Vuli Ironstove [ Baking Supplies ]  


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  • This mob spawns at -18, 248, -124 at the wooden building on the east side of the central zone.
  • Findable (via Ctrl-F): Yes

You say, 'Hail, Vuli Ironstove'

Vuli Ironstove says, 'Welcome, traveler! The Ironstoves pride ourselves upon our goods, for no other baker in the whole of the cosmos can hold a candle to our quality. Please, search my inventory and if you do not find that which you are searching for, then search my brethren's stock. I guarantee that among the five of us, you will find the exact ingredient you seek. Perhaps even a recipe or two.'

You say, 'what recipe'

Vuli Ironstove says, 'One of the harder to get dishes served around here is a Mephit Meat Pie. That phoenix dough is so difficult to get my hands on! I have to bribe adventurers to get the phoenix eggs necessary to make the dough. Once you have the dough however simply combine it with mephit meat, spices and a pie tin all baked in a local Tanaan oven.'

Categories: Templatized | EverQuest
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Level: 60
Expansion: Planes of Power
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Goods sold (13):
icon Bandages 5sp 2cp
icon Bottle 5cp
icon Bottle of Milk 5cp
icon Iron Ration 1gp 5sp 7cp
icon Loaf of Bread 1sp 9cp
icon Mead 5sp 2cp
icon Pumpkin Cider Spice 1cp
icon Pumpkin Pie Spice 1cp
icon Ration 2sp 6cp
icon Rennet 1gp 2sp 5cp
icon Small Lantern 5sp 2cp
icon Torch 1sp
icon Water Flask 1sp

Known Habitats:
  Plane of Knowledge

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# Feb 20 2015 at 11:50 PM Rating: Excellent
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Vuli Ironstove: On the Test server, they have consolidated many of the PoK vendors. This one is slated to be eliminated. I'm not sure to whom his supplies have been reassigned.
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-19 +248 loc
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