Jeplak, Lord of Srerendi  

Raid Encounter

Uploaded July 24th, 2007

Lost Souls and Mangled Travellers are spawned during the fight at timed intervals of around 30-60 seconds.

Category: EverQuest
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Level: 70
Expansion: Planes of Power
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# Dec 03 2008 at 12:47 PM Rating: Decent
103 posts
To spawn clear both forts and kill the fake version in the first fort. Then clear giants that spawn in 2nd fort. If not targetable still clear more giants till able to.

Able to Solo w/ merc
Max hit: 1371
Spawns 6-8 mobs every 45-60 secs
average dps 580
380k hp
# Oct 03 2008 at 1:53 AM Rating: Decent
169 posts
Killed him today with my sk. Had to clear 10 giants out. He dropped nothing...guess that means hes the fake version or something?

# May 03 2005 at 9:06 PM Rating: Decent
hes not 71, and clicked on him ATM ATM! i am 66 monk he DB
# Jul 17 2006 at 12:24 AM Rating: Decent
402 posts
That must be the "fake version" Real version is even at level 70

Edited, Jul 17th 2006 at 2:19am EDT by Starthyas
# Jan 22 2005 at 9:41 PM Rating: Decent
139 posts
Was red to me today at 67 so not 68
Lvl 65
# Jun 23 2004 at 9:52 PM Rating: Default
Conned White to lvl 65 today and didnt drop a damn thing, also a confused castaway spawned in his spot after he dropped
RE: Lvl 65
# Jul 27 2004 at 10:10 PM Rating: Decent
::Points to the posts on how to spawn below.::

That's the fake.
# Apr 17 2004 at 3:41 PM Rating: Decent
My strategy for you.

3 Tanks. They have to be good at aggro management, that being said, your clerics have to be able and switch their healing targets efficiently.

Make sure everyone in the raid is awake and on their toes. Shadowknights/Beastlords in charge of assisting crowd control.

You can not avoid the FD being procc'd on the tanks, thats pretty self explanatory.

Beastlords/Shadowknights keep an eye out for the adds and pull them with Non DoT aggro spells off to the side, for enchanters and bards to mez.

at around 80% every meele goes full discipline burn. Rangers can go earlier with archery as it generates nearly no aggro.

The key to this guy is being able to spot adds he pops quickly, and manage them quickly. If you can do that, he's beyond easy.
# Apr 05 2004 at 1:34 AM Rating: Decent
He was up today and he had atleast 4 giants in every row of 8 or more, my guild was thinking of pulling him but i said not to when i looked here. We only had a small force of 20. I did like the drops but that does require a large force
# Jan 25 2004 at 10:44 PM Rating: Decent
Can someone PLEASE just post how to spawn this guy, we killed all the giants, all the frogs, the trees, even the BOT looking flying things and he is still untargetable.
RE: noshow
# Feb 06 2004 at 11:40 PM Rating: Default
He has to be up (the lvl 65 version), clear the castle, kill the fake one, and a red version of him will spawn... as far as i know, the fake one is NOT triggered he hits for 1500's and u get all these adds (that spawn before anyone dies)when we tried him wiped @ 1 friggin percent, was sooo ticked off, we had a lil bit of time to retry him but couldnt make it cuz someone healed puller (who died) and promptly pulled him into a half buffed LoM raid force... he will be mine, oh yes, he wille be mine...
RE: noshow
# Dec 08 2004 at 6:41 AM Rating: Decent
Tried this last night.

Kill the 2 named in the forts, clear the 2 forts. Kill the 2 guards outside the largest fort. Kill the 6 giants in the ocean zone. 2 at each of the 3 bridges. I think these are the ones people always miss.

Shortly after this Jeplak and 8 new giants pop in the main fort. This makes for a lot of pacifying in that fort. I would suggest clear the main fort, then do the above. After killing the fake Jeplak the real, level 70 will spawn in the fort farther out into the ocean. Clear as needed to get to him. No new giants pop after this.

Lost Souls and Mangled Travellers are spawned during the fight when someone dies. While this may be true they also spawn when engaged. We did not have a death and 6 were on us when Jeplak was at 99%. They ate the clerics and we quickly wiped.
Soooo, whos slain this fella
# Sep 23 2003 at 4:49 AM Rating: Decent
Any ideas how to deal with the Fd proc taking agro off mt and getting healers killed at startup? Is this proc or whatever it is resistable??
The Zolz of many faces.. Shadowhawk
Wrong Level
# Jul 25 2003 at 10:29 PM Rating: Default
150 posts
Bah, nevermind. conned the wrong one.

Edited, Fri Jul 25 23:21:59 2003
# Jun 28 2003 at 2:54 PM Rating: Decent
This guy was a pain in the ***. We had a bard on pulls, pulled him clean to the MA and after one swing boom were 5-6 summoned mobs. Of course we werent ready for this thinking they only got "raised" after a death. Fight was over quick as they first took out the clerics before being mezzed. Didnt help we only think had 1 chanter there. Once people and pets start dropping its over as by end of fight think there was about 20 theses suckers running around.

Would suggest having a couple of chanters ready to mez the adds right at beginning of fight. Not sure if these can be charmed by the Necros seeing they look undead but could be worth a shot if ya have a couple necros there. Didnt get to try a second fight after wipe seeing had been a long day of raiding allready, hope to get back to do him.

Baneslayer Bladewielder 61 warrior
Is Spawn Broken?
# Jun 03 2003 at 10:54 PM Rating: Decent
Is this the Lord in the Forest? If so does anyone know if he is broken. We cleared all the giants, frogs and even snakes and couldn't trigger him. Any info will be helpful before we spend another hour trying to pull him.

Spawned Adds
# May 19 2003 at 10:28 AM Rating: Excellent
248 posts
*(Lazy ******* that I am, I just cut and pasted from my other posts (regarding specific adds) and edited it a touch here. Enjoy!*

Lost Souls and Mangled Travellers are spawned whenever someone (or some thing) on your side dies in the fight agaist the REAL Jeplak, Lord of Srerendi. I say "some thing" because this includes PETS (you might want to hold the leash on all those AA pets during this fight, hehe). This restriction applies even after the named is down - you have to kill all these adds without dying to have a clean fight.
By themselves, these aren't so tough. They hit for a max around 300, they don't have any more HP than the stuff by the zone-in, and they are straight melee. Slowable, nukeable, rootable/snareable, they're only hard because there can be LOTS of them, and they swarm to whomever has the lowest health like sharks. Kite them, pick them off one by one (or just AoE bomb them, hehe), and they're raid exp. Good luck!
RE: Spawned Adds
# Dec 08 2003 at 6:49 AM Rating: Good
147 posts
Listen to what this person is telling you - do NOT have any pets tanking him, and have a GOOD CHeal rotation on your main tank, because the first person or pet who dies will begin a chain reaction of death that will COMPLETELY wipe your raid out.

I was there this morning, and we got him 2 times - first kill was easy - MA never got below 30H. The second was a nightmare - only 2 enchies, me one of them (and at 62 the highest), and I had no clue I'd need an AoE mezz handy: too bad the best I have won't affect them long enough to do any real good. They DO swarm like sharks to the lowest health person, beat them down, then swarm to the next, etc, etc. You will also have more (6?) popping with each death, and if you try to run, Jeplak will summon your silly butt back, and hit you for 1348 4 times, and end your running.

Word of Morrel may have allowed me to slow the progression, but once the MA dropped, it was basically all over but the cryin'.
If your not going to do it right, why do it at all? Sygn, 100 Enchanter - Ne Cede Malice, Erollisi Marr
Also drops CLOAK
# May 18 2003 at 6:54 PM Rating: Good
248 posts
Also drops Raintravellers Overcloak, an incredibly nice back slot item that I managed to get today (woot! happy Shaman!).

The cloak's been posted but not linked to this mob ... I'll let 'em know now that I've seen it drop (I thought maybe that stupid bee dropped it, heh). /cheer /cheer!

Stats Follow:
Raintraveller's Overcloak

AC: +14 Dex: +12 Wis: +15 Int: +15 Magic Resist: +15 Fire Resist: +15 Cold Resist: +15 HP: +75 Mana: +90
Weight: 0.5
Classes: Beastlord Necromancer Enchanter Magician Wizard Ranger Shaman Druid Cleric Paladin Shadowknight Bard
Races: All Races
Inventory Slot: Back
Focus Effect: Anger of E'ci
1: Increase Spell Damage by 23%
2: Limit: Max Level(65)
3: Limit: Effect(Hitpoints allowed)
4: Limit: Instant spells only
5: Limit: Spell Type(Detrimental only)
6: Limit: Target(AE PC v1 excluded)
7: Limit: Target(PB AE excluded)
8: Limit: Target(Targeted AE excluded)
9: Limit: Target(Uber Giants excluded)
10: Limit: Target(Uber Dragons excluded)
11: Limit: Resist(Cold allowed)
# May 09 2003 at 11:15 AM Rating: Decent
Ok, you kill the fake one, and some confused guy spawns... along with another one of him who's untargetable. What do you have to do to get the real one to spawn?
RE: Hrm
# May 27 2003 at 11:05 PM Rating: Decent
41 posts
He hurts!
# Mar 18 2003 at 3:48 PM Rating: Good
He hits for 1461 and every time something dies he summons 4 mobs and I believe when he hits 20% he summons 8 mobs. With 32 people we got him to 48%.
hits for 1200
# Mar 10 2003 at 11:45 PM Rating: Good
Hits for 800-1200+ spawns about 8 pets every 20% life procs FD
Pets hit for 60-300 not to bad exept WHEN YOU HAVE 16+ ON YOU!!! but they are not giants and can be mezed!

Xuk 65 Monk (Fusion) <Tunare>
Drops cloak
# Mar 04 2003 at 4:13 PM Rating: Excellent
drops a
14AC 12dex 15int/wis 75hp 90mana +15 cold fire resist
effect anger of eci
# Dec 30 2002 at 12:58 AM Rating: Good
Hits for 333 - 1481
# Dec 21 2002 at 6:13 PM Rating: Excellent
Guild tried it today. It summons 8 mobs blue to 64 so u might need a raid to kill this guy . We tried with 24 got him to 80% and the summoned mobs killed us!
Hard hitter
# Dec 09 2002 at 5:59 PM Rating: Good
There are two versions, one level 65 that drops nothing and the "real" one who spawned when that one dies and is red to 65. The high level one kicks for 281. You don't want to know how hard he hits.
#REDACTED, Posted: Dec 09 2002 at 5:59 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) (duplicate post, no text)
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