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Just dropped Part of Yaeth's Compendium pg. 82 (right) and a Stralagite.
Soloing these guys in GE
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I solo these guys and the Mangled Clarivoyants all the time with my 67 beastlord. I've been doing it for several levels, though. Maximum hit is 160 for my 1100 AC, they do not flurry, rampage, enrage, or anything like that. They also don't run and can't see through invis. Hit fairly slow too. Pull with slow, send pet in, melee them down. The 64 BST pet can pretty much solo one by himself once it's slowed with Sha's Revenge. There's a good spot where you can pull up to 12 of them single:

Go in through the DSP zone, invis up, go into the first room with the three spawns and take an immediate left. Go through the next room and through the U shaped hallway and into the room that on my server is called the Courtyard. This is a good spot if you want to kill Shrouded Willsappers, but you get a few adds, and since this is the only way through to deeper in the zone, it gets a lot of traffic. People running through, their invis dropping, killing your mobs, causing trains, ect. If you want the quieter spot where you kill these guys, go through the courtyard and through the door in the small room at the opposite end. Go down a short hallway into the next room, and make a right. Go into the square room and take a left. You'll enter an L shaped hallway. Go through the door at the end into a room with a four spawn of these guys and/or clarivoyants. Go through the right doorway, and there's a smaller room with 2 spawns of these guys and/or clarivoyants. There's a hallway on the right side of the room that's a safe spot. Work your way through the small room (2 spawns), the square room (4 spawns), the other small room on the left side (2 spawns), and the large dead end room connected to the left small room (4 spawns). As long as you don't get too close to the next one, they won't add. Happy hunting!
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Emerald Ring.
Rune of Conjunction.

Edited, Thu Dec 30 19:30:53 2004
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Odd, there are some of these with "A tormented pugilist" and some with just "a tormented pugilist"

Posting while I reload EQ to head back in, crashed with a client error :\ Wondering if the cap "A" will be any different than the others.
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