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They heal themselves.


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Level: 63
Expansion: Planes of Power
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ice section
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if you are doing the hot zone quest. these mobs are in the ice section of the zone.
ice section
# Mar 10 2023 at 8:55 PM Rating: Excellent
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There were many more in the bottom Ice area than in the tower.

Took about 2 hours in the towers, and only saw 2 Helligs. In fact, there were more named spawns while I was up there than there were Hellig spawns. Saw roughly one Hellig spawn out of 20, or 5%. Tower trash mobs hit about twice as hard as lower spawns, summon, and have nearly 4 to 5 times the HP. Sadly, they gave exactly the same amount of EXP as the easier bottom mobs, so there is absolutely no reason to hunt up there unless you are collecting Torden ring pieces.

Went back down to the bottom and killed giants much faster, easier, and for the same EXP. Helligs spawned in the bottom about one for every 5 kills, or about 20% of the time. Killed the last three needed for the daily in about 20 minutes.

Only problem with the bottom is that every box group on the server goes there to knock these out. Most are cool about not stealing spawns, but not everyone is as gracious as the majority of players doing these. Best to find a box group with space and ask to join if there is heavy traffic when you get there.

My box group was a 65 Pally, 64 Bard, and 65 Druid. Pally self healed up to three bottom giants at a time, Bard twisted slow/resist-debuff/damage-shield/regen melody and auto-attacked on Tank's target. Druid threw in DoTs, AA snare, damage-shield, and a heal or two on the tower giants, or spot nukes on the bottom giants. With bard and druid damage shields running, and one damage shield from equipment, mobs were getting hit for 189.

Very easy with this set up, could have solo'ed with the pally or druid alone. Bard soloing in there may be possible, but I'm not a particularly good bard player (use them mostly as buff bots). All toons wearing mostly bazaar gear and auto-granted AAs. No special software used, just 3 computers side by side, and regular in-game macros.
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heal themselves too.
# Jan 04 2017 at 4:07 PM Rating: Excellent
enigmawow wrote:
heal themselves too.

Thanks, added.
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caster mob
# Dec 30 2002 at 2:37 PM Rating: Decent
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they'll do AoE for about 300 (3 wave rain) if not fully resisted. Hit for low 500s max, slowable, mezzable. If you stand at max melee range, you won't get hit by the aoe rain.
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