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Yay Al'kabor!
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For the first time since April 2003, the Grimling High Commander was successfully spawned and killed on Sunday, June 26th, 2011 by an open raid with members from Destiny, Temerity, Dark Conquest, The Pathfinders of Al'Kabor, The Horde and Sanctuary on Al'Kabor (Mac server).

Here is what we learned: (I'll edit this post from time to time as new information arrives.)

He appears to spawn in the same spot each time. (Location information will be added at a later date, but he spawns in the camp nearest to the Tenenbrous Mountains.)

He can spawn multiple times. As long as all four cats stay alive, he can keep spawning again and again and again until someone either turns in his arm to Veteran Cullin, thus stopping the raid or one of the cats dying, which also stops the raid.

He summons
He is immune to stuns level 55 and under (not sure on higher level ones)
He doesn't have many hit points... I'm guessing 30 to 50k maximum of 100k.
He has a lure based fear (more information later on that)
He has a nasty long duration spin stun (more information later on that)
He quads, max hit on me was 390.

The Grimling High Commander always drops:
Arm of the Grimling High Commander

(Once you loot it, turn it in to the version of Veteran Cullin that respawns and starts the Grimling War in ernest (the same one that is up when the high commander spawned). Any other version of Veteran Cullin will just pass it back. Once you turn it in to Cullin, the Grimling War will end and Veteran Cullin will pass you back a Medallion of the Hero of Shar Vahl and an Acrylia Obelisk Half.

Next, head to General Staginar. Pass him the Acrylia Obelisk Half and he'll pass you back your Hollow Acrylia Obelisk and a new large 6-slot container for what we guess to be a new deeper key inside Inner AC.)

If you're instead working on your Cloak of the Vah Shir Hero quest, place the medallion and your Officer's Cloak into the satchel and hit combine... (more info inc later as I need Tigertugger to pass me along the exact details on what happens next... BUT... he is the first peep since 2003 to successfully finish the original Cloak of the Khati Sha Hero. HOWEVER, on AK the final version is ONLY wearable by Vah Shir it seems, although the previous versions of the Beastlord version of the cloak could be worn by any race that can be a Beastlord.)

His loot table is as follows:

He appears to drop at least one piece of the Living Shadow set: (A not so hot set)

Bracer of Living Shadow (unconfirmed)
Breastplate of Living Shadow (confirmed)
Crown of Living Shadow (confirmed)
Gauntlets of Living Shadow (unconfirmed)
Greaves of Living Shadow (unconfirmed)
Vambraces of Living Shadow (unconfirmed)

He appears to drop at least one to Weapon of the High Grimling: (They're used in quests, again not so hot)

Claw of the High Grimling
Dirk of the High Grimling
Great Sword of the High Grimling
Hammer of the High Grimling
Short Sword of the High Grimling
Staff of the High Grimling

He drops between one to two drops off of his good loot table which is as follows:

Blood Stained Quartz Orb (confirmed)
Robe of the Maniacal (confirmed)
Possessed Sacrificial Cleaver (confirmed)
Possessed Sacrificial Club (confirmed)
Tome of Grotesque Rites (confirmed)

Please send me a tell in game if you get more information about his loot table. I'm guessing it'll be longer than five good items...

Edited, Jul 18th 2011 3:12am by Gnostica
Gnostica 65th level Wizard (Al'kabor)

To be a wizzy is to be living on the edge, the edge of always stealing aggro, and I like always living on the edge.
Zone revamp
# Apr 12 2004 at 2:42 AM Rating: Decent
Recently i became obbsessed with this zone and heres the main reason why, (25/25bard 1hs) which drops off the grimling high commander. But dispite help from guildies etc doing the 1-10wars there i came to the conclusion this no longer drops anymore since the revamp of Acrylia caverns/grimling forest.

Once you beat the 1-10wars a camp of 4named quest mobs and their guards spawn to the north of the normal vah shir encampment to the SE corner of GF-- names are Magor Ehmdish, Agent Tiesh, Prospector Keykis, Lieutenant Venris. It seems that the quests are unrelated to spawning the grimling high commander, though and had mostly crappy rewards if i did them. So it appears they took out this mob and wep intirely with the revamp and yet another uber bard wep, that was the best in luclin and rivaled potime wep ratio's, gone. But i guess theres a long shot that one of those 4 quest npc's some how spawn grimling high commander /shrug.

Another thing i found disapointing is this quest -- (General's Challenge) It mentioned the grimling high commander several times and was prolly the pre revamp trigger quest to spawning the high commander, that now no longer works. I tried prompting all the quest phrases but General Staginar said nothing even after the 10thwar was complete.

So if anyone has any info on the grimling high commander or feedback on this topic after the summer 2003 GF/AC revamp let me know plz.

zone revamp new info
# Jul 30 2003 at 10:55 AM Rating: Decent
Okies, due to the zone revamp does anyone have any new information on this guy? I have done all 10 wars now, and am doing the head quest, plus the unknown quest from Lieutenant Venris (that I am aware of it is unknown, but in case wondering he asks for 2 different orders, one I have gotten other type am looking for, he is on the very very tip top platform next to TM in GF, that all I know for now) Either way can anyone say if they have seen this mob since the zone revamp? If so where and how. Thank you for the information:) Once we figure out how to make the war repop will post that information on that forum:) Take care all:)

Baroness Wreinie Summonsalot
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Medieval Brethren~~ Druzzil Ro
# Mar 04 2003 at 11:25 PM Rating: Decent
Can someone tell me what kind of group would be needed to take this guy down..thanks
Commander no longer spawing
# Mar 19 2003 at 2:09 PM Rating: Default
He is the "boss" mob for the sixth raid. The High Commander is no longer spawning. So the only way to complete the raid is by killing the initial spawns of the lower level grimlings, when the higher level grimlings start spawning kill the Captain (the guy you are suspose to protect), he drops the Hero Medallion (spelling?) which is needed for Inner Acrylia key (zone sucks and won't ever get fixed) as well as Vah Shir final cloak quest. This final raid consist of 3 different camps, will take over 9+ groups depending on level/skill to complete.

Edited, Wed Mar 19 14:07:37 2003
RE: Commander no longer spawing
# Apr 21 2003 at 4:10 PM Rating: Excellent
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"kill the Captain, he drops the Hero Medallion"

I must view this with the deepest skepticism. Why would you be rewarded as the Hero of Shar Vahl by killing the Captain of the guard? The other scouts do not drop their medallions given as rewards. I know this for sure because one attempt on the second raid ended in failure when a party member accidentally aggroed the scout so his pet ate him. The scout dropped nothing of interest. I have no first hand info so I can't call you a liar but this smells like real bad information.

If you have gone thru all the effort to make it to this point of the quest, don't ***** it all up by trying to short cut the final encounter.
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