Hemae Twinebraid  

NPC, non-quest

Uploaded June 28th, 2020 by Drewinette

  • This mob spawns at +918, -342 next to the waterfall.

You say, 'Hail, Hemae Twinebraid'

Hemae Twinebraid says, 'If ye don't already know me by reputation, I'm one of the best carpenters and shipwrights in all of Norrath. I'm proud of what we've accomplished here, though I've had to step in to stop a few fights between them dark-hearted elves and the wood ones. I'm going to stay and make sure the ship is well taken care of.'

Categories: Templatized | EverQuest
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Level: 65
Expansion: Lost Dungeons of Norrath
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Known Habitats:
  Nedaria's Landing

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