Elementalist Siewth [ Magician Spells 61-70 ]  

Spells: Magician

Uploaded January 3rd, 2014 by Kynsh
Updated January 4th, 2014

Available on progression servers during PoP.

Magician spells for levels 61 through 70

  • This mob spawns at 116, 1044, 33
    2nd floor of the library, north side of the floor.
  • Findable (via Ctrl-F): Yes


Categories: Templatized | EverQuest
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Level: 60
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Goods sold (87):
icon Spell: Belt of Magi'Kot 146pp 9gp 1sp 3cp
icon Spell: Black Steel 169pp 8gp 3sp 5cp
icon Spell: Blade Strike 310pp 6gp 5sp 2cp
icon Spell: Blade of Walnan 150pp 3gp 1sp 5cp
icon Spell: Blade of the Kedge 171pp 6gp 4sp 7cp
icon Spell: Bolt of Jerikor 273pp 3gp 6sp 1cp
icon Spell: Bulwark of Calliav [Necromancer] 329pp 6sp 5cp
icon Spell: Burning Aura 529pp 8gp 1sp 7cp
icon Spell: Burning Earth 327pp 2gp 1sp 3cp
icon Spell: Burning Sand 197pp 2gp 4sp
icon Spell: Burnout V 156pp 8gp 2sp 7cp
icon Spell: Call of the Arch Mage 207pp 2gp 3sp
icon Spell: Child of Earth 351pp 4gp 7sp 4cp
icon Spell: Child of Fire 309pp 4gp 9cp
icon Spell: Child of Ro 169pp 4gp 6cp
icon Spell: Child of Water 291pp 8gp 3cp
icon Spell: Child of Wind 277pp 9gp 3cp
icon Spell: Circle of Fireskin 352pp 2gp 9cp
icon Spell: Desolate Summoned [Druid] 334pp 5gp 8cp
icon Spell: Destroy Summoned 182pp 5gp 2sp 3cp
icon Spell: Elemental Aura 276pp 4gp 1cp
icon Spell: Elemental Barrier 146pp 7gp 7sp 9cp
icon Spell: Elemental Fury 332pp 1gp 9sp 8cp
icon Spell: Elemental Silence 171pp 2gp 9sp
icon Spell: Elemental Simulacrum 351pp 3gp 2sp 9cp
icon Spell: Elemental Siphon 247pp 7gp 2sp 6cp
icon Spell: Fickle Fire 556pp 4gp 9cp
icon Spell: Firebolt of Tallon 148pp 6gp 7sp 1cp
icon Spell: Fireskin 275pp 4gp 4sp 2cp
icon Spell: Fist of Ixiblat 157pp 5sp 4cp
icon Spell: Flameshield of Ro 146pp 4gp 9sp 5cp
icon Spell: Focus Elaborate Spellcaster's Essence 3pp 1gp 4sp 9cp
icon Spell: Focus Intricate Spellcaster's Essence 3pp 1gp 4sp 9cp
icon Spell: Focus Mass Intricate Spellcaster's Essence 3pp 1gp 4sp 9cp
icon Spell: Focus Mass Refined Spellcaster's Essence 3pp 1gp 4sp 9cp
icon Spell: Girdle of Magi'Kot 183pp 2gp 5sp 6cp
icon Spell: Iceflame Guard 614pp 5gp 1sp 1cp
icon Spell: Imbue Air 179pp 2gp 3sp
icon Spell: Imbue Earth 157pp 6gp
icon Spell: Imbue Fire 209pp 7gp 2sp 4cp
icon Spell: Imbue Water 206pp 4gp 5sp 3cp
icon Spell: Maelstrom of Ro 170pp 3gp 4sp 9cp
icon Spell: Maelstrom of Thunder 181pp 6gp 7sp 9cp
icon Spell: Malosinia 170pp 5gp 7sp
icon Spell: Monster Summoning IV 244pp 2gp 7sp 1cp
icon Spell: Phantom Shield 309pp 8gp 7sp 8cp
icon Spell: Planar Renewal 181pp 6gp 7sp 9cp
icon Spell: Protection of Calliav [Magician] 225pp 6gp 1sp 7cp
icon Spell: Pyrilen Skin 310pp 8gp 9sp 6cp
icon Spell: Raging Servant 587pp 1gp 9sp 1cp
icon Spell: Rain of Jerikor 297pp 3gp 4sp 3cp
icon Spell: Rathe's Son 208pp 4gp 3sp 3cp
icon Spell: Rathe's Strength 410pp 8gp 7sp 7cp
icon Spell: Renewal of Jerikor 328pp 3gp 4sp 9cp
icon Spell: Rock of Taelosia 247pp 1gp 3sp
icon Spell: Servant of Marr 157pp 9gp 5sp 3cp
icon Spell: Shield of Maelin 179pp 7gp 4sp 1cp
icon Spell: Shield of the Arcane 149pp 9gp 2sp 1cp
icon Spell: Spear of Ro 410pp 7gp 9sp 9cp
icon Spell: Star Scream 353pp 5gp 7sp 4cp
icon Spell: Star Strike 347pp 7gp 5sp 7cp
icon Spell: Summon Calliav's Glowing Bauble 274pp 8gp 4sp 7cp
icon Spell: Summon Calliav's Jeweled Bracelet 276pp 1gp 7cp
icon Spell: Summon Calliav's Platinum Choker 277pp 8sp 6cp
icon Spell: Summon Calliav's Runed Mantle 276pp 8gp 3cp
icon Spell: Summon Calliav's Spiked Ring 272pp 4gp 7sp 9cp
icon Spell: Summon Calliav's Steel Bracelet 275pp 5gp 6sp 1cp
icon Spell: Summon Crystal Belt 294pp 5sp
icon Spell: Summon Dagger of the Deep 290pp 3gp 3sp 7cp
icon Spell: Summon Fireblade 279pp 5gp 7sp 5cp
icon Spell: Summon Glowing Bauble 150pp 5gp 3sp 2cp
icon Spell: Summon Jewelry Bag 167pp 5gp 2sp 7cp
icon Spell: Summon Platinum Choker 150pp 7gp 3sp 3cp
icon Spell: Summon Pouch of Jerikor 309pp 1gp 1sp 9cp
icon Spell: Summon Runed Mantle 150pp 1gp 1sp 2cp
icon Spell: Summon Sapphire Bracelet 149pp 1gp 9sp 8cp
icon Spell: Summon Sphere of Air 289pp 3gp 9sp 6cp
icon Spell: Summon Spiked Ring 148pp 4gp 9sp 5cp
icon Spell: Summon Staff of the North Wind 289pp 7gp 5sp 5cp
icon Spell: Summon Steel Bracelet 149pp 5gp 5cp
icon Spell: Summon: Lava Orb [Norrath's Keepers] 214pp 2gp 3sp 9cp
icon Spell: Summon: Molten Orb 355pp 2gp 6sp 3cp
icon Spell: Sun Storm 156pp 9gp 1cp
icon Spell: Sun Vortex 208pp 6gp 5sp 5cp
icon Spell: Talisman of Return 159pp 4sp 9cp
icon Spell: Ward of Xegony 148pp 2gp 3sp
icon Spell: Xegony's Phantasmal Guard 159pp 5gp 9sp 1cp

Known Habitats:
  Plane of Knowledge

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Merchant Listing during PoP on progression servers
# May 14 2018 at 1:55 PM Rating: Excellent
[Mon May 14 14:54:45 2018] Elementalist Siewth tells you, 'That'll be 180 platinum 2 gold 7 copper per Spell: Firebolt of Tallon.'
[Mon May 14 14:54:46 2018] Elementalist Siewth tells you, 'That'll be 3 platinum 8 gold 1 silver 8 copper per Spell: Focus Mass Refined Spellcaster's Essence.'
[Mon May 14 14:54:46 2018] Elementalist Siewth tells you, 'That'll be 217 platinum 2 gold 4 silver 9 copper per Spell: Imbue Air.'
[Mon May 14 14:54:47 2018] Elementalist Siewth tells you, 'That'll be 191 platinum 3 silver 1 copper per Spell: Imbue Earth.'
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