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Spell: Imbue Plains Pebble  

Charges: 1
Skill: Alteration
Mana Cost: 200
Effect: Imbue Plains Pebble
WT: 0.1 Size: SMALL
Class: CLR DRU
Race: ALL
Deity: Karana

Item Type:Scroll
Merchant Value:2 pp 9 gp 7 sp 2 cp
Lucy Entry By:Kerasota
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2021-10-19 10:30:24
Page Updated:Fri Nov 1st, 2019

Expansion: Original Original

Average Price: No Data Pricing Data...
Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 29

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Vendor listing - Premium only

Zone(s) Found In:

Zone Name
Abysmal Sea
East Freeport

CLR/29 DRU/29
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thanks sony
# Jan 19 2006 at 3:27 PM Rating: Default
well i remember bring a young dru with no money , and i used to either forage the plains pebble, or buy for under 5p, and then imbue and resell for 25......made alot of food and basic gear money during the times....seems sony may have made it easier for some to get there tradeskill items...but it sure took away a way of making money for the players that have none to start...:(
Erbill Puffenstuff
81 Seasons on Cazic Thule/Brell Serils
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# Jul 24 2003 at 9:48 AM Rating: Decent
All well and good but I can't seem to find a plain pebble to make this spell work.
RE: Pebble
# Jul 24 2003 at 9:50 AM Rating: Decent
For my 36 druid
RE: Pebble
# Jul 24 2003 at 4:51 PM Rating: Good
3,705 posts
Go to a Karana zone. Hit forage about 20-30 times. when you get a pretty blue gem on your cursor, your search will be over.
more uses
# Apr 20 2003 at 12:44 PM Rating: Excellent
I cast this spell quite often with my TUNARE wood elf druid. Not sure when I bought/scribed it, but I can and still do cast both imbue pebble and imbue emerald any time I want. Me being a follower of Tunare doesnt seem to make a difference. I make and sell components for the Earring of Solstice / Earring of Nature quest, and the imbued pebbles from the Karanas are used to make Blessed Dust of Karana. Ppl could make a decent profit by just supplying this stuff in stacks in bazaar. It saves time from having to track down the ingredients and buy/forage pebbles and then imbue them. Would be faster to just buy the dust because it is used in two of the components I supply, the fishing rod and the lucky cabbage.

Edited, Wed Apr 23 01:00:40 2003
Only scribable...
# Apr 16 2003 at 11:41 PM Rating: Decent Karana worshippers. Found that out the hard (and dumb) way after having my Tunare-worshipping cleric go buy it. Shoulda read the fine print first. Caveat emptor.
RE: Only scribable...
# Apr 22 2003 at 10:24 AM Rating: Good
204 posts
Yea, looks like it was changed in June according to the spell history on Lucy.

RE: Only scribable...
# Apr 17 2003 at 12:38 PM Rating: Good
Then it's been changed. It used to be any Druid or Cleric could imbue a plains pebble. Maybe that was an oversight that's been fixed. It was the ONLY "non-denomonational" imbue there was.
RE: Only scribable...
# Apr 22 2003 at 4:14 PM Rating: Excellent
3,705 posts
THats not true. It USED to be that any cleric could scribe any cleric imbue. It was changed, as noted above, but before that date, they were ALL "non-denominational", as you put it. My cleric has the spells Imbue diamond, rose quartz, opal, and ruby all scribed. I can still cast all the ones I scribed pre-patch, but can not scribe any of the others now :(

Edited, Tue Apr 22 16:36:39 2003
better yet
# Jun 12 2002 at 7:03 PM Rating: Decent
better yet..where do you purchase it?
better yet
# Nov 30 2006 at 12:39 PM Rating: Decent
it is also sold in Pok, first floor by Wanderer Kedrisan.
Level 29 druid spell. 6p2g5s with 70 charisma
RE: better yet
# Jun 28 2002 at 1:20 PM Rating: Decent
I think the spell is sold at the North Karanas druid ring. It's a level 29 spell.
# Apr 28 2002 at 1:08 PM Rating: Default
WTF is an imbued plaind pebble and what does it do?
RE: ???
# Jun 10 2002 at 12:54 AM Rating: Decent
43 posts
Imbued Plains pebbles are used in wood elf cultural tailoring... for followers of Karana
RE: ???
# Jun 05 2002 at 7:28 AM Rating: Decent
Lmao im wondering the same thing. Under regular Plains Pebble people spoke of food consumption being lessened.
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