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Nectar of the Green Fairy  

WT: 5.0 Size: SMALL

Language:Common Tongue
Item Type:Book
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Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 1

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Book Text:

Nectar of The Green Fairy

Absinthe is a
beverage. While some say
it should never be imbibed
by any soul, I believe
that all should imbibe it,
especially those that are
creative. The naysayers
would say that the visions
that it instills are
dangerous, but I say that
most anything used
improperly can be
dangerous. Be responsible
and do not use while you
might endanger another and
you will find that it
expands your mind.

The basis of all absinthe
and absinth is wormwood.

While some say any wormwood
can be used, I say that
only grande wormwood is of
the proper quality and
safety. The difference
between absinthe and
absinth is that absinth has
additional herbs brewed
with the wormwood that give
it the extra potency and
stronger flavor.

To make absinthe one must
distill grande wormwood,
anise, and fennel in water.
Do not forget to bottle it
once you have completed the
process. This basic
absinthe is clear, and not
of a quality that I would
drink, but some prefer it.
While I firmly believe that
absinth is a waste of time,
again some people prefer

it. To make the absinth,
simply do not include anise
or fennel in your brewing
process. Again this will
make a clear absinth that
has very little of the
clarity of taste and power
of a second distilling

I would advise people to
distil the absinthe or
absinth a second time.
This second distilling will
add the distinctive green
color that is expected with
absinthe, and the flavor
and intensity of experience
that make absinthe my drink
of choice. You can distill
either absinthe or absinth
a second time using your
choice of hyssop, angelica,
nutmeg, or wormwood. For

this step I would advice
just regular wormwood and
not grande wormwood. You
can also safely reuse the
bottle that the clear
absinthe or absinth is in,
so you will not need a new
bottle, or any additional

While I am a traditionalist
and only go for absinthe,
you can make an interesting
rose absinthe or rose
absinth by brewing a clear
absinthe or absinth with
the petals of the corn
rose. This rose absinthe
is pale pink in color and
gives a different
experience than one finds
with normal absinthe.

I have found that the

presence of people from
Norrath proper through the
various portals in the void
cause a resonance between
the beings of those era and
norrathians that sometime
coalesces into a fine
powder. This powder is so
fine it is hard to
distinguish it from regular
dust. If you can find this
powder, I have found that
two pinches work well in a
second distillation of
absinthe to make a drink
that will expand your mind
so far that it even has
some physical side effects.
For some reason this does
not work with absinth,
which as far as I am
concerned further enforces
the superiority of absinthe
of absinth.

While one can drink any of
these absinthe or absinth
creations directly, I would
advise against it as it
does not give the full
experience of absinthe, and
mostly just leads to you
being drunk for a long
time, counteracting the
beneficial effects of
absinthe. Instead, you
should follow the proper
ritual for absinthe.

The proper ritual entails
using an absinthe glass and
an absinthe spoon. Pour
enough absinthe into the
glass to fill the bulb at
the bottom of the glass.
Place the spoon over the
glass and some sugar on the
spoon. Carefully and

slowly pour cold water over
the sugar into the glass at
a measured pace until the
glass is nearly full. The
liquid will become cloudy
as the process completes
and you have your perfect
glass of absinthe. One
bottle of absinthe or
absinth and one flask of
water are sufficient for
six glasses of absinthe.


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new loc
# Mar 09 2021 at 11:03 PM Rating: Decent
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Just found this item on vender Srynda in Lake Rathetear.
correct price
# Dec 28 2008 at 12:45 PM Rating: Decent
In Old Commonlands it is 26/2/4/9 with charisma at 482
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