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Gloves of Matter  

AC: 4
STR: +1 DEX: +3 INT: +3 HP: +3 MANA: +5
WT: 0.5 Size: SMALL
Class: MAG
Race: ALL
Slot 1, Type 7 (General: Group)
Slot 2, Type 21 (Special Ornamentation)

Item Type:Armor
Appearance:Velious Monk
Color (RGB):0, 0, 0
Merchant Value:10 pp 0 gp 0 sp 0 cp
Lucy Entry By:Vedic
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2021-07-27 02:50:50
Page Updated:Sat Apr 17th, 2021

Expansion: Legacy of Ykesha Legacy of Ykesha

Average Price: 275pp Pricing Data...
Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 45

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This item is the result of a quest.
Expansion List - Premium only.
Quest Name
Magician Twilight Gloves

Zone(s) Found In:

Zone Name
Twilight Sea

Uploaded November 27th, 2008
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# Feb 09 2003 at 6:44 PM Rating: Decent
these quests are no more than something to do if/when hunting for exp in the zone. Makes it a lil more fun to try and aquire the specific parts while gaining exp. Of course it has become a 'bring-your-own-grp' kinda zone since many have abandoned ti for better loot zones. /sigh.

Lehto Tinkertank
43 Gnome Warrior
'Conquering Ancients'
Karana Server
Level is off.
# Jul 26 2002 at 2:21 PM Rating: Default
137 posts
The level on this is way off. Look at the mobs you have to kill.

Petrified Bones
Cunning wolf 38-42

Vial of Dark Earth
Darkened Sunflower 35-38

Star Jewel
Fungus Shroom 26-45
A Wolf 33-40
A Rockhopper 37-45

This can be obtained at a much lower level unless your a social outcast and can't get a group to help you.
RE: Level is off.
# May 13 2003 at 2:02 PM Rating: Decent
i agree with the las guy, not many people want to go to zones where all they are doing is wasting their time, it's all about the loot to 95% of the people that play unfortuinately.... the days of doing things just for the fun of it left as soon as people realized that they can get good gear drops that are better than this junk and farm cash easier to get stuff that's better a lot easier as well
RE: Level is off.
# Sep 22 2002 at 2:17 PM Rating: Decent
You don't have to be a social outcast to have problems getting help in this area. there are almost no people who hang around this area. Besides, I quite frequently have problems getting anyone to help me unless there is something in it for them.
why bother playing a mage ?
# Feb 26 2002 at 7:45 AM Rating: Default
As mages are being f**** on a regular basis since 2 years , these gloves are not really a surprise.

+3 INT , +5 mana waooo , its really great.

I think if VI does not want people play mages anymore, they re in on the good way.

There is some warrior items for that lvl which have more int or mana....

Mage research suck big time, I don't even speak the Epic pet.

Well done VI , give melee class items with 30 AC at lvl 40 and for mage , items with 3 INT , that's what i will call class balance
RE: why bother playing a mage ?
# Oct 22 2002 at 6:18 PM Rating: Excellent
202 posts
I have to agree that all the Twilight Armor that I have researched absolutely licks donkey scroat. My newb armor quests from Freeport gave me stuff that was this good at level 5.

But to say that mages aren't any good and you shouldn't play them because Verant is giving them the shaft? That's a truckload of dung.

Mages are damage machines. We have strong pets that do what we tell them to and do a good job of it. We have nukes that can only be topped by Wizzies (and I'm more useful at 36 in Maiden's Eye than a 44 Wizzie is solely because I have a good pet since neither of our spells do squat). We can conjure some pretty cool focus items. I don't know a single person that nukes on a regular basis that doesn't want me to conjure a jade bracelet for them everytime I see them.

Besides, if you want an example of where the mage items really lie, check out the Velious equivalent of this quest. Same level to get these gloves and compare the stats my friends, can you say INT boost....

Arch Mage's Gloves
AC: +5 Agi: +9 Int: +9 Magic Resist: +1 Fire Resist: +2 Cold Resist: +2 Poison Resist: +2 Disease Resist: +2 HP: +15 Mana: +20
Weight: 0.4

Look at the rest of the Velious armor quests too here, good mage stuff maynard. Check out the Archmage's Sleeves and Archmage's Crown especially. The Crown makes my little Elemental Binder look pretty stupid.

I plan on tackling these Velious quests as soon as I'm able.

Edited, Tue Oct 22 19:17:11 2002
RE: why bother playing a mage ?
# Mar 09 2002 at 5:24 PM Rating: Decent
What melee class items with 30ac are you comparing this too? Not twilight sea quest items, that's for sure.

They all suck, except maybe some of the monk stuff.
RE: why bother playing a mage ?
# Mar 11 2002 at 10:07 PM Rating: Decent
That's cuz monks got the shaft in Velious and Kunark (for the most part). Only good thing I've found so far, in Velious, for monks is Spider Fur. The other stuff you have to get at lvl 50+ as the Kael Armor Quest. When you have that, THEN you can think about getting the uber stuffs from ToV.
As for Kunark, well... Crescent sucks. What other monk armors are there in Kunark.. lemme check. Iks regen Tunic, and .. Crescent.

Now with Luclin, monks get good shtuffs :)

Oh yah.. what I mean by so far..
I'm lvl 37 (almost 38). So, from what I can afford to buy, and what I can kill and loot.. Armor-wise. Orc Fang ears/neck, Cougar Claw ears, and spider fur. Other than that, you have to be lvl 50+ to even dream of getting things that are worth while.

Edited, Mon Mar 11 22:07:10 2002
Got these
# Jan 23 2002 at 9:11 PM Rating: Default
I just recently got these for my mage..... they suck in my opinion for the lvl that you can get them at (around 45) mind you I didnt have anything better but I mean come on verant casters get gyped on alot of gear. (I know I cant spell)
well thats just my opinion
RE: Got these
# Dec 08 2002 at 4:43 PM Rating: Good
5,311 posts
Well Mumdan, you say these gloves suck, yet you got them and YOU DIDN'T HAVE ANYTHING BETTER.

That's exactly why these quests are viable.

My lvl 40 mage is my main. I'm not twinked and I only recently was able to limp her int. up to just over 200. I'm wearing newbie armor quest legs, gloves and slippers for those last few int. points. Then they raised the int. cap to 250 (sigh).

If there's a way to raise my int. without draining my bank account this magician is all for it. Besides, at the appropriate levels, we will also be getting exp. for killing the necessary mobs.

Yes, there's better stuff out there that makes me drool, but I for one can't afford it and I'm not high enough to quest or hunt for it yet.

So please everyone, stop complaining about our quested armor. If you can afford better, buy it. If you can't, and this is an upgrade, well, there you go.

Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again.
"God created man from a handful of dust, and he created woman from that man's rib. And these two together were so stupid that they weren't on the planet five minutes when they managed to get a curse put on all future generations. Nice work." Pat Condell
RE: Got these
# Jan 24 2002 at 12:09 AM Rating: Decent
It's not just casters; so-far it looks like all the twilight armor sucks for all classes.
#REDACTED, Posted: Jan 24 2002 at 12:27 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) wouldn't say sucks, just for a lower level perhaps. and I should mention that rogues got jipped on Luclin as well. monks and of course beastlords made out like bandits.
Wouldn't say that
# Jan 24 2002 at 8:18 AM Rating: Decent
I wouldn't say we made out like bandits, but yes, we could use our items well at the level required, at this point in time. Think about what warriors wore at around level 40 two and a half years ago. It was bronze. The bronze BP gives 17ac. Now you see level 40 warriors running around with treeweaves, black enameled BP's, etc. which have a ton more ac and stats. Monks went from cured silk (legs are 5ac) to these steel threaded pants (+10AC +4Str +3Sta +1Dex +1svCold +20HP). The only thing I see great about these is the ac. The strength and stamina help just a bit, but I still wouldn't say we made out like bandits :)

Monk of the 44th failed feign in a row with a skill of 196
Druzil Ro
RE: Wouldn't say that
# Jan 25 2002 at 2:30 PM Rating: Decent
I think he's talking about the Hand to Hand items Monks got out of Luclin.... Have you looked at any of them yet? OMG, makes me want a monk or a BST = )!!!!

No one got totally screwed, Look at the LSOEE, or the Centi line of weapons. Even though every tank and his ranger brother has a Centi Longsword. I just think Verant is Promoting Twinking for tha sake of, LOOK AT THE LVL YOU HAVE TO GET THESE THINGS!!! I mean you can make some decent PP when your low lvl's if you know what to do. All there doing by putting these low grade high lvl acquired items in the game is making high lvl's richer and low lvl's more powerfull.

That and were all used to seeing these VERY powerfull items come out of higher lvl zones, so thats probably why its such a shock to us = )
RE: Wouldn't say that
# Jan 30 2002 at 8:58 AM Rating: Excellent
Overall you have the point, itsWitty, but I disagree on one point. Mages DID get the shaft in Luclin to a large degree. Their Twilight armor is substandard for their level, their new spells are mostly useless and the old Kunark and Velious spells are nerfed as of Luclin.

Many of the great items we can summon (3 charge Mod rod, the Elemental blanket, etc..) are not useable in the zones where they would do the most good, and many other spells have been changed in some zones so that they do more harm than good. (See Call of the Hero)

Many good things were done in Luclin, but they are still a long way from fixing the disparity that exists between Magic and Melee classes.
RE: Wouldn't say that
# Mar 20 2002 at 5:58 AM Rating: Decent
Look, it's not that the mage twilight armor sucks. It's that twilight armor sucks.

Unless of course you're a monk, in which case your armor has the same AC as rangers. In most cases, it's worse than old word quest armor.
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