Amnarra Nogzabin  

a rare creature

Level: 59
Expansion: Shadows of Luclin
Effects Used:Tendrils of Madness
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Known Habitats:
  Grieg's End

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Spell used
# Sep 18 2016 at 9:07 PM Rating: Default
This mob can cast tendrils of madness
Spell used
# Sep 19 2016 at 10:15 AM Rating: Good
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SSJGhol wrote:
This mob can cast tendrils of madness

Added, thanks!
I somehow died in here at lvl 68
# Nov 23 2011 at 3:32 AM Rating: Decent
63 posts
He turned me into an earth elemental that seemed to also be a DoT. Can anyone confirm this?
mob info
# Apr 23 2005 at 4:10 PM Rating: Decent
this guy is very easy for my 69 shm but did cast a curse on me that lasted 30 sec theres no post about it but he does cast it
# Nov 13 2004 at 2:22 AM Rating: Decent
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cons even at lvl 59

dropped pantaloons and griegs key
Spawn Loc
# Nov 11 2004 at 11:52 AM Rating: Decent
Spawn Location: -277, +2420

Spawned in gnome form which made the kill even more satisfying. As the previous guy said, he spawns in the **SOUTH** small room by the gate with 2 belligerant guards on both sides. PH was a shadowy figure.

Slowable, Snareable, Rootable, does not summon, incredibly easy kill for lvl 70. I killed him solo w/ 94% health left. Dropped Key & Legs
snake form
# Sep 12 2004 at 12:52 AM Rating: Decent
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loc: -94, 2418

was in a small room by the gate where the first belligerant guards are. dropped pants and key
way easy
# May 21 2004 at 2:08 PM Rating: Decent
i soloed this mob today, im a bard, it was an easy kite cuz the mob does not cast, if you get adds dont worry, cuz they can be kited too. was like a 5 min kite, i have 4 dots going on him. droped the ring =)
not too tough
# May 08 2004 at 4:23 AM Rating: Decent
Mage, Cleric, and Warrior had no problems with this mob (which looked like a barbarian this time). The Warrior stood back and worked on his Archery skill while the Mage's pet tanked. All this, with an add, and we still had no problems bringing them down.
# Mar 30 2004 at 7:44 PM Rating: Decent
Solo'ed him today, was fairly easy, and took about 5 - 10 minutes. Enter the door and go straight ahead and to the wall, and you're out of his aggro range. I summoned my pet there, cast RoD then sent pet in and healed with ToD and occasionally Renew Bones to compensate for a little of lost hp in between each ToD cast. So for you pet classes, this guy is solo'able, and I'm sure there are others that can be solo'ed.

Lanedora -- 65th Arch Lich of The Tribunal server.
# Feb 03 2004 at 7:06 AM Rating: Decent
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Gimp kill. Standard warrior mob strat.
LOC = about p200, p2200

Dropped Grieg's key, and the Ring of Absurdity.

Oh yeah, and this one looked like a Zelniak.

Edited, Tue Feb 3 07:08:21 2004

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Mob Info
# Dec 03 2003 at 2:26 AM Rating: Decent
Mob Info

Edited, Wed Dec 3 02:27:46 2003
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