Wilacor Goldenmead [ General Supplies ]  


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  • This mob spawns at -35, -156, -156 in the center building in the neutral district (east part of the zone).
  • Findable (via Ctrl-F): Yes

You say, 'Hail, Wilacor Goldenmead'

Wilacor Goldenmead says, 'Greetings, traveler! I am Wilacor Goldenmead, resident of this most fair of cities and baking is my trade. I know that the worlds beyond this place are treacherous indeed, and one needs their strength to withstand the dangers that they most certainly face. The supplies that I provide are ideal for all adventurers and will keep the most hardy of warriors strong and well-nourished so that they may be at their best when battle is nigh. I see also baking is a path you follow! Perhaps you would like to know of a snack from my day?'

You say, 'what snack'

Wilacor Goldenmead says, 'Our skillful bakers came up with a recipe adventurers can enjoy using the bountiful swamp rat meat. Just grab a skewer, some swamp rat meat and frosting. Toss it in an oven and ye should have a delightful dish!'

Categories: Templatized | EverQuest
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Level: 60
Expansion: Planes of Power
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Goods sold (6):
icon Bottle of Kalish 1sp 5cp
icon Fishcakes 1sp 5cp
icon Fresh Fish 2sp 6cp
icon Ration 2sp 6cp
icon Short Ale 5sp 2cp
icon Water Flask 1sp

Known Habitats:
  Plane of Knowledge

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