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Drop and con
# Jun 06 2004 at 11:40 AM Rating: Decent
He is in fact yellow to 65, I am guessing level 67. He can also drop spectral parchments.
Additional Drop
# Jul 16 2003 at 11:23 PM Rating: Default
Soloed him a couple times today, first time he dropped:

Necklace of Flame Marked Links
AC:9 WIS: +5 INT: +5 HP: +65 MANA: +65 SV COLD: +20 SV MAGIC: +10
Recommended Level of 58.
WT: 0.4 Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

Second time he dropped another one of those and a Glyphed Rune Word, was a yellow con to 65.

Addendum: The Necklace seems to be his common, I got three of those out of four spawns, fourth time I got the ranger only bow, and he seems to drop a rune nearly every time (3 runes of four kills).

Edited, Fri Jul 18 16:11:45 2003
RE: Additional Drop
# Aug 04 2003 at 2:29 AM Rating: Default
where does he spawn?
RE: Additional Drop
# Apr 06 2004 at 9:42 AM Rating: Decent
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We found him hanging out at the far right tower, past the first door after porting up.

He dropped the neck, and a spectral parchment - not a glyphed rune word.

He conned yellow to 65. Only AA stun landed. He was BST slowable. Hit max for low 600's, not very fast, and was pretty easy to kill.
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RE: Additional Drop
# Nov 11 2011 at 3:05 PM Rating: Decent
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I wasn't sure is this post meant the furthest east tower, or the furthest east port up. Ardnahoy meant the furthest east port up, aka The Protector of Dresolik wing. I too found a sweltering mephit shortly past the first door after porting up at loc 1470, 780, -550. I suspect that any of the mephits can be PHers, and since he didn't drop my bow I will hopefully find out.

Update: next spawn was much further in, in one of the corridors. So if you're looking for this guy, I'd bet money that any of the mephits in this wing are potential PHers.

Edited, Nov 12th 2011 1:54pm by dafdaf
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