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Fantastic Spinneret Fluid  

This item can be used in tradeskills.
Recommended level of 90. Required level of 86.
WT: 0.4 Size: TINY
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

Item Type:Misc
Merchant Value:43 pp 7 gp 5 sp 0 cp
Lucy Entry By:Drim-Machin Shin
Item Updated By:Gidono
IC Last Updated:2022-01-19 10:17:46
Page Updated:Fri Jan 24th, 2020

Expansion: House of Thule House of Thule

Average Price: No Data Pricing Data...
Rarity: Global
Level to Attain: 90

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This item is the result of a quest.
Expansion List - Premium only.
Quest Name
Fabulous Prize! - Fantastic Spinneret Fluid


This item is found on creatures.

Al'Kabor's Nightmare
NPC Name
a crazed halfling
a drachnid knight
a half elf guard
a halfling bandit
a halfling guard
a halfling lookout
a high elf sentry
a snow orc warrior
a wood elf ranger
an ice goblin thief

Fear Itself
NPC Name
a spinechiller spider
a spinechiller widow
an amygdalan soldier

House of Thule, Upper Floors
NPC Name
a funnelweb leaper
a funnelweb spider
a gibbering madman

Miragul's Nightmare
NPC Name
a runic sentinel

Morell's Castle
NPC Name
a candy hoarder
a crazed candy hoarder
a devoted guard
a forest guardian
a forest protector
a forest watcher
a hedgewalker
a helping hand
a hoofed diviner
a hoofed guardian
a hoofed protector
a mutinous scallywag
a scallywag diabolist
a scallywag marauder
a scallywag pillager
a scorned diabolist
a scorned marauder
a scorned pillager
a sea sorceress
a sea vamp
a seawitch
a shelled defender
a shellscale diver
a shellscale guard
a shellscale hunter
a shellscale occultist
a singing siren
a vengeful marauder
a vengeful pillager
an idle hand
an ornate guard

Rubak Oseka, Temple of the Sea
NPC Name
a worshipper
a zealot

Sanctum Somnium
NPC Name
a dark occultist
a dark occultist researcher
a dark ritualist
a dark ritualist expert
a deranged beggar
a giant warrior
a giant warrior veteran
a goblin raider
a goblin raider captain
a head servant
a kobold skirmisher
a leprechaun
a mad beggar
a master guardian
a personal servant
a royal archmage
a royal guard
a royal high priest
a royal knight
a royal knight errant
a royal mage
a royal priest
a strange leprechaun
a tower guardian
a tower servant
a tower warden
a tower warden sergeant
an elite guardian

Windsong Sanctuary
NPC Name
a soundless devotee

Used in 320 recipes.
Recipe list - Premium only.

Can purchase for 10 Work Vouchers.

Uploaded October 5th, 2011 by Merf
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# Jan 02 2011 at 1:05 PM Rating: Good
69 posts
Name should be updated to say Fantastic, not astic.
# Jan 02 2011 at 5:45 PM Rating: Excellent
6,998 posts
pintoy wrote:
Name should be updated to say Fantastic, not astic.

I've alerted the developers. Thanks.
Going to be rare.
# Oct 19 2010 at 12:37 PM Rating: Decent
86 posts
Haven't seen one drop anywhere yet - plz post if/when you have data.
Going to be rare.
# Dec 15 2010 at 11:51 PM Rating: Decent
757 posts
Random drop off any mob in the two T4 zones. All of these items are rare unlike in previous expansions where they were more uncommon.
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