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Water Flask  
  Lucy's Entry

Quest Item
This item can be used in tradeskills.
This is a drink!
WT: 0.4 Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

Item Type:Drink
Drink Duration:Drink(15)
Merchant Value:0 pp 0 gp 1 sp 0 cp
Lucy Entry By:Kerasota
Item Updated By:Gidono
IC Last Updated:2022-11-27 19:16:56
Page Updated:Thu Feb 15th, 2024

Expansion: Original Original

Average Price: No Data Pricing Data...
Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 1

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This item is found by foraging.
This item is summoned.

This item is the result of a quest.
Quest Name Expansion
Crush the Undead Original
Gnoll Bounty Original
Ice Goblin Necklaces Original
Illegible Cantrip Original
Merona's Brother Original
Note for Konem Original
Sneed's Rat Infestation Original

Crafted: This item is crafted by players.


This item is found on creatures.

NPC Name Levels Expansion
a lesser mummy 10 - 12 Original
a skeletal excavator 5 - 8 Original

NPC Name Levels Expansion
a gnoll pup 1 Original

Butcherblock Mountains
NPC Name Levels Expansion
a goblin whelp 1 Original
Crytil Dunfire 10 Original
Glynda Smeltpot 11 Original
Glynn Smeltpot 11 Original
Gundl 11 Original
Keldyn Dunfire 6 - 7 Original
Margyl Darklin 10 - 11 Original
Nyzil Bloodforge 45 Original
Peg Leg 14 - 15 Original
Stump Rundl 12 - 13 Original

NPC Name Levels Expansion
a Broken Claw bandit 12 - 14 Not Set

NPC Name Levels Expansion
orc pawn 1 Original

East Karana
NPC Name Levels Expansion
a bandit 9 - 12 Original

Estate of Unrest
NPC Name Levels Expansion
a festering hag 28 - 30 Original

Everfrost Peaks
NPC Name Levels Expansion
an ice goblin whelp 1 Original

Greater Faydark
NPC Name Levels Expansion
a bandit 7 - 9 Original
a bandit lookout 9 Original

Grimling Forest
NPC Name Levels Expansion
a bandit 30 - 38 Shadows of Luclin
a thief 30 - 34 Shadows of Luclin
a thug 30 - 40 Shadows of Luclin
an exiled priest 32 - 40 Shadows of Luclin
an outcast shaman 32 - 40 Shadows of Luclin

Highpass Hold
NPC Name Levels Expansion
a gnoll brawler 13 - 14 Original
a gnoll soothsayer 15 - 16 Original
an orc medic 16 Original
Bryan Mcgee 40 Original

Hills of Shade
NPC Name Levels Expansion
The Collector 81 Secrets of Faydwer

Lake Rathetear , 1 - 4
NPC Name Levels Expansion
a gnoll high shaman 16 - 18 Original
Jonah Brucker 15 Original

NPC Name Levels Expansion
a goblin magician 17 - 19 Original
a skeleton 22 - 25 Original

North Qeynos
NPC Name Levels Expansion
a gnoll pup 1 Original

North Ro
NPC Name Levels Expansion
a desert madman 9 - 12 Original
a madman 8 - 12 Original

Solusek's Eye (Solusek A)
NPC Name Levels Expansion
young goblin 18 - 20 Original
young goblin shaman 18 - 20 Original

South Karana
NPC Name Levels Expansion
Brother Drash 3 Original

South Ro
NPC Name Levels Expansion
a desert madman 8 - 12 Original
a madman 8 - 12 Original

Steamfont Mountains
NPC Name Levels Expansion
a grikbar kobold 4 - 6 Original
a grikbar shaman 5 - 7 Original
rogue cleaner 2 Original

The Mines of Gloomingdeep
NPC Name Levels Expansion
a kobold barrel 1 The Serpent's Spine

The Rathe Mountains
NPC Name Levels Expansion
a bandit 9 - 11 Original
a troll invader 5 Original

West Karana
NPC Name Levels Expansion
a bandit 9 - 12 Original
Anderia 6 Original
Rongol [Nights of the Dead Quests] 5 Original
Tiny Miller 37 Original
unkempt messenger 15 Original


Abysmal Sea
NPC Name Price Expansion
Dray Cuves [General Supplies] 1sp Gates of Discord
Duath Untez [Parcels and General Supplies] 1sp Gates of Discord
Magus Pellen 1sp Gates of Discord
Ordin Wheasly [Baking Supplies] 1sp Gates of Discord
Phranz Tyudin [Baking Supplies] 1sp Gates of Discord
Skelontorim Orrthemech [Tinkering Supplies] 1sp Gates of Discord
Tasec Dreeng [General Supplies] 1sp Gates of Discord
Tialechaety Orrthemech [Tinkering Supplies] 1sp Gates of Discord
Tylida Eraldi [Baking Supplies] 1sp Gates of Discord
Yoen Ormard [General Supplies] 1sp Gates of Discord

NPC Name Price Expansion
Rylin Coil [Tinkering Supplies] 1sp Original
a clockwork grocer 1sp Original
a clockwork merchant - 490, -115 [General Supplies] 1sp Original

Arcstone, Isle of Spirits
NPC Name Price Expansion
Quartermaster Andoro [Merchant] 1sp Prophecy of Ro

Barren Coast
NPC Name Price Expansion
Merchant Woad 1sp The Buried Sea

Blightfire Moors
NPC Name Price Expansion
Kanazar [Merchant] 1sp The Serpent's Spine

Breeding Grounds
NPC Name Price Expansion
a Paebala trader 1sp Rain of Fear

Butcherblock Mountains
NPC Name Price Expansion
Dandalek Swillslammer 1sp Original
Felen Razdal 3sp 3cp Original
Gamin Griststone [General Supplies] 1sp Original
Iglan Thranon 1sp Original
Magus Tira 1sp Original
Parn Gylwyn [General Supplies] 1sp Original
Urazun Thranon 1sp Original

Chelsith Reborn
NPC Name Price Expansion
Sympathetic Slivk 1sp Rain of Fear
The Butcher 1sp Rain of Fear

Clan RunnyEye
NPC Name Price Expansion
a goblin merchant 1sp 2cp Original

NPC Name Price Expansion
Bubar 1sp Original
Innkeep Blaise 1sp Original
Innkeep Dolman 1sp Original
Innkeep Harold 1sp Original
Innkeep Juna 1sp Original
Innkeep Olissa 1sp Original
Innkeep Roster 1sp Original
Magus Zeir 1sp Lost Dungeons of Norrath
Parthar 1sp Original
Romya 1sp Original

Corathus Creep
NPC Name Price Expansion
Merchant Model CGXIV 1sp Depths of Darkhollow

Crescent Reach
NPC Name Price Expansion
Brewmaster Ishaq [Brewing Supplies] 1sp The Serpent's Spine
Cook Kosey [Baking Supplies] 1sp The Serpent's Spine
Innkeeper Seltu 1sp The Serpent's Spine
Merchant Anji 1sp The Serpent's Spine
Merchant Kaphiri [General Supplies] 1sp The Serpent's Spine
Merchant Odimari 1sp The Serpent's Spine
Merchant Oseye 1sp The Serpent's Spine
Merchant Wyn`las 1sp The Serpent's Spine
Researcher Layla [Research Supplies] 1sp The Serpent's Spine
Smith Gyasi [Blacksmithing Supplies] 1sp The Serpent's Spine

Crystal Caverns
NPC Name Price Expansion
Grabble Coldheart 1sp 1cp Scars of Velious
Milliace Gemshard 1sp Scars of Velious

Crystal Caverns (ToV)
NPC Name Price Expansion
Milliace Gemshard 1sp Torment of Velious

Crystal Caverns, Fragment of Fear
NPC Name Price Expansion
Grabble Coldheart 1sp Rain of Fear
Milliace Gemshard 1sp Rain of Fear

Doesn't Exist
NPC Name Price Expansion
Summon Resupply Agent [Veteran AA Ability] 1sp Not Set

East Cabilis
NPC Name Price Expansion
Klok Sweetzie [Baking Supplies] 1sp 2cp Ruins of Kunark
Sybar [General Supplies] 1sp Ruins of Kunark
a spell research merchant #4 - male, East Cabilis [Research Supplies] 1sp 2cp Ruins of Kunark

East Freeport
NPC Name Price Expansion
Eroncil Rellyus 1sp Original
Ethrrian Drowius [Tinkering Supplies] 1sp Original
Eyunon Storius [Tinkering Supplies] 1sp Original
Farista Eniatia 1sp Original
Filrion Dokius [Bartender] 1sp Original
Gregor Nasin [Bartender] 1sp 1cp Original
Henna Treghost [Bartender] 1sp Original
Innkeep Hunter [General Supplies] 1sp Original
Innkeep Nasumi [General Supplies] 1sp Original
Innkeep Paggie [General Supplies] 1sp Original
Innkeep Rastle [General Supplies] 1sp Original
Malon Lailius [Baking Supplies] 1sp Original
Palrion Enieus [General Supplies] 1sp Original
Queluran Keletia [Baking Supplies] 1sp Original
Ralfson Gerositan 1sp Original
Umenon Clotius [Baking Supplies] 1sp Original

East Karana
NPC Name Price Expansion
Balthazar 1sp Original
Bradly 1sp Original
Iago 1sp Original
Julie 1sp Original
Lucetta 1sp Original
Sharna 1sp Original
Sorn 1sp Original
Stace 1sp Original

Echo Caverns
NPC Name Price Expansion
Rasl Lerosac 1sp Shadows of Luclin

Erud's Crossing
NPC Name Price Expansion
Renna 1sp Original

NPC Name Price Expansion
Beth Breadmaker [Baking Supplies] 1sp Original
Borge Finleather 1sp Original
Helia BlueHawk [Baking Supplies] 1sp Original
Teria Finleather [General Supplies] 1sp Original

Erudin Palace
NPC Name Price Expansion
a spell research merchant #1 - male, Erudin [Research Supplies] 1sp Original

Everfrost Peaks
NPC Name Price Expansion
Magus Delin 1sp Original

Feerrott, the Dream
NPC Name Price Expansion
Innkeep Morpa 1sp House of Thule
Zari Ikura [Parcels and General Supplies] 1sp House of Thule

Firiona Vie
NPC Name Price Expansion
Glinya Sweetpie 1sp Ruins of Kunark

Freeport Sewers
NPC Name Price Expansion
Trader Shady Bobbin 1sp Original

Fungus Grove
NPC Name Price Expansion
Cen Snoworb 1sp Shadows of Luclin
Thar Anton 1sp Shadows of Luclin

Goru`kar Mesa
NPC Name Price Expansion
Liviu 1sp The Serpent's Spine

Greater Faydark
NPC Name Price Expansion
Innkeep Anisyla [General Supplies] 1sp Original
Innkeep Larya [General Supplies] 1sp Original
Innkeep Linen [General Supplies] 1sp Original
Innkeep Wuleran [General Supplies] 1sp Original
Merchant Aianya [General Supplies] 1sp Original
Merchant Iludarae [General Supplies] 1sp Original
Merchant Kanoldar [General Supplies] 1sp Original
Merchant Kwein [General Supplies] 1sp Original
Merchant Tuluvdar [Weapons] 1sp Original
Merchant Weaolanae [General Supplies] 1sp Original
a spell research merchant #4 - male, Greater Fayda [Research Supplies] 1sp Original

Grimling Forest
NPC Name Price Expansion
Merchant Hamarr 1sp Shadows of Luclin

NPC Name Price Expansion
Bimuk 1sp Original
Wista 1sp Original
Zatok 1sp Original
a spell research merchant #1 - Grobb 1sp 3cp Original
a spell research merchant #3 - Grobb 1sp 3cp Original

Guild Hall
NPC Name Price Expansion
Yenny Werlikanin [General Supplies] 1sp Dragons of Norrath

Guild Hall - Housing Edition
NPC Name Price Expansion
General Supply Merchant [General Supplies] 1sp Veil of Alaris

Guild Lobby
NPC Name Price Expansion
Magus Alaria [Magus] 1sp Dragons of Norrath

Gulf of Gunthak
NPC Name Price Expansion
Kwyllon Geerlok 1sp Legacy of Ykesha

NPC Name Price Expansion
Dok - Halas [General Supplies] 1sp Original
Greta Terrilon 1sp Original
Hetie McDonald 1sp Original
Leopok Terrilon 1sp Original
Sissia 1sp Original
Teria O`Danos [Baking Supplies] 1sp Original

High Keep
NPC Name Price Expansion
Baker Jena 1sp Original

Highpass Hold
NPC Name Price Expansion
Maigin Greyeagle 1sp Original
Sernn Rossook 1sp Original

Hills of Shade
NPC Name Price Expansion
`Shifty` Jenkins [Bartender] 1sp Secrets of Faydwer
a bartender [Bartender] 1sp Secrets of Faydwer
a vendor [Bartender] 1sp Secrets of Faydwer

Hollowshade Moor
NPC Name Price Expansion
Rittuh Purrik 1sp Shadows of Luclin
Tokk Smippah 1sp Shadows of Luclin

Jaggedpine Forest
NPC Name Price Expansion
Chef Brargus 1sp 1cp Shadows of Luclin
Pergan Darkcloud 1sp Shadows of Luclin

Katta Castellum
NPC Name Price Expansion
Kitty Barleou 1sp Shadows of Luclin

Katta Castrum
NPC Name Price Expansion
Master Nemetis [General Goods] 1sp The Buried Sea
Trader Difius [Augmentation Solvents] 1sp The Buried Sea

Kithicor Forest
NPC Name Price Expansion
Elsbyth 1sp Original
Innkeep Darvon 1sp Original
Innkeep Grace 1sp Original
Innkeep Jurn 1sp Original
Innkeep Lynnie 1sp Original
Innkeep Min 1sp Original
Innkeep Morgan 1sp Original

Lake Rathetear
NPC Name Price Expansion
Dreana 1sp Original
Turga [General Supplies] 1sp Original

Lavastorm Mountains
NPC Name Price Expansion
Jenah Wheelspinner [Merchant] 1sp Original
Sasily Verous [General Merchant] 1sp Original
Wayfarers Mercenary Athir [General Supplies] 1sp Original

NPC Name Price Expansion
Elzar Windthroppe [Quest and General Supplies] 1sp Empires of Kunark
Windel Spring [Quest and General Supplies] 1sp Empires of Kunark

Lesser Faydark
NPC Name Price Expansion
Anelia Thrywiel 1sp Original

Misty Thicket
NPC Name Price Expansion
Bim Buskin 1sp Original

Mob Graveyard
NPC Name Price Expansion
gukta 1.0 - Zok Siaa 0 Money Not Set

Natimbi, the Broken Shores
NPC Name Price Expansion
Magus Releua 1sp Gates of Discord

Nedaria's Landing
NPC Name Price Expansion
Magus Wenla 1sp Lost Dungeons of Norrath

Nektulos Forest
NPC Name Price Expansion
Kinliat Bloodwalker 1sp Original

Neriak Commons
NPC Name Price Expansion
Dunred M`Trik 1sp Original
Volkoon D`Dbth 1sp Original
a spell research merchant #1 - male, Neriak Common [Research Supplies - male] 1sp 2cp Original

Neriak Foreign Quarter
NPC Name Price Expansion
Bull Crusher 1sp Original
Dran `slug` Rembor [General Supplies] 1sp Original
Sal Drana [Baking Supplies] 1sp Original
Smaka [General Supplies] 1sp Original
Tal Drana [Baking Supplies] 1sp Original
The Gobbler [General Supplies] 1sp Original
Vala Tanbor 1sp Original

Neriak Fourth Gate
NPC Name Price Expansion
Kriss T`Bel [Baking Supplies] 1sp Call of the Forsaken

North Kaladim
NPC Name Price Expansion
Doramafi Ratsbone 1sp Original
Harnoff Splitrock [Smithing Supplies] 1sp Planes of Power
a spell research merchant #3 - North Kaladim [Research Supplies] 1sp Original

North Karana
NPC Name Price Expansion
Bilbis Briar 1sp Original
Innkeep Disda 1sp Original
Innkeep James 1sp Original
Romella 1sp Original

North Qeynos
NPC Name Price Expansion
Ghil Starn [General Supplies] 1sp Original
Sneed Galliway [General Supplies] 1sp Original
Tanlyn Galliway 1sp Original
Tubal Weaver [General Supplies] 1sp 2cp Original

North Ro
NPC Name Price Expansion
Havan Kallir 1sp Original
Innkeep Valon 1sp Original
Magus Arindri 1sp Original
Murissa Sandwhisper 1sp Original

Northern Felwithe
NPC Name Price Expansion
Fishmonger Issa [Fishing Supplies] 1sp Original
Rolyn Longwalker [General Supplies] 1sp Original

Ocean of Tears
NPC Name Price Expansion
Cleonae Kalen 1sp Original
Endan Halson [General Supplies] 1sp Original

NPC Name Price Expansion
Angrog 1sp Original
Erung [General Supplies] 1sp Original
Sinsaal [General Supplies] 1sp Original

Old Commonlands
NPC Name Price Expansion
Bubar 1sp Seeds of Destruction
Innkeep Blaise 1sp Seeds of Destruction
Innkeep Harold 1sp Seeds of Destruction
Innkeep Juna 1sp Seeds of Destruction
Innkeep Roster 1sp Seeds of Destruction
Parthar [Quests] 1sp Seeds of Destruction
Romya 1sp Seeds of Destruction

NPC Name Price Expansion
Geomar Hapera [Parcels and General Supplies] 1sp Original
Gorng Alusnein 1sp Original
Iva Tersala 1sp Original
Keletha Nightweaver [Necromancer Supplies] 1sp Original
Linnleu Brackmar 1sp Original
Rallia Hapera [General Supplies] 1sp Original

Plane of Innovation
NPC Name Price Expansion
Nitram Anizok 1sp Planes of Power

Plane of Knowledge
NPC Name Price Expansion
Amile Pitt [General Supplies] 1sp Planes of Power
Angler Winifred [Fishing Merchant] 1sp Not Set
Blacksmith Gerta [Smithing Merchant] 1sp Not Set
Boiron Ston [Smithing Supplies] 1sp Planes of Power
Borik Darkanvil [Smithing Supplies] 1sp Planes of Power
Brewmaster Berina [Brewing Merchant] 1sp Rain of Fear
Chef Denrun [Baking Merchant] 1sp Rain of Fear
Culkin Ironstove [Baking Supplies] 1sp Planes of Power
Eric Rasumus [Research Supplies] 1sp Not Set
Ferin Lightfoot [General Supplies] 1sp Planes of Power
Klen Ironstove [Baking Supplies] 1sp Planes of Power
Merchant Tarrin [General Merchant] 1sp Not Set
Perago Crotal [General Supplies] 1sp Planes of Power
Peras Glickon [General Supplies] 1sp Planes of Power
Ramos Jerwan [Fishing Supplies] 1sp Planes of Power
Scholar Klaz [Research Merchant] 1sp Rain of Fear
Vuli Ironstove [Baking Supplies] 1sp Planes of Power
Wilacor Goldenmead [General Supplies] 1sp Planes of Power
Yeril Imsin [Smithing Supplies] 1sp Planes of Power

Plane of Tranquility
NPC Name Price Expansion
Aliia Tal Almad 1sp Planes of Power
Jasir Amisan 1sp Planes of Power
Jimmik Greenstone 1sp Planes of Power
Margay Nomonthi [Solvents] 1sp Gates of Discord

Relic, the Artifact City
NPC Name Price Expansion
Gyruth [Merchant] 1sp Prophecy of Ro

Resplendent Temple
NPC Name Price Expansion
Lumar the Traveled [Baking Supplies] 1sp Veil of Alaris

NPC Name Price Expansion
Crista Tagglefoot 1sp Original
Daleen Leafsway [General Supplies] 1sp Original
Wibble Bramblebush 1sp Original
a spell research merchant #4 - male, Rivervale 1sp 2cp Original

Ruins of Shadow Haven (NoS)
NPC Name Price Expansion
Alorob Bolrodo [Vegetable Merchant] 1sp Night of Shadows
Granger Kenforth (NoS) [General Supplies] 1sp Night of Shadows

Sanctus Seru
NPC Name Price Expansion
Cobaen Venum 1sp Shadows of Luclin
Falwin Sugero 1sp Shadows of Luclin
Luki Khara 1sp Shadows of Luclin
Mal Garton 1sp Shadows of Luclin
Nyrick Exorno 1sp Shadows of Luclin
Tala Praebo 1sp Shadows of Luclin
Taldris Copio 1sp Shadows of Luclin

Sarith, City of Tides
NPC Name Price Expansion
Marius Lenn [Arcana Store] 1sp Veil of Alaris
Ruthen Sarros [General Store] 1sp Veil of Alaris

Shadeweaver's Tangle
NPC Name Price Expansion
Tiamon Aroo (NoS) [General Supplies] 1sp Night of Shadows

Shadow Haven
NPC Name Price Expansion
Adept Delf 1sp Shadows of Luclin
Alorob Bolrodo 1sp Shadows of Luclin
Eiles 1sp Shadows of Luclin
Fitonas Galaofon 1sp Shadows of Luclin
Granger Kenforth 1sp Shadows of Luclin
Healian Saroelitan 1sp Shadows of Luclin
Henriala Hobialon 1sp Shadows of Luclin
Hintol Balkortak [General Supplies] 1sp Shadows of Luclin
Horiel Gaeslania 1sp Shadows of Luclin
Innkeep Alviva 1sp Shadows of Luclin
Innkeep Zara 1sp Shadows of Luclin
Sanderson 1sp Shadows of Luclin
Sneathe 1sp Shadows of Luclin
Talida Furrytoes 1sp Shadows of Luclin
Xerolop Palostilad 1sp Shadows of Luclin

Shar Vahl
NPC Name Price Expansion
Ahahd Tolm [General Supplies] 1sp Shadows of Luclin
Brokh [Baking Supplies] 1sp Shadows of Luclin
Chialle - Luclin [General Supplies] 1sp Shadows of Luclin
Dharr Nadim 1sp Shadows of Luclin
Erat Almar [General Supplies] 1sp Shadows of Luclin
Gawra [General Supplies] 1sp 1cp Shadows of Luclin
Golath 1sp 6cp Shadows of Luclin
Jharia Talmil [General Supplies] 1sp Shadows of Luclin
Jheral Alezya [General Supplies] 1sp Shadows of Luclin
Jolod Amulek [General Supplies] 1sp Shadows of Luclin
Kyala 1sp 6cp Shadows of Luclin
Mahj Hujara 1sp 6cp Shadows of Luclin
Mess Cook Azur 1sp Shadows of Luclin
Mess Cook Pyjik 1sp Shadows of Luclin
Supply Sergeant Ker`far 1sp 6cp Shadows of Luclin
Ulman Talmil 1sp 6cp Shadows of Luclin
a spell research merchant - male #2 [Research Supplies] 1sp Shadows of Luclin

Shar Vahl, Divided (NoS)
NPC Name Price Expansion
Dharr Nadim [Fishing Supplies] 1sp Night of Shadows
Gawra [General Supplies] 1sp 1cp Night of Shadows
Jheral Alezya [General Supplies] 1sp Night of Shadows
Mess Cook Azur [General Supplies] 1sp Night of Shadows
Mess Cook Pyjik [General Supplies] 1sp Night of Shadows

Shard's Landing
NPC Name Price Expansion
Magus Burlshin [Teleportation] 1sp Rain of Fear

NPC Name Price Expansion
Chef Kollof 1sp Scars of Velious
Purveyor Nish 1sp Scars of Velious

Solusek's Eye (Solusek A)
NPC Name Price Expansion
goblin merchant 1sp 1cp Original

South Qeynos
NPC Name Price Expansion
Karn Tassen [Baking Supplies] 1sp Original
Voleen Tassen [Baking Supplies] 1sp Original
Yakem Oreslinger [Smithing Supplies] 1sp Original
a spell research merchant #1 - male, South Qeynos 1sp 1cp Original

South Ro
NPC Name Price Expansion
Innkeep Marnan 1sp Original
Isslana 1sp Original
Magus Jerira 1sp Original
Rathmana Allin 2sp 7cp Original

Southern Felwithe
NPC Name Price Expansion
a spell research merchant - male #1 [Research Supplies] 1sp 1cp Original

Steamfont Mountains
NPC Name Price Expansion
Bigilam Wantilans 1sp Original
Finkel Rardobaen 1sp Original
Glen Garginburr 1sp Original

Stonebrunt Mountains
NPC Name Price Expansion
Chef Stead 1sp Scars of Velious

Stratos: Zephyr's Flight
NPC Name Price Expansion
Sagacious Great Jade [Merchant] 1sp The Burning Lands

Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay
NPC Name Price Expansion
a dealer 1sp The Broken Mirror

Sunderock Springs
NPC Name Price Expansion
Quartermaster Shyllia [Merchant] 1sp The Serpent's Spine

Surefall Glade
NPC Name Price Expansion
Grathin Nilm [Parcels and Weapons] 1sp Original
Sequea Erthinon 1sp Original

The Bazaar
NPC Name Price Expansion
Gaelsori Heriseron [Parcels and General Supplies] 1sp Shadows of Luclin
Gliblixl Rocktok [Smithing Supplies] 1sp Shadows of Luclin
Sylisa Cogsworthy [Parcels and General Supplies] 1sp Shadows of Luclin
Tontoal Heriseron [General Supplies] 1sp Shadows of Luclin

The Feerrott
NPC Name Price Expansion
Innkeep Gub 1sp Original
Innkeep Morpa 1sp Original
Kogg 1sp Original

The Mines of Gloomingdeep
NPC Name Price Expansion
Wijdan [Merchant] 1sp 2cp The Serpent's Spine

The Overthere
NPC Name Price Expansion
Klok G`Rshai 1sp 6cp Ruins of Kunark
Tin Merchant I 1sp 6cp Ruins of Kunark
Tin Merchant XI 1sp 6cp Ruins of Kunark

The Overthere [RoS]
NPC Name Price Expansion
Mercator Auger [Research Supplies] 1sp Ring of Scale
Mercator Gurges [Fishing Supplies] 1sp Ring of Scale
Mercator Macatus [Smithing Supplies] 1sp Ring of Scale
Mercator Pera [General Merchant] 1sp Ring of Scale
Mercator Salinator [Brewing Supplies] 1sp Ring of Scale
Mercator Salonian [Baking Supplies] 1sp Ring of Scale

The Rathe Mountains
NPC Name Price Expansion
Chandra Kali 1sp Original
Guzzla [General Supplies] 1sp Original
Innkeep Serge 1sp Original
Innkeep Troy 1sp Original
Susanna [General Supplies] 1sp Original
Zok Giibles 1sp Original
Zok Glag 1sp Original
Zok Grop 1sp Original
Zok Virek 1sp Original
Zok Zribb 1sp Original

Thuliasaur Island
NPC Name Price Expansion
Armorer Xochtli [Ritual Armor] 1sp 1cp The Darkened Sea
a Thaell Ew haggler [General Supplies] 6sp The Darkened Sea

NPC Name Price Expansion
Mordin Frostcleaver 1sp Scars of Velious

Timorous Deep
NPC Name Price Expansion
Seloris Windweaver 1sp Ruins of Kunark

Tower of Rot
NPC Name Price Expansion
Quincy Hollows [General Supplies] 1sp Call of the Forsaken
a merchant assistant [General Supplies] 1sp Call of the Forsaken

Toxxulia Forest
NPC Name Price Expansion
Melixis 1sp Original
Quana Rainsparkle 1sp Original

Twilight Sea
NPC Name Price Expansion
Bella Stremi 1sp Shadows of Luclin
Frantip Dalonus 1sp Shadows of Luclin

NPC Name Price Expansion
Free Trader Tivlin [General Supplies] 1sp Depths of Darkhollow
Free Trader Zentril [General Supplies] 1sp Depths of Darkhollow

West Cabilis
NPC Name Price Expansion
Lybar [General Supplies] 1sp Ruins of Kunark

West Freeport
NPC Name Price Expansion
Alec Greenglade [General Supplies] 1sp Original
Bran Greenglade [General Supplies] 1sp Original
Gern Tassel [General Supplies] 1sp Original
Gibbon Morfield [General Supplies] 1sp Original
Innkeep Evelona [General Supplies] 1sp Original
Innkeep Palola [General Supplies] 1sp Original
Innkeep Rille [General Supplies] 1sp Original
Muro Kouai [Scrying Stones and Solvents] 1sp Original
Rashinda Elore [Baking Supplies] 1sp Original
Tradesman Lyna [General Supplies] 1sp Original
Tradesman Tulan [General Supplies] 1sp Original
Yellus Gravien [General Supplies] 1sp Original
a spell research merchant - male #1 [Research Supplies] 1sp 2cp Original

West Karana
NPC Name Price Expansion
Chrislin Baker 1sp Original
Cleet Miller Jr [Baking Supplies] 1sp 3cp Original
Innkeep Danin 1sp Original
Innkeep Rislarn 1sp Original
Misla McMannus 1sp Original

Western Wastes (CoV)
NPC Name Price Expansion
Olwen [Merchant] 1sp Claws of Veeshan


This item is used in quests.

Abysmal Sea
Quest Name Expansion
Bard Abysmal Armor Gates of Discord
Berserker Abysmal Armor Gates of Discord
Chef Chowderly's Award-Winning Recipes Dragons of Norrath
Cleric Abysmal Armor Gates of Discord
Nioti's Predicament Gates of Discord
Paladin Abysmal Armor Gates of Discord
Ranger Abysmal Armor Gates of Discord
Rogue Abysmal Armor Gates of Discord
Shadowknight Abysmal Armor Gates of Discord
Shaman Abysmal Armor Gates of Discord
Warrior Abysmal Armor Gates of Discord

Quest Name Expansion
Deep Muses Boots Not Set
Plague Knight Boots Legacy of Ykesha
Plague Knight Bracer Not Set
Plague Knight Breastplate Not Set
Plague Knight Gauntlets Not Set
Plague Knight Greaves Not Set
Plague Knight Helm Not Set
Plague Knight Vambraces Not Set
Plague Raiser Boots Legacy of Ykesha
Plague Raiser Bracer Legacy of Ykesha
Plague Raiser Breastplate Legacy of Ykesha
Plague Raiser Gauntlets Legacy of Ykesha
Plague Raiser Greaves Legacy of Ykesha
Plague Raiser Helm Legacy of Ykesha
Plague Raiser Vambraces Legacy of Ykesha
Plague Warrior Boots Not Set
Plague Warrior Bracer Legacy of Ykesha
Plague Warrior Breastplate Planes of Power
Plague Warrior Gauntlets Not Set
Plague Warrior Greaves Not Set
Plague Warrior Helm Not Set
Plague Warrior Vambraces Not Set
Shortnoble Platemail Helm Legacy of Ykesha

Brell's Temple
Quest Name Expansion
Coldain Shawl 2.0 #7: The Temper of Silver Underfoot

Crescent Reach
Quest Name Expansion
Ithakis' Challenge The Serpent's Spine

Dragonscale Hills
Quest Name Expansion
SoF Tradeskill Quest #2: Clay Within the Beast Secrets of Faydwer

Dranik's Scar
Quest Name Expansion
Warrior Epic 1.5: Champion's Sword of Eternal Power Omens of War

East Cabilis
Quest Name Expansion
Claw of the Apprentice (#3) Shadows of Luclin

East Freeport
Quest Name Expansion
Dismal Knight Boots Planes of Power
Dismal Knight Bracer Planes of Power
Dismal Knight Breastplate Planes of Power
Dismal Knight Gauntlets Planes of Power
Dismal Knight Greaves Planes of Power
Dismal Knight Helm Planes of Power
Dismal Knight Vambraces Planes of Power
Dismal Priest Boots Planes of Power
Dismal Priest Bracer Planes of Power
Dismal Priest Breastplate Planes of Power
Dismal Priest Gauntlets Planes of Power
Dismal Priest Greaves Planes of Power
Dismal Priest Helm Planes of Power
Dismal Priest Vambraces Planes of Power
Dismal Warrior Boots Planes of Power
Dismal Warrior Bracer Planes of Power
Dismal Warrior Breastplate Planes of Power
Dismal Warrior Gauntlets Planes of Power
Dismal Warrior Greaves Planes of Power
Dismal Warrior Helm Planes of Power
Dismal Warrior Vambraces Planes of Power

East Karana
Quest Name Expansion
Druid Epic 1.5: Staff of Living Brambles Omens of War

Quest Name Expansion
Divine Protector's Helm Not Set

Goru`kar Mesa
Quest Name Expansion
Ciodaru and Kathryn #6: Ciodaru's Fourth Gift The Serpent's Spine
Tudor's Wine The Serpent's Spine

Greater Faydark
Quest Name Expansion
Blessed Faydark Swiftbolt Planes of Power
Emerald Novice Boots Not Set
Emerald Novice Bracer Not Set
Emerald Novice Breastplate Not Set
Emerald Novice Gauntlets Not Set
Emerald Novice Greaves Not Set
Emerald Novice Helm Not Set
Emerald Novice Vambraces Not Set
Leafrunner Boots Legacy of Ykesha

Quest Name Expansion
Spiritcharmer Chainmail Coif Planes of Power

Highpass Hold
Quest Name Expansion
Rogue Epic 1.5: Fatestealer Omens of War

Hills of Shade
Quest Name Expansion
Absent Absinthe Secrets of Faydwer

Katta Castellum
Quest Name Expansion
Zelniak Oil Shadows of Luclin

Nedaria's Landing
Quest Name Expansion
Cleric Epic 1.5: Harmony of the Soul Omens of War

Neriak Commons
Quest Name Expansion
Spurned Initiate Sleeves Legacy of Ykesha

Neriak Third Gate
Quest Name Expansion
Initiate Dark Priest's Boots Shadows of Luclin

North Kaladim
Quest Name Expansion
Tumpy Tonics Original

North Ro
Quest Name Expansion
Dragon Scale Conversion Lost Dungeons of Norrath

Northern Felwithe
Quest Name Expansion
Felwithe Defender Boots Not Set
Felwithe Defender Bracer Original
Felwithe Defender Breastplate Not Set
Felwithe Defender Gauntlets Not Set
Felwithe Defender Greaves Not Set
Felwithe Defender Helm Not Set
Felwithe Defender Vambraces Not Set
Sylvan Initiate Boots Legacy of Ykesha
Sylvan Initiate Bracer Legacy of Ykesha
Sylvan Initiate Breastplate Legacy of Ykesha
Sylvan Initiate Gauntlets Legacy of Ykesha
Sylvan Initiate Greaves Legacy of Ykesha
Sylvan Initiate Helm Legacy of Ykesha
Sylvan Initiate Vambraces Legacy of Ykesha

Quest Name Expansion
Ogre Shaman Bracer Legacy of Ykesha

Quest Name Expansion
Fell Blade Boots Not Set
Fell Blade Bracer Not Set
Fell Blade Breastplate Legacy of Ykesha
Fell Blade Gauntlets Not Set
Fell Blade Greaves Not Set
Fell Blade Helm Legacy of Ykesha
Fell Blade Vambraces Not Set
Templar of Fright Boots Not Set
Templar of Fright Bracer Not Set
Templar of Fright Breastplate Not Set
Templar of Fright Gauntlets Not Set
Templar of Fright Greaves Legacy of Ykesha
Templar of Fright Helm Not Set
Templar of Fright Vambraces Not Set

Plane of Knowledge
Quest Name Expansion
Anniversary Shared Task: Rumor Has It Veil of Alaris
Beginner Stealth Manual Planes of Power
Coldain Shawl 3.0 #0 (Pre-Quest): The New Tanaan Merchant's Alliance Rain of Fear
Coldain Shawl 3.0 #2: Intoxicating Bribes Rain of Fear
Coldain Shawl 3.0 #3: Treasure! Rain of Fear
Dragons of Norrath Cultural Equipment Dragons of Norrath
Mercenary Recruitment Veil of Alaris

Plane of Valor
Quest Name Expansion
Alternate Access: Halls of Honor Planes of Power

Qeynos Catacombs
Quest Name Expansion
Pestilence Priest Boots Legacy of Ykesha
Pestilence Priest Bracer Legacy of Ykesha
Pestilence Priest Breastplate Legacy of Ykesha
Pestilence Priest Greaves Legacy of Ykesha
Pestilence Priest Helm Legacy of Ykesha
Pestilence Priest Vambraces Legacy of Ykesha
Scourge Knight Boots Legacy of Ykesha
Scourge Knight Bracer Legacy of Ykesha
Scourge Knight Breastplate Legacy of Ykesha
Scourge Knight Greaves Legacy of Ykesha
Scourge Knight Vambraces Legacy of Ykesha
Scourge Warrior Breastplate Legacy of Ykesha
Scourge Warrior Gauntlets Legacy of Ykesha
Scourge Warrior Helm Legacy of Ykesha

Quest Name Expansion
Bravefoot Boots Legacy of Ykesha
Bravefoot Bracer Legacy of Ykesha
Bravefoot Breastplate Legacy of Ykesha
Bravefoot Gauntlets Legacy of Ykesha
Bravefoot Helm Legacy of Ykesha
Bravefoot Vambraces Legacy of Ykesha
Proudfoot Platemail Boots Not Set
Stoutdeacon Helm Not Set

Riwwi, Coliseum of Games
Quest Name Expansion
Best the Taskmistress Gates of Discord

Shar Vahl
Quest Name Expansion
Dar Khura Apprentice (Shaman #3) Shadows of Luclin
Dar Khura Journeyman (Shaman #4) Shadows of Luclin
Dar Khura Recruit (Shaman #2) Shadows of Luclin
Jharin Journeyman (Bard #4) Shadows of Luclin
Khala Dun Journeyman (Warrior #4) Shadows of Luclin
Taruun Apprentice (Rogue #3) Shadows of Luclin
Taruun Journeyman (Rogue #4) Shadows of Luclin
Taruun Recruit (Rogue #2) Shadows of Luclin
Vah Shir Pottery Progression Shadows of Luclin

Quest Name Expansion
Draconic Fellowship Lute Scars of Velious

South Kaladim
Quest Name Expansion
Axebringers Boots Not Set

South Qeynos
Quest Name Expansion
Quench Lasen's Thirst Original
Rainkeeper Bracer Original
Stormhealers Breastplate Planes of Power

Ssraeshza Temple
Quest Name Expansion
Key to the Emperor's Chamber Shadows of Luclin

Steamfont Mountains (Removed)
Quest Name Expansion
VOA Pre-Launch: Food for the Workers House of Thule
VOA Pre-Launch: Scaffolding - Wide Planks House of Thule

Sunderock Springs
Quest Name Expansion
Zhureni #2: Squeaky Clean The Serpent's Spine
Zhureni #3: Scrubbing the Statues The Serpent's Spine

The Overthere
Quest Name Expansion
Trooper Scale Pauldron Ruins of Kunark

Quest Name Expansion
Coldain Shawl #3: Woven Coldain Prayer Shawl Scars of Velious
Coldain Shawl #7: Runed Coldain Prayer Shawl Scars of Velious

West Freeport
Quest Name Expansion
Truthbringers Breastplate Legacy of Ykesha
Zimel's Blades (Quest for SoulFire) Original


Used in the following 5150 recipes:

Recipe Name
Alliance Elixir
Arx Mentis Medicine
Black Extract
Black Extract (Blue Slumber)
Black Extract (Green Froglok)
Black Extract (Green Goblin)
Black Extract (Red Cockatrice)
Champion's Restorative (Coarse Salt)
Champion's Restorative (Rock Salt)
Crusader's Tonic
Crystal Mana Tonic
Distilled Mana Tonic
Enriched Mana Elixir
Evergreen Extract
Heroic Rejuvenation Tincture (Coarse Salt)
Heroic Rejuvenation Tincture (Rock Salt)
Hydrated Amber Resin
Jack-O-Lantern Extract
Permafrost Extract
Purified Mana Tonic
Red Rust Extract
Refined Mana Tonic
Refined Mana Tonic
Russet Extract
Sarcoscypha Extract
Xygoz's Tonic

Recipe Name
Barbequed Al-Metes Soup
Barbequed Al-Metes Stew
Barbequed Brell's Bounty Soup
Barbequed Brell's Bounty Stew
Barbequed Crab Soup
Barbequed Crab Stew
Barbequed Cragbeast Soup
Barbequed Cragbeast Stew
Barbequed Darkhollow Basilisk Soup
Barbequed Darkhollow Basilisk Stew
Barbequed Dream Meat Soup
Barbequed Dream Meat Stew
Barbequed Freshwater Fish Soup
Barbequed Freshwater Fish Stew
Barbequed Horse Meat Pie
Barbequed Horse Meat Soup
Barbequed Horse Meat Stew
Barbequed Hynid Soup
Barbequed Hynid Stew
Barbequed Minotaur Meat Soup
Barbequed Minotaur Meat Stew
Barbequed Nest Dragon Soup
Barbequed Nest Dragon Stew
Barbequed Nest Drake Soup
Barbequed Nest Drake Stew
Barbequed Planar Goo Soup
Barbequed Planar Goo Stew
Barbequed Shark Fin Soup
Barbequed Shark Fin Stew
Barbequed Timeless Hunter Sausage Soup
Barbequed Timeless Hunter Sausage Stew
Barbequed Treant Vegetable Soup
Barbequed Treant Vegetable Stew
Barbequed Tuna Soup
Barbequed Tuna Stew
Bass with Baked Tomatoes
Beer-Battered Al-Metes Soup
Beer-Battered Al-Metes Stew
Beer-Battered Crab Soup
Beer-Battered Crab Stew
Beer-Battered Cragbeast Soup
Beer-Battered Cragbeast Stew
Beer-Battered Darkhollow Basilisk Soup
Beer-Battered Darkhollow Basilisk Stew
Beer-Battered Hynid Soup
Beer-Battered Hynid Stew
Beer-Battered Nest Dragon Soup
Beer-Battered Nest Dragon Stew
Beer-Battered Nest Drake Soup
Beer-Battered Nest Drake Stew
Beer-Battered Planar Goo Soup
Beer-Battered Planar Goo Stew
Beer-Battered Tuna Soup
Beer-Battered Tuna Stew
Beer-Braised Al-Metes Soup
Beer-Braised Al-Metes Stew
Beer-Braised Crab Soup
Beer-Braised Crab Stew
Beer-Braised Cragbeast Soup
Beer-Braised Cragbeast Stew
Beer-Braised Darkhollow Basilisk Soup
Beer-Braised Darkhollow Basilisk Stew
Beer-Braised Hynid Soup
Beer-Braised Hynid Stew
Beer-Braised Nest Dragon Soup
Beer-Braised Nest Dragon Stew
Beer-Braised Nest Drake Soup
Beer-Braised Nest Drake Stew
Beer-Braised Planar Goo Soup
Beer-Braised Planar Goo Stew
Beer-Braised Tuna Soup
Beer-Braised Tuna Stew
Beer-battered Brell's Bounty Soup
Beer-battered Brell's Bounty Stew
Beer-battered Dream Meat Soup
Beer-battered Dream Meat Stew
Beer-battered Freshwater Fish Soup
Beer-battered Freshwater Fish Stew
Beer-battered Horse Meat Soup
Beer-battered Horse Meat Stew
Beer-battered Minotaur Meat Soup
Beer-battered Minotaur Meat Stew
Beer-battered Shark Fin Soup
Beer-battered Shark Fin Stew
Beer-battered Timeless Hunter Sausage Soup
Beer-battered Timeless Hunter Sausage Stew
Beer-battered Treant Vegetable Soup
Beer-battered Treant Vegetable Stew
Beer-braised Brell's Bounty Soup
Beer-braised Brell's Bounty Stew
Beer-braised Dream Meat Soup
Beer-braised Dream Meat Stew
Beer-braised Freshwater Fish Soup
Beer-braised Freshwater Fish Stew
Beer-braised Horse Meat Soup
Beer-braised Horse Meat Stew
Beer-braised Minotaur Meat Soup
Beer-braised Minotaur Meat Stew
Beer-braised Shark Fin Soup
Beer-braised Shark Fin Stew
Beer-braised Timeless Hunter Sausage Soup
Beer-braised Timeless Hunter Sausage Stew
Beer-braised Treant Vegetable Soup
Beer-braised Treant Vegetable Stew
Blood Raven Stew
Boiled Rockhopper Egg
Buttered Al-Metes Soup
Buttered Al-Metes Stew
Buttered Brell's Bounty Soup
Buttered Brell's Bounty Stew
Buttered Crab Soup
Buttered Crab Stew
Buttered Cragbeast Soup
Buttered Cragbeast Stew
Buttered Darkhollow Basilisk Soup
Buttered Darkhollow Basilisk Stew
Buttered Dream Meat Soup
Buttered Dream Meat Stew
Buttered Freshwater Fish Soup
Buttered Freshwater Fish Stew
Buttered Horse Meat Soup
Buttered Horse Meat Stew
Buttered Hynid Soup
Buttered Hynid Stew
Buttered Minotaur Meat Soup
Buttered Minotaur Meat Stew
Buttered Nest Dragon Soup
Buttered Nest Dragon Stew
Buttered Nest Drake Soup
Buttered Nest Drake Stew
Buttered Planar Goo Soup
Buttered Planar Goo Stew
Buttered Shark Fin Soup
Buttered Shark Fin Stew
Buttered Timeless Hunter Sausage Soup
Buttered Timeless Hunter Sausage Stew
Buttered Treant Vegetable Souffle
Buttered Treant Vegetable Soup
Buttered Treant Vegetable Stew
Buttered Tuna Soup
Buttered Tuna Stew
Candied Cockroach
Cheesy Potato Soup
Chocolate Planar Pie
Chowderly's Delightful Tuna Cakes
Fish Head Soup
Frost Bunny Stew
Garlic-Buttered Al-Metes Soup
Garlic-Buttered Al-Metes Stew
Garlic-Buttered Brell's Bounty Soup
Garlic-Buttered Brell's Bounty Stew
Garlic-Buttered Crab Soup
Garlic-Buttered Crab Stew
Garlic-Buttered Cragbeast Soup
Garlic-Buttered Cragbeast Stew
Garlic-Buttered Darkhollow Basilisk Soup
Garlic-Buttered Darkhollow Basilisk Stew
Garlic-Buttered Dream Meat Soup
Garlic-Buttered Dream Meat Stew
Garlic-Buttered Freshwater Fish Soup
Garlic-Buttered Freshwater Fish Stew
Garlic-Buttered Horse Meat Soup
Garlic-Buttered Horse Meat Stew
Garlic-Buttered Hynid Soup
Garlic-Buttered Hynid Stew
Garlic-Buttered Minotaur Meat Soup
Garlic-Buttered Minotaur Meat Stew
Garlic-Buttered Nest Dragon Soup
Garlic-Buttered Nest Dragon Stew
Garlic-Buttered Nest Drake Soup
Garlic-Buttered Nest Drake Stew
Garlic-Buttered Planar Goo Soup
Garlic-Buttered Planar Goo Stew
Garlic-Buttered Shark Fin Soup
Garlic-Buttered Shark Fin Stew
Garlic-Buttered Timeless Hunter Sausage Soup
Garlic-Buttered Timeless Hunter Sausage Stew
Garlic-Buttered Treant Vegetable Soup
Garlic-Buttered Treant Vegetable Stew
Garlic-Buttered Tuna Soup
Garlic-Buttered Tuna Stew
Green Gill Juice
Grilled Al-Metes Soup
Grilled Al-Metes Stew
Grilled Brell's Bounty Soup
Grilled Brell's Bounty Stew
Grilled Crab Soup
Grilled Crab Stew
Grilled Cragbeast Soup
Grilled Cragbeast Stew
Grilled Darkhollow Basilisk Soup
Grilled Darkhollow Basilisk Stew
Grilled Dream Meat Soup
Grilled Dream Meat Stew
Grilled Freshwater Fish Soup
Grilled Freshwater Fish Stew
Grilled Horse Meat Soup
Grilled Horse Meat Stew
Grilled Hynid Soup
Grilled Hynid Stew
Grilled Minotaur Meat Soup
Grilled Minotaur Meat Stew
Grilled Nest Dragon Soup
Grilled Nest Dragon Stew
Grilled Nest Drake Soup
Grilled Nest Drake Stew
Grilled Planar Goo Soup
Grilled Planar Goo Stew
Grilled Shark Fin Soup
Grilled Shark Fin Stew
Grilled Timeless Hunter Sausage Soup
Grilled Timeless Hunter Sausage Stew
Grilled Treant Vegetable Souffle
Grilled Treant Vegetable Soup
Grilled Treant Vegetable Stew
Grilled Tuna Soup
Grilled Tuna Stew
Hard Boiled Alligator Egg
Hard Boiled Alligator Eggs
Hard Boiled Aviak Egg
Hard Boiled Basilisk Egg
Hard Boiled Basilisk Eggs
Hard Boiled Cockatrice Egg
Hard Boiled Dragon Egg
Hard Boiled Drake Egg
Hard Boiled Green Snake Egg
Hard Boiled Griffon Egg
Hard Boiled Nest Drake Egg
Hard Boiled Nifilik Egg
Hard Boiled Rock Hopper Egg
Hard Boiled Rockhopper Egg
Hard Boiled Sand Snake Egg
Hard Boiled Snake Egg
Hard Boiled Stone Snake Egg
Hard Boiled Wurm Egg
Kunzar Glue
Lemon-Buttered Al-Metes Soup
Lemon-Buttered Al-Metes Stew
Lemon-Buttered Brell's Bounty Soup
Lemon-Buttered Brell's Bounty Stew
Lemon-Buttered Crab Soup
Lemon-Buttered Crab Stew
Lemon-Buttered Cragbeast Soup
Lemon-Buttered Cragbeast Stew
Lemon-Buttered Darkhollow Basilisk Soup
Lemon-Buttered Darkhollow Basilisk Stew
Lemon-Buttered Dream Meat Soup
Lemon-Buttered Dream Meat Stew
Lemon-Buttered Freshwater Fish Soup
Lemon-Buttered Freshwater Fish Stew
Lemon-Buttered Horse Meat Soup
Lemon-Buttered Horse Meat Stew
Lemon-Buttered Hynid Soup
Lemon-Buttered Hynid Stew
Lemon-Buttered Minotaur Meat Soup
Lemon-Buttered Minotaur Meat Stew
Lemon-Buttered Nest Dragon Soup
Lemon-Buttered Nest Dragon Stew
Lemon-Buttered Nest Drake Soup
Lemon-Buttered Nest Drake Stew
Lemon-Buttered Planar Goo Soup
Lemon-Buttered Planar Goo Stew
Lemon-Buttered Shark Fin Soup
Lemon-Buttered Shark Fin Stew
Lemon-Buttered Timeless Hunter Sausage Soup
Lemon-Buttered Timeless Hunter Sausage Stew
Lemon-Buttered Treant Vegetable Soup
Lemon-Buttered Treant Vegetable Stew
Lemon-Buttered Tuna Soup
Lemon-Buttered Tuna Stew
Loaf of Leavened Bread
Loaf of Taelosian Bread
Loaf of Taelosian Mountain Bread
Luclin Fish Stew
Meat & Cheese Energizing Stew
Muckskipper Chowder
Noodles (Alligator Egg)
Noodles (Alligator Eggs)
Noodles (Aviak Eggs)
Noodles (Basilisk Egg)
Noodles (Basilisk Eggs)
Noodles (Cockatrice Egg)
Noodles (Dragon Egg)
Noodles (Drake Egg)
Noodles (Free-Range Egg)
Noodles (Green Snake Egg)
Noodles (Griffon Eggs)
Noodles (Nifilik Egg)
Noodles (Owlbear Egg)
Noodles (Rockhopper Egg)
Noodles (Sand Snake Egg)
Noodles (Shissar Eggs)
Noodles (Silt Slider Egg)
Noodles (Snake Egg)
Noodles (Snow Griffin Egg)
Noodles (Stone Snake Egg)
Noodles (Wurm Egg)
Poached Chub
Pot of Spicy Fish Stew
Prepared Al-Metes
Prepared Brell's Bounty
Prepared Dream Meat
Prepared Planar Goo
Prepared Shark Fin Meat
Rabbit Stew
Shiliskin Sculpin Stew
Smoked Al-Metes Soup
Smoked Al-Metes Stew
Smoked Brell's Bounty Soup
Smoked Brell's Bounty Stew
Smoked Crab Soup
Smoked Crab Stew
Smoked Cragbeast Soup
Smoked Cragbeast Stew
Smoked Darkhollow Basilisk Soup
Smoked Darkhollow Basilisk Stew
Smoked Dream Meat Soup
Smoked Dream Meat Stew
Smoked Freshwater Fish Soup
Smoked Freshwater Fish Stew
Smoked Horse Meat Soup
Smoked Horse Meat Stew
Smoked Hynid Soup
Smoked Hynid Stew
Smoked Minotaur Meat Soup
Smoked Minotaur Meat Stew
Smoked Nest Dragon Soup
Smoked Nest Dragon Stew
Smoked Nest Drake Soup
Smoked Nest Drake Stew
Smoked Planar Goo Soup
Smoked Planar Goo Stew
Smoked Shark Fin Soup
Smoked Shark Fin Stew
Smoked Timeless Hunter Sausage Soup
Smoked Timeless Hunter Sausage Stew
Smoked Treant Vegetable Soup
Smoked Treant Vegetable Stew
Smoked Tuna Soup
Smoked Tuna Stew
Sonic Wolf Bane
Soy Sauce
Spiced Al-Metes Soup
Spiced Al-Metes Stew
Spiced Black Beans
Spiced Brell's Bounty Soup
Spiced Brell's Bounty Stew
Spiced Crab Soup
Spiced Crab Stew
Spiced Cragbeast Soup
Spiced Cragbeast Stew
Spiced Darkhollow Basilisk Soup
Spiced Darkhollow Basilisk Stew
Spiced Dream Meat Soup
Spiced Dream Meat Stew
Spiced Freshwater Fish Soup
Spiced Freshwater Fish Stew
Spiced Heartfruit
Spiced Horse Meat Soup
Spiced Horse Meat Stew
Spiced Hynid Soup
Spiced Hynid Stew
Spiced Minotaur Meat Soup
Spiced Minotaur Meat Stew
Spiced Nest Dragon Soup
Spiced Nest Dragon Stew
Spiced Nest Drake Soup
Spiced Nest Drake Stew
Spiced Painted Beans
Spiced Planar Goo Soup
Spiced Planar Goo Stew
Spiced Red Beans
Spiced Shark Fin Soup
Spiced Shark Fin Stew
Spiced Timeless Hunter Sausage Soup
Spiced Timeless Hunter Sausage Stew
Spiced Treant Vegetable Soup
Spiced Treant Vegetable Stew
Spiced Tuna Soup
Spiced Tuna Stew
Sugar Syrup
Tae Ew Soup
Taelosian Garlic Bread
Taelosian Garlic Mountain Bread
Thunder Salmon Glue
Tomato Sauce
Triloun Tail Soup
Vegetable Soup
Velious Fish Gumbo
Velious Surf and Turf Stew

Recipe Name
Acorn Oil
Alaran Ale
Alaran Coffee
Alaran Medicinal Tonic
Alaran Nostrum
Alaran Spirits
Alaran Tea
Alliance Elixir
Ashen Dye
Aviak Egg Oil
Bamboo Dye
Bayle's Delight
Berry Dye
Blindfish Pale Ale
Blood Porter
Bog Juice
Bone Dust Tincture
Bone Temper
Boot Beer
Bottle of Aldo's Bitter Ale
Bottle of Aldo's Dead Frog Wine
Bottle of Bee Beer
Bottle of Bloodroot Wine
Bottle of Extra Dry Ale
Bottle of Kalish
Bottle of Stonewood Ale
Bottle of Worm Wine
Bounty Ale
Bounty Coffee
Bounty Spirits
Bounty Tea
Brew of the Planes
Brewer Ceramic Clay
Broog's Old Peculiar
Butcherblock Essence
Cabilis Essence
Cauldron Dye
Chokeberry Juice
Chokeberry Tea
Clear Absinth
Clear Absinthe
Clockwork Essence
Cloudberry Juice
Cockatrice Egg Oil
Cod Oil
Coldain Heater
Cosgrove Ale
Cosgrove Nostrum
Cosgrove Spirits
Crescent Essence
Crowberry Juice
Crowberry Tea
Crystilla's Signature Ale
Crystilla's Special Ale
Cursed Dye
Dragon Egg Oil
Drake Egg Oil
Dream Ale
Dream Coffee
Dream Spirits
Dream Tea
Ectoplasmic Solution
Erud's Essence
Essence Coffee
Ethernere Spirits
Ethernere Travel Brew
Everfrost Essence
Faydark Essence
Fermented Yarrow
Fetid Essence
Fish Fungus Wine
Fish Oil
Fish Wine
Flarra's Soothing Tonic
Flask of Berry Juice
Flask of Fruit Juice
Flask of Karana Brown Tea
Flask of Melon Juice
Flask of Orange Juice
Flask of Pitaya Juice
Flask of Pomegranate Juice
Flask of Rathe Berry Juice
Flask of Sweetwater
Flask of Sylvan Berry Juice
Glacier Oil Tannin
Glass of Absinth
Glass of Absinthe
Glass of Chronal Absinthe
Glass of Rose Absinth
Glass of Rose Absinthe
Glass of White Absinth
Glass of White Absinthe
Glowing Porter
Goblin Eye Special
Goo Oil Shellac
Granite Temper
Grave Ale
Grayish Liquid
Green Body Paint
Gukta Essence
Heady Kiola
Heady Paeala
Honey Mead
Innothule Essence
Island Coffee
Jaggedpine Dye
Jar of Gnomish Cleaning Paste/Superior Lichen Spirits
Jumjum Spiced Beer
Jumjum Spiced Beer
Jumjum Spiced Beer
Kiola Nut Brew
Lichen Dye
Lichen Temper
Liquid Death
Luclin Barberryade
Luclin Elderberry Juice
Luclin Elderberry Punch
Luclin Pitaya Fruit Juice
Maneater Dye
Marr Essence
Merchant's Brew
Minotaur Hero's Brew
Murky Gray Liquid
Nail Gut
Nektulos Essence
Nighttime Nostrum
Nighttime Spirits
Oak Bark Tannin
Ocean Dye
Paeala Bark Tannin
Paineel Essence
Palm Leaf Oil
Plains Dye
Planar Energy Ale
Planar Energy Coffee
Planar Energy Nostrum
Planar Energy Spirits
Planar Energy Tea
Planar Overdose
Primordial Juice
Primordial Tea
Pure Mana Alcohol
Purified Plasma Shot
Purified Water
Qeynos Afternoon Tea
Rage Porter
Reactive Sealant Soak
Relic Tea
Rouan's Draught of the Wanderer
Sand Temper
Sarith Rum
Serene Pluot Fruit Juice
Serene Succulent Mango Nectar
Shar Vahl Essence
Short Ale
Shreddergut Booze
Slime Sublimate
Snake Egg Oil
Snake Egg Oil (Green Snake Egg)
Snake Egg Oil (Sand Snake Egg)
Snake Egg Oil (Stone Snake Egg)
Snapper Oil
Soda Water
Spiced Grimroot Tea
Spiced Hollow Palm Tea
Spiced Sewer Ale
Spiteful Essence
Steam Dye
Stormguard Root Beer
Swamp Temper
Sylvan Dye
Taelosian Black Ginseng Tea
Taelosian Black Mint Tea
Taelosian Black Mountain Ginseng Tea
Taelosian Black Mountain Mint Tea
Taelosian Black Mountain Tea
Taelosian Black Tea
Taelosian Blended Cinnamon Coffee
Taelosian Blended Cinnamon Mountain Coffee
Taelosian Blended Coffee
Taelosian Blended Mint Coffee
Taelosian Blended Mint Mountain Coffee
Taelosian Blended Mint-Mocha Coffee
Taelosian Blended Mint-Mocha Mountain Coffee
Taelosian Blended Mocha Coffee
Taelosian Blended Mocha Mountain Coffee
Taelosian Blended Mountain Coffee
Taelosian Green Ginseng Tea
Taelosian Green Mint Tea
Taelosian Green Mountain Ginseng Tea
Taelosian Green Mountain Mint Tea
Taelosian Green Mountain Tea
Taelosian Green Tea
Taelosian White Ginseng Tea
Taelosian White Mint Tea
Taelosian White Mountain Ginseng Tea
Taelosian White Mountain Mint Tea
Taelosian White Mountain Tea
Taelosian White Tea
Tail Kicker Lager
Tea of the Shard
Thunder Essence
Thunder Essence
Time Tea
Tnexus' Terrible Tasting Tea
Tudor's Aged Merlot
Tumpy Tonic
Underfoot Brown
Vale Essence
Vegetable Oil
Vegetable Oil
Velious Honey Berry Smash
Vital Essence
Yew Leaf Tannin
Zelniak Oil

Recipe Name
Discord Arrowhead
Serrated Arrowhead
Wood Strips
Woven Basket

Recipe Name
Golden Cestus Kit
Golden Claws Kit
Golden Large Head Kit
Golden Long Blade Kit
Golden Long Haft Kit
Golden Long Hilt Kit
Golden Short Blade Kit
Golden Short Haft Kit
Golden Short Hilt Kit
Golden Small Blade Kit
Golden Small Head Kit
Golden Small Hilt Kit
Golden Spear Blade Kit
Golden Spear Haft Kit
Honed Bloodied Luclinite
Honed Reflective Emberquartz
Honed Spiritual Luclinite
Pale Nihilite Cestus Kit
Pale Nihilite Cestus Kit (Legacy)
Pale Nihilite Claws Kit
Pale Nihilite Claws Kit (Legacy)
Pale Nihilite Large Head Kit
Pale Nihilite Large Head Kit (Legacy)
Pale Nihilite Long Blade Kit
Pale Nihilite Long Blade Kit (Legacy)
Pale Nihilite Long Haft Kit
Pale Nihilite Long Haft Kit (Legacy)
Pale Nihilite Long Hilt Kit
Pale Nihilite Long Hilt Kit (Legacy)
Pale Nihilite Short Blade Kit
Pale Nihilite Short Blade Kit (Legacy)
Pale Nihilite Short Haft Kit
Pale Nihilite Short Haft Kit (Legacy)
Pale Nihilite Short Hilt Kit
Pale Nihilite Short Hilt Kit (Legacy)
Pale Nihilite Small Blade Kit
Pale Nihilite Small Blade Kit (Legacy)
Pale Nihilite Small Head Kit
Pale Nihilite Small Head Kit (Legacy)
Pale Nihilite Small Hilt Kit
Pale Nihilite Small Hilt Kit (Legacy)
Pale Nihilite Spear Blade Kit
Pale Nihilite Spear Blade Kit (Legacy)
Pale Nihilite Spear Haft Kit
Pale Nihilite Spear Haft Kit (Legacy)
Platinum Cestus Kit
Platinum Claws Kit
Platinum Large Head Kit
Platinum Long Blade Kit
Platinum Long Haft Kit
Platinum Long Hilt Kit
Platinum Short Blade Kit
Platinum Short Haft Kit
Platinum Short Hilt Kit
Platinum Small Blade Kit
Platinum Small Head Kit
Platinum Small Hilt Kit
Platinum Spear Blade Kit
Platinum Spear Haft Kit
Refined Restless Velium
Refined Velium
Ring of Lost Seas
Shimmering Nihilite Cestus Kit
Shimmering Nihilite Claws Kit
Shimmering Nihilite Large Head Kit
Shimmering Nihilite Long Blade Kit
Shimmering Nihilite Long Haft Kit
Shimmering Nihilite Long Hilt Kit
Shimmering Nihilite Short Blade Kit
Shimmering Nihilite Short Haft Kit
Shimmering Nihilite Short Hilt Kit
Shimmering Nihilite Small Blade Kit
Shimmering Nihilite Small Head Kit
Shimmering Nihilite Small Hilt Kit
Shimmering Nihilite Spear Blade Kit
Shimmering Nihilite Spear Haft Kit
Velium Cestus Kit
Velium Claws Kit
Velium Large Head Kit
Velium Long Blade Kit
Velium Long Haft Kit
Velium Long Hilt Kit
Velium Short Blade Kit
Velium Short Haft Kit
Velium Short Hilt Kit
Velium Small Blade Kit
Velium Small Head Kit
Velium Small Hilt Kit
Velium Spear Blade Kit
Velium Spear Haft Kit

Recipe Name
Axebringers Boots Material
Bracer Material of Protection
Deep Muses Boots Material
Divine Crystalline Glaze
Drenched Scrubbing Brush
Leafrunners Boots Material
Proudfoot Boot Material
Rainkeepers Bracer Material
Sleeves of the Spurned Material
Soaked Scrubbing Brush
Stoutdeacon Helm Material
Truthbringers Breastplate Material

Recipe Name
Acidic Abrasive
Alliance Elixir
Black Extract
Black Extract (Blue Slumber)
Black Extract (Green Froglok)
Black Extract (Green Goblin)
Black Extract (Red Cockatrice)
Evergreen Extract
Glowing Bile Clay
Hydrated Amber Resin
Jack-O-Lantern Extract
Permafrost Extract
Red Rust Extract
Russet Extract
Sarcoscypha Extract

Recipe Name
Aerated Pot Shell
Alaris Infused Clay
Bazu Charm
Blank Rune
Block of Clay
Block of Clay
Block of Magic Clay
Block of Magic Clay
Brell Statuettes
Brell's Temple Pottery
Ceramic Butterfly Statuette
Ceramic Raptor Statuette
Clay Fire Bomb
Clay Powder Bomb
Clay Smoke Bomb
Clay/water mixture
Copper Infused Energeiac Clay
Cosgrove Infused Clay
Dream Infused Clay
Ethernere Essence Clay
Feerrott Alligator Charm
Feran Charm
Gray Clay
Iron Infused Energeiac Clay
Large Block of Clay
Large Block of Magic Clay
Magnetic Charm
Murkglider Charm
Planar Infused Clay
Relic Fragment Figurine
Runed Vah Shir Figurine
Silver Infused Energeiac Clay
Small Block of Clay
Small Block of Magic Clay
Small Unfired Urn
Soot Bound Ceramic Clay
Underfoot Artwork
Unfinished Ceramic Claw Sleeve Set
Unfinished Ceramic Dagger Sleeve
Unfired Air-Sealed Arador
Unfired Alchemist Charm
Unfired Artisan Charm
Unfired Artisan's Seal
Unfired Baker Charm
Unfired Black Ceramic Band
Unfired Blue Ceramic Band
Unfired Bowl of the Jharin
Unfired Brewer Charm
Unfired Cake Round
Unfired Casserole Dish
Unfired Centaur Figurine
Unfired Ceramic Lining
Unfired Cutter (Animal)
Unfired Cutter (Barbarian)
Unfired Cutter (Gnome)
Unfired Cutter (Grimling)
Unfired Cutter (Shissar)
Unfired Cutter (Sonic Wolf)
Unfired Cutter (Troll)
Unfired Cutter (Vah Shir)
Unfired Deity
Unfired Deity (Small Protection)
Unfired Deity (Small Resist)
Unfired Elaborate Charm
Unfired Elaborate Charm (3)
Unfired Elegant Charm
Unfired Elegant Charm (2)
Unfired Elegant Charm (3)
Unfired Eron's Ceramic Setting
Unfired Extravagant Charm
Unfired Faithstone of Courage
Unfired Faithstone of Decay
Unfired Faithstone of Deep Musing
Unfired Faithstone of Fear
Unfired Faithstone of Hate
Unfired Faithstone of Life
Unfired Faithstone of Mischief
Unfired Faithstone of Nature
Unfired Faithstone of Spite
Unfired Faithstone of Thunder
Unfired Faithstone of Underfoot
Unfired Faithstone of the Dedicated
Unfired Faithstone of the Learned
Unfired Fletcher Charm
Unfired Glorious Charm (1)
Unfired Glorious Charm (2)
Unfired Glorious Charm (3)
Unfired Gray Jar
Unfired Green Ceramic Band
Unfired Heavy Pie Crock
Unfired Idol of Bertoxxulous
Unfired Idol of Brell Serilis
Unfired Idol of Bristlebane
Unfired Idol of Cazic-Thule
Unfired Idol of Erollisi Marr
Unfired Idol of Innoruuk
Unfired Idol of Karana
Unfired Idol of Mithaniel Marr
Unfired Idol of Prexus
Unfired Idol of Quellious
Unfired Idol of Rallos Zek
Unfired Idol of Rodcet Nife
Unfired Idol of Solusek Ro
Unfired Idol of Tunare
Unfired Idol of the Tribunal
Unfired Intricate Charm
Unfired Jeweler Charm
Unfired Large Bowl
Unfired Large Container
Unfired Lined Poison Vial (Alligator Skin)
Unfired Lined Poison Vial (Arena Lion Skin)
Unfired Lined Poison Vial (Black Wolf Skin)
Unfired Lined Poison Vial (Blackburrow Gnoll Pelt)
Unfired Lined Poison Vial (Blackburrow Gnoll Skin)
Unfired Lined Poison Vial (Coyote Pelt)
Unfired Lined Poison Vial (Crow's Special Brew)
Unfired Lined Poison Vial (Giant Dire Wolf Skin)
Unfired Lined Poison Vial (Giant Polar Bear Skin)
Unfired Lined Poison Vial (Gnawfang's Pelt)
Unfired Lined Poison Vial (High Quality Bear Skin)
Unfired Lined Poison Vial (High Quality Cat Pelt)
Unfired Lined Poison Vial (High Quality Lion Skin)
Unfired Lined Poison Vial (High Quality Wolf Skin)
Unfired Lined Poison Vial (Low Quality Bear Skin)
Unfired Lined Poison Vial (Low Quality Lion Skin)
Unfired Lined Poison Vial (Low Quality Wolf Skin)
Unfired Lined Poison Vial (Mammoth's Hide)
Unfired Lined Poison Vial (Medium Quality Bear Skin)
Unfired Lined Poison Vial (Medium Quality Cat Pelt)
Unfired Lined Poison Vial (Medium Quality Lion Skin)
Unfired Lined Poison Vial (Medium Quality Wolf Skin)
Unfired Lined Poison Vial (Mist Wolf Pelt)
Unfired Lined Poison Vial (Polar Bear Skin)
Unfired Lined Poison Vial (Puma Skin)
Unfired Lined Poison Vial (Scrounge's Pelt)
Unfired Lined Poison Vial (Superb Lion Skin)
Unfired Lined Poison Vial (Thick Grizzly Bear Skin)
Unfired Lined Poison Vial (Tiger Skin)
Unfired Lined Poison Vial (Werewolf Pelt)
Unfired Lined Poison Vial (White Wolf Skin)
Unfired Lined Poison Vial (Zombie Skin)
Unfired Mechanic Charm
Unfired Medium Bowl
Unfired Medium Container
Unfired Mixing Bowl
Unfired Muffin Tin
Unfired Opal Encrusted Stein
Unfired Ornate Charm
Unfired Pearl Encrusted Stein
Unfired Peridot Encrusted Stein
Unfired Pie Tin
Unfired Planar Stein
Unfired Poison Vial (Alligator Skin)
Unfired Poison Vial (Arena Lion Skin)
Unfired Poison Vial (Black Wolf Skin)
Unfired Poison Vial (Blackburrow Gnoll Pelt)
Unfired Poison Vial (Blackburrow Gnoll Skin)
Unfired Poison Vial (Coyote Pelt)
Unfired Poison Vial (Crow's Special Brew)
Unfired Poison Vial (Giant Dire Wolf Skin)
Unfired Poison Vial (Giant Polar Bear Skin)
Unfired Poison Vial (Gnawfang's Pelt)
Unfired Poison Vial (High Quality Bear Skin)
Unfired Poison Vial (High Quality Cat Pelt)
Unfired Poison Vial (High Quality Lion Skin)
Unfired Poison Vial (High Quality Wolf Skin)
Unfired Poison Vial (Low Quality Bear Skin)
Unfired Poison Vial (Low Quality Lion Skin)
Unfired Poison Vial (Low Quality Wolf Skin)
Unfired Poison Vial (Mammoth's Hide)
Unfired Poison Vial (Medium Quality Bear Skin)
Unfired Poison Vial (Medium Quality Cat Pelt)
Unfired Poison Vial (Medium Quality Lion Skin)
Unfired Poison Vial (Medium Quality Wolf Skin)
Unfired Poison Vial (Mist Wolf Pelt)
Unfired Poison Vial (Polar Bear Skin)
Unfired Poison Vial (Puma Skin)
Unfired Poison Vial (Scrounge's Pelt)
Unfired Poison Vial (Superb Lion Skin)
Unfired Poison Vial (Thick Grizzly Bear Skin)
Unfired Poison Vial (Tiger Skin)
Unfired Poison Vial (Werewolf Pelt)
Unfired Poison Vial (White Wolf Skin)
Unfired Poison Vial (Zombie Skin)
Unfired Pot
Unfired Potter Charm
Unfired Red Ceramic Band
Unfired Regal Charm
Unfired Regal Charm (2)
Unfired Regal Charm (3)
Unfired Researcher Charm
Unfired Rune
Unfired Scrindite's Hole Punch Mold
Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Alligator Skin)
Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Arena Lion Skin)
Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Black Wolf Skin)
Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Blackburrow Gnoll Pelt)
Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Blackburrow Gnoll Skin)
Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Coyote Pelt)
Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Crow's Special Brew)
Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Giant Dire Wolf Skin)
Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Giant Polar Bear Skin)
Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Gnawfang's Pelt)
Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (High Quality Bear Skin)
Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (High Quality Cat Pelt)
Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (High Quality Lion Skin)
Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (High Quality Wolf Skin)
Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Low Quality Bear Skin)
Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Low Quality Lion Skin)
Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Low Quality Wolf Skin)
Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Mammoth's Hide)
Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Medium Quality Bear Skin)
Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Medium Quality Cat Pelt)
Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Medium Quality Lion Skin)
Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Medium Quality Wolf Skin)
Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Mist Wolf Pelt)
Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Polar Bear Skin)
Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Puma Skin)
Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Scrounge's Pelt)
Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Superb Lion Skin)
Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Thick Grizzly Bear Skin)
Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Tiger Skin)
Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Werewolf Pelt)
Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (White Wolf Skin)
Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (Zombie Skin)
Unfired Shade Summoning Figurine
Unfired Simple Charm
Unfired Skewers
Unfired Small Bowl
Unfired Small Container
Unfired Small Grease Jar
Unfired Smith Charm
Unfired Smoker
Unfired Soulstone of Gukta
Unfired Spiritstone of Cabilis
Unfired Spiritstone of Everfrost
Unfired Spiritstone of Innothule
Unfired Spiritstone of Shar Vahl
Unfired Stalwart Charm
Unfired Star Ruby Encrusted Stein
Unfired Tailor Charm
Unfired Toxicologist Charm
Unfired Vase Replica
Unfired White Ceramic Band
Vah Shir Figurine

Recipe Name
Vial of Pure Water

Recipe Name
Acrylia Bits
Acrylia Boning
Acrylia Chain Jointing
Acrylia Rings
Acrylia Studs
Animal Shaped Cookie Cutter
Antonian Javelin
Antonian Long Sword
Antonican Sewing Kit
Archon's Conflagrant Boots
Archon's Conflagrant Bracer
Archon's Conflagrant Breastplate
Archon's Conflagrant Gauntlets
Archon's Conflagrant Greaves
Archon's Conflagrant Helm
Archon's Conflagrant Vambraces
Banded Belt
Banded Boots
Banded Bracer
Banded Cloak
Banded Gauntlets
Banded Gorget
Banded Helm
Banded Leggings
Banded Mail
Banded Mantle
Banded Mask
Banded Sleeves
Barbarian Shaped Cookie Cutter
Blessed Arrow Heads
Blessed Steel Arrowheads
Block of Acrylia Ore
Block of Enchanted Ore
Block of High Quality Ore
Block of Medium Quality Ore
Block of Ore
Block of Refined High Quality Ore
Bloodied Luclinite Chainmail Links
Bloodied Luclinite Sheet
Box of Souls
Bread Tin
Buckler Frame
Bundled Acrylia Arrow Shafts
Bundled Steel Arrow Shafts
Cake Round
Calcified Ringmail Boots
Calcified Ringmail Bracelet
Calcified Ringmail Cloak
Calcified Ringmail Coif
Calcified Ringmail Gloves
Calcified Ringmail Gorget
Calcified Ringmail Leggings
Calcified Ringmail Mantle
Calcified Ringmail Skirt
Calcified Ringmail Sleeves
Calcified Ringmail Tunic
Calcified Ringmail Veil
Calcified Steel Boots
Calcified Steel Bracer
Calcified Steel Breastplate
Calcified Steel Cloak
Calcified Steel Collar
Calcified Steel Gauntlets
Calcified Steel Girth
Calcified Steel Greaves
Calcified Steel Helmet
Calcified Steel Pauldrons
Calcified Steel Vambraces
Calcified Steel Visor
Chain Jointing
Chronium Plate
Clockwork Sewing Kit
Condensed Flame Arrowheads
Condensed Ice Arrowheads
Condensed Shadow Arrowheads
Croceus Boning
Croceus Chain Jointing
Croceus Rings
Croceus Studs
Crude Bolt
Crude Bronze Boots
Crude Bronze Bracers
Crude Bronze Breastplate
Crude Bronze Gauntlets
Crude Bronze Greaves
Crude Bronze Helm
Crude Bronze Vambraces
Crude Iron Boots
Crude Iron Bracers
Crude Iron Breastplate
Crude Iron Gauntlets
Crude Iron Greaves
Crude Iron Helm
Crude Iron Vambraces
Crystalwing Sewing Kit
Dairy Spoon
Deceiver's Conflagrant Boots
Deceiver's Conflagrant Coat
Deceiver's Conflagrant Coif
Deceiver's Conflagrant Gauntlets
Deceiver's Conflagrant Leggings
Deceiver's Conflagrant Sleeves
Deceiver's Conflagrant Wristguard
Deep Cavern Ringmail Boots
Deep Cavern Ringmail Bracelet
Deep Cavern Ringmail Cloak
Deep Cavern Ringmail Coif
Deep Cavern Ringmail Gloves
Deep Cavern Ringmail Gorget
Deep Cavern Ringmail Leggings
Deep Cavern Ringmail Mantle
Deep Cavern Ringmail Skirt
Deep Cavern Ringmail Sleeves
Deep Cavern Ringmail Tunic
Deep Cavern Ringmail Veil
Deep Cavern Steel Boots
Deep Cavern Steel Bracer
Deep Cavern Steel Breastplate
Deep Cavern Steel Cloak
Deep Cavern Steel Collar
Deep Cavern Steel Gauntlets
Deep Cavern Steel Girth
Deep Cavern Steel Greaves
Deep Cavern Steel Helmet
Deep Cavern Steel Pauldrons
Deep Cavern Steel Vambraces
Deep Cavern Steel Visor
Dread Suzerain's Conflagrant Boots
Dread Suzerain's Conflagrant Bracer
Dread Suzerain's Conflagrant Breastplate
Dread Suzerain's Conflagrant Gauntlets
Dread Suzerain's Conflagrant Greaves
Dread Suzerain's Conflagrant Helm
Dread Suzerain's Conflagrant Vambraces
Drunder's Steel
Dwarven Sewing Kit
Elaborate Autoactuated Armband
Elaborate Autoactuated Boots
Elaborate Autoactuated Cuirass
Elaborate Autoactuated Gloves
Elaborate Autoactuated Greaves
Elaborate Autoactuated Helm
Elaborate Autoactuated Sleeves
Elaborate Claviger Armband
Elaborate Claviger Boots
Elaborate Claviger Cuirass
Elaborate Claviger Gloves
Elaborate Claviger Greaves
Elaborate Claviger Helm
Elaborate Claviger Sleeves
Elaborate Crystalscale Armband
Elaborate Crystalscale Boots
Elaborate Crystalscale Cuirass
Elaborate Crystalscale Gloves
Elaborate Crystalscale Greaves
Elaborate Crystalscale Helm
Elaborate Crystalscale Sleeves
Elaborate Crystalwing Armband
Elaborate Crystalwing Boots
Elaborate Crystalwing Cuirass
Elaborate Crystalwing Gloves
Elaborate Crystalwing Greaves
Elaborate Crystalwing Helm
Elaborate Crystalwing Sleeves
Elaborate Daybreaker Armband
Elaborate Daybreaker Boots
Elaborate Daybreaker Cuirass
Elaborate Daybreaker Gloves
Elaborate Daybreaker Greaves
Elaborate Daybreaker Helm
Elaborate Daybreaker Sleeves
Elaborate Dreadguard Armband
Elaborate Dreadguard Boots
Elaborate Dreadguard Cuirass
Elaborate Dreadguard Gloves
Elaborate Dreadguard Greaves
Elaborate Dreadguard Helm
Elaborate Dreadguard Sleeves
Elaborate Farsight Armband
Elaborate Farsight Boots
Elaborate Farsight Cuirass
Elaborate Farsight Gloves
Elaborate Farsight Greaves
Elaborate Farsight Helm
Elaborate Farsight Sleeves
Elaborate Frostwarded Armband
Elaborate Frostwarded Boots
Elaborate Frostwarded Cuirass
Elaborate Frostwarded Gloves
Elaborate Frostwarded Greaves
Elaborate Frostwarded Helm
Elaborate Frostwarded Sleeves
Elaborate Khala Dun Armband
Elaborate Khala Dun Boots
Elaborate Khala Dun Cuirass
Elaborate Khala Dun Gloves
Elaborate Khala Dun Greaves
Elaborate Khala Dun Helm
Elaborate Khala Dun Sleeves
Elaborate Khala Vir Armband
Elaborate Khala Vir Boots
Elaborate Khala Vir Cuirass
Elaborate Khala Vir Gloves
Elaborate Khala Vir Greaves
Elaborate Khala Vir Helm
Elaborate Khala Vir Sleeves
Elaborate Leatherfoot Armband
Elaborate Leatherfoot Boots
Elaborate Leatherfoot Cuirass
Elaborate Leatherfoot Gloves
Elaborate Leatherfoot Greaves
Elaborate Leatherfoot Helm
Elaborate Leatherfoot Sleeves
Elaborate Lightring Armband
Elaborate Lightring Boots
Elaborate Lightring Cuirass
Elaborate Lightring Gloves
Elaborate Lightring Greaves
Elaborate Lightring Helm
Elaborate Lightring Sleeves
Elaborate Moonglade Armband
Elaborate Moonglade Boots
Elaborate Moonglade Cuirass
Elaborate Moonglade Gloves
Elaborate Moonglade Greaves
Elaborate Moonglade Helm
Elaborate Moonglade Sleeves
Elaborate Nightfall Armband
Elaborate Nightfall Boots
Elaborate Nightfall Cuirass
Elaborate Nightfall Gloves
Elaborate Nightfall Greaves
Elaborate Nightfall Helm
Elaborate Nightfall Sleeves
Elaborate Nightkeeper Armband
Elaborate Nightkeeper Boots
Elaborate Nightkeeper Cuirass
Elaborate Nightkeeper Gloves
Elaborate Nightkeeper Greaves
Elaborate Nightkeeper Helm
Elaborate Nightkeeper Sleeves
Elaborate Protectorate Armband
Elaborate Protectorate Boots
Elaborate Protectorate Cuirass
Elaborate Protectorate Gloves
Elaborate Protectorate Greaves
Elaborate Protectorate Helm
Elaborate Protectorate Sleeves
Elaborate Ravager Armband
Elaborate Ravager Boots
Elaborate Ravager Cuirass
Elaborate Ravager Gloves
Elaborate Ravager Greaves
Elaborate Ravager Helm
Elaborate Ravager Sleeves
Elaborate Seashine Armband
Elaborate Seashine Boots
Elaborate Seashine Cuirass
Elaborate Seashine Gloves
Elaborate Seashine Greaves
Elaborate Seashine Helm
Elaborate Seashine Sleeves
Elaborate Servolinked Armband
Elaborate Servolinked Boots
Elaborate Servolinked Cuirass
Elaborate Servolinked Gloves
Elaborate Servolinked Greaves
Elaborate Servolinked Helm
Elaborate Servolinked Sleeves
Elaborate Snowborn Armband
Elaborate Snowborn Boots
Elaborate Snowborn Cuirass
Elaborate Snowborn Gloves
Elaborate Snowborn Greaves
Elaborate Snowborn Helm
Elaborate Snowborn Sleeves
Elaborate Stalwart Armband
Elaborate Stalwart Boots
Elaborate Stalwart Cuirass
Elaborate Stalwart Gloves
Elaborate Stalwart Greaves
Elaborate Stalwart Helm
Elaborate Stalwart Sleeves
Elaborate Stonetooth Armband
Elaborate Stonetooth Boots
Elaborate Stonetooth Cuirass
Elaborate Stonetooth Gloves
Elaborate Stonetooth Greaves
Elaborate Stonetooth Helm
Elaborate Stonetooth Sleeves
Elaborate Stormguard Armband
Elaborate Stormguard Boots
Elaborate Stormguard Cuirass
Elaborate Stormguard Gloves
Elaborate Stormguard Greaves
Elaborate Stormguard Helm
Elaborate Stormguard Sleeves
Elaborate Trooper Armband
Elaborate Trooper Boots
Elaborate Trooper Cuirass
Elaborate Trooper Gloves
Elaborate Trooper Greaves
Elaborate Trooper Helm
Elaborate Trooper Sleeves
Elaborate Twoscale Armband
Elaborate Twoscale Boots
Elaborate Twoscale Cuirass
Elaborate Twoscale Gloves
Elaborate Twoscale Greaves
Elaborate Twoscale Helm
Elaborate Twoscale Sleeves
Elaborate Tyrant Armband
Elaborate Tyrant Boots
Elaborate Tyrant Cuirass
Elaborate Tyrant Gloves
Elaborate Tyrant Greaves
Elaborate Tyrant Helm
Elaborate Tyrant Sleeves
Elaborate Warborn Armband
Elaborate Warborn Boots
Elaborate Warborn Cuirass
Elaborate Warborn Gloves
Elaborate Warborn Greaves
Elaborate Warborn Helm
Elaborate Warborn Sleeves
Elaborate Wayguard Armband
Elaborate Wayguard Boots
Elaborate Wayguard Cuirass
Elaborate Wayguard Gloves
Elaborate Wayguard Greaves
Elaborate Wayguard Helm
Elaborate Wayguard Sleeves
Elaborate Wealdstone Armband
Elaborate Wealdstone Boots
Elaborate Wealdstone Cuirass
Elaborate Wealdstone Gloves
Elaborate Wealdstone Greaves
Elaborate Wealdstone Helm
Elaborate Wealdstone Sleeves
Elaborate Wirewood Armband
Elaborate Wirewood Boots
Elaborate Wirewood Cuirass
Elaborate Wirewood Gloves
Elaborate Wirewood Greaves
Elaborate Wirewood Helm
Elaborate Wirewood Sleeves
Elegant Autoactuated Armband
Elegant Autoactuated Boots
Elegant Autoactuated Cuirass
Elegant Autoactuated Gloves
Elegant Autoactuated Greaves
Elegant Autoactuated Greaves
Elegant Autoactuated Helm
Elegant Autoactuated Sleeves
Elegant Claviger Armband
Elegant Claviger Boots
Elegant Claviger Cuirass
Elegant Claviger Gloves
Elegant Claviger Greaves
Elegant Claviger Helm
Elegant Claviger Sleeves
Elegant Crystalscale Armband
Elegant Crystalscale Boots
Elegant Crystalscale Cuirass
Elegant Crystalscale Gloves
Elegant Crystalscale Greaves
Elegant Crystalscale Helm
Elegant Crystalscale Sleeves
Elegant Crystalwing Armband
Elegant Crystalwing Boots
Elegant Crystalwing Cuirass
Elegant Crystalwing Gloves
Elegant Crystalwing Greaves
Elegant Crystalwing Helm
Elegant Crystalwing Sleeves
Elegant Daybreaker Armband
Elegant Daybreaker Boots
Elegant Daybreaker Cuirass
Elegant Daybreaker Gloves
Elegant Daybreaker Greaves
Elegant Daybreaker Helm
Elegant Daybreaker Sleeves
Elegant Dreadguard Armband
Elegant Dreadguard Boots
Elegant Dreadguard Cuirass
Elegant Dreadguard Gloves
Elegant Dreadguard Greaves
Elegant Dreadguard Helm
Elegant Dreadguard Sleeves
Elegant Farsight Armband
Elegant Farsight Boots
Elegant Farsight Cuirass
Elegant Farsight Gloves
Elegant Farsight Greaves
Elegant Farsight Helm
Elegant Farsight Sleeves
Elegant Frostwarded Armband
Elegant Frostwarded Boots
Elegant Frostwarded Cuirass
Elegant Frostwarded Gloves
Elegant Frostwarded Greaves
Elegant Frostwarded Helm
Elegant Frostwarded Sleeves
Elegant Khala Dun Armband
Elegant Khala Dun Boots
Elegant Khala Dun Cuirass
Elegant Khala Dun Gloves
Elegant Khala Dun Greaves
Elegant Khala Dun Helm
Elegant Khala Dun Sleeves
Elegant Khala Vir Armband
Elegant Khala Vir Boots
Elegant Khala Vir Cuirass
Elegant Khala Vir Gloves
Elegant Khala Vir Greaves
Elegant Khala Vir Helm
Elegant Khala Vir Sleeves
Elegant Leatherfoot Armband
Elegant Leatherfoot Boots
Elegant Leatherfoot Cuirass
Elegant Leatherfoot Gloves
Elegant Leatherfoot Greaves
Elegant Leatherfoot Helm
Elegant Leatherfoot Sleeves
Elegant Lightring Armband
Elegant Lightring Boots
Elegant Lightring Cuirass
Elegant Lightring Gloves
Elegant Lightring Greaves
Elegant Lightring Helm
Elegant Lightring Sleeves
Elegant Moonglade Armband
Elegant Moonglade Boots
Elegant Moonglade Cuirass
Elegant Moonglade Gloves
Elegant Moonglade Greaves
Elegant Moonglade Helm
Elegant Moonglade Sleeves
Elegant Nightfall Armband
Elegant Nightfall Boots
Elegant Nightfall Cuirass
Elegant Nightfall Gloves
Elegant Nightfall Greaves
Elegant Nightfall Helm
Elegant Nightfall Sleeves
Elegant Nightkeeper Armband
Elegant Nightkeeper Boots
Elegant Nightkeeper Cuirass
Elegant Nightkeeper Gloves
Elegant Nightkeeper Greaves
Elegant Nightkeeper Helm
Elegant Nightkeeper Sleeves
Elegant Protectorate Armband
Elegant Protectorate Boots
Elegant Protectorate Cuirass
Elegant Protectorate Gloves
Elegant Protectorate Greaves
Elegant Protectorate Helm
Elegant Protectorate Sleeves
Elegant Ravager Armband
Elegant Ravager Boots
Elegant Ravager Cuirass
Elegant Ravager Gloves
Elegant Ravager Greaves
Elegant Ravager Helm
Elegant Ravager Sleeves
Elegant Seashine Armband
Elegant Seashine Boots
Elegant Seashine Cuirass
Elegant Seashine Gloves
Elegant Seashine Greaves
Elegant Seashine Helm
Elegant Seashine Sleeves
Elegant Servolinked Armband
Elegant Servolinked Boots
Elegant Servolinked Cuirass
Elegant Servolinked Gloves
Elegant Servolinked Greaves
Elegant Servolinked Helm
Elegant Servolinked Sleeves
Elegant Snowborn Armband
Elegant Snowborn Boots
Elegant Snowborn Cuirass
Elegant Snowborn Gloves
Elegant Snowborn Greaves
Elegant Snowborn Helm
Elegant Snowborn Sleeves
Elegant Stalwart Armband
Elegant Stalwart Boots
Elegant Stalwart Cuirass
Elegant Stalwart Gloves
Elegant Stalwart Greaves
Elegant Stalwart Helm
Elegant Stalwart Sleeves
Elegant Stonetooth Armband
Elegant Stonetooth Boots
Elegant Stonetooth Cuirass
Elegant Stonetooth Gloves
Elegant Stonetooth Greaves
Elegant Stonetooth Helm
Elegant Stonetooth Sleeves
Elegant Stormguard Armband
Elegant Stormguard Boots
Elegant Stormguard Cuirass
Elegant Stormguard Gloves
Elegant Stormguard Greaves
Elegant Stormguard Helm
Elegant Stormguard Sleeves
Elegant Trooper Armband
Elegant Trooper Boots
Elegant Trooper Cuirass
Elegant Trooper Gloves
Elegant Trooper Greaves
Elegant Trooper Helm
Elegant Trooper Sleeves
Elegant Twoscale Armband
Elegant Twoscale Boots
Elegant Twoscale Cuirass
Elegant Twoscale Gloves
Elegant Twoscale Greaves
Elegant Twoscale Helm
Elegant Twoscale Sleeves
Elegant Tyrant Armband
Elegant Tyrant Boots
Elegant Tyrant Cuirass
Elegant Tyrant Gloves
Elegant Tyrant Greaves
Elegant Tyrant Helm
Elegant Tyrant Sleeves
Elegant Warborn Armband
Elegant Warborn Boots
Elegant Warborn Cuirass
Elegant Warborn Gloves
Elegant Warborn Greaves
Elegant Warborn Helm
Elegant Warborn Sleeves
Elegant Wayguard Armband
Elegant Wayguard Boots
Elegant Wayguard Cuirass
Elegant Wayguard Gloves
Elegant Wayguard Greaves
Elegant Wayguard Helm
Elegant Wayguard Sleeves
Elegant Wealdstone Armband
Elegant Wealdstone Boots
Elegant Wealdstone Cuirass
Elegant Wealdstone Gloves
Elegant Wealdstone Greaves
Elegant Wealdstone Helm
Elegant Wealdstone Sleeves
Elegant Wirewood Armband
Elegant Wirewood Boots
Elegant Wirewood Cuirass
Elegant Wirewood Gloves
Elegant Wirewood Greaves
Elegant Wirewood Helm
Elegant Wirewood Sleeves
Elm Handled Shears
Embroidering Needle
Enchanted Chain Jointing
Enchanted Folded Sheet Metal
Enchanted Metal Rings
Enchanted Sheet Metal
Erudite Sewing Kit (DoN)
Extravagant Autoactuated Armband
Extravagant Autoactuated Boots
Extravagant Autoactuated Cuirass
Extravagant Autoactuated Gloves
Extravagant Autoactuated Greaves
Extravagant Autoactuated Helm
Extravagant Autoactuated Sleeves
Extravagant Claviger Armband
Extravagant Claviger Boots
Extravagant Claviger Cuirass
Extravagant Claviger Gloves
Extravagant Claviger Greaves
Extravagant Claviger Helm
Extravagant Claviger Sleeves
Extravagant Crystalscale Armband
Extravagant Crystalscale Boots
Extravagant Crystalscale Cuirass
Extravagant Crystalscale Gloves
Extravagant Crystalscale Greaves
Extravagant Crystalscale Helm
Extravagant Crystalscale Sleeves
Extravagant Crystalwing Armband
Extravagant Crystalwing Boots
Extravagant Crystalwing Cuirass
Extravagant Crystalwing Gloves
Extravagant Crystalwing Greaves
Extravagant Crystalwing Helm
Extravagant Crystalwing Sleeves
Extravagant Daybreaker Armband
Extravagant Daybreaker Boots
Extravagant Daybreaker Cuirass
Extravagant Daybreaker Gloves
Extravagant Daybreaker Greaves
Extravagant Daybreaker Helm
Extravagant Daybreaker Sleeves
Extravagant Dreadguard Armband
Extravagant Dreadguard Boots
Extravagant Dreadguard Cuirass
Extravagant Dreadguard Gloves
Extravagant Dreadguard Greaves
Extravagant Dreadguard Helm
Extravagant Dreadguard Sleeves
Extravagant Farsight Armband
Extravagant Farsight Boots
Extravagant Farsight Cuirass
Extravagant Farsight Gloves
Extravagant Farsight Greaves
Extravagant Farsight Helm
Extravagant Farsight Sleeves
Extravagant Frostwarded Armband
Extravagant Frostwarded Boots
Extravagant Frostwarded Cuirass
Extravagant Frostwarded Gloves
Extravagant Frostwarded Greaves
Extravagant Frostwarded Helm
Extravagant Frostwarded Sleeves
Extravagant Khala Dun Armband
Extravagant Khala Dun Boots
Extravagant Khala Dun Cuirass
Extravagant Khala Dun Gloves
Extravagant Khala Dun Greaves
Extravagant Khala Dun Helm
Extravagant Khala Vir Armband
Extravagant Khala Vir Boots
Extravagant Khala Vir Cuirass
Extravagant Khala Vir Gloves
Extravagant Khala Vir Greaves
Extravagant Khala Vir Helm
Extravagant Khala Vir Sleeves
Extravagant Leatherfoot Armband
Extravagant Leatherfoot Boots
Extravagant Leatherfoot Cuirass
Extravagant Leatherfoot Gloves
Extravagant Leatherfoot Greaves
Extravagant Leatherfoot Helm
Extravagant Leatherfoot Sleeves
Extravagant Lightring Armband
Extravagant Lightring Boots
Extravagant Lightring Cuirass
Extravagant Lightring Gloves
Extravagant Lightring Greaves
Extravagant Lightring Helm
Extravagant Lightring Sleeves
Extravagant Moonglade Armband
Extravagant Moonglade Boots
Extravagant Moonglade Cuirass
Extravagant Moonglade Gloves
Extravagant Moonglade Greaves
Extravagant Moonglade Helm
Extravagant Moonglade Sleeves
Extravagant Nightfall Armband
Extravagant Nightfall Boots
Extravagant Nightfall Cuirass
Extravagant Nightfall Gloves
Extravagant Nightfall Greaves
Extravagant Nightfall Helm
Extravagant Nightfall Sleeves
Extravagant Nightkeeper Armband
Extravagant Nightkeeper Boots
Extravagant Nightkeeper Cuirass
Extravagant Nightkeeper Gloves
Extravagant Nightkeeper Greaves
Extravagant Nightkeeper Helm
Extravagant Nightkeeper Sleeves
Extravagant Protectorate Armband
Extravagant Protectorate Boots
Extravagant Protectorate Cuirass
Extravagant Protectorate Gloves
Extravagant Protectorate Greaves
Extravagant Protectorate Helm
Extravagant Protectorate Sleeves
Extravagant Ravager Armband
Extravagant Ravager Boots
Extravagant Ravager Cuirass
Extravagant Ravager Gloves
Extravagant Ravager Greaves
Extravagant Ravager Helm
Extravagant Ravager Sleeves
Extravagant Seashine Armband
Extravagant Seashine Boots
Extravagant Seashine Cuirass
Extravagant Seashine Gloves
Extravagant Seashine Greaves
Extravagant Seashine Helm
Extravagant Seashine Sleeves
Extravagant Servolinked Armband
Extravagant Servolinked Boots
Extravagant Servolinked Cuirass
Extravagant Servolinked Gloves
Extravagant Servolinked Greaves
Extravagant Servolinked Helm
Extravagant Servolinked Helm
Extravagant Servolinked Sleeves
Extravagant Snowborn Armband
Extravagant Snowborn Boots
Extravagant Snowborn Cuirass
Extravagant Snowborn Gloves
Extravagant Snowborn Greaves
Extravagant Snowborn Helm
Extravagant Snowborn Sleeves
Extravagant Stalwart Armband
Extravagant Stalwart Boots
Extravagant Stalwart Cuirass
Extravagant Stalwart Gloves
Extravagant Stalwart Greaves
Extravagant Stalwart Helm
Extravagant Stalwart Sleeves
Extravagant Stonetooth Armband
Extravagant Stonetooth Boots
Extravagant Stonetooth Cuirass
Extravagant Stonetooth Gloves
Extravagant Stonetooth Greaves
Extravagant Stonetooth Helm
Extravagant Stonetooth Sleeves
Extravagant Stormguard Armband
Extravagant Stormguard Boots
Extravagant Stormguard Cuirass
Extravagant Stormguard Gloves
Extravagant Stormguard Greaves
Extravagant Stormguard Helm
Extravagant Stormguard Sleeves
Extravagant Trooper Armband
Extravagant Trooper Boots
Extravagant Trooper Cuirass
Extravagant Trooper Gloves
Extravagant Trooper Greaves
Extravagant Trooper Helm
Extravagant Trooper Sleeves
Extravagant Twoscale Armband
Extravagant Twoscale Boots
Extravagant Twoscale Cuirass
Extravagant Twoscale Gloves
Extravagant Twoscale Greaves
Extravagant Twoscale Helm
Extravagant Twoscale Sleeves
Extravagant Tyrant Armband
Extravagant Tyrant Boots
Extravagant Tyrant Cuirass
Extravagant Tyrant Gloves
Extravagant Tyrant Greaves
Extravagant Tyrant Helm
Extravagant Tyrant Sleeves
Extravagant Warborn Armband
Extravagant Warborn Boots
Extravagant Warborn Cuirass
Extravagant Warborn Gloves
Extravagant Warborn Greaves
Extravagant Warborn Helm
Extravagant Warborn Sleeves
Extravagant Wayguard Armband
Extravagant Wayguard Boots
Extravagant Wayguard Cuirass
Extravagant Wayguard Gloves
Extravagant Wayguard Greaves
Extravagant Wayguard Helm
Extravagant Wayguard Sleeves
Extravagant Wealdstone Armband
Extravagant Wealdstone Boots
Extravagant Wealdstone Cuirass
Extravagant Wealdstone Gloves
Extravagant Wealdstone Greaves
Extravagant Wealdstone Helm
Extravagant Wealdstone Sleeves
Extravagant Wirewood Armband
Extravagant Wirewood Boots
Extravagant Wirewood Cuirass
Extravagant Wirewood Gloves
Extravagant Wirewood Greaves
Extravagant Wirewood Helm
Extravagant Wirewood Sleeves
Exultant Beneficent Steel Rings
Feir'Dal Fletching Kit
Feir'Dal Sewing Kit
Field Point Arrowheads
Filleting Knife
Fine Plate Boots
Fine Plate Bracer
Fine Plate Breastplate
Fine Plate Collar
Fine Plate Gauntlets
Fine Plate Girdle
Fine Plate Greaves
Fine Plate Helm
Fine Plate Pauldron
Fine Plate Vambraces
Fine Plate Visor
Fine Splinted Cloak
Flametouched Ceremonial Sword
Folded Sheet Metal
Folded Sheet of Acrylia
Folded Sheet of Croceus
Forest Stalker's Conflagrant Boots
Forest Stalker's Conflagrant Coat
Forest Stalker's Conflagrant Coif
Forest Stalker's Conflagrant Gauntlets
Forest Stalker's Conflagrant Leggings
Forest Stalker's Conflagrant Sleeves
Forest Stalker's Conflagrant Wristguard
Forged Bastard Sword
Forged Battle Axe
Forged Dagger
Forged Halberd
Forged Javelin
Forged Long Sword
Forged Mace
Forged Morning Star
Forged Pick
Forged Rapier
Forged Scimitar
Forged Short Sword
Forged Shuriken
Forged Spear
Forged Throwing Axe
Forged Throwing Knife
Forged Two Handed Sword
Forged Warhammer
Frosted Ringmail Boots
Frosted Ringmail Bracelet
Frosted Ringmail Cloak
Frosted Ringmail Coif
Frosted Ringmail Gloves
Frosted Ringmail Gorget
Frosted Ringmail Leggings
Frosted Ringmail Mantle
Frosted Ringmail Skirt
Frosted Ringmail Sleeves
Frosted Ringmail Tunic
Frosted Ringmail Veil
Frosted Steel Boots
Frosted Steel Bracer
Frosted Steel Breastplate
Frosted Steel Cloak
Frosted Steel Collar
Frosted Steel Gauntlets
Frosted Steel Girth
Frosted Steel Greaves
Frosted Steel Helmet
Frosted Steel Pauldrons
Frosted Steel Vambraces
Frosted Steel Visor
Fury's Conflagrant Boots
Fury's Conflagrant Coat
Fury's Conflagrant Coif
Fury's Conflagrant Gauntlets
Fury's Conflagrant Leggings
Fury's Conflagrant Sleeves
Fury's Conflagrant Wristguard
Gem-studded Tower Shield
Gemming Tool
Glorious Autoactuated Armband
Glorious Autoactuated Boots
Glorious Autoactuated Cuirass
Glorious Autoactuated Gloves
Glorious Autoactuated Greaves
Glorious Autoactuated Helm
Glorious Autoactuated Sleeves
Glorious Claviger Armband
Glorious Claviger Boots
Glorious Claviger Cuirass
Glorious Claviger Gloves
Glorious Claviger Greaves
Glorious Claviger Helm
Glorious Claviger Sleeves
Glorious Crystalscale Armband
Glorious Crystalscale Boots
Glorious Crystalscale Cuirass
Glorious Crystalscale Gloves
Glorious Crystalscale Greaves
Glorious Crystalscale Helm
Glorious Crystalscale Sleeves
Glorious Crystalwing Armband
Glorious Crystalwing Boots
Glorious Crystalwing Cuirass
Glorious Crystalwing Gloves
Glorious Crystalwing Greaves
Glorious Crystalwing Helm
Glorious Crystalwing Sleeves
Glorious Daybreaker Armband
Glorious Daybreaker Boots
Glorious Daybreaker Cuirass
Glorious Daybreaker Gloves
Glorious Daybreaker Greaves
Glorious Daybreaker Helm
Glorious Daybreaker Sleeves
Glorious Dreadguard Armband
Glorious Dreadguard Boots
Glorious Dreadguard Cuirass
Glorious Dreadguard Gloves
Glorious Dreadguard Greaves
Glorious Dreadguard Helm
Glorious Dreadguard Sleeves
Glorious Farsight Armband
Glorious Farsight Boots
Glorious Farsight Cuirass
Glorious Farsight Gloves
Glorious Farsight Greaves
Glorious Farsight Helm
Glorious Farsight Sleeves
Glorious Frostwarded Armband
Glorious Frostwarded Boots
Glorious Frostwarded Cuirass
Glorious Frostwarded Gloves
Glorious Frostwarded Greaves
Glorious Frostwarded Helm
Glorious Frostwarded Sleeves
Glorious Khala Dun Armband
Glorious Khala Dun Boots
Glorious Khala Dun Cuirass
Glorious Khala Dun Gloves
Glorious Khala Dun Greaves
Glorious Khala Dun Helm
Glorious Khala Dun Sleeves
Glorious Khala Vir Armband
Glorious Khala Vir Boots
Glorious Khala Vir Cuirass
Glorious Khala Vir Gloves
Glorious Khala Vir Greaves
Glorious Khala Vir Helm
Glorious Khala Vir Sleeves
Glorious Leatherfoot Armband
Glorious Leatherfoot Boots
Glorious Leatherfoot Cuirass
Glorious Leatherfoot Gloves
Glorious Leatherfoot Greaves
Glorious Leatherfoot Helm
Glorious Leatherfoot Sleeves
Glorious Lightring Armband
Glorious Lightring Boots
Glorious Lightring Cuirass
Glorious Lightring Gloves
Glorious Lightring Greaves
Glorious Lightring Helm
Glorious Lightring Sleeves
Glorious Moonglade Armband
Glorious Moonglade Boots
Glorious Moonglade Cuirass
Glorious Moonglade Gloves
Glorious Moonglade Greaves
Glorious Moonglade Helm
Glorious Moonglade Sleeves
Glorious Nightfall Armband
Glorious Nightfall Boots
Glorious Nightfall Cuirass
Glorious Nightfall Gloves
Glorious Nightfall Greaves
Glorious Nightfall Helm
Glorious Nightfall Sleeves
Glorious Nightkeeper Armband
Glorious Nightkeeper Boots
Glorious Nightkeeper Cuirass
Glorious Nightkeeper Gloves
Glorious Nightkeeper Greaves
Glorious Nightkeeper Helm
Glorious Nightkeeper Sleeves
Glorious Protectorate Armband
Glorious Protectorate Boots
Glorious Protectorate Cuirass
Glorious Protectorate Gloves
Glorious Protectorate Greaves
Glorious Protectorate Helm
Glorious Protectorate Sleeves
Glorious Ravager Armband
Glorious Ravager Boots
Glorious Ravager Cuirass
Glorious Ravager Gloves
Glorious Ravager Greaves
Glorious Ravager Helm
Glorious Ravager Sleeves
Glorious Seashine Armband
Glorious Seashine Boots
Glorious Seashine Cuirass
Glorious Seashine Gloves
Glorious Seashine Greaves
Glorious Seashine Helm
Glorious Seashine Sleeves
Glorious Servolinked Armband
Glorious Servolinked Boots
Glorious Servolinked Cuirass
Glorious Servolinked Gloves
Glorious Servolinked Greaves
Glorious Servolinked Helm
Glorious Servolinked Sleeves
Glorious Snowborn Armband
Glorious Snowborn Boots
Glorious Snowborn Cuirass
Glorious Snowborn Gloves
Glorious Snowborn Greaves
Glorious Snowborn Helm
Glorious Snowborn Sleeves
Glorious Stalwart Armband
Glorious Stalwart Boots
Glorious Stalwart Cuirass
Glorious Stalwart Gloves
Glorious Stalwart Greaves
Glorious Stalwart Helm
Glorious Stalwart Sleeves
Glorious Stonetooth Armband
Glorious Stonetooth Boots
Glorious Stonetooth Cuirass
Glorious Stonetooth Gloves
Glorious Stonetooth Greaves
Glorious Stonetooth Helm
Glorious Stonetooth Sleeves
Glorious Stormguard Armband
Glorious Stormguard Boots
Glorious Stormguard Cuirass
Glorious Stormguard Gloves
Glorious Stormguard Greaves
Glorious Stormguard Helm
Glorious Stormguard Sleeves
Glorious Trooper Armband
Glorious Trooper Boots
Glorious Trooper Cuirass
Glorious Trooper Gloves
Glorious Trooper Greaves
Glorious Trooper Helm
Glorious Trooper Sleeves
Glorious Twoscale Armband
Glorious Twoscale Boots
Glorious Twoscale Cuirass
Glorious Twoscale Gloves
Glorious Twoscale Greaves
Glorious Twoscale Helm
Glorious Twoscale Sleeves
Glorious Tyrant Armband
Glorious Tyrant Boots
Glorious Tyrant Cuirass
Glorious Tyrant Gloves
Glorious Tyrant Greaves
Glorious Tyrant Helm
Glorious Tyrant Sleeves
Glorious Warborn Armband
Glorious Warborn Boots
Glorious Warborn Cuirass
Glorious Warborn Gloves
Glorious Warborn Greaves
Glorious Warborn Helm
Glorious Warborn Sleeves
Glorious Wayguard Armband
Glorious Wayguard Boots
Glorious Wayguard Cuirass
Glorious Wayguard Gloves
Glorious Wayguard Greaves
Glorious Wayguard Helm
Glorious Wayguard Sleeves
Glorious Wealdstone Armband
Glorious Wealdstone Boots
Glorious Wealdstone Cuirass
Glorious Wealdstone Gloves
Glorious Wealdstone Greaves
Glorious Wealdstone Helm
Glorious Wealdstone Sleeves
Glorious Wirewood Armband
Glorious Wirewood Boots
Glorious Wirewood Cuirass
Glorious Wirewood Gloves
Glorious Wirewood Greaves
Glorious Wirewood Helm
Glorious Wirewood Sleeves
Gnome Shaped Cookie Cutter
Gnomework Adaptive Steel Plate
Gothic Ringmail Boots
Gothic Ringmail Bracelet
Gothic Ringmail Cloak
Gothic Ringmail Coif
Gothic Ringmail Gloves
Gothic Ringmail Gorget
Gothic Ringmail Leggings
Gothic Ringmail Mantle
Gothic Ringmail Skirt
Gothic Ringmail Sleeves
Gothic Ringmail Tunic
Gothic Ringmail Veil
Gothic Steel Boots
Gothic Steel Bracer
Gothic Steel Breastplate
Gothic Steel Cloak
Gothic Steel Collar
Gothic Steel Gauntlets
Gothic Steel Girth
Gothic Steel Greaves
Gothic Steel Helmet
Gothic Steel Pauldrons
Gothic Steel Vambraces
Gothic Steel Visor
Grape Crushing Device
Grimling Shaped Cookie Cutter
Guktan Sewing Kit
Half Elf Sewing Kit
Harmony of the Soul
Hickory Handled Shears
High Quality Folded Sheet Metal
High Quality Metal Bits
High Quality Metal Rings
High Quality Sheet Metal
Hooked Arrowheads
Iksar Sewing Kit
Intricate Autoactuated Armband
Intricate Autoactuated Boots
Intricate Autoactuated Cuirass
Intricate Autoactuated Gloves
Intricate Autoactuated Greaves
Intricate Autoactuated Helm
Intricate Autoactuated Sleeves
Intricate Claviger Armband
Intricate Claviger Boots
Intricate Claviger Cuirass
Intricate Claviger Gloves
Intricate Claviger Greaves
Intricate Claviger Helm
Intricate Claviger Sleeves
Intricate Crystalscale Armband
Intricate Crystalscale Boots
Intricate Crystalscale Cuirass
Intricate Crystalscale Gloves
Intricate Crystalscale Greaves
Intricate Crystalscale Helm
Intricate Crystalscale Sleeves
Intricate Crystalwing Armband
Intricate Crystalwing Boots
Intricate Crystalwing Cuirass
Intricate Crystalwing Gloves
Intricate Crystalwing Greaves
Intricate Crystalwing Helm
Intricate Crystalwing Sleeves
Intricate Daybreaker Armband
Intricate Daybreaker Boots
Intricate Daybreaker Cuirass
Intricate Daybreaker Gloves
Intricate Daybreaker Greaves
Intricate Daybreaker Helm
Intricate Daybreaker Sleeves
Intricate Dreadguard Armband
Intricate Dreadguard Boots
Intricate Dreadguard Cuirass
Intricate Dreadguard Gloves
Intricate Dreadguard Greaves
Intricate Dreadguard Helm
Intricate Dreadguard Sleeves
Intricate Farsight Armband
Intricate Farsight Boots
Intricate Farsight Cuirass
Intricate Farsight Gloves
Intricate Farsight Greaves
Intricate Farsight Helm
Intricate Farsight Sleeves
Intricate Frostwarded Armband
Intricate Frostwarded Boots
Intricate Frostwarded Cuirass
Intricate Frostwarded Gloves
Intricate Frostwarded Greaves
Intricate Frostwarded Helm
Intricate Frostwarded Sleeves
Intricate Khala Dun Armband
Intricate Khala Dun Boots
Intricate Khala Dun Cuirass
Intricate Khala Dun Gloves
Intricate Khala Dun Greaves
Intricate Khala Dun Helm
Intricate Khala Dun Sleeves
Intricate Khala Vir Armband
Intricate Khala Vir Boots
Intricate Khala Vir Cuirass
Intricate Khala Vir Gloves
Intricate Khala Vir Greaves
Intricate Khala Vir Helm
Intricate Khala Vir Sleeves
Intricate Leatherfoot Armband
Intricate Leatherfoot Boots
Intricate Leatherfoot Cuirass
Intricate Leatherfoot Gloves
Intricate Leatherfoot Greaves
Intricate Leatherfoot Helm
Intricate Leatherfoot Sleeves
Intricate Lightring Armband
Intricate Lightring Boots
Intricate Lightring Cuirass
Intricate Lightring Gloves
Intricate Lightring Greaves
Intricate Lightring Helm
Intricate Lightring Sleeves
Intricate Moonglade Armband
Intricate Moonglade Boots
Intricate Moonglade Cuirass
Intricate Moonglade Gloves
Intricate Moonglade Greaves
Intricate Moonglade Helm
Intricate Moonglade Sleeves
Intricate Nightfall Armband
Intricate Nightfall Boots
Intricate Nightfall Cuirass
Intricate Nightfall Gloves
Intricate Nightfall Greaves
Intricate Nightfall Helm
Intricate Nightfall Sleeves
Intricate Nightkeeper Armband
Intricate Nightkeeper Boots
Intricate Nightkeeper Cuirass
Intricate Nightkeeper Gloves
Intricate Nightkeeper Greaves
Intricate Nightkeeper Helm
Intricate Nightkeeper Sleeves
Intricate Protectorate Armband
Intricate Protectorate Boots
Intricate Protectorate Cuirass
Intricate Protectorate Gloves
Intricate Protectorate Greaves
Intricate Protectorate Helm
Intricate Protectorate Sleeves
Intricate Ravager Armband
Intricate Ravager Boots
Intricate Ravager Cuirass
Intricate Ravager Gloves
Intricate Ravager Greaves
Intricate Ravager Helm
Intricate Ravager Sleeves
Intricate Seashine Armband
Intricate Seashine Boots
Intricate Seashine Cuirass
Intricate Seashine Gloves
Intricate Seashine Greaves
Intricate Seashine Helm
Intricate Seashine Sleeves
Intricate Servolinked Armband
Intricate Servolinked Boots
Intricate Servolinked Cuirass
Intricate Servolinked Gloves
Intricate Servolinked Greaves
Intricate Servolinked Helm
Intricate Servolinked Sleeves
Intricate Snowborn Armband
Intricate Snowborn Boots
Intricate Snowborn Cuirass
Intricate Snowborn Gloves
Intricate Snowborn Greaves
Intricate Snowborn Helm
Intricate Snowborn Sleeves
Intricate Stalwart Armband
Intricate Stalwart Boots
Intricate Stalwart Cuirass
Intricate Stalwart Gloves
Intricate Stalwart Greaves
Intricate Stalwart Helm
Intricate Stalwart Sleeves
Intricate Stonetooth Armband
Intricate Stonetooth Boots
Intricate Stonetooth Cuirass
Intricate Stonetooth Gloves
Intricate Stonetooth Greaves
Intricate Stonetooth Helm
Intricate Stonetooth Sleeves
Intricate Stormguard Armband
Intricate Stormguard Boots
Intricate Stormguard Cuirass
Intricate Stormguard Gloves
Intricate Stormguard Greaves
Intricate Stormguard Helm
Intricate Stormguard Sleeves
Intricate Trooper Armband
Intricate Trooper Boots
Intricate Trooper Cuirass
Intricate Trooper Gloves
Intricate Trooper Greaves
Intricate Trooper Helm
Intricate Trooper Sleeves
Intricate Twoscale Armband
Intricate Twoscale Boots
Intricate Twoscale Cuirass
Intricate Twoscale Gloves
Intricate Twoscale Greaves
Intricate Twoscale Helm
Intricate Twoscale Sleeves
Intricate Tyrant Armband
Intricate Tyrant Boots
Intricate Tyrant Cuirass
Intricate Tyrant Gloves
Intricate Tyrant Greaves
Intricate Tyrant Helm
Intricate Tyrant Sleeves
Intricate Warborn Armband
Intricate Warborn Boots
Intricate Warborn Cuirass
Intricate Warborn Gloves
Intricate Warborn Greaves
Intricate Warborn Helm
Intricate Warborn Sleeves
Intricate Wayguard Armband
Intricate Wayguard Boots
Intricate Wayguard Cuirass
Intricate Wayguard Gloves
Intricate Wayguard Greaves
Intricate Wayguard Helm
Intricate Wayguard Sleeves
Intricate Wealdstone Armband
Intricate Wealdstone Boots
Intricate Wealdstone Cuirass
Intricate Wealdstone Gloves
Intricate Wealdstone Greaves
Intricate Wealdstone Helm
Intricate Wealdstone Sleeves
Intricate Wirewood Armband
Intricate Wirewood Boots
Intricate Wirewood Cuirass
Intricate Wirewood Gloves
Intricate Wirewood Greaves
Intricate Wirewood Helm
Intricate Wirewood Sleeves
Kite Shield
Koada`dal Sewing Kit
Laminator Blade
Laminator Roller
Large Banded Belt
Large Banded Boots
Large Banded Bracer
Large Banded Cloak
Large Banded Gauntlets
Large Banded Gorget
Large Banded Helm
Large Banded Leggings
Large Banded Mail
Large Banded Mantle
Large Banded Mask
Large Banded Sleeves
Large Brick of Enchanted Ore
Large Brick of High Quality Ore (Sm Bricks)
Large Brick of Medium Quality Ore (Sm Brick)
Large Brick of Ore
Large Brick of Ore (Small Brick of Ore)
Large Brick of Ore (T Two Handed Sword)
Large Brick of Ore (T Two-Handed Battle Axe)
Large Brick of Refined High Quality Ore
Large Buckler
Large Calcified Ringmail Boots
Large Calcified Ringmail Bracelet
Large Calcified Ringmail Cloak
Large Calcified Ringmail Coif
Large Calcified Ringmail Gloves
Large Calcified Ringmail Gorget
Large Calcified Ringmail Leggings
Large Calcified Ringmail Mantle
Large Calcified Ringmail Skirt
Large Calcified Ringmail Sleeves
Large Calcified Ringmail Tunic
Large Calcified Ringmail Veil
Large Calcified Steel Boots
Large Calcified Steel Bracer
Large Calcified Steel Breastplate
Large Calcified Steel Cloak
Large Calcified Steel Collar
Large Calcified Steel Gauntlets
Large Calcified Steel Girth
Large Calcified Steel Greaves
Large Calcified Steel Helmet
Large Calcified Steel Pauldrons
Large Calcified Steel Vambraces
Large Calcified Steel Visor
Large Deep Cavern Bracelet
Large Deep Cavern Breastplate
Large Deep Cavern Leggings
Large Deep Cavern Ringmail Boots
Large Deep Cavern Ringmail Cloak
Large Deep Cavern Ringmail Coif
Large Deep Cavern Ringmail Gloves
Large Deep Cavern Ringmail Gorget
Large Deep Cavern Ringmail Mantle
Large Deep Cavern Ringmail Skirt
Large Deep Cavern Ringmail Sleeves
Large Deep Cavern Ringmail Tunic
Large Deep Cavern Ringmail Veil
Large Deep Cavern Steel Boots
Large Deep Cavern Steel Bracer
Large Deep Cavern Steel Cloak
Large Deep Cavern Steel Collar
Large Deep Cavern Steel Gauntlets
Large Deep Cavern Steel Girth
Large Deep Cavern Steel Greaves
Large Deep Cavern Steel Helmet
Large Deep Cavern Steel Pauldrons
Large Deep Cavern Steel Vambraces
Large Deep Cavern Steel Visor
Large Fine Plate Boots
Large Fine Plate Bracer
Large Fine Plate Collar
Large Fine Plate Gauntlets
Large Fine Plate Girdle
Large Fine Plate Greaves
Large Fine Plate Helm
Large Fine Plate Pauldron
Large Fine Plate Vambraces
Large Fine Plate Visor
Large Fine Splinted Cloak
Large Fine Steel Breastplate
Large Frosted Ringmail Boots
Large Frosted Ringmail Bracelet
Large Frosted Ringmail Cloak
Large Frosted Ringmail Coif
Large Frosted Ringmail Gloves
Large Frosted Ringmail Gorget
Large Frosted Ringmail Leggings
Large Frosted Ringmail Mantle
Large Frosted Ringmail Skirt
Large Frosted Ringmail Sleeves
Large Frosted Ringmail Tunic
Large Frosted Ringmail Veil
Large Frosted Steel Boots
Large Frosted Steel Bracer
Large Frosted Steel Breastplate
Large Frosted Steel Cloak
Large Frosted Steel Collar
Large Frosted Steel Gauntlets
Large Frosted Steel Girth
Large Frosted Steel Greaves
Large Frosted Steel Helmet
Large Frosted Steel Pauldrons
Large Frosted Steel Vambraces
Large Frosted Steel Visor
Large Gothic Ringmail Boots
Large Gothic Ringmail Bracelet
Large Gothic Ringmail Cloak
Large Gothic Ringmail Coif
Large Gothic Ringmail Gloves
Large Gothic Ringmail Gorget
Large Gothic Ringmail Leggings
Large Gothic Ringmail Mantle
Large Gothic Ringmail Skirt
Large Gothic Ringmail Sleeves
Large Gothic Ringmail Tunic
Large Gothic Ringmail Veil
Large Gothic Steel Boots
Large Gothic Steel Bracer
Large Gothic Steel Breastplate
Large Gothic Steel Cloak
Large Gothic Steel Collar
Large Gothic Steel Gauntlets
Large Gothic Steel Girth
Large Gothic Steel Greaves
Large Gothic Steel Helmet
Large Gothic Steel Pauldrons
Large Gothic Steel Vambraces
Large Gothic Steel Visor
Large Kite Shield
Large Lantern
Large Metal Container
Large Ornate Chain Boots
Large Ornate Chain Bracelet
Large Ornate Chain Cloak
Large Ornate Chain Coif
Large Ornate Chain Gloves
Large Ornate Chain Gorget
Large Ornate Chain Leggings
Large Ornate Chain Mail
Large Ornate Chain Mantle
Large Ornate Chain Skirt
Large Ornate Chain Sleeves
Large Ornate Chain Veil
Large Ornate Electrum Chain Boots
Large Ornate Electrum Chain Cloak
Large Ornate Electrum Chain Coif
Large Ornate Electrum Chain Gloves
Large Ornate Electrum Chain Gorget
Large Ornate Electrum Chain Mail
Large Ornate Electrum Chain Mantle
Large Ornate Electrum Chain Skirt
Large Ornate Electrum Chain Veil
Large Ornate Gold Chain Boots
Large Ornate Gold Chain Bracelet
Large Ornate Gold Chain Cloak
Large Ornate Gold Chain Coif
Large Ornate Gold Chain Gloves
Large Ornate Gold Chain Gorget
Large Ornate Gold Chain Leggings
Large Ornate Gold Chain Mail
Large Ornate Gold Chain Mantle
Large Ornate Gold Chain Skirt
Large Ornate Gold Chain Sleeves
Large Ornate Gold Chain Veil
Large Ornate Platinum Chain Boots
Large Ornate Platinum Chain Cloak
Large Ornate Platinum Chain Coif
Large Ornate Platinum Chain Gloves
Large Ornate Platinum Chain Gorget
Large Ornate Platinum Chain Mail
Large Ornate Platinum Chain Mantle
Large Ornate Platinum Chain Skirt
Large Ornate Platinum Chain Veil
Large Round Shield
Large Sandblasted Bracelet
Large Sandblasted Breastplate
Large Sandblasted Leggings
Large Sandblasted Ringmail Boots
Large Sandblasted Ringmail Cloak
Large Sandblasted Ringmail Coif
Large Sandblasted Ringmail Gloves
Large Sandblasted Ringmail Gorget
Large Sandblasted Ringmail Mantle
Large Sandblasted Ringmail Skirt
Large Sandblasted Ringmail Sleeves
Large Sandblasted Ringmail Tunic
Large Sandblasted Ringmail Veil
Large Sandblasted Steel Boots
Large Sandblasted Steel Bracer
Large Sandblasted Steel Cloak
Large Sandblasted Steel Collar
Large Sandblasted Steel Gauntlets
Large Sandblasted Steel Girth
Large Sandblasted Steel Greaves
Large Sandblasted Steel Helmet
Large Sandblasted Steel Pauldrons
Large Sandblasted Steel Vambraces
Large Sandblasted Steel Visor
Large Targ Shield
Large Tower Shield
Lrg Ornate Electrum Chain Bracelet
Lrg Ornate Electrum Chain Leggings
Lrg Ornate Electrum Chain Sleeves
Lrg Ornate Platinum Chain Bracelet
Lrg Ornate Platinum Chain Leggings
Lrg Ornate Platinum Chain Sleeves
Maestro's Conflagrant Boots
Maestro's Conflagrant Bracer
Maestro's Conflagrant Breastplate
Maestro's Conflagrant Gauntlets
Maestro's Conflagrant Greaves
Maestro's Conflagrant Helm
Maestro's Conflagrant Vambraces
Manalinked Gauntlets
Medium Metal Container
Medium Quality Chain Jointing
Medium Quality Folded Sheet Metal
Medium Quality Metal Rings
Medium Quality Sheet Metal
Metal Bits
Metal Rings
Mighty Heavenly Steel Plate
Mithril Arrow Heads
Mithril Bundled Arrow Shafts
Mithril Working Knife
Muffin Tin
Muramite Chain Link
Muramite Metal Sheet
Non-Stick Frying Pan
Northman Battle Axe
Northman Claymore
Northman Kite Shield
Northman Long Dagger
Northman Mace
Northman Sewing Kit
Northman Throwing Axe
Ogre Sewing Kit
Ornate Autoactuated Armband
Ornate Autoactuated Boots
Ornate Autoactuated Cuirass
Ornate Autoactuated Gloves
Ornate Autoactuated Greaves
Ornate Autoactuated Helm
Ornate Autoactuated Sleeves
Ornate Chain Boots
Ornate Chain Bracelet
Ornate Chain Cloak
Ornate Chain Coif
Ornate Chain Gloves
Ornate Chain Gorget
Ornate Chain Leggings
Ornate Chain Mail
Ornate Chain Mantle
Ornate Chain Skirt
Ornate Chain Sleeves
Ornate Chain Veil
Ornate Claviger Armband
Ornate Claviger Boots
Ornate Claviger Cuirass
Ornate Claviger Gloves
Ornate Claviger Greaves
Ornate Claviger Helm
Ornate Claviger Sleeves
Ornate Crystalscale Armband
Ornate Crystalscale Boots
Ornate Crystalscale Cuirass
Ornate Crystalscale Gloves
Ornate Crystalscale Greaves
Ornate Crystalscale Helm
Ornate Crystalscale Sleeves
Ornate Crystalwing Armband
Ornate Crystalwing Boots
Ornate Crystalwing Cuirass
Ornate Crystalwing Gloves
Ornate Crystalwing Greaves
Ornate Crystalwing Helm
Ornate Crystalwing Sleeves
Ornate Daybreaker Armband
Ornate Daybreaker Boots
Ornate Daybreaker Cuirass
Ornate Daybreaker Gloves
Ornate Daybreaker Greaves
Ornate Daybreaker Helm
Ornate Daybreaker Sleeves
Ornate Dreadguard Armband
Ornate Dreadguard Boots
Ornate Dreadguard Cuirass
Ornate Dreadguard Gloves
Ornate Dreadguard Greaves
Ornate Dreadguard Helm
Ornate Dreadguard Sleeves
Ornate Electrum Chain Boots
Ornate Electrum Chain Bracelet
Ornate Electrum Chain Cloak
Ornate Electrum Chain Coif
Ornate Electrum Chain Gloves
Ornate Electrum Chain Gorget
Ornate Electrum Chain Leggings
Ornate Electrum Chain Mail
Ornate Electrum Chain Mantle
Ornate Electrum Chain Skirt
Ornate Electrum Chain Sleeves
Ornate Electrum Chain Veil
Ornate Farsight Armband
Ornate Farsight Boots
Ornate Farsight Cuirass
Ornate Farsight Gloves
Ornate Farsight Greaves
Ornate Farsight Helm
Ornate Farsight Sleeves
Ornate Frostwarded Armband
Ornate Frostwarded Boots
Ornate Frostwarded Cuirass
Ornate Frostwarded Gloves
Ornate Frostwarded Greaves
Ornate Frostwarded Helm
Ornate Frostwarded Sleeves
Ornate Gold Chain Boots
Ornate Gold Chain Bracelet
Ornate Gold Chain Cloak
Ornate Gold Chain Coif
Ornate Gold Chain Gloves
Ornate Gold Chain Gorget
Ornate Gold Chain Leggings
Ornate Gold Chain Mail
Ornate Gold Chain Mantle
Ornate Gold Chain Skirt
Ornate Gold Chain Sleeves
Ornate Gold Chain Veil
Ornate Khala Dun Armband
Ornate Khala Dun Boots
Ornate Khala Dun Cuirass
Ornate Khala Dun Gloves
Ornate Khala Dun Greaves
Ornate Khala Dun Helm
Ornate Khala Dun Sleeves
Ornate Khala Vir Armband
Ornate Khala Vir Boots
Ornate Khala Vir Cuirass
Ornate Khala Vir Gloves
Ornate Khala Vir Greaves
Ornate Khala Vir Helm
Ornate Khala Vir Sleeves
Ornate Leatherfoot Armband
Ornate Leatherfoot Boots
Ornate Leatherfoot Cuirass
Ornate Leatherfoot Gloves
Ornate Leatherfoot Greaves
Ornate Leatherfoot Helm
Ornate Leatherfoot Sleeves
Ornate Lightring Armband
Ornate Lightring Boots
Ornate Lightring Cuirass
Ornate Lightring Gloves
Ornate Lightring Greaves
Ornate Lightring Helm
Ornate Lightring Sleeves
Ornate Moonglade Armband
Ornate Moonglade Boots
Ornate Moonglade Cuirass
Ornate Moonglade Gloves
Ornate Moonglade Greaves
Ornate Moonglade Helm
Ornate Moonglade Sleeves
Ornate Nightfall Armband
Ornate Nightfall Boots
Ornate Nightfall Cuirass
Ornate Nightfall Gloves
Ornate Nightfall Greaves
Ornate Nightfall Helm
Ornate Nightfall Sleeves
Ornate Nightkeeper Armband
Ornate Nightkeeper Boots
Ornate Nightkeeper Cuirass
Ornate Nightkeeper Gloves
Ornate Nightkeeper Greaves
Ornate Nightkeeper Helm
Ornate Nightkeeper Sleeves
Ornate Platinum Chain Boots
Ornate Platinum Chain Bracelet
Ornate Platinum Chain Cloak
Ornate Platinum Chain Coif
Ornate Platinum Chain Gloves
Ornate Platinum Chain Gorget
Ornate Platinum Chain Leggings
Ornate Platinum Chain Mail
Ornate Platinum Chain Mantle
Ornate Platinum Chain Skirt
Ornate Platinum Chain Sleeves
Ornate Platinum Chain Veil
Ornate Protectorate Armband
Ornate Protectorate Boots
Ornate Protectorate Cuirass
Ornate Protectorate Gloves
Ornate Protectorate Greaves
Ornate Protectorate Helm
Ornate Protectorate Sleeves
Ornate Ravager Armband
Ornate Ravager Boots
Ornate Ravager Cuirass
Ornate Ravager Gloves
Ornate Ravager Greaves
Ornate Ravager Helm
Ornate Ravager Sleeves
Ornate Seashine Armband
Ornate Seashine Boots
Ornate Seashine Cuirass
Ornate Seashine Gloves
Ornate Seashine Greaves
Ornate Seashine Helm
Ornate Seashine Sleeves
Ornate Servolinked Armband
Ornate Servolinked Boots
Ornate Servolinked Cuirass
Ornate Servolinked Gloves
Ornate Servolinked Greaves
Ornate Servolinked Helm
Ornate Servolinked Sleeves
Ornate Snowborn Armband
Ornate Snowborn Boots
Ornate Snowborn Cuirass
Ornate Snowborn Gloves
Ornate Snowborn Greaves
Ornate Snowborn Helm
Ornate Snowborn Sleeves
Ornate Stalwart Armband
Ornate Stalwart Boots
Ornate Stalwart Cuirass
Ornate Stalwart Gloves
Ornate Stalwart Greaves
Ornate Stalwart Helm
Ornate Stalwart Sleeves
Ornate Stonetooth Armband
Ornate Stonetooth Boots
Ornate Stonetooth Cuirass
Ornate Stonetooth Gloves
Ornate Stonetooth Greaves
Ornate Stonetooth Helm
Ornate Stonetooth Sleeves
Ornate Stormguard Armband
Ornate Stormguard Boots
Ornate Stormguard Cuirass
Ornate Stormguard Gloves
Ornate Stormguard Greaves
Ornate Stormguard Helm
Ornate Stormguard Sleeves
Ornate Trooper Armband
Ornate Trooper Boots
Ornate Trooper Cuirass
Ornate Trooper Gloves
Ornate Trooper Greaves
Ornate Trooper Helm
Ornate Trooper Sleeves
Ornate Twoscale Armband
Ornate Twoscale Boots
Ornate Twoscale Cuirass
Ornate Twoscale Gloves
Ornate Twoscale Greaves
Ornate Twoscale Helm
Ornate Twoscale Sleeves
Ornate Tyrant Armband
Ornate Tyrant Boots
Ornate Tyrant Cuirass
Ornate Tyrant Gloves
Ornate Tyrant Greaves
Ornate Tyrant Helm
Ornate Tyrant Sleeves
Ornate Warborn Armband
Ornate Warborn Boots
Ornate Warborn Cuirass
Ornate Warborn Gloves
Ornate Warborn Greaves
Ornate Warborn Helm
Ornate Warborn Sleeves
Ornate Wayguard Armband
Ornate Wayguard Boots
Ornate Wayguard Cuirass
Ornate Wayguard Gloves
Ornate Wayguard Greaves
Ornate Wayguard Helm
Ornate Wayguard Sleeves
Ornate Wealdstone Armband
Ornate Wealdstone Boots
Ornate Wealdstone Cuirass
Ornate Wealdstone Gloves
Ornate Wealdstone Greaves
Ornate Wealdstone Helm
Ornate Wealdstone Sleeves
Ornate Wirewood Armband
Ornate Wirewood Boots
Ornate Wirewood Cuirass
Ornate Wirewood Gloves
Ornate Wirewood Greaves
Ornate Wirewood Helm
Ornate Wirewood Sleeves
Overlord's Conflagrant Boots
Overlord's Conflagrant Bracer
Overlord's Conflagrant Breastplate
Overlord's Conflagrant Gauntlets
Overlord's Conflagrant Greaves
Overlord's Conflagrant Helm
Overlord's Conflagrant Vambraces
Pie Tin
Porous Claw Set
Porous Dagger Blade
Prophet's Conflagrant Boots
Prophet's Conflagrant Coat
Prophet's Conflagrant Coif
Prophet's Conflagrant Gauntlets
Prophet's Conflagrant Leggings
Prophet's Conflagrant Sleeves
Prophet's Conflagrant Wristguard
Refined Underfoot Copper
Reflective Emberquartz Chainmail Links
Reflective Emberquartz Sheet
Regal Autoactuated Armband
Regal Autoactuated Boots
Regal Autoactuated Cuirass
Regal Autoactuated Gloves
Regal Autoactuated Greaves
Regal Autoactuated Helm
Regal Autoactuated Sleeves
Regal Claviger Armband
Regal Claviger Boots
Regal Claviger Cuirass
Regal Claviger Gloves
Regal Claviger Greaves
Regal Claviger Helm
Regal Claviger Sleeves
Regal Crystalscale Armband
Regal Crystalscale Boots
Regal Crystalscale Cuirass
Regal Crystalscale Gloves
Regal Crystalscale Greaves
Regal Crystalscale Helm
Regal Crystalscale Sleeves
Regal Crystalwing Armband
Regal Crystalwing Boots
Regal Crystalwing Cuirass
Regal Crystalwing Gloves
Regal Crystalwing Greaves
Regal Crystalwing Helm
Regal Crystalwing Sleeves
Regal Daybreaker Armband
Regal Daybreaker Boots
Regal Daybreaker Cuirass
Regal Daybreaker Gloves
Regal Daybreaker Greaves
Regal Daybreaker Helm
Regal Daybreaker Sleeves
Regal Dreadguard Armband
Regal Dreadguard Boots
Regal Dreadguard Cuirass
Regal Dreadguard Gloves
Regal Dreadguard Greaves
Regal Dreadguard Helm
Regal Dreadguard Sleeves
Regal Farsight Armband
Regal Farsight Boots
Regal Farsight Cuirass
Regal Farsight Gloves
Regal Farsight Greaves
Regal Farsight Helm
Regal Farsight Sleeves
Regal Frostwarded Armband
Regal Frostwarded Boots
Regal Frostwarded Cuirass
Regal Frostwarded Gloves
Regal Frostwarded Greaves
Regal Frostwarded Helm
Regal Frostwarded Sleeves
Regal Khala Dun Armband
Regal Khala Dun Boots
Regal Khala Dun Cuirass
Regal Khala Dun Gloves
Regal Khala Dun Greaves
Regal Khala Dun Helm
Regal Khala Dun Sleeves
Regal Khala Vir Armband
Regal Khala Vir Boots
Regal Khala Vir Cuirass
Regal Khala Vir Gloves
Regal Khala Vir Greaves
Regal Khala Vir Helm
Regal Khala Vir Sleeves
Regal Leatherfoot Armband
Regal Leatherfoot Boots
Regal Leatherfoot Cuirass
Regal Leatherfoot Gloves
Regal Leatherfoot Greaves
Regal Leatherfoot Helm
Regal Leatherfoot Sleeves
Regal Lightring Armband
Regal Lightring Boots
Regal Lightring Cuirass
Regal Lightring Gloves
Regal Lightring Greaves
Regal Lightring Helm
Regal Lightring Sleeves
Regal Moonglade Armband
Regal Moonglade Boots
Regal Moonglade Cuirass
Regal Moonglade Gloves
Regal Moonglade Greaves
Regal Moonglade Helm
Regal Moonglade Sleeves
Regal Nightfall Armband
Regal Nightfall Boots
Regal Nightfall Cuirass
Regal Nightfall Gloves
Regal Nightfall Greaves
Regal Nightfall Helm
Regal Nightfall Sleeves
Regal Nightkeeper Armband
Regal Nightkeeper Boots
Regal Nightkeeper Cuirass
Regal Nightkeeper Gloves
Regal Nightkeeper Greaves
Regal Nightkeeper Helm
Regal Nightkeeper Sleeves
Regal Protectorate Armband
Regal Protectorate Boots
Regal Protectorate Cuirass
Regal Protectorate Gloves
Regal Protectorate Greaves
Regal Protectorate Helm
Regal Protectorate Sleeves
Regal Ravager Armband
Regal Ravager Boots
Regal Ravager Cuirass
Regal Ravager Gloves
Regal Ravager Greaves
Regal Ravager Helm
Regal Ravager Sleeves
Regal Seashine Armband
Regal Seashine Boots
Regal Seashine Cuirass
Regal Seashine Gloves
Regal Seashine Greaves
Regal Seashine Helm
Regal Seashine Sleeves
Regal Servolinked Armband
Regal Servolinked Boots
Regal Servolinked Cuirass
Regal Servolinked Gloves
Regal Servolinked Greaves
Regal Servolinked Helm
Regal Servolinked Sleeves
Regal Snowborn Armband
Regal Snowborn Boots
Regal Snowborn Cuirass
Regal Snowborn Gloves
Regal Snowborn Greaves
Regal Snowborn Helm
Regal Snowborn Sleeves
Regal Stalwart Armband
Regal Stalwart Boots
Regal Stalwart Cuirass
Regal Stalwart Gloves
Regal Stalwart Greaves
Regal Stalwart Helm
Regal Stalwart Sleeves
Regal Stonetooth Armband
Regal Stonetooth Boots
Regal Stonetooth Cuirass
Regal Stonetooth Gloves
Regal Stonetooth Greaves
Regal Stonetooth Helm
Regal Stonetooth Sleeves
Regal Stormguard Armband
Regal Stormguard Boots
Regal Stormguard Cuirass
Regal Stormguard Gloves
Regal Stormguard Greaves
Regal Stormguard Helm
Regal Stormguard Sleeves
Regal Trooper Armband
Regal Trooper Boots
Regal Trooper Cuirass
Regal Trooper Gloves
Regal Trooper Greaves
Regal Trooper Helm
Regal Trooper Sleeves
Regal Twoscale Armband
Regal Twoscale Boots
Regal Twoscale Cuirass
Regal Twoscale Gloves
Regal Twoscale Greaves
Regal Twoscale Helm
Regal Twoscale Sleeves
Regal Tyrant Armband
Regal Tyrant Boots
Regal Tyrant Cuirass
Regal Tyrant Gloves
Regal Tyrant Greaves
Regal Tyrant Helm
Regal Tyrant Sleeves
Regal Warborn Armband
Regal Warborn Boots
Regal Warborn Cuirass
Regal Warborn Gloves
Regal Warborn Greaves
Regal Warborn Helm
Regal Warborn Sleeves
Regal Wayguard Armband
Regal Wayguard Boots
Regal Wayguard Cuirass
Regal Wayguard Gloves
Regal Wayguard Greaves
Regal Wayguard Helm
Regal Wayguard Sleeves
Regal Wealdstone Armband
Regal Wealdstone Boots
Regal Wealdstone Cuirass
Regal Wealdstone Gloves
Regal Wealdstone Greaves
Regal Wealdstone Helm
Regal Wealdstone Sleeves
Regal Wirewood Armband
Regal Wirewood Boots
Regal Wirewood Cuirass
Regal Wirewood Gloves
Regal Wirewood Greaves
Regal Wirewood Helm
Regal Wirewood Sleeves
Restless Velium Chainmail Rings
Restless Velium Sheet
Round Shield
Sandblasted Ringmail Boots
Sandblasted Ringmail Bracelet
Sandblasted Ringmail Cloak
Sandblasted Ringmail Coif
Sandblasted Ringmail Gloves
Sandblasted Ringmail Gorget
Sandblasted Ringmail Leggings
Sandblasted Ringmail Mantle
Sandblasted Ringmail Skirt
Sandblasted Ringmail Sleeves
Sandblasted Ringmail Tunic
Sandblasted Ringmail Veil
Sandblasted Steel Boots
Sandblasted Steel Bracer
Sandblasted Steel Breastplate
Sandblasted Steel Cloak
Sandblasted Steel Collar
Sandblasted Steel Gauntlets
Sandblasted Steel Girth
Sandblasted Steel Greaves
Sandblasted Steel Helmet
Sandblasted Steel Pauldrons
Sandblasted Steel Vambraces
Sandblasted Steel Visor
Seafarers Buckler Shield
Seafarers Cutlass
Seafarers Dirk
Seafarers Harpoon
Sewing Needle
Shadowscream Steel Belt
Shadowscream Steel Boots
Shadowscream Steel Bracer
Shadowscream Steel Cloak
Shadowscream Steel Collar
Shadowscream Steel Gloves
Shadowscream Steel Helm
Shadowscream Steel Leggings
Shadowscream Steel Mantle
Shadowscream Steel Sleeves
Shadowscream Steel Tunic
Shadowscream Steel Veil
Shar Vahl Sewing Kit
Sheet Metal
Sheet Of Shimmering Steel
Sheet of Acrylia
Sheet of Aligned Steel
Shissar Shaped Cookie Cutter
Silver Tipped Arrowheads
Silvered Battle Axe
Silvered Dagger
Silvered Halberd
Silvered Javelin
Silvered Long Sword
Silvered Mace
Silvered Pick
Silvered Rapier
Silvered Scimitar
Silvered Short Sword
Silvered Shuriken
Silvered Spear
Silvered Throwing Axe
Silvered Throwing Knife
Silvered Warhammer
Simple Autoactuated Armband
Simple Autoactuated Boots
Simple Autoactuated Cuirass
Simple Autoactuated Gloves
Simple Autoactuated Greaves
Simple Autoactuated Helm
Simple Autoactuated Sleeves
Simple Claviger Armband
Simple Claviger Boots
Simple Claviger Cuirass
Simple Claviger Gloves
Simple Claviger Greaves
Simple Claviger Helm
Simple Claviger Sleeves
Simple Crystalscale Armband
Simple Crystalscale Boots
Simple Crystalscale Cuirass
Simple Crystalscale Gloves
Simple Crystalscale Greaves
Simple Crystalscale Helm
Simple Crystalscale Sleeves
Simple Crystalwing Armband
Simple Crystalwing Boots
Simple Crystalwing Cuirass
Simple Crystalwing Gloves
Simple Crystalwing Greaves
Simple Crystalwing Helm
Simple Crystalwing Sleeves
Simple Daybreaker Armband
Simple Daybreaker Boots
Simple Daybreaker Cuirass
Simple Daybreaker Gloves
Simple Daybreaker Greaves
Simple Daybreaker Helm
Simple Daybreaker Sleeves
Simple Dreadguard Armband
Simple Dreadguard Boots
Simple Dreadguard Cuirass
Simple Dreadguard Gloves
Simple Dreadguard Greaves
Simple Dreadguard Helm
Simple Dreadguard Sleeves
Simple Farsight Armband
Simple Farsight Boots
Simple Farsight Cuirass
Simple Farsight Gloves
Simple Farsight Greaves
Simple Farsight Helm
Simple Farsight Sleeves
Simple Frostwarded Armband
Simple Frostwarded Boots
Simple Frostwarded Cuirass
Simple Frostwarded Gloves
Simple Frostwarded Greaves
Simple Frostwarded Helm
Simple Frostwarded Sleeves
Simple Khala Dun Armband
Simple Khala Dun Boots
Simple Khala Dun Cuirass
Simple Khala Dun Gloves
Simple Khala Dun Greaves
Simple Khala Dun Helm
Simple Khala Dun Sleeves
Simple Khala Vir Armband
Simple Khala Vir Boots
Simple Khala Vir Cuirass
Simple Khala Vir Gloves
Simple Khala Vir Greaves
Simple Khala Vir Helm
Simple Khala Vir Sleeves
Simple Leatherfoot Armband
Simple Leatherfoot Boots
Simple Leatherfoot Cuirass
Simple Leatherfoot Gloves
Simple Leatherfoot Greaves
Simple Leatherfoot Helm
Simple Leatherfoot Sleeves
Simple Lightring Armband
Simple Lightring Boots
Simple Lightring Cuirass
Simple Lightring Gloves
Simple Lightring Greaves
Simple Lightring Helm
Simple Lightring Sleeves
Simple Moonglade Armband
Simple Moonglade Boots
Simple Moonglade Cuirass
Simple Moonglade Gloves
Simple Moonglade Greaves
Simple Moonglade Helm
Simple Moonglade Sleeves
Simple Nightfall Armband
Simple Nightfall Boots
Simple Nightfall Cuirass
Simple Nightfall Gloves
Simple Nightfall Greaves
Simple Nightfall Helm
Simple Nightfall Sleeves
Simple Nightkeeper Armband
Simple Nightkeeper Boots
Simple Nightkeeper Cuirass
Simple Nightkeeper Gloves
Simple Nightkeeper Greaves
Simple Nightkeeper Helm
Simple Nightkeeper Sleeves
Simple Protectorate Armband
Simple Protectorate Boots
Simple Protectorate Cuirass
Simple Protectorate Gloves
Simple Protectorate Greaves
Simple Protectorate Helm
Simple Protectorate Sleeves
Simple Ravager Armband
Simple Ravager Boots
Simple Ravager Cuirass
Simple Ravager Gloves
Simple Ravager Greaves
Simple Ravager Helm
Simple Ravager Sleeves
Simple Seashine Armband
Simple Seashine Boots
Simple Seashine Cuirass
Simple Seashine Gloves
Simple Seashine Greaves
Simple Seashine Helm
Simple Seashine Sleeves
Simple Servolinked Armband
Simple Servolinked Boots
Simple Servolinked Cuirass
Simple Servolinked Gloves
Simple Servolinked Greaves
Simple Servolinked Helm
Simple Servolinked Sleeves
Simple Snowborn Armband
Simple Snowborn Boots
Simple Snowborn Cuirass
Simple Snowborn Gloves
Simple Snowborn Greaves
Simple Snowborn Helm
Simple Snowborn Sleeves
Simple Stalwart Armband
Simple Stalwart Boots
Simple Stalwart Cuirass
Simple Stalwart Gloves
Simple Stalwart Greaves
Simple Stalwart Helm
Simple Stalwart Sleeves
Simple Stonetooth Armband
Simple Stonetooth Boots
Simple Stonetooth Cuirass
Simple Stonetooth Gloves
Simple Stonetooth Greaves
Simple Stonetooth Helm
Simple Stonetooth Sleeves
Simple Stormguard Armband
Simple Stormguard Boots
Simple Stormguard Cuirass
Simple Stormguard Gloves
Simple Stormguard Greaves
Simple Stormguard Helm
Simple Stormguard Sleeves
Simple Trooper Armband
Simple Trooper Boots
Simple Trooper Cuirass
Simple Trooper Gloves
Simple Trooper Greaves
Simple Trooper Helm
Simple Trooper Sleeves
Simple Twoscale Armband
Simple Twoscale Boots
Simple Twoscale Cuirass
Simple Twoscale Gloves
Simple Twoscale Greaves
Simple Twoscale Helm
Simple Twoscale Sleeves
Simple Tyrant Armband
Simple Tyrant Boots
Simple Tyrant Cuirass
Simple Tyrant Gloves
Simple Tyrant Greaves
Simple Tyrant Helm
Simple Tyrant Sleeves
Simple Warborn Armband
Simple Warborn Boots
Simple Warborn Cuirass
Simple Warborn Gloves
Simple Warborn Greaves
Simple Warborn Helm
Simple Warborn Sleeves
Simple Wayguard Armband
Simple Wayguard Boots
Simple Wayguard Cuirass
Simple Wayguard Gloves
Simple Wayguard Greaves
Simple Wayguard Helm
Simple Wayguard Sleeves
Simple Wealdstone Armband
Simple Wealdstone Boots
Simple Wealdstone Cuirass
Simple Wealdstone Gloves
Simple Wealdstone Greaves
Simple Wealdstone Helm
Simple Wealdstone Sleeves
Simple Wirewood Armband
Simple Wirewood Boots
Simple Wirewood Cuirass
Simple Wirewood Gloves
Simple Wirewood Greaves
Simple Wirewood Helm
Simple Wirewood Sleeves
Skinning Knife
Small Banded Belt
Small Banded Boots
Small Banded Bracer
Small Banded Cloak
Small Banded Gauntlets
Small Banded Gorget
Small Banded Helm
Small Banded Leggings
Small Banded Mail
Small Banded Mantle
Small Banded Mask
Small Banded Sleeves
Small Brick of Acrylia Ore (pieces)
Small Brick of Enchanted Ore
Small Brick of High Quality Ore (FS Dagger)
Small Brick of High Quality Ore (FS Great Staff)
Small Brick of High Quality Ore (FS Jutte)
Small Brick of High Quality Ore (FS Katana)
Small Brick of High Quality Ore (FS Kusarigama)
Small Brick of High Quality Ore (FS Longsword)
Small Brick of High Quality Ore (FS Morning star)
Small Brick of High Quality Ore (FS Naginata)
Small Brick of High Quality Ore (FS Rapier)
Small Brick of High Quality Ore (FS Scimitar)
Small Brick of High Quality Ore (FS Short Sword)
Small Brick of High Quality Ore (FS Spear)
Small Brick of High Quality Ore (FS Tachi)
Small Brick of High Quality Ore (FS Tanto)
Small Brick of High Quality Ore (FS Tonfa)
Small Brick of High Quality Ore (FS Two Handed Sword)
Small Brick of High Quality Ore (FS Wakazashi )
Small Brick of High Quality Ore (FS Warhammer)
Small Brick of High Quality Ore (FS Yari)
Small Brick of High Quality Ore (Pieces)
Small Brick of Medium Quality Ore (Pieces)
Small Brick of Ore (Pieces)
Small Brick of Ore (T Bastard Sword)
Small Brick of Ore (T Battle Axe)
Small Brick of Ore (T Broad Sword)
Small Brick of Ore (T Fer Esh)
Small Brick of Ore (T Flail)
Small Brick of Ore (T Longsword)
Small Brick of Ore (T Mace)
Small Brick of Ore (T Morningstar)
Small Brick of Ore (T Scimitar)
Small Brick of Ore (T Scythe)
Small Brick of Ore (T Shan Tok)
Small Brick of Ore (T Sheer Blade)
Small Brick of Ore (T Warhammer)
Small Buckler
Small Calcified Ringmail Boots
Small Calcified Ringmail Bracelet
Small Calcified Ringmail Cloak
Small Calcified Ringmail Coif
Small Calcified Ringmail Gloves
Small Calcified Ringmail Gorget
Small Calcified Ringmail Leggings
Small Calcified Ringmail Mantle
Small Calcified Ringmail Skirt
Small Calcified Ringmail Sleeves
Small Calcified Ringmail Tunic
Small Calcified Ringmail Veil
Small Calcified Steel Boots
Small Calcified Steel Bracer
Small Calcified Steel Breastplate
Small Calcified Steel Cloak
Small Calcified Steel Collar
Small Calcified Steel Gauntlets
Small Calcified Steel Girth
Small Calcified Steel Greaves
Small Calcified Steel Helmet
Small Calcified Steel Pauldrons
Small Calcified Steel Vambraces
Small Calcified Steel Visor
Small Deep Cavern Bracelet
Small Deep Cavern Breastplate
Small Deep Cavern Leggings
Small Deep Cavern Ringmail Boots
Small Deep Cavern Ringmail Cloak
Small Deep Cavern Ringmail Coif
Small Deep Cavern Ringmail Gloves
Small Deep Cavern Ringmail Gorget
Small Deep Cavern Ringmail Mantle
Small Deep Cavern Ringmail Skirt
Small Deep Cavern Ringmail Sleeves
Small Deep Cavern Ringmail Tunic
Small Deep Cavern Ringmail Veil
Small Deep Cavern Steel Boots
Small Deep Cavern Steel Bracer
Small Deep Cavern Steel Cloak
Small Deep Cavern Steel Collar
Small Deep Cavern Steel Gauntlets
Small Deep Cavern Steel Girth
Small Deep Cavern Steel Greaves
Small Deep Cavern Steel Helmet
Small Deep Cavern Steel Pauldrons
Small Deep Cavern Steel Vambraces
Small Deep Cavern Steel Visor
Small Fine Plate Boots
Small Fine Plate Bracer
Small Fine Plate Collar
Small Fine Plate Gauntlets
Small Fine Plate Girdle
Small Fine Plate Greaves
Small Fine Plate Helm
Small Fine Plate Pauldron
Small Fine Plate Vambraces
Small Fine Plate Visor
Small Fine Splinted Cloak
Small Fine Steel Breastplate
Small Frosted Ringmail Boots
Small Frosted Ringmail Bracelet
Small Frosted Ringmail Cloak
Small Frosted Ringmail Coif
Small Frosted Ringmail Gloves
Small Frosted Ringmail Gorget
Small Frosted Ringmail Leggings
Small Frosted Ringmail Mantle
Small Frosted Ringmail Skirt
Small Frosted Ringmail Sleeves
Small Frosted Ringmail Tunic
Small Frosted Ringmail Veil
Small Frosted Steel Boots
Small Frosted Steel Bracer
Small Frosted Steel Breastplate
Small Frosted Steel Cloak
Small Frosted Steel Collar
Small Frosted Steel Gauntlets
Small Frosted Steel Girth
Small Frosted Steel Greaves
Small Frosted Steel Helmet
Small Frosted Steel Pauldrons
Small Frosted Steel Vambraces
Small Frosted Steel Visor
Small Gothic Ringmail Boots
Small Gothic Ringmail Bracelet
Small Gothic Ringmail Cloak
Small Gothic Ringmail Coif
Small Gothic Ringmail Gloves
Small Gothic Ringmail Gorget
Small Gothic Ringmail Leggings
Small Gothic Ringmail Mantle
Small Gothic Ringmail Skirt
Small Gothic Ringmail Sleeves
Small Gothic Ringmail Tunic
Small Gothic Ringmail Veil
Small Gothic Steel Boots
Small Gothic Steel Bracer
Small Gothic Steel Breastplate
Small Gothic Steel Cloak
Small Gothic Steel Collar
Small Gothic Steel Gauntlets
Small Gothic Steel Girth
Small Gothic Steel Greaves
Small Gothic Steel Helmet
Small Gothic Steel Pauldrons
Small Gothic Steel Vambraces
Small Gothic Steel Visor
Small Kite Shield
Small Metal Container
Small Ornate Chain Boots
Small Ornate Chain Bracelet
Small Ornate Chain Cloak
Small Ornate Chain Coif
Small Ornate Chain Gloves
Small Ornate Chain Gorget
Small Ornate Chain Leggings
Small Ornate Chain Mail
Small Ornate Chain Mantle
Small Ornate Chain Skirt
Small Ornate Chain Sleeves
Small Ornate Chain Veil
Small Ornate Electrum Boots
Small Ornate Electrum Bracelet
Small Ornate Electrum Cloak
Small Ornate Electrum Coif
Small Ornate Electrum Gloves
Small Ornate Electrum Gorget
Small Ornate Electrum Leggings
Small Ornate Electrum Mail
Small Ornate Electrum Mantle
Small Ornate Electrum Skirt
Small Ornate Electrum Sleeves
Small Ornate Electrum Veil
Small Ornate Gold Boots
Small Ornate Gold Bracelet
Small Ornate Gold Cloak
Small Ornate Gold Coif
Small Ornate Gold Gloves
Small Ornate Gold Gorget
Small Ornate Gold Leggings
Small Ornate Gold Mail
Small Ornate Gold Mantle
Small Ornate Gold Skirt
Small Ornate Gold Sleeves
Small Ornate Gold Veil
Small Ornate Platinum Bracelet
Small Ornate Platinum Coif
Small Ornate Platinum Gloves
Small Ornate Platinum Mail
Small Ornate Platinum Mantle
Small Ornate Platinum Skirt
Small Piece of Ore (T Axe)
Small Piece of Ore (T Dagger)
Small Piece of Ore (T Mining Pick)
Small Piece of Ore (T Rapier)
Small Piece of Ore (T Short Spear)
Small Piece of Ore (T Shortsword)
Small Piece of Ore (T Spear)
Small Round Shield
Small Sandblasted Bracelet
Small Sandblasted Breastplate
Small Sandblasted Leggings
Small Sandblasted Ringmail Boots
Small Sandblasted Ringmail Cloak
Small Sandblasted Ringmail Coif
Small Sandblasted Ringmail Gloves
Small Sandblasted Ringmail Gorget
Small Sandblasted Ringmail Mantle
Small Sandblasted Ringmail Skirt
Small Sandblasted Ringmail Sleeves
Small Sandblasted Ringmail Tunic
Small Sandblasted Ringmail Veil
Small Sandblasted Steel Boots
Small Sandblasted Steel Bracer
Small Sandblasted Steel Cloak
Small Sandblasted Steel Collar
Small Sandblasted Steel Gauntlets
Small Sandblasted Steel Girth
Small Sandblasted Steel Greaves
Small Sandblasted Steel Helmet
Small Sandblasted Steel Pauldrons
Small Sandblasted Steel Vambraces
Small Sandblasted Steel Visor
Small Sewing Kit
Small Targ Shield
Small Tower Shield
Smith Ceramic Clay
Sonic Wolf Shaped Cookie Cutter
Spiritual Luclinite Chainmail Links
Spiritual Luclinite Sheet
Stalwart Autoactuated Armband
Stalwart Autoactuated Boots
Stalwart Autoactuated Cuirass
Stalwart Autoactuated Gloves
Stalwart Autoactuated Greaves
Stalwart Autoactuated Helm
Stalwart Autoactuated Sleeves
Stalwart Claviger Armband
Stalwart Claviger Boots
Stalwart Claviger Cuirass
Stalwart Claviger Gloves
Stalwart Claviger Greaves
Stalwart Claviger Helm
Stalwart Claviger Sleeves
Stalwart Crystalscale Armband
Stalwart Crystalscale Boots
Stalwart Crystalscale Cuirass
Stalwart Crystalscale Gloves
Stalwart Crystalscale Greaves
Stalwart Crystalscale Helm
Stalwart Crystalscale Sleeves
Stalwart Crystalwing Armband
Stalwart Crystalwing Boots
Stalwart Crystalwing Cuirass
Stalwart Crystalwing Gloves
Stalwart Crystalwing Greaves
Stalwart Crystalwing Helm
Stalwart Crystalwing Sleeves
Stalwart Daybreaker Armband
Stalwart Daybreaker Boots
Stalwart Daybreaker Cuirass
Stalwart Daybreaker Gloves
Stalwart Daybreaker Greaves
Stalwart Daybreaker Helm
Stalwart Daybreaker Sleeves
Stalwart Dreadguard Armband
Stalwart Dreadguard Boots
Stalwart Dreadguard Cuirass
Stalwart Dreadguard Gloves
Stalwart Dreadguard Greaves
Stalwart Dreadguard Helm
Stalwart Dreadguard Sleeves
Stalwart Farsight Armband
Stalwart Farsight Boots
Stalwart Farsight Cuirass
Stalwart Farsight Gloves
Stalwart Farsight Greaves
Stalwart Farsight Helm
Stalwart Farsight Sleeves
Stalwart Frostwarded Armband
Stalwart Frostwarded Boots
Stalwart Frostwarded Cuirass
Stalwart Frostwarded Gloves
Stalwart Frostwarded Greaves
Stalwart Frostwarded Helm
Stalwart Frostwarded Sleeves
Stalwart Khala Dun Armband
Stalwart Khala Dun Boots
Stalwart Khala Dun Cuirass
Stalwart Khala Dun Gloves
Stalwart Khala Dun Greaves
Stalwart Khala Dun Helm
Stalwart Khala Dun Sleeves
Stalwart Khala Vir Armband
Stalwart Khala Vir Boots
Stalwart Khala Vir Cuirass
Stalwart Khala Vir Gloves
Stalwart Khala Vir Greaves
Stalwart Khala Vir Helm
Stalwart Khala Vir Sleeves
Stalwart Leatherfoot Armband
Stalwart Leatherfoot Boots
Stalwart Leatherfoot Cuirass
Stalwart Leatherfoot Gloves
Stalwart Leatherfoot Greaves
Stalwart Leatherfoot Helm
Stalwart Leatherfoot Sleeves
Stalwart Lightring Armband
Stalwart Lightring Boots
Stalwart Lightring Cuirass
Stalwart Lightring Gloves
Stalwart Lightring Greaves
Stalwart Lightring Helm
Stalwart Lightring Sleeves
Stalwart Moonglade Armband
Stalwart Moonglade Boots
Stalwart Moonglade Cuirass
Stalwart Moonglade Gloves
Stalwart Moonglade Greaves
Stalwart Moonglade Helm
Stalwart Moonglade Sleeves
Stalwart Nightfall Armband
Stalwart Nightfall Boots
Stalwart Nightfall Cuirass
Stalwart Nightfall Gloves
Stalwart Nightfall Greaves
Stalwart Nightfall Helm
Stalwart Nightfall Sleeves
Stalwart Nightkeeper Armband
Stalwart Nightkeeper Boots
Stalwart Nightkeeper Cuirass
Stalwart Nightkeeper Gloves
Stalwart Nightkeeper Greaves
Stalwart Nightkeeper Helm
Stalwart Nightkeeper Sleeves
Stalwart Protectorate Armband
Stalwart Protectorate Boots
Stalwart Protectorate Cuirass
Stalwart Protectorate Gloves
Stalwart Protectorate Greaves
Stalwart Protectorate Helm
Stalwart Protectorate Sleeves
Stalwart Ravager Armband
Stalwart Ravager Boots
Stalwart Ravager Cuirass
Stalwart Ravager Gloves
Stalwart Ravager Greaves
Stalwart Ravager Helm
Stalwart Ravager Sleeves
Stalwart Seashine Armband
Stalwart Seashine Boots
Stalwart Seashine Cuirass
Stalwart Seashine Gloves
Stalwart Seashine Greaves
Stalwart Seashine Helm
Stalwart Seashine Sleeves
Stalwart Servolinked Armband
Stalwart Servolinked Boots
Stalwart Servolinked Cuirass
Stalwart Servolinked Gloves
Stalwart Servolinked Greaves
Stalwart Servolinked Helm
Stalwart Servolinked Sleeves
Stalwart Snowborn Armband
Stalwart Snowborn Boots
Stalwart Snowborn Cuirass
Stalwart Snowborn Gloves
Stalwart Snowborn Greaves
Stalwart Snowborn Helm
Stalwart Snowborn Sleeves
Stalwart Stalwart Armband
Stalwart Stalwart Boots
Stalwart Stalwart Cuirass
Stalwart Stalwart Gloves
Stalwart Stalwart Greaves
Stalwart Stalwart Helm
Stalwart Stalwart Sleeves
Stalwart Stonetooth Armband
Stalwart Stonetooth Boots
Stalwart Stonetooth Cuirass
Stalwart Stonetooth Gloves
Stalwart Stonetooth Greaves
Stalwart Stonetooth Helm
Stalwart Stonetooth Sleeves
Stalwart Stormguard Armband
Stalwart Stormguard Boots
Stalwart Stormguard Cuirass
Stalwart Stormguard Gloves
Stalwart Stormguard Greaves
Stalwart Stormguard Helm
Stalwart Stormguard Sleeves
Stalwart Trooper Armband
Stalwart Trooper Boots
Stalwart Trooper Cuirass
Stalwart Trooper Gloves
Stalwart Trooper Greaves
Stalwart Trooper Helm
Stalwart Trooper Sleeves
Stalwart Twoscale Armband
Stalwart Twoscale Boots
Stalwart Twoscale Cuirass
Stalwart Twoscale Gloves
Stalwart Twoscale Greaves
Stalwart Twoscale Helm
Stalwart Twoscale Sleeves
Stalwart Tyrant Armband
Stalwart Tyrant Boots
Stalwart Tyrant Cuirass
Stalwart Tyrant Gloves
Stalwart Tyrant Greaves
Stalwart Tyrant Helm
Stalwart Tyrant Sleeves
Stalwart Warborn Armband
Stalwart Warborn Boots
Stalwart Warborn Cuirass
Stalwart Warborn Gloves
Stalwart Warborn Greaves
Stalwart Warborn Helm
Stalwart Warborn Sleeves
Stalwart Wayguard Armband
Stalwart Wayguard Boots
Stalwart Wayguard Cuirass
Stalwart Wayguard Gloves
Stalwart Wayguard Greaves
Stalwart Wayguard Helm
Stalwart Wayguard Sleeves
Stalwart Wealdstone Armband
Stalwart Wealdstone Boots
Stalwart Wealdstone Cuirass
Stalwart Wealdstone Gloves
Stalwart Wealdstone Greaves
Stalwart Wealdstone Helm
Stalwart Wealdstone Sleeves
Stalwart Wirewood Armband
Stalwart Wirewood Boots
Stalwart Wirewood Cuirass
Stalwart Wirewood Gloves
Stalwart Wirewood Greaves
Stalwart Wirewood Helm
Stalwart Wirewood Sleeves
Steel Arrowheads
Steel Arrowshafts
Steel Boning
Steel Working Knife
Surefall Fletching Kit
Suzerain Protector's Conflagrant Boots
Suzerain Protector's Conflagrant Bracer
Suzerain Protector's Conflagrant Breastplate
Suzerain Protector's Conflagrant Gauntlets
Suzerain Protector's Conflagrant Greaves
Suzerain Protector's Conflagrant Helm
Suzerain Protector's Conflagrant Vambraces
Tae Ew Plate Boots
Tae Ew Plate Bracers
Tae Ew Plate Breastplate
Tae Ew Plate Gloves
Tae Ew Plate Greaves
Tae Ew Plate Helm
Tae Ew Plate Sleeves
Targ Shield
Teir`Dal Sewing Kit
Tower Shield
Troll Sewing Kit
Troll Shaped Cookie Cutter
Vah Shir Shaped Cookie Cutter
Vale Sewing Kit (DoN)
Velium Chainmail Rings
Velium Sheet
Worked Silver Chain

Recipe Name
Elaborate Bloodpact Armband
Elaborate Bloodpact Boots
Elaborate Bloodpact Cuirass
Elaborate Bloodpact Gloves
Elaborate Bloodpact Greaves
Elaborate Bloodpact Helm
Elaborate Bloodpact Sleeves
Elaborate Brambleborn Armband
Elaborate Brambleborn Boots
Elaborate Brambleborn Cuirass
Elaborate Brambleborn Gloves
Elaborate Brambleborn Greaves
Elaborate Brambleborn Helm
Elaborate Brambleborn Sleeves
Elaborate Crystalskin Armband
Elaborate Crystalskin Boots
Elaborate Crystalskin Cuirass
Elaborate Crystalskin Gloves
Elaborate Crystalskin Greaves
Elaborate Crystalskin Helm
Elaborate Crystalskin Sleeves
Elaborate Crystalweave Armband
Elaborate Crystalweave Boots
Elaborate Crystalweave Breeches
Elaborate Crystalweave Cap
Elaborate Crystalweave Gloves
Elaborate Crystalweave Robe
Elaborate Crystalweave Sleeves
Elaborate Driftwalker Armband
Elaborate Driftwalker Boots
Elaborate Driftwalker Cuirass
Elaborate Driftwalker Gloves
Elaborate Driftwalker Greaves
Elaborate Driftwalker Helm
Elaborate Driftwalker Sleeves
Elaborate Duskwoven Armband
Elaborate Duskwoven Boots
Elaborate Duskwoven Breeches
Elaborate Duskwoven Cap
Elaborate Duskwoven Gloves
Elaborate Duskwoven Robes
Elaborate Duskwoven Sleeves
Elaborate Longstrider Armband
Elaborate Longstrider Boots
Elaborate Longstrider Cuirass
Elaborate Longstrider Gloves
Elaborate Longstrider Greaves
Elaborate Longstrider Helm
Elaborate Longstrider Sleeves
Elaborate Lorekeeper Armband
Elaborate Lorekeeper Boots
Elaborate Lorekeeper Breeches
Elaborate Lorekeeper Cap
Elaborate Lorekeeper Gloves
Elaborate Lorekeeper Robes
Elaborate Lorekeeper Sleeves
Elaborate Metalofiber Armband
Elaborate Metalofiber Boots
Elaborate Metalofiber Breeches
Elaborate Metalofiber Cap
Elaborate Metalofiber Gloves
Elaborate Metalofiber Robes
Elaborate Metalofiber Sleeves
Elaborate Mistwoven Armband
Elaborate Mistwoven Boots
Elaborate Mistwoven Breeches
Elaborate Mistwoven Cap
Elaborate Mistwoven Gloves
Elaborate Mistwoven Robes
Elaborate Mistwoven Sleeves
Elaborate Moonsilver Armband
Elaborate Moonsilver Boots
Elaborate Moonsilver Breeches
Elaborate Moonsilver Cap
Elaborate Moonsilver Gloves
Elaborate Moonsilver Robes
Elaborate Moonsilver Sleeves
Elaborate Reaver Armband
Elaborate Reaver Boots
Elaborate Reaver Cuirass
Elaborate Reaver Gloves
Elaborate Reaver Greaves
Elaborate Reaver Helm
Elaborate Reaver Sleeves
Elaborate Runeseeker Armband
Elaborate Runeseeker Boots
Elaborate Runeseeker Cuirass
Elaborate Runeseeker Gloves
Elaborate Runeseeker Greaves
Elaborate Runeseeker Helm
Elaborate Runeseeker Sleeves
Elaborate Sagacious Armband
Elaborate Sagacious Boots
Elaborate Sagacious Cuirass
Elaborate Sagacious Gloves
Elaborate Sagacious Greaves
Elaborate Sagacious Helm
Elaborate Sagacious Sleeves
Elaborate Shadowrise Armband
Elaborate Shadowrise Boots
Elaborate Shadowrise Cuirass
Elaborate Shadowrise Gloves
Elaborate Shadowrise Greaves
Elaborate Shadowrise Helm
Elaborate Shadowrise Sleeves
Elaborate Stargazer Armband
Elaborate Stargazer Boots
Elaborate Stargazer Breeches
Elaborate Stargazer Cap
Elaborate Stargazer Gloves
Elaborate Stargazer Robe
Elaborate Stargazer Sleeves
Elaborate Starglow Armband
Elaborate Starglow Boots
Elaborate Starglow Breeches
Elaborate Starglow Cap
Elaborate Starglow Gloves
Elaborate Starglow Robes
Elaborate Starglow Sleeves
Elaborate Vah Anima Armband
Elaborate Vah Anima Boots
Elaborate Vah Anima Cuirass
Elaborate Vah Anima Gloves
Elaborate Vah Anima Greaves
Elaborate Vah Anima Helm
Elaborate Vah Anima Sleeves
Elegant Bloodpact Armband
Elegant Bloodpact Boots
Elegant Bloodpact Cuirass
Elegant Bloodpact Gloves
Elegant Bloodpact Greaves
Elegant Bloodpact Helm
Elegant Bloodpact Sleeves
Elegant Brambleborn Armband
Elegant Brambleborn Boots
Elegant Brambleborn Cuirass
Elegant Brambleborn Gloves
Elegant Brambleborn Greaves
Elegant Brambleborn Helm
Elegant Brambleborn Sleeves
Elegant Crystalskin Armband
Elegant Crystalskin Boots
Elegant Crystalskin Cuirass
Elegant Crystalskin Gloves
Elegant Crystalskin Greaves
Elegant Crystalskin Helm
Elegant Crystalskin Sleeves
Elegant Crystalweave Armband
Elegant Crystalweave Boots
Elegant Crystalweave Breeches
Elegant Crystalweave Cap
Elegant Crystalweave Gloves
Elegant Crystalweave Robe
Elegant Crystalweave Sleeves
Elegant Driftwalker Armband
Elegant Driftwalker Boots
Elegant Driftwalker Cuirass
Elegant Driftwalker Gloves
Elegant Driftwalker Greaves
Elegant Driftwalker Helm
Elegant Driftwalker Sleeves
Elegant Duskwoven Armband
Elegant Duskwoven Boots
Elegant Duskwoven Breeches
Elegant Duskwoven Cap
Elegant Duskwoven Gloves
Elegant Duskwoven Robes
Elegant Duskwoven Sleeves
Elegant Longstrider Armband
Elegant Longstrider Boots
Elegant Longstrider Cuirass
Elegant Longstrider Gloves
Elegant Longstrider Greaves
Elegant Longstrider Helm
Elegant Longstrider Sleeves
Elegant Lorekeeper Armband
Elegant Lorekeeper Boots
Elegant Lorekeeper Breeches
Elegant Lorekeeper Cap
Elegant Lorekeeper Gloves
Elegant Lorekeeper Robes
Elegant Lorekeeper Sleeves
Elegant Metalofiber Armband
Elegant Metalofiber Boots
Elegant Metalofiber Breeches
Elegant Metalofiber Cap
Elegant Metalofiber Gloves
Elegant Metalofiber Robes
Elegant Metalofiber Sleeves
Elegant Mistwoven Armband
Elegant Mistwoven Boots
Elegant Mistwoven Breeches
Elegant Mistwoven Cap
Elegant Mistwoven Gloves
Elegant Mistwoven Robes
Elegant Mistwoven Sleeves
Elegant Moonsilver Armband
Elegant Moonsilver Boots
Elegant Moonsilver Breeches
Elegant Moonsilver Cap
Elegant Moonsilver Gloves
Elegant Moonsilver Robes
Elegant Moonsilver Sleeves
Elegant Reaver Armband
Elegant Reaver Boots
Elegant Reaver Cuirass
Elegant Reaver Gloves
Elegant Reaver Greaves
Elegant Reaver Helm
Elegant Reaver Sleeves
Elegant Runeseeker Armband
Elegant Runeseeker Boots
Elegant Runeseeker Cuirass
Elegant Runeseeker Gloves
Elegant Runeseeker Greaves
Elegant Runeseeker Helm
Elegant Runeseeker Sleeves
Elegant Sagacious Armband
Elegant Sagacious Boots
Elegant Sagacious Cuirass
Elegant Sagacious Gloves
Elegant Sagacious Greaves
Elegant Sagacious Helm
Elegant Sagacious Sleeves
Elegant Shadowrise Armband
Elegant Shadowrise Boots
Elegant Shadowrise Cuirass
Elegant Shadowrise Gloves
Elegant Shadowrise Greaves
Elegant Shadowrise Helm
Elegant Shadowrise Sleeves
Elegant Stargazer Armband
Elegant Stargazer Boots
Elegant Stargazer Breeches
Elegant Stargazer Cap
Elegant Stargazer Gloves
Elegant Stargazer Robe
Elegant Stargazer Sleeves
Elegant Starglow Armband
Elegant Starglow Boots
Elegant Starglow Breeches
Elegant Starglow Cap
Elegant Starglow Gloves
Elegant Starglow Robes
Elegant Starglow Sleeves
Elegant Vah Anima Armband
Elegant Vah Anima Boots
Elegant Vah Anima Cuirass
Elegant Vah Anima Gloves
Elegant Vah Anima Greaves
Elegant Vah Anima Helm
Elegant Vah Anima Sleeves
Extravagant Bloodpact Armband
Extravagant Bloodpact Boots
Extravagant Bloodpact Cuirass
Extravagant Bloodpact Gloves
Extravagant Bloodpact Greaves
Extravagant Bloodpact Helm
Extravagant Bloodpact Sleeves
Extravagant Brambleborn Armband
Extravagant Brambleborn Boots
Extravagant Brambleborn Cuirass
Extravagant Brambleborn Gloves
Extravagant Brambleborn Greaves
Extravagant Brambleborn Helm
Extravagant Brambleborn Sleeves
Extravagant Crystalskin Armband
Extravagant Crystalskin Boots
Extravagant Crystalskin Cuirass
Extravagant Crystalskin Gloves
Extravagant Crystalskin Greaves
Extravagant Crystalskin Helm
Extravagant Crystalskin Sleeves
Extravagant Crystalweave Armband
Extravagant Crystalweave Boots
Extravagant Crystalweave Breeches
Extravagant Crystalweave Cap
Extravagant Crystalweave Gloves
Extravagant Crystalweave Robe
Extravagant Crystalweave Sleeves
Extravagant Driftwalker Armband
Extravagant Driftwalker Boots
Extravagant Driftwalker Cuirass
Extravagant Driftwalker Gloves
Extravagant Driftwalker Greaves
Extravagant Driftwalker Helm
Extravagant Driftwalker Sleeves
Extravagant Duskwoven Armband
Extravagant Duskwoven Boots
Extravagant Duskwoven Breeches
Extravagant Duskwoven Cap
Extravagant Duskwoven Gloves
Extravagant Duskwoven Robes
Extravagant Duskwoven Sleeves
Extravagant Khala Dun Sleeves
Extravagant Longstrider Armband
Extravagant Longstrider Boots
Extravagant Longstrider Cuirass
Extravagant Longstrider Gloves
Extravagant Longstrider Greaves
Extravagant Longstrider Helm
Extravagant Longstrider Sleeves
Extravagant Lorekeeper Armband
Extravagant Lorekeeper Boots
Extravagant Lorekeeper Breeches
Extravagant Lorekeeper Cap
Extravagant Lorekeeper Gloves
Extravagant Lorekeeper Robes
Extravagant Lorekeeper Sleeves
Extravagant Metalofiber Armband
Extravagant Metalofiber Boots
Extravagant Metalofiber Breeches
Extravagant Metalofiber Cap
Extravagant Metalofiber Gloves
Extravagant Metalofiber Robes
Extravagant Metalofiber Sleeves
Extravagant Mistwoven Armband
Extravagant Mistwoven Boots
Extravagant Mistwoven Breeches
Extravagant Mistwoven Cap
Extravagant Mistwoven Gloves
Extravagant Mistwoven Robes
Extravagant Mistwoven Sleeves
Extravagant Moonsilver Armband
Extravagant Moonsilver Boots
Extravagant Moonsilver Breeches
Extravagant Moonsilver Cap
Extravagant Moonsilver Gloves
Extravagant Moonsilver Robes
Extravagant Moonsilver Sleeves
Extravagant Reaver Armband
Extravagant Reaver Boots
Extravagant Reaver Cuirass
Extravagant Reaver Gloves
Extravagant Reaver Greaves
Extravagant Reaver Helm
Extravagant Reaver Sleeves
Extravagant Runeseeker Armband
Extravagant Runeseeker Boots
Extravagant Runeseeker Cuirass
Extravagant Runeseeker Gloves
Extravagant Runeseeker Greaves
Extravagant Runeseeker Helm
Extravagant Runeseeker Sleeves
Extravagant Sagacious Armband
Extravagant Sagacious Boots
Extravagant Sagacious Cuirass
Extravagant Sagacious Gloves
Extravagant Sagacious Greaves
Extravagant Sagacious Helm
Extravagant Sagacious Sleeves
Extravagant Shadowrise Armband
Extravagant Shadowrise Boots
Extravagant Shadowrise Cuirass
Extravagant Shadowrise Gloves
Extravagant Shadowrise Greaves
Extravagant Shadowrise Helm
Extravagant Shadowrise Sleeves
Extravagant Stargazer Armband
Extravagant Stargazer Boots
Extravagant Stargazer Breeches
Extravagant Stargazer Cap
Extravagant Stargazer Gloves
Extravagant Stargazer Robe
Extravagant Stargazer Sleeves
Extravagant Starglow Armband
Extravagant Starglow Boots
Extravagant Starglow Breeches
Extravagant Starglow Cap
Extravagant Starglow Gloves
Extravagant Starglow Robes
Extravagant Starglow Sleeves
Extravagant Vah Anima Armband
Extravagant Vah Anima Boots
Extravagant Vah Anima Cuirass
Extravagant Vah Anima Gloves
Extravagant Vah Anima Greaves
Extravagant Vah Anima Helm
Extravagant Vah Anima Sleeves
Glorious Bloodpact Armband
Glorious Bloodpact Boots
Glorious Bloodpact Cuirass
Glorious Bloodpact Gloves
Glorious Bloodpact Greaves
Glorious Bloodpact Helm
Glorious Bloodpact Sleeves
Glorious Brambleborn Armband
Glorious Brambleborn Boots
Glorious Brambleborn Cuirass
Glorious Brambleborn Gloves
Glorious Brambleborn Greaves
Glorious Brambleborn Helm
Glorious Brambleborn Sleeves
Glorious Crystalskin Armband
Glorious Crystalskin Boots
Glorious Crystalskin Cuirass
Glorious Crystalskin Gloves
Glorious Crystalskin Greaves
Glorious Crystalskin Helm
Glorious Crystalskin Sleeves
Glorious Crystalweave Armband
Glorious Crystalweave Boots
Glorious Crystalweave Breeches
Glorious Crystalweave Cap
Glorious Crystalweave Gloves
Glorious Crystalweave Robe
Glorious Crystalweave Sleeves
Glorious Driftwalker Armband
Glorious Driftwalker Boots
Glorious Driftwalker Cuirass
Glorious Driftwalker Gloves
Glorious Driftwalker Greaves
Glorious Driftwalker Helm
Glorious Driftwalker Sleeves
Glorious Duskwoven Armband
Glorious Duskwoven Boots
Glorious Duskwoven Breeches
Glorious Duskwoven Cap
Glorious Duskwoven Gloves
Glorious Duskwoven Robes
Glorious Duskwoven Sleeves
Glorious Longstrider Armband
Glorious Longstrider Boots
Glorious Longstrider Cuirass
Glorious Longstrider Gloves
Glorious Longstrider Greaves
Glorious Longstrider Helm
Glorious Longstrider Sleeves
Glorious Lorekeeper Armband
Glorious Lorekeeper Boots
Glorious Lorekeeper Breeches
Glorious Lorekeeper Cap
Glorious Lorekeeper Gloves
Glorious Lorekeeper Robes
Glorious Lorekeeper Sleeves
Glorious Metalofiber Armband
Glorious Metalofiber Boots
Glorious Metalofiber Breeches
Glorious Metalofiber Cap
Glorious Metalofiber Gloves
Glorious Metalofiber Robes
Glorious Metalofiber Sleeves
Glorious Mistwoven Armband
Glorious Mistwoven Boots
Glorious Mistwoven Breeches
Glorious Mistwoven Cap
Glorious Mistwoven Gloves
Glorious Mistwoven Robes
Glorious Mistwoven Sleeves
Glorious Moonsilver Armband
Glorious Moonsilver Boots
Glorious Moonsilver Breeches
Glorious Moonsilver Cap
Glorious Moonsilver Gloves
Glorious Moonsilver Robes
Glorious Moonsilver Sleeves
Glorious Reaver Armband
Glorious Reaver Boots
Glorious Reaver Cuirass
Glorious Reaver Gloves
Glorious Reaver Greaves
Glorious Reaver Helm
Glorious Reaver Sleeves
Glorious Runeseeker Armband
Glorious Runeseeker Boots
Glorious Runeseeker Cuirass
Glorious Runeseeker Gloves
Glorious Runeseeker Greaves
Glorious Runeseeker Helm
Glorious Runeseeker Sleeves
Glorious Sagacious Armband
Glorious Sagacious Boots
Glorious Sagacious Cuirass
Glorious Sagacious Gloves
Glorious Sagacious Greaves
Glorious Sagacious Helm
Glorious Sagacious Sleeves
Glorious Shadowrise Armband
Glorious Shadowrise Boots
Glorious Shadowrise Cuirass
Glorious Shadowrise Gloves
Glorious Shadowrise Greaves
Glorious Shadowrise Helm
Glorious Shadowrise Sleeves
Glorious Stargazer Armband
Glorious Stargazer Boots
Glorious Stargazer Breeches
Glorious Stargazer Cap
Glorious Stargazer Gloves
Glorious Stargazer Robe
Glorious Stargazer Sleeves
Glorious Starglow Armband
Glorious Starglow Boots
Glorious Starglow Breeches
Glorious Starglow Cap
Glorious Starglow Gloves
Glorious Starglow Robes
Glorious Starglow Sleeves
Glorious Vah Anima Armband
Glorious Vah Anima Boots
Glorious Vah Anima Cuirass
Glorious Vah Anima Gloves
Glorious Vah Anima Greaves
Glorious Vah Anima Helm
Glorious Vah Anima Sleeves
Intricate Bloodpact Armband
Intricate Bloodpact Boots
Intricate Bloodpact Cuirass
Intricate Bloodpact Gloves
Intricate Bloodpact Greaves
Intricate Bloodpact Helm
Intricate Bloodpact Sleeves
Intricate Brambleborn Armband
Intricate Brambleborn Boots
Intricate Brambleborn Cuirass
Intricate Brambleborn Gloves
Intricate Brambleborn Greaves
Intricate Brambleborn Helm
Intricate Brambleborn Sleeves
Intricate Crystalskin Armband
Intricate Crystalskin Boots
Intricate Crystalskin Cuirass
Intricate Crystalskin Gloves
Intricate Crystalskin Greaves
Intricate Crystalskin Helm
Intricate Crystalskin Sleeves
Intricate Crystalweave Armband
Intricate Crystalweave Boots
Intricate Crystalweave Breeches
Intricate Crystalweave Cap
Intricate Crystalweave Gloves
Intricate Crystalweave Robe
Intricate Crystalweave Sleeves
Intricate Driftwalker Armband
Intricate Driftwalker Boots
Intricate Driftwalker Cuirass
Intricate Driftwalker Gloves
Intricate Driftwalker Greaves
Intricate Driftwalker Helm
Intricate Driftwalker Sleeves
Intricate Duskwoven Armband
Intricate Duskwoven Boots
Intricate Duskwoven Breeches
Intricate Duskwoven Cap
Intricate Duskwoven Gloves
Intricate Duskwoven Robes
Intricate Duskwoven Sleeves
Intricate Longstrider Armband
Intricate Longstrider Boots
Intricate Longstrider Cuirass
Intricate Longstrider Gloves
Intricate Longstrider Greaves
Intricate Longstrider Helm
Intricate Longstrider Sleeves
Intricate Lorekeeper Armband
Intricate Lorekeeper Boots
Intricate Lorekeeper Breeches
Intricate Lorekeeper Cap
Intricate Lorekeeper Gloves
Intricate Lorekeeper Robes
Intricate Lorekeeper Sleeves
Intricate Metalofiber Armband
Intricate Metalofiber Boots
Intricate Metalofiber Breeches
Intricate Metalofiber Cap
Intricate Metalofiber Gloves
Intricate Metalofiber Robes
Intricate Metalofiber Sleeves
Intricate Mistwoven Armband
Intricate Mistwoven Boots
Intricate Mistwoven Breeches
Intricate Mistwoven Cap
Intricate Mistwoven Gloves
Intricate Mistwoven Robes
Intricate Mistwoven Sleeves
Intricate Moonsilver Armband
Intricate Moonsilver Boots
Intricate Moonsilver Breeches
Intricate Moonsilver Cap
Intricate Moonsilver Gloves
Intricate Moonsilver Robes
Intricate Moonsilver Sleeves
Intricate Reaver Armband
Intricate Reaver Boots
Intricate Reaver Cuirass
Intricate Reaver Gloves
Intricate Reaver Greaves
Intricate Reaver Helm
Intricate Reaver Sleeves
Intricate Runeseeker Armband
Intricate Runeseeker Boots
Intricate Runeseeker Cuirass
Intricate Runeseeker Gloves
Intricate Runeseeker Greaves
Intricate Runeseeker Helm
Intricate Runeseeker Sleeves
Intricate Sagacious Armband
Intricate Sagacious Boots
Intricate Sagacious Cuirass
Intricate Sagacious Gloves
Intricate Sagacious Greaves
Intricate Sagacious Helm
Intricate Sagacious Sleeves
Intricate Shadowrise Armband
Intricate Shadowrise Boots
Intricate Shadowrise Cuirass
Intricate Shadowrise Gloves
Intricate Shadowrise Greaves
Intricate Shadowrise Helm
Intricate Shadowrise Sleeves
Intricate Stargazer Armband
Intricate Stargazer Boots
Intricate Stargazer Breeches
Intricate Stargazer Cap
Intricate Stargazer Gloves
Intricate Stargazer Robe
Intricate Stargazer Sleeves
Intricate Starglow Armband
Intricate Starglow Boots
Intricate Starglow Breeches
Intricate Starglow Cap
Intricate Starglow Gloves
Intricate Starglow Robes
Intricate Starglow Sleeves
Intricate Vah Anima Armband
Intricate Vah Anima Boots
Intricate Vah Anima Cuirass
Intricate Vah Anima Gloves
Intricate Vah Anima Greaves
Intricate Vah Anima Helm
Intricate Vah Anima Sleeves
Ornate Bloodpact Armband
Ornate Blood