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Flowing Black Silk Sash  

Haste: +21%
WT: 0.1 Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Slot 1, Type 7 (General: Group)
Item Type:Armor
Merchant Value:8 pp 9 gp 0 sp 0 cp
Submitted By:Doriath
Lucy Entry By:Tiana
Item Updated By:Gidono
IC Last Updated:2021-02-22 08:05:58
Page Updated:Mon Apr 10th, 2017
Classic Item

Average Price: 1,950pp Pricing Data...
Rarity: Rare
Level to Attain: 35

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Drops: This item is found on creatures.

Zone(s) Found In:
This is the defacto haste item which most every one eventually lines up to camp.
Flowing Black Silk Sash item window 2016

Uploaded October 16th, 2016 by snailish
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Damage Increase vs Delay Reduction
# Oct 03 2001 at 5:09 PM Rating: Default
OK, give up the damage increase stuff guys. The only thing you should be concerned with is HASTE, which translates to Delay Reduction, AKA a Faster Swing. If you guys would stop belabouring and clouding the HASTE issue with Damage vs Delay rhetoric, it would be easier for people to decide what items they want to use.

It's put up or shut up time. I have parsed my log file. IT DOES MAKE ME SWING FASTER. Any extra damage beyond normal is BECAUSE YOU GET MORE SWINGS! Get off the more damage! Prove to me that it makes the weapon DIRECTLY do more damage. I am truly getting tired of people confusing the issue by saying it does more damage without making your weapon delay faster... More swings in the same amount of time PROVES THE WEAPON GETS FASTER!

It is a HASTE Item. It makes you SWING FASTER. The rest is dependent on whether or not you actually hit the creature in question.
# Sep 27 2001 at 4:42 PM Rating: Default
76 posts
You just gotta love this thing. My 46th level ranger finally got his hands on one after trying to get into a frenzy group for 2 days and camping the frenzy for like 3 days. Why so long? Well, during my 5-8 hour playing session in the Frenzy room, I saw the frenzy drop the belt only 3 times at most. I lost the random on all of the drops until recently.

And when I did get one, my ranger can dish out some serious damage with his SSoY and WS combo. The most number of attacks I have seen him dish out per round was 8 attacks. On an average, I see him get in 3 or 4 attacks per round as oppose to only 2 in the past without the FBSS. Overall, very nice.
# Sep 22 2001 at 6:41 PM Rating: Decent
100 posts
Me and a necro friend camped frenzy/am for about 7 hours. Frenzy dropped 2 in a row and nothing on 3rd time. Damn mage popped twice in that same time and dropped those darn legs! I see many different percentages on haste and have been told it's 35% Does anyone have actual proof what the haste is? I'd really like to know )

Brakiss Dooku (retired)
Archon of Vazaelle
Adalric Brandl <Walkers>
Deathspeaker of Innoruuk

RE: frenzy
# Sep 27 2001 at 4:26 AM Rating: Excellent
Most people report the haste to be a 21% speed increase, or equivalent a 17% delay reduction (a 100% speed increase gives a 50% delay reduction, as when you are twice as fast, you get things done in half the time :) ).

I have only done a simple test, timing 3 consecutive backstabs to take a total of 25 seconds. Normally they take 10 seconds each. This is a 16.7% delay reduction, so within error, it looks consistent with the 17% expected value.

#REDACTED, Posted: Sep 10 2001 at 3:15 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) I am far to low a lvl on all chas to try and camp this thing and I have the means to get one so... If any of you on Veeshan have one that your not that attached to give me a tell, my chas names are all in my signature. Thanks.
# Sep 05 2001 at 7:27 AM Rating: Decent
Well to you who posted about the possibilty to loose 20 draws in a row this is how the math should look...

The chance of winning or loosing is always the same, or 1/6 in a full group. Which is almost the same as a 17% chance.

Unless the group exclude the previous winners from the lotto the chance stays the same even if you get 100 items. The rules does say though if you roll enough times porobablity will even out and everyone will get there 1/6 of the drops but for this to work you need have at least 1000 items.

What you calculated with the 1/6^20 ending up with the HUGE number of 1/3.656.158.440.062.976 is actually the chance you have of winning 20 rolls in a row in a group of 6. Not that big as you can imagine....

All this math comes down to why casinos usally have max bet on the roulette and why there is a zero on the roulette as well. But thats another story...

RE: Math
# Sep 10 2001 at 7:44 AM Rating: Excellent
the chance of loosing roll 20 times in a row is (5/6)^20, which comes out to about 2.6% Not a big chance, but not all that imbossible either.
RE: Math
# Oct 04 2001 at 4:42 PM Rating: Decent
Mmmm.....I must be the statical oddity. Played EQ like 8 months and I've never won a roll.
RE: Math
# Nov 07 2001 at 7:55 PM Rating: Decent
I can relate to you all to a degree, i was 0/57 on forest loop rolls in FM. My groupies got really rich, but not me hehe. What is the odds on that my friend? Too tired for math.
#REDACTED, Posted: Aug 31 2001 at 7:48 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) HA!!!!!
On Haste...
# Aug 27 2001 at 4:48 PM Rating: Default
Okay... Let me clear this Haste subject up...
Many people say that haste lowers your weapon delay, while others say it raises your chance of hitting... I believe it does both, and here's how...
Okay, first, we assume that 10 Delay is 1 Second... I am not really sure how much delay = 1 second, although I heard somewhere that it was 21; we'll just use 10 to make it easier... With that cleared up, say your weapon has a Delay of 20.
Now, with 20 Delay, let's say you have a 50% haste item (God, I wish.) That makes your Delay 10...
Some of you may argue differently, saying that Haste actually increases your chances of swinging by 50%, and it does...

With a Delay of 10, you swing once every Second, and with a delay of 20, you swing once every Two Seconds... That's decreasing your delay by 50% AND Increasing your chances of Swinging by 50%... Think about it, folks...
RE: On Haste...
# Sep 11 2001 at 8:07 PM Rating: Decent

50% haste dos not make a 20 dly wep 10 dly

it maks it 15dly,why you say well 100%

is only half so 50% is 1/4
RE: On Haste...
# Sep 28 2001 at 5:04 PM Rating: Default
I'm not doubting you at all because this is a weak point in my EQ brain... I run into a lot of those... but anyway, how is 100% only 1/2 when the deffinition of 1/2 is 50%? STUPID VERANT!... pardon my stoopudnez.
RE: On Haste...
# Oct 07 2001 at 11:04 AM Rating: Default
what he means is: 100% haste makes you twice as fast, therefore 50% haste gives a 25% delay reduction
RE: On Haste...
# Aug 31 2001 at 12:33 AM Rating: Default
ironically speaking... 10 delay IS 1 second =) and fyi 10 delay is the least u can goto even with haste goin below that
Haste %
# Aug 25 2001 at 1:21 AM Rating: Decent
Ok, I don't know if anyone has already stated this, but the haste on and FBSS could be said as either 17% OR 21%. The reason for this is that FBSS gives 17% haste if your calculating it as delay reduction, but the haste is 21% if your using damage increase.
RE: Haste %
# Sep 22 2001 at 4:06 PM Rating: Decent
93 posts
I could be way off here, but since each hit gets a damage increase due to Str, Lvl and class (base weapon speed too I seem to remember) an FBSS would be 21% when calclating damage because this set increase applies to each hit. More hits the more times this damage is added to base. More damage in a min of fighting by 21% with a 17% reduction in weapon delay. This should work for standerd weapon delay. A 10/20 out agros a 20/40 because of the damamge bonus being added twice. (also why slow hard hitting weapons are better againt Damage sheilds) Of course damage drops off the agro list over time, so faster damage means more of it at the "top" of the list..... Ouch now my head hurts.... too complicated. Bottom line: Haste good. More haste better.
Flyhalfer Wingfoot
Melee Druid of Karana
Opinions please...
# Aug 21 2001 at 12:30 AM Rating: Default
500 posts
Do you guys think a FBSS, a 10/24, and a 10/22 is a good match (to use) for a lvl 40 Ranger?
RE: Opinions please...
# Aug 30 2001 at 1:08 PM Rating: Excellent
92 posts
Whatever you do, don't find yourself in the position where you're consistantly pulling the taunt away from the tank.
Fast weapons plus FBSS may sound sweet, but what you'll end up with if you're not careful is:

1 nearly-dead ranger

1 pissed cleric who's OOM from chain-healing your uber ***

1 pissed group that now has to sit and med, ******** up the spawn timing, and earning you the nickname "Mana sponge".

Folks, learn to use your tanks and fight within the group, instead of having to be a superstar damage dealer (and receiver :))
RE: Opinions please...
# Sep 16 2001 at 3:43 AM Rating: Default
I have lupine mainhand and almost never get aggroed, even with Frostbringer procin like mad offhand. It is all about max melee range, but I can still out taunt all other melee classes too cause snare /pwns. You can be as fast as ya want, ya just have to play smart.
RE: Opinions please...
# Sep 28 2001 at 5:10 PM Rating: Default
Poor little, smelly, tree-huggin ranger... oh yeah, I hate the thought of taunting. I hate it when I'm dealing tons of damage and kickin complete nutz then I have to knock it off or die. I've been told that evade fixes this, but it never does for me. There has to be a way to fix this. Or, once again, it's... STUPID VERANT! I've been saying that a lot lately.
# Aug 20 2001 at 5:00 AM Rating: Decent
Good item for getting your weapon skills up quickly especially in combination with low delay weapons.

# Aug 19 2001 at 10:32 PM Rating: Decent
Lore or not?
#Anonymous, Posted: Aug 11 2001 at 12:22 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) who the hell gives a damn. it is haste. you attack faster. i mean even if it was 5% (price would be lower) it would still be owrth it. i mean yeah, then other items would be nicer but i'd sure the hell still get it if it was 5%
RE: who gives a shit
# Aug 17 2001 at 3:54 PM Rating: Decent
Geeze, I would wear a Spider Fur Girdle over 5% haste belt with nothing else, I would never wear that thing if I had SPider Fur, or even Black Alloy
Re: Miscellaneous
# Aug 08 2001 at 5:27 PM Rating: Excellent
Either your primary is a caster and your monk is an alternate/twink, or you would also random a spell the blaster/healer in the party needs.

Yes there are nice casters and there are jerk tanks. But if you're a greedy bastich, fine, admit it and move on. Just don't expect me to cross three zones to seek a port to help you with your epic.... or give you the time of day for that matter. if you're in a party and Celestial Healing drops, you don't random it if the Cleric can use it.

I play a monk and I expect other tanks feel as robbed as I do when I see some necro or druid solo-farming an area that I'd need to be part of a group for a chance to roll on the loot. Is it too much to ask for a decent chance to fulfill my role as a tank better?
# Jul 30 2001 at 3:45 PM Rating: Excellent
1) I hate to admit it (being a monk), but the FBSS should be rolled on by everybody, unless you have a guild group going, in which case go by guild loot rules.

2) "Money is the root of all evil" is a mis-quote from the Bible. The way it is actually written is "The love of money is the root of all evil." This is the "King James Version" way it is written. Those familiar with the form of English used in the KJV will realize that a paraphrase into modern English might be written as "The love of money is the root of all manner of evil." In other words, love of money can lead to all manner of evil acts. That does not mean that all evil acts stem from a love of money. Money itself is not inherently evil. It is our attitudes towards it that can be evil.

3) Someone mentioned earlier that a certain poster couldn't possibly be high level and have a bad attitude. This is ridiculous. I know of a level 60 guy who is the world's biggest jerk. His guild disbanded and reformed under a new name because he was its leader and they wanted to get away from him. He currently delights in doing things to make people petition him, then getting away and camping out before the GM's show up.

test resulsts
# Jul 26 2001 at 8:44 PM Rating: Excellent

Character: 47 Ranger
Weapon: Silver Swiftblade (16/24 2hs)
Lag: 0%
Method: Timed length of time for 50 attacks. Counted attacks by looking at the attack button blink every round.


NO HASTE 50 attacks in 124 seconds
FBSS 50 attacks in 104 seconds
DB SASH 50 attacks in 101 seconds

I ran each test twice.


FBSS - 19% speed increase or 16% delay reduction
DB SASH - 23% speed increase or 19% delay reduction
ill never get one
# Jul 18 2001 at 12:18 AM Rating: Default
i want one but i wont get it. the most money i have ever had was 2.5k and im lvl 40 and then i spend it on something lol. and from what it sounds like i wont get one from loot hehe. (meaning i wont get in group) because im not a cleric or chanter.
17% or 21%?
# Jul 15 2001 at 3:33 AM Rating: Decent
How come so many people say 17% and about the same amount say 21% haste on this? Which is it?
Haste stacking
# Jun 22 2001 at 12:32 PM Rating: Decent
The proc from the Exe axe will stack with a FBSS? Well perhaps that is not clear, the exe axe will proc yes, now wheither its proc overrides the FBSS, is yet to remain seen, yet I am fairly sure it doesn't stack.

and lower if i remember correctly and feel free to correct me on this folks is 17%. So weapon delay minus 17% equals the new delay.

Wurmslayer 25/40 would become 25/33.2
Lamenation 9/19 would become 9/15.77

Only thing that I dont like about wurmslayer is that even with my big stamina (172) in a short fight it chews through my bar. grousp is ok with casters, solo I would not advise using it.
RE: Haste stacking
# Jul 10 2001 at 2:34 PM Rating: Decent
22 posts
If the proc of the Exe Axe is permanent haste.. they will not stack... point final.

Haste is calculated by damage increase, not delay reduction...
that means you get 17% more attacks, not a delay reduction of 17%...

to figure out the delay:

wurm = 40 times 0.8547 = 34.188... so 34
lammy = 19 times 0.8547 = 16.239... so 16

thats what your real delays will be.
RE: Haste stacking
# Jul 11 2001 at 7:38 AM Rating: Default
No, it does stack. It is counted as a spell! That is why if an enchanter or shaman or whoever comes to you and casts a speed buff it will then not stack. Notice how when you have a speed buff it will display,"The spell cannot take hold" or something like that. The exe axe proc is a spell proc. The FBSS is an item proc. And a bard song... is a song and can stack with all those! Thanks you! =)
RE: Haste stacking
# Jul 18 2001 at 1:30 AM Rating: Good
140 posts
Right... The Executioner's Axe's haste is a proc, and therefore counts as a spell, but the haste on FBSS isn't an "item proc", persay. It's just a permanent bonus. Permanent hastes stack with any spell based haste; song, buff, proc; and no two spells can stack with each other, and the higher level item with haste will be the haste you gain if you have two items with permanent haste. The one exception to this rule is with the monk, because I believe their Celestial Fists' haste component still stacks with other spells. I think.
RE: Haste stacking
# Aug 01 2001 at 6:58 AM Rating: Decent
22 posts
Terribly sorry, i was thinking along the lines of Mith 2 Hander, not Exe Axe proc...

And Monk's Celestial fist is a song (and therefore spell) haste so it will stack in only that you will get the other benefits (increased str, etc).
Although the fact that they change the fists to 9/16 weapons remains as always.
Is this good?
# Jun 16 2001 at 12:49 PM Rating: Default
If i have a Wurmy and a Lammy and this what will the delay come to on both of them?
Wurmy=25 40
Lammy=9 19
RE: Is this good?
# Sep 26 2001 at 6:50 PM Rating: Default
Why use a lammy with wurm? In essence, you are making the 9/19 weapon a 9/40 weapon being as the delay of the offhand weapon is only as good as that of the primary hand. Go with a higher damage slower weapon for your offhand as long as it is less than or equal to the 40 delay of your primary hand weapon.
RE: Is this good?
# Oct 15 2001 at 7:10 PM Rating: Decent
445 posts
The above statement is incorrect. The delay of the offhand is not in any way dependent on that of the main hand. Your offhand weapon is *not* slowed down by having a slow weapon in you main.

It's an easy thing to test, if you have a reasonably high duel-wield skill. Just use two different weapon types, with a slow weapon in your main and a fast in your offhand. Look at your log. If your offhand weapon type shows up inbetween your main swings, you'll see that they're not connected. (You should allow a little bit of leeway for network lag, though.)
#Anonymous, Posted: Jun 15 2001 at 9:43 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) I just got a Silvery Belt of Contention....AC 10, +4 sta, +5 int, +5 wis....And better haste than the FBSS!
#Anonymous, Posted: Jun 16 2001 at 3:34 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) STFU liar
Haste stacking question
# Jun 12 2001 at 2:26 PM Rating: Default
Will the following stacking work:
Continuous haste from an item (ie FBSS)
Proced haste spell from an item (ie Executioner's Axe)

I am assuming not, but wondered...
RE: Haste stacking question
# Jul 03 2001 at 1:35 PM Rating: Decent
Nope, there are basically 3 kinds of haste: item, spell, and bard. The only combinations that will stack are spell+item and bard+item. Unless you have an item (such as Celestial Fists) that have a bard song proc of haste, you won't be able to stack 2 haste items. However, since the axe is a proc and a FBSS has a permanent haste effect, you can get the two to stack.
RE: Haste stacking question
# Aug 11 2001 at 12:11 AM Rating: Default
um 3 kinds are permenant,duration, and spell/song. the haste on this belt takes effect immediately when places in waist (no trigger or proc) duration (also known as proc) is something that procs and will either durate or will last until zoned, then there is spell/song. is enchanter/shaman spells and bards song. some bards song stack with enc/sham spells, but not very many
#Anonymous, Posted: Jun 08 2001 at 10:34 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) WHAT LVL CAN YOU GET IN A GROUP AND CAMP THIS ITEM
# Jun 04 2001 at 6:16 PM Rating: Default
Okay boys and girls, haste is NOT, I repeat is NOT based upon char lvl. The %haste effect of an item is preset. It will never increase or decrease as a result of lvl. Period.
I'd really like to smack the doltards who dreamt that bit of fiction up...
RE:Economy people
# Jun 01 2001 at 8:43 PM Rating: Default
good point i would do same thing if i was that high

Munkmastre-Veeshan server
18th Monk

P.S. im not a bad person for this just a hungry
Economy people
# Jun 01 2001 at 8:40 PM Rating: Default
ok someone has to lay the smackdown about this whole camping thing,to me,the frenzied ghoul is an 8k KS.C'mon boys and girls it is simple a 55 mage is more likeley to KS a 56 war because mage has more DD, as for rangers...lets just say make sure you have sow on just in case something goes wrong (which it always does)but i do also agree with the people who say verant needs to fix their spawns up...Sash of Dragon is actually better and if i was someone with that much money (too many upgrades too little time...OOM=out of money)i'd fork out the extra coin for sash of dragonborne,Because right now ill ks anyone for 8k as long as my account doesn't get pulled.
Thank you.
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