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Systematic Tome Research Vol. 3  

WT: 5.0 Size: SMALL
Language:Common Tongue
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Systematic Tome Research
Volume 3
Inks Part 1

Inks are the major basis
that decides what a
discipline will do.
Different effects require a
different ink. Do not
disparage this as simply
being obsessive; it is
actually necessary.
Without these different
inks, one cannot learn the
disciplines in a flash, and
people will not want to use
the tomes made without the

A few inks that the
spell-casters use work just
fine. I will not repeat
here how to make them as
you can find the

information either from
your friendly spell-caster
or from their books that
the merchants will happily
sell to you as well as
casters. Here is a list
and with their functions.

Ink of Innoruuk - Hate
generating and reducing

Ink of Zek - disciplines
that increase your attack
skill, or the rate at which
your weapons or buffs
process abilities. It is
also used with the spells
that summon weapons.

Ink of the Tribunal -
disciplines that protect
you from melee attacks,
including an increase in

your armor.

Ink of tranquility -
disciplines that mesmerize
or enthrall your enemies.

Ink of pain - disciplines
that directly do damage
without using a particular
skill and abilities that
give you magical protection
from all damage including
spell damage.

Ink of Marr - disciplines
that stun.

Ink of alacrity -
disciplines increase
movement or melee speed.

Ink of rainbows -
disciplines that increase
general spell resistance.

Ink of the listless -
disciplines that decrease
movement or melee speed.

Ink of Saryrn - disciplines
that pass on a lasting
poison effect.

Ink of forgetfulness -
disciplines that make one
forget what has happened.

The next book will cover
the inks that are needed
especially for tome

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