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Further Energeiac Discoveries  

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Language:Common Tongue
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Book Text:

Further Energeiac

Though the merchants from
the Buried Sea area tried
to hide the secrets of
their construction, I have
found the secret to making
energeian orbs. The steps
are extraordinarily similar
to what was required to
make the other orbs that
they allowed others to
make. I have also arranged
for merchants to offer a
few more of the distilled
essences and sketches
needed to make some of
these orbs.

Cloudy orbs require silver
infused clay, a cloudy
energeian sketch, a vial of
clear mana and the

appropriate distilled
essence. The cloudy orbs
and essences that work with
them are ice, fire, earth,
air, growth, decay, poison,
disease, water, shadow and
light. Once you have made
the clay molds of them, you
will fire them the same way
as other orbs using a high
quality firing sheet and
more of the appropriate
distilled essence.

Misty orbs can be made in
nearly exactly the same
manner, but instead of
clear mana you will need a
vial of distilled mana.
You can also make two
additional orbs that are
not possible in the cloudy
forms. A steam orb will
require distilled essence

of fire and distilled
essence of water in both
the forming and the firing
stages. To make a stone
orb use distilled essence
of growth and distilled
essence of earth.

Translucent orbs are made
the same was as misty orbs,
but you will need to crush
two rubies into the clay as
you are making the forms.
It is not necessary to add
the ruby when you are
firing it, but do not
forget the appropriate
distilled essences. There
are also two additional
orbs that you can make for
translucent orbs. To make
an ethereal orb you will
need to use distilled
essence of air, fire and

shadow. For an elemental
orb, you will need to use
distilled essence of ice,
fire, earth and air.

Finally, I even found a way
to make pure orbs, but I
have to warn you about a
strange oddity with them.
In order to unseal the pure
orbs, you will have to have
completed certain tasks in
the realm of Solteris. I
am not sure what magic
binds this, but it happens
anyway. But I find that
you can make them, even if
you have not completed the
tasks, you just cannot use
them. Pure orbs are made
similarly to translucent
orbs, except that you will
need only one ruby and a
pinch of chronal resonance

dust as well as purified
mana. You will need to
include an additional pinch
of chronal resonance dust
when you fire the formed
orbs. I do not expect that
this is the method used by
the merchants who sell the
original orbs, but they
work exactly the same way.
There are also two
additional orbs you can
create only as pure orbs.
The metal is, as you would
expect from metal, fire and
earth, while death is a
combination of decay,
shadow and ice.

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