Minstrel Cirsaelle  


Uploaded July 24th, 2007

Bard Songs 71-80

  • This mob spawns at 93, 846, -60
    2nd basement floor of the library, northeast side.
  • Findable (via Ctrl-F): Yes


Categories: Templatized | EverQuest
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Level: 60
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Goods sold (41):
icon Song: Aelfric's Last Lullaby 703pp 7gp 5sp 7cp
icon Song: Amber's Last Lullaby 994pp 5gp 9sp
icon Song: Arcane Anthem 1245pp 8gp 4sp 6cp
icon Song: Aria of the Artist 995pp 2gp 7sp 3cp
icon Song: Aura of the Artist 1231pp 1gp 1sp 4cp
icon Song: Aviak's Wondrous Warble 818pp 1gp 5sp 2cp
icon Song: Beckon of the Tuffein 808pp 3gp 7sp 1cp
icon Song: Cantata of Restoration 1009pp 2gp 2sp 5cp
icon Song: Chorus of Restoration 1109pp 7cp
icon Song: Coldcrow's Spry Sonata 1101pp 5gp 7sp
icon Song: Command of Queen Veneneu 1187pp 5gp 6sp 8cp
icon Song: Denon's Dirge of Devastation 1242pp 9gp 1cp
icon Song: Denon`s Dirge of Destruction 851pp 6gp 2sp 4cp
icon Song: Dirge of the Darkvine 1054pp 4gp 5sp 6cp
icon Song: Elddar's Dawnsong 993pp 6sp 8cp
icon Song: Erollisi's Cantata 687pp 9gp 7sp 5cp
icon Song: Erollisi's Chorus 783pp 5gp 8sp 1cp
icon Song: Erradien's Psalm of Potency 1120pp 8gp 5sp 4cp
icon Song: Ervaj's Defensive Refrain 740pp 8gp 1sp 3cp
icon Song: Fermata of Preservation 765pp 1gp 1sp 2cp
icon Song: Garadell's Fatesong 1047pp 4gp 8sp 2cp
icon Song: Jonthan's Mightful Caretaker 727pp 5gp 3sp 3cp
icon Song: Kaerra's Spirited Crescendo 1243pp 2gp 1sp 6cp
icon Song: Kildrukaun's Chant of Poison 1126pp 3gp 1sp 7cp
icon Song: Kirathas' Cleansing Clarinet 1155pp 7gp 6sp 3cp
icon Song: Minohten's Purifying Panpipes 814pp 4gp 5sp 7cp
icon Song: Performer's Explosive Aria 1127pp 9gp 8sp 3cp
icon Song: Performer's Psalm of Pyrotechnics 778pp 2gp 1sp 6cp
icon Song: Queen Eletyl's Screech 820pp 1sp 4cp
icon Song: Rhythm of Restoration 1073pp 5gp 4sp 5cp
icon Song: Song of the Dryads 738pp 6gp 2sp 4cp
icon Song: Staccato Cadence 918pp 1gp 8sp 7cp
icon Song: Staccato Rhythms 864pp 5gp 4sp 5cp
icon Song: Tjudawos' Chant of Flame 1244pp 2gp 8sp 7cp
icon Song: Veshma's Lively Crescendo 863pp 1gp 6sp 2cp
icon Song: Vyskudra's Chant of Disease 994pp 7gp 9sp 5cp
icon Song: War March of Meldrath 1165pp 9gp 6sp 6cp
icon Song: Weshlu's Chillsong Aria 739pp 7gp 9sp
icon Song: Whispersong of Veshma 687pp 6gp 2sp 2cp
icon Song: Yowl of the Bloodmoon 1168pp 6gp 7sp 5cp
icon Song: Zeixshi-Kar's Chant of Frost 1072pp 2gp 9cp

Known Habitats:
  Plane of Knowledge

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Goods Sold
# Feb 27 2004 at 3:11 PM Rating: Excellent
She sells so many more songs than just the one listed. The following is a complete list of the songs I found on her, including the level (lvl) the song can be learned at.
1. Hymn of Restoration (lvl 6)
2. Elemental Rhythms (lvl 9)
3. Purifying Rhythms (lvl 13)
4. Guardian Rhythms (lvl 17)
5. Alenia's Disenchanting Melody (lvl 22)
6. Psalm of Warmth (lvl 25)
7. Psalm of Vitality (lvl 29)
8. Cassindra's Chorus of Clarity (lvl 32)
9. Psalm of Cooling (lvl 33)
10. Psalm of Purity (lvl 37)
11. Psalm of Mystical Shielding (lvl 41)
12. Tuyen's Chant of Disease (lvl 42)
13. Niv's Melody of Preservation (lvl 47)
14. Tuyen's Chant of Poison (lvl 50)
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