Pathfinder Naend  


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Ranger spells for levels 61 through 70

  • This mob spawns at 111, 821, 67
    3rd floor of the library, northeast side.
  • Findable (via Ctrl-F): Yes


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Level: 60
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Goods sold (50):
icon Spell: Annul Magic 70pp 2gp 8sp 2cp
icon Spell: Bladecoat 88pp 9gp 9sp 7cp
icon Spell: Briarcoat 314pp 5sp
icon Spell: Brushfire 178pp 8gp 8sp
icon Spell: Call of Lightning 348pp 4gp 9sp 2cp
icon Spell: Call of the Rathe 157pp 1gp 4sp 9cp
icon Spell: Chloroblast 88pp 7gp 7sp 3cp
icon Spell: Circle of Summer 66pp 3gp 1sp 7cp
icon Spell: Circle of Winter 60pp 9gp 5sp 4cp
icon Spell: Counteract Disease 2pp 2gp 8sp 2cp
icon Spell: Counteract Poison 2pp 3gp 9cp
icon Spell: Cry of Thunder 206pp 6gp 6cp
icon Spell: Displace Summoned 276pp 5gp 9sp 5cp
icon Spell: Drifting Death 21pp 1gp 5sp 5cp
icon Spell: Earthen Embrace [Norrath's Keepers] 215pp 2gp 1sp 8cp
icon Spell: Earthen Roots 147pp 1gp 7sp
icon Spell: Earthen Shackles 358pp 6sp 8cp
icon Spell: Elddar's Grasp 625pp 5sp 7cp
icon Spell: Exile Summoned 82pp 3gp 6sp 6cp
icon Spell: Feral Form 224pp 4gp 6sp 8cp
icon Spell: Frost Wind 307pp 4gp
icon Spell: Frozen Wind 167pp 6gp 9sp 7cp
icon Spell: Guard of the Earth 289pp 4gp 4sp 2cp
icon Spell: Hail of Arrows 517pp 2gp 1cp
icon Spell: Hearth Embers 333pp 2sp 8cp
icon Spell: Howl of the Predator 334pp 1sp 9cp
icon Spell: Hunter's Vigor 314pp 8gp 5sp 5cp
icon Spell: Locust Swarm 295pp 6gp 6sp 7cp
icon Spell: Mask of the Stalker 142pp 4gp 4sp 7cp
icon Spell: Nature Veil 275pp 1gp 7sp 1cp
icon Spell: Nature's Balance 328pp 2gp 3sp 8cp
icon Spell: Nature's Denial 326pp 6gp 9sp 9cp
icon Spell: Nature's Rebuke 181pp 4gp 3sp 7cp
icon Spell: Natureskin 96pp 7gp 2cp
icon Spell: Onyx Skin 351pp 5sp 4cp
icon Spell: Protection of the Wild 207pp 4gp 4cp
icon Spell: Regrowth 65pp 3gp 7sp 2cp
icon Spell: Scorched Earth 417pp 9gp 4cp
icon Spell: Shield of Briar 276pp 8gp 1sp 9cp
icon Spell: Shield of Thorns 39pp 9gp 9sp 8cp
icon Spell: Spirit of Eagle 89pp 4gp 9cp
icon Spell: Spirit of the Predator 181pp 4gp 4sp 2cp
icon Spell: Strength of Tunare 158pp 7gp 9sp 7cp
icon Spell: Strength of the Hunter 296pp 4gp 1sp 7cp
icon Spell: Sylvan Burn 246pp 7gp 7sp 9cp
icon Spell: Sylvan Call 246pp 8gp 5sp 4cp
icon Spell: Sylvan Light 245pp 2gp 8sp 4cp
icon Spell: Sylvan Water 290pp 8gp 2sp 6cp
icon Spell: Tranquility of the Glade 307pp 4gp 6sp 9cp
icon Spell: Ward of the Hunter 349pp 8gp 9sp 9cp

Known Habitats:
  Plane of Knowledge

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strength of nature is on pathfinder thoajin not this guy !!
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LAME!!!! i couldent find her
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Pathfinder Naend is located in the library at -39, 828, 67. Third floor of the library in PoK.
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