A Sanctuary Sentinel  


Minimum Level: 52
Maximum Level: 56
Expansion: Legacy of Ykesha
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A Little Info From A Warrior
# Jan 19 2005 at 4:26 PM Rating: Excellent
I had a friend suggest I try these as a solo. A little info on me to give you an idea what they were like:

Level 61
AA - 15 - No Combat Ones
HP - 4483
AC - 1256
STR - 223
STA - 241
AGI - 177
DEX - 196
HASTE - 66%

Only buffs included in that are self buffs which are Form of Defense 1 (AC buff) and Miraculous Visions (30% Haste from Ornate Gaunts).

Weapons Used:

Primary: Sword of the Bloodsworn or Soulpiercer
Secondary: Mace of Memories

They WERE soloable with a good deal of downtime. Most fights took me to less than 10% if I got decent proc rate from the weapons. Fight pretty much went down evenly with them slightly ahead unless I got a good number of procs off. Burned Mighty Strike as it was available once Berzerk and would use Tantor's Tusk (50dmg Piercer) with my Furious Disc (auto riposte)if it was available.

These are straight melee mobs hitting for a max of 130 on me. Total HP for them was just over 10k. Interestingly enough they don't run when low. One fight I snared them at 30% and even though I was still over 50% when it hit 19%, it didn't turn so treat them like undead in that respect:-)

Largest cash drop I got was 14p and change. Most have no item loot but the one I DID manage to get anything from dropped an Emerald, Zraxthril Forged Cutlass and Nilitim's Grimiore Pg. 450 :-)

Hope this helps.

Edited, Wed Jan 19 16:51:59 2005
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