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This spawns after killing Sigismond.
Dropping the strat
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Here's how our guild did spider isle, was fairly flawless:

We pulled the white/yellow spiders normally to clear the island. When it got to one left, we went over the strat real quick and made sure everyone was in place, and everyone was ready.

After killing the last regular spider, we had the raid stationed on the ramp, had 3 druids and a bard up top to kite, and a rez/buff station down at the bottom of the ramp, complete with a few chanters to handle any of the blues that might come down. The druids got aggro on all the blues, we tagged the red mob and brought it to raid. Raid backed off at 10% down to the 4 way, and fd classes finished it off, with warrior tanking and cleric healing.

When the mob split into 3 on its death, all the FD classes feigned, while the tank died, and the cleric ran the 3 up to the kiters, then died. The raid moved back to where it killed the one, rezzed the tank and cleric. Bard highsunned down one of the 3 at a time, and the raid easily took them out.

We just repeated like this until Sigismond became targetable, then he aggroed and all the blue spiders despawned, so just him up top. Raid easily took him down.

After that we moved to where Avatar is and took him down no problem, just like the other 3.

Just need people to be paying attention and understand what's going on, after that it's just a matter of time.
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What is the loc of his spawn point? :)
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I hate spiders
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What makes this Avatar so much fun is getting to him. before you even engage Dust you have to pass through what my guild calls Spider Isle. For those that dont know about the lovely spiders that wait in ambush, let me give ya a lil sneak peak.

They are just regular "trash mob," so to speak, but the lil buggers quad for up to 1k and have a wonderful spin stun that makes it oh so hard for the tanks too keep aggro. Plus, in keeping with all mobs in PoAir, they hit incredibly fast. On top of the regular Pristine recluses that come, there are several bigger spiders that must be dispatched before said Avatar will spawn. When those are killed they spawn other smaller spiders and many mini spiders that flood your camp.

All in all its a very interesting encounter with many deathes, if you dont come with your game faces on. Fortunately once oyu get past the spiders the avatar is farely easy if you can keep your healers from getting silenced.
RE: I hate spiders
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Don't forget that on top of the 18 mini spiders that instantly respawn upon death, you have the big spider, that when killed splits into 3, then when those die, the big 1 pops again, then 3, then 1, then 3 again... fun =\

Most guilds do this ring once for the Xeg key. Guilds on our server are confused that we're now doing our 3rd run of the ring hehe.
#REDACTED, Posted: Feb 26 2004 at 6:54 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) honestly, i hate this d@mn event...and i can't wait to get past it. Its very very very frustrating and time consuming >_>...The other avatars are almost to simple to get to..then you get to here an think wtf...this is just horrible. What makes it worse is even the little spiders have that oh so lovely spin effect..they only hit for about 50-350dmg, but combined 5 of em running around faster then sow..and you have a mess...combined if one of the big ones get lose its even worse...not to even say the the spin also has a casters get pwn'd in 0.05 seconds. This is probably the worst thing in EQ i have honestly done so far. As having done many things. The time and the focus needed on this little bugger is VERY VERY VERY high. You need to make sure the whole raid is paying attention. If not this even is compromised faster then you can say "Please Wait, Loading , you are returning back to orignal spawn point...."
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