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Systematic Tome Research Vol. 5  

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Language:Common Tongue
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Systematic Tome Research
Volume 5
At the time of this
writing, you can use 75
tomes to scribe
disciplines. You should
choose which tome you use
according to the difficulty
of discipline that you plan
to scribe. That does mean
that there are many tomes
that you are not likely to
use for scribing a
discipline, but instead you
can use them as a way to
practice your skills.
You will find that almost
all of the supplies are the
same as the supplies needed
by the spell casters in
their research. It ends up
just being an additional
set of items you will need

in order to bind it into a
book. Every tome will need
a set of tome cover
supplies. You can find
these supplies on many of
the merchants that sell
research supplies.
First, we will start with
the hides. There are ten
different hides that you
will need to find out in
the world. Merchants have
not found enough of a
supply to sell them
themselves, though you may
be able to find them
randomly in the bazaar. In
order of the power level
they will work with, they
are stiff hide, crude hide,
rough hide, hide, fine
hide, supple hide, runic
hide, fine runic hide,
supple runic hide and fine

supple runic hide. With
the exception of stiff
hides, each of these hides
can be prepared five
different ways; each
preparation prepares the
hide for a different level
of difficulty.
You will need a solution,
of which there are ten that
equate to the type of hide
and can be found on
merchants, to do the most
basic preparation of each
hide. Then to increase the
difficulty of the hide
by one rank, use celestial
solvent to finish cleaning
the hide of the solution.
The next step in difficulty
is to clean it with lye
instead of solvent. For
the next two steps of
difficulty, you will use a

skinning knife to further
prepare the hide before you
clean it with celestial
solution or lye.
Unfortunately, stiff hides
will disintegrate under
this treatment if lye is
used, so there are only
four difficulties of use
for stiff hides.
Hide based tomes will cover
the first forty-nine
difficulty levels of tomes,
to progress further you
will again need to acquire
the same supplies as spell
casters with the additional
bit of tome cover supplies.
I will not go over the
steps needed in this book
as I firmly believe that
anyone who has read this
far is intelligent enough
to read the books on

systematic spell research
and add the tome cover
supplies to the
instructions covered there.
In order of difficulty, you
will make manuals, papyrus
manuals, parchment manuals,
vellum manuals and

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