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Systematic Tome Research Vol. 2  

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Systematic Tome Research
Volume 2
Quills, Additives and

Quills are the simplest of
all to make. Simply apply
two treatments to each
quill, according to the
class that you intend to
scribe with the quill.
There are five basic quills
for tomes, though you may
also find a need for quills
for paladins and shadow
knights. For the basic
five, they will all use
martial treatment and an
additional treatment for
the class of the quill.
Frenzied treatment makes a
quill for berserkers, holy
treatment for monks, toxic
treatment for rogues,

defending treatment for
warriors or a second
martial treatment for a
more general quill that is
used for tome that more
than one of the main
classes may need.

To decide on which quill to
use, for a tome, simply
choose the class that can
use the discipline at the
lowest skill level, and use
that quill. If for some
reason more than one at the
same skill level can use
the discipline, then use
the more general quill made
with two martial
treatments. This choice
will also imply which tome
you should use. It should
apply to the lowest skill
at which one can learn the


There are nine ink
additives. I have found
that additives that the
casters use work just fine,
but that one more was
needed in order to make the
set complete. Additives
have to deal with the way
that the target of a
discipline will resist that
discipline. With
disciplines, the most
commonly used additives are
one for physical resist,
and one for no resist at
all. However, just in case
there is a need, I will go
over all of the additives.
You can find these
additives sold by
merchants, so you will not
need to make it yourself.

Ro's ink additive works for
fire-resisted disciplines,
E'Ci's ink additive is for
cold resisted disciplines,
while Luclin's ink additive
is for magic and Saryrns's
ink additive is for poison.
Veeshan's ink additive is
for chromatic and
Zebuxoruk's ink additive is
for prismatic. Ralos' ink
additive is for physical,
and ink additive of the
Nameless is for disciplines
that either cannot be
resisted or buffs and
similar disciplines that
one does not normally want
to resist.

For thickeners I find that
four of the thickeners made
by spell-casters work just

fine for the purpose of
making tomes. Invigorating
thickener works for
disciplines that affect
one's own skills and
abilities, debilitating
thickener works for
disciplines that will
adversely affect another
being, and Talisman
thickener works for
disciplines where you
strengthen the ability of
you and other allies that
are with you. The oddball
disciplines that might as
well be magic and summon
something from nothing use
the conjuring thickener
used so often by mages.

Two thickeners are specific
to disciplines. Though
they act almost exactly

like similar thickeners,
they need to be different
for tomes. Impairing
thickener, made with amber,
jade and yarrow, is for
effects that will draw out
over time. Finally, for
disciplines that help one
directly do damage to
another being use striking
thickener, made with opal,
jade and mystic ash.

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