Theron Rolius [ Paladin Guildmaster ]  

Paladin Guildmaster

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  • This mob spawns at +1100, -433.
  • Class: Paladin
  • Findable (via Ctrl-F): Yes

You say, 'Hail, Theron Rolius'

Theron Rolius says, 'Greetings, _____! To enter these grounds is to proclaim your faith in the Truthbringer. In this city you shall find no greater allies than the Knights of Truth. We urge all knights and clerics who oppose the hand of the Freeport Militia to [join the crusade].'

You say, 'I am a friend of Arathur'

Theron Rolius says, 'Oh! You hail from Qeynos, do you? How is old Arathur? He probably has told you about some of the troubles we are having here. Are you looking to [join our crusade] against the Freeport Militia?'

You say, 'join the crusade'
You say, 'join our crusade'

Theron Rolius says, 'Then take arms against the Freeport Militia! They serve no one save Sir Lucan, the fallen knight. From this day forth, I put a bounty upon all militia members. For every bashed militia helm, a reward! If you are not prepared to battle the militia just yet, you may [assist in other areas].'

You say, 'assist in other areas'

Theron Rolius says, 'I have need of one such as you. I have been awaiting a message. I will need a young acolyte to [retrieve the message] for me or there are also some [fishing duties] I wish to delegate.'

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Level: 70
Expansion: Original
NPC Added: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
NPC Last Updated: 2019-09-23 00:04:48
Items Given:
icon Empty Shark Sack

Known Habitats:
  West Freeport
Factions Increased:
  The Freeport Militia
  Dismal Rage
Factions Decreased:
  Steel Warriors
  Priests of Marr
  Knights of Truth

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# Dec 27 2018 at 10:33 AM Rating: Good
1,339 posts
Difinatively on Knights of Truth,
Location for revamped Freeport
# Mar 30 2016 at 11:18 AM Rating: Decent
163 posts
loc 1100, -433, -125

Just go straight north after entering the Hall of Truth and cross the bridge.
# Jul 15 2002 at 9:44 PM Rating: Excellent
6 posts
Theron Rolius can be found in the Hall of Truth on the second floor outside. You go across the wood bridge out front, hang a right once you're inside, take the first door on your right...go up the stairs, hang a left and walk till you have to turn again, turn right and go the the end of the wall on your right, at the end turn right and he's right there. Location is +237, -142. Hope this helps.
# Mar 18 2002 at 8:32 PM Rating: Default
U should check the pladdy guild and just explore the NF im just trying to give some advice
RE: where
# Jun 13 2002 at 2:14 PM Rating: Default
I have looked at the pally guild from top to bottom and the hall of truth and walked all over north freeport but couldn't locate him, please if anyone knows location please advise. thanks
#Anonymous, Posted: Aug 28 2001 at 1:17 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Where do you find this Guy?
Unknown Quest
# Oct 03 2000 at 7:13 AM Rating: Default
Theron Rolius told me the normal message of helping join the crusade, but after that, he had a second tell which went something like this:

'According to the crest on your tunic, you have recovered the bones of a [lost [paladin]'

What's that supposed to mean?
All I had was Brigandine Tunic, Shark Bones,
and the Four bones for the Watchmen Boots quest.
uhh what now?
RE: Unknown Quest
# Aug 06 2003 at 12:26 PM Rating: Good
87 posts
The bones of a lost paladin is for the Bones Of Darak Lightforge quest.
RE: Unknown Quest
# Nov 08 2000 at 9:48 AM Rating: Default
The guy who talks about the bones is actually standing beside Theron. Ask him if you want to get more. It's a part of the paladin 49th level spell quest, I believe.
RE: Unknown Quest
# Oct 30 2000 at 1:17 PM Rating: Default
Yeah, I think we've all tried to get Theron to cough up on this one, but he's got Verant's clam disease or something. I know Gunlok Jure, in Kaladim, gives out a quest for retrieving the bones of a lost Pally. Also, I seem to remember something I read about a good guy in Qeynos sewers who's been brought back as an evil guy, but don't know if he was a Pally or even if he drops any bones. What all this has to do with crests on tunics is anybody's guess. I don't think Theron is firing on all cylinders here as it doesn't seem to matter what you're wearing. If nothing is forthcoming, shouldn't this be listed on the 'unsolved quest' list?
RE: Unknown Quest
# Oct 16 2002 at 5:14 AM Rating: Default
29 posts
i also encountered this, and remembered speaking to an npc ( forget name ) in WC who spoke of burying the remains of a pally. Hes in WC by the lil lake. Dunno if this is related or not but maybe somebody knows and could eliminate one possibility if im wrong 8)
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