs is definitely NOT the placeholder and you would be wasting time if you were to continue killing them.

Step 2: Spawning Quillmane. If after 5 to 10 spawns of the same lineage, the new spawn are still meeting the three rules then continue to kill this lineage of mobs and Quillmane will eventually spawn. A placeholder will spawn 89% of the time and Quillmane will spawn 11% of the time.


Warning: Its been many years since I played EQ. I had written this information down at the time. They may have changed some aspect of the spawn since.
# Apr 06 2009 at 11:01 PM Rating: Decent
7 posts
Dropped cloak and Fabled cloak 2 mins before server down. Sad I could not run second alt, before shutdown.

Followed guide, killed phs until mobs started popping on 78 sec timer, used familiar to control track and voila.

3 Pops, back to back..
# Mar 29 2009 at 4:37 PM Rating: Decent
I spent a few days (couple hours each) running the Echelon routine for spawning Quillmane. I was there with my driud and bard.. finally just made a list of all the types of PHs that can possibly be in the cycle and started killing them all. Today, after a couple of hours, I finally got the Fabled Quillmane to pop and I downed him pretty easy (66 Druid and 67 Bard). Dropped both fabled and non fabled cloaks.. I logged my druid out to log in my lil mage and ran over to loot and I noticed that FQ was up again. So I engaged with the bard and looted the cloak then logged my druid back in just as my bard was finishing up. Got another 2 cloaks. A guild member sent me a tell and told me a friend was in zone that would appreciate the regular cloak for his mage... so as he was looting that, FQ popped again! This time was fabled cloak and those silly pants. Didn't really need the cloak on my druid, but I have it now anyway.

Good luck, can get a little irritating to run this sometimes, but it does eventually pay off..

Duchess Tbait Rokks
Bard of Avatar Elite on Emarr
# Mar 16 2009 at 6:39 PM Rating: Decent
72 posts
16 Cloaks today, Quillmane popping like crazy...
Relican Windamere - Ranger, Hunter, Bastidge
That time of year!
# Mar 07 2009 at 4:23 PM Rating: Decent
72 posts
To all who are looking for Fabled Quillmane, try Echelon's Guide, best one I have seen yet. If you still need help, send me a tell on Cazic Thule Server.
Relican Windamere - Ranger, Hunter, Bastidge
Thank you!
# Mar 23 2008 at 9:52 AM Rating: Decent
Amazing Guide Echelon! Thank you for sharing!
# Mar 16 2008 at 12:33 PM Rating: Good
124 posts
Guide is bang on. Thanks, Echelon (on EM) for handing over the spawn cycle when you went AFK! Had 3 FQ's in about an hour and a half.
Quillmane, Brother Qwinn & Other South Karana Named
# Mar 05 2008 at 9:36 AM Rating: Decent
See my page:

Echelon's Quillmane Spoiler

Fabled mobs are this month. Fabled Quillmane pops on the regular Quillmane cycle. Fabled Quillmane will drop a fabled cloak each time and possibly a regular cloak too.
Quillmane, Brother Qwinn & Other South Karana Named
# Mar 25 2008 at 9:00 AM Rating: Decent
28 posts
mmm in the page says:

"PH Legend:
BLACK - Typical Quillmane spawn area (78 second cycle). From my experience, PH's for Quillmane always pop south of Paw with many of the PH's popping towards the west wall. Other PH's can pop to the south or east but if many are popping near the west part of the zone and south of Paw, you are probably on the Quillmane cycle. Quillmane's PH's typically path north once they start roaming. When an elephant spawns on this cycle, it is always "an elephant" and no other type of elephant. Expect lots of lions and lionesses on this cycle. Quillmane does not drop the cloak every time he spawns."

I would like to ask if only lions, lioness and an elephant are PHs?? can post a full list of PHs?... The other day i see a ranger doing exactly that he evetually left zone EMPTY of lions, lioness and "an elephant" ... also no scapped gnolls .. but no Quillmane ... so whats next? what else should kill? only was up a named "Sir Naruar"

So what should do in that case??
# Apr 10 2007 at 7:42 AM Rating: Decent
from what i have been reading there is a set PH for this guy.....well...if that is true then why has nobody put in a /loc for the PH spawn.. just because it wanders doesnt mean we dont want the /loc for it. would save a lot of peeps alot of time if someone would be nice enough to put one in for us.......thank you ahead of time!
# Dec 30 2007 at 7:03 PM Rating: Decent
there isn't really a set place holder- there is a PH that is on a separate timer than the rest of the zone that has the chance of spawning Quil, but it can be one of several different mobs(escaped gnolls or elephants, for example) all of which spawn in different places. so the chances of finding the mob in one of its spawn spots and have it be the correct PH is pretty much nil. It makes more sense to keep track of the number of seconds between spawns: as has been discussed both here and on the regular Quil page, the PH you want is on a 78 second timer.
# Apr 04 2007 at 11:59 AM Rating: Decent
457 posts
I spent almost all day yesterday trying to get Quillmane to spawn by keeping all the lions, lioness, escaped gnolls, mist wolfs, an elephants, and egrets dead. I would start a 78 sec spawn cycle and then would give up if something on this list didnt spawn, and that is why it took me so long.
By fluke he did happen to spawn and I was the only person in the zone. So I timed the 78 second spawn right after he died and then keep the cycle going for 60 more spawns to get as much info as I could for everyone else.
It is a certain spawn table that Quillmane is on, but I am 100% sure that other mobs, besides the original 6 posted, are on that table including: shadow wolfs, centaur foal, centaur charger, and centaur courser. The longest I went without a spawn was 18 ph's. Also I never had any egrets spawn on this string, and a note: The elephant mentioned is simply named an elephant, not an adult, bull, or calf.
Also Quillmane can engrage but it was very rare and I could never get him to summon me. He dropped 3 regular cloaks and also: Velishoul's Tome Pg. 109, Sunshard Dust, and Words of Sight.
ph list snag
# Apr 02 2007 at 7:35 PM Rating: Decent
18 posts
Got them all cleared. everyother named up on track, except Quillmane, But 2 Treant 2 undead cyclops and a cyclops. Decided to killem them. A few more of the ph names( think it was 3 lions) spawned so i killed them. a few more rounds went by till only 1 lion was left and within a few more 80 sec respawns. Bam! fabled Quill was on track.
Method no longer works it looks
# Mar 26 2007 at 4:12 AM Rating: Decent
omfg i have sent about 6 hours tring to get FQM and no luck what so ever. I tried following the post but ran into a problem i killed every single place holder no teants were up and no griz until they quit spawning the proper PH's. I have a ranger who checked ever sing corner of the zone and inbetween and no lion, lioness, egert, escaped gnoll, no elephant in entire zone. i then pulled up cleric and massed AE zone and started over till there were no PH's left again. now im pissed and going to give up. Someone who has done this many times over you know where the phs path P or anything else helpful since i think TBS screwed everything up

# Mar 25 2007 at 9:44 AM Rating: Decent
20 posts
I read up on quillmane ,and folled the post.Finally found his ph ,78 seconds apart.Spawned him 11 times in 4 hours .On sleeper Server 3/20/07!!!
Every Ph was south of Gnoll spires,and ever Quill was south also!I kept spawning him until every Guild Member that wanted a lev cloak got one $$$
# Dec 06 2006 at 2:29 PM Rating: Decent
Could a lvl 64 Bst with about 7.3k hp solo this guy?
got lucky
# Mar 31 2006 at 7:29 PM Rating: Decent
I've been looking for Quill off and on for bout a year. Fabled Quill poped right on top of me today, had just killed Gnoll scribe in between the skelies, and centar village, (yes thats the north side of the zone). Red to me at 42 so i got some help and got my clicky cloak, did not drop regular one, just fabled cloak and plain old leggings. Good luck to all.
# Mar 27 2006 at 8:05 PM Rating: Decent
Followed directions got my cloak in 40 minutes boxing 59 ranger and 48 cleric.Happy cleric now!
Prexus 3/26/06
Liars and Peg Cloak
# Mar 27 2005 at 6:04 AM Rating: Excellent
Some real time LIARS here on this post, just got cloak after wasting 10 hours, 4 on day one and 6 on day 2 on how to get Peg to spawn, Went to Mage comp read how to make spawn worked in 20 min.. is what it says and worked great X 3 ...Yes, you heard correctly - Quillmane has a SET PH. Quillmane is NOT a random spawn. This I can PROVE. And here is the strategy.

The mobs I have ever seen Quillmane's ph spawn as are: a lion, a lioness, an elephant, a mist wolf, an escaped splitpaw gnoll, and an aviak egret. What this means, is that if you kill ALL of these mobs in SK (ONLY those on that list), EVENTUALLY there will only be a SINGLE spawn that keeps popping up as one of these mobs. All of the other mobs will randomly spawn as another mob (cent, shadow wolf, whatever). Once you have narrowed it down to this single mob, you keep killing it as it spawns. In order to do this, you NEED a tracker (ranger preffered for a larger range). Have the tracker set track to normal, and watch the top of track for the newest spawn - if your only killing 1 mob, then it will be one of the above on the list (assuming you have narrowed it down to 1 PH). The spawn time is around ~80 seconds...never bothered to time it to a tee. Killing Gnolls is a true waste of time

Liars and Peg Cloak
# Mar 27 2007 at 4:05 AM Rating: Decent
This method works like a charm. Was in zone 4 hours with no luck before reading this post. Decided to give it a try. Took about a half hour of killing all the mobs listed until we got down to only one that kept respawning as another on the list. After that we kept killing it and Quillmane spawned 10 times in about a two hour period before I got tired and camped. Guildies were still at it when I camped so they probably spawned him even more times. Yes, there is a scientific way to spawn Quillmane and this is it. If a dev says otherwise, well, it wouldn't be the first time the devs at SOE have no clue what's going on.

RE: Liars and Peg Cloak
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This PH list worked great for me, once I realised I needed to kill mobs from the list everywhere in the zone, not just in the south. Killed in the south till no new mobs from list, then succored to north end and killed a few there, gated back south and killed just 2-3 more PHs before Fabled QM showed on track, flying north. Less than two hours total and my monk got his clicky lev.
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RE: Liars and Peg Cloak
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I can confirm that the PH hunt works, it took me about an hour and a half though. Also the PH was a splitpaw gnoll this time.

There's a link to show you I spawned it. =)

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RE: Liars and Peg Cloak
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edit: double post

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RE: Liars and Peg Cloak
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Just want to add that i simply camped the area south of Splitpaw, and killed any and all mobs passing through splitpaw along the north-south axis. I left the gnolls alone except the escaped splitpaw gnolls. After a couple of hours of killing, I was able to spawn the fabled quillmane twice in a roll. They both spawned at some point SW of Splitpaw. The first dropped pants and the fabled cloak, and the second one dropped the regular cloak and the fabled one. After the two kills, i didnt stick around to see if anymore popped.

This method seems to work, since there wasnt anybody else in the zone during my camp.
Just stay vigilant and kill anything that meanders through splitpaw. Quillmane will spawn sooner or later.

P.S. I even got Cracktusk, Mroon, and two Fabled Coloth Meadowgreens to spawn. The latter ones each dropped a Fabled Runed Oak Bow. The odd thing was toon model of the Fabled Coloth Meadowgreen was an grey undead gnoll with a missing eyeball even though the unfabled one is that of a centaur.
RE: Liars and Peg Cloak
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You are right, these mobs are placeholders for Quillmane.
And it seems Grizzleknot is on same timer.
Spawned Fabled Grizzleknot 3 times too in 2 hours (and 3 Quillmanes and 2 Fabled Quillmane).
And timer is exact 78 secs (13 ticks)
RE: Liars and Peg Cloak
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Hm, had a treant in this row... weird.
and then my 3rd Fabled Quillmane.
lol... Fabled Cloak, normal cloak and leggins in one corpse.
RE: Liars and Peg Cloak
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either there is a PH missing from that list or Something is wrong.. killed all those mobs on the list , and treants too, but no quillmane's popped.
RE: Liars and Peg Cloak
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missing possible PHers from above list: (?)

Escaped Splitpaw Gnoll
centaur Sheltie
centaur Courser
an Elephant
a Lion
a Shadow wolf
a Lioness
a Mist wolf
aviak Avocet
aviak Rook
aviak Harrier
centaur archer

also there was 'duster' , don't know what that is. I used this thread to determine this info.

Edited, Wed Mar 22 20:00:32 2006
RE: Liars and Peg Cloak
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assuming you're using a normal tracker then you can have them use the most recent spawn theory after you get down to just one ph and/or first Quillimane kill, using the Normal track setting you will have the spawns listed by most recent spawn with you only killing 1 mob when it respawns 78-90seconds later it will be the top one in your list.
RE: Liars and Peg Cloak
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I was just curious who you were talking about, hopefully it was not me.

I would urge you not to accuse others of lying for using methods that work for them. I used to be the same way, then I obtained this great knack for getting quill. Instead of making a veritable TON of platinum off of folks, I have opted to share my secrets and donate my time to help individuals on various servers. I cannot verify anyone elses tips, but my experiences make me think they are in a similar situation.

In the meantime, I have answered 100+ cross-server tells, eqmail, made special appearances on servers, all for absolutely zero profit. If my efforts aren't appreciated, I will happily remove my post. I do not wish to do any damage.


Emori Stoutbelly
66 pal solo
# Mar 23 2005 at 6:19 PM Rating: Decent
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Needless to say, solo'd at 66 with 54AA.
Cakewalk. Pally can prob solo this in low 60s, np.
Max hit like 157, most was mitigated though.
Didnt summon.
Got another to pop few minutes later by camping all greenie phs runnin north-south within range just south of paw ent.
Had a mage buddy run out incase regular dropped, kept gettin leggings.
Used the S. of paw camp, killin North and South bound greenies (only gnolls kilt were escaped), got Fabled to pop 3x in an hour and a half, each time only legs and fabled cloak.
First pop was just N-NW of Paw, next two were near camp, South of Paw.
Made some lowbie Pally in zone happy.
Still no luck on reg cloak, but least we got the spawn locked!
Also: we were the only ones killing greenies to keep spawns more manageable.
GL hunters :)

Edited, Wed Mar 23 18:20:05 2005
Claiming Camp
# Mar 20 2005 at 3:29 PM Rating: Default
Need some expert post on the Quill camp. Many times I have gone to try for him, and someone claims they have the Quill camp. Now what is the proper status quo for quill? I have camped many named, but they are at one spot with a PH. Quill can pop from roamers and not one exact spot, so how can someone claim they have him camped? Is this first come first kill policy, or do you claim a section of Karana as yours. I am tired of others saying they have quill camped when you can not camp an entire zone, and now with the fabled event there are many peeps headed to try and I wish to clear up this "I have the zone camped for quill problem"

TY for your expert post in advance.

skytraffic <xegony> Smiley: banghead
RE: Claiming Camp
# Mar 20 2005 at 10:31 PM Rating: Decent
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Quillm ane is a wandering mob. Sony policy is First aggro has claim to the mob. If you camp the spawn point, you have the best chance of first aggro, but if you go afk to pee, and it pops, its FFA.
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