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Shovel of Ponz  

Charges: Unlimited
Skill: 1H Blunt Atk Delay: 25
DMG: 6 Dmg Bonus: 31
This item is placeable in yards, guild yards, houses and guild halls.
STR: +3 INT: +2
Effect: Reclaim Energy (Any Slot/Can Equip, Casting Time: Instant) at Level 20
Focus: Minion of Earth
WT: 3.5 Size: LARGE
Class: MAG
Slot 1, Type 4 (Weapon: General)
Slot 2, Type 20 (Ornamentation)

Item Type:1H Blunt
Submitted By:Xarien D'Liergron
Lucy Entry By:Kerasota
Item Updated By:SwiftyMUSE
IC Last Updated:2021-10-20 10:26:51
Page Updated:Mon Jan 16th, 2017

Expansion: Original Original

Rarity: Uncommon
Level to Attain: 33

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This item is the result of a quest.
Expansion List - Premium only.
Quest Name
Shovel of Ponz


This item is used in quests.
Expansion List - Premium only.

Lake Rathetear
Quest Name
Magician Epic: Orb of Mastery

Zone(s) Found In:

Zone Name
Temple of Solusek Ro

Uploaded October 1st, 2016 by Drewinette
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Shovel of Ponz
# Oct 01 2016 at 5:24 AM Rating: Excellent
4,580 posts
Need modern item window pic of this item.

Need a pic of someone wielding this item.
Shovel of Ponz
# Jun 03 2019 at 1:12 AM Rating: Good
1 post
Shovel of Ponz
# Oct 01 2016 at 7:16 AM Rating: Good
snailish wrote:
Need modern item window pic of this item.
Need a pic of someone wielding this item.

Quest Help
# Jan 27 2005 at 1:01 AM Rating: Decent
Hi.. I have been trying to get the mage pet focus items. I managed to get the shovel and torch the night before the recent patch in which they upped the level of Mistmoore. Well I need the gargoyle eyes and I dont know where to get them. If you have any answers for me I would be appreciative. Thank you

Edited, Thu Jan 27 01:02:54 2005
RE: Quest Help
# May 09 2005 at 5:31 PM Rating: Decent
lower guk also has gargs you can get eyes from
RE: Quest Help
# Jan 27 2005 at 11:44 AM Rating: Excellent
266 posts
The gargoyles on spectre island in Ocean of Tears drop them. I have also heard castle mistmore, but since they upped the level, not sure. The old mobs might be out in lfay, like they did with the Cazic Thule mobs moving to Feerott when they redid CT.

Edited, Thu Jan 27 11:46:34 2005
Use of Shovel
# Nov 08 2004 at 1:48 PM Rating: Decent
My mage is at lvl 61 now and I put all the four focus items in the bank for storage and later epic work. I never use the reclaim pet spell since I always head back to POK after grinding exp to bank and sell loots and rearrange packs, restock food n gems, etc.; and that always allows me to regen mana to full anyhow. I dont need to reclaim any mana from my own pet's demise.
I never use it during exp grinding either. If I am chain casting pets I have to hit the pet-go-away button mid cast of a create-pet spell and dont have time to reclaim energy of an old pet and still have time to create a new pet.
I suppose their exist some instances where I would win a long fight and my pet would be at like 2% health where it would be more mana efficient to just create a new pet instead of healing up that one. In that case it would be more mana efficient to just reclaim its energy instead of healing it. BUT, in those cases I am always low on mana have have to med some anyway. If I go afk for 3 min and come back, my pet has regenned up also. So I dont need to do that anyway.
The last thing I should remind ppl is that your focus items stop proccing when you are using your higher lvl pets, so I dont even bother equipping it anymore. If I am creating a lower lvl pet it is only because I am in POK and am working on spell skills like divination or evoke or something and need a handy target to shoot at.
In those cases I dont need the focus bonuses anyway.
Now, that being said, I when I was lower levels I did notice a difference in my pets when they were summoned using the focus items. If I accidentally created a pet without the focus items it seems to have needed more healing, has less HP, less damage mitigation etc. So using it during summoning of a pet then swapping out for more efficient primary/secondary is very good thing to do. It is well worth the time to do the quests and create the four items when you are younger so you have them when you are sufficient lvl and they start proccing.

Edited, Mon Nov 8 14:12:21 2004
Making it easy for ya
# Apr 19 2004 at 1:04 PM Rating: Decent
Just to help folks out...I did this quest with my mage last weekend. I could only get the shovel, stein, and torch from the mages in Najena after about 4 hours of hunting. My next stop was the Ocean of Tears to look for other parts. Now the island that the boat takes you to (or translocater, whichever may be running at the time) has a couple merchants on it. A lot of people sell their junk there so they can hunt without going to a city. Checking there first might be a good idea. I bought all 4 types of toes, two of the gems that are needed, and even found a broom for sale. Might save some folks a little time.


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Easier toes for all four
# Jul 09 2003 at 1:18 PM Rating: Decent
If you are after Ice, Fire, Hill, and Cyclops toes...Go to Ocean of Tears and kill the named giant Gronit. He drops all of them. Says he is lvl 33-37 but a definite under con (was LB to a lvl 53 druid). I have read that he is camped alot but has a spawn rate of just under a minute. His location is on the same island as the Seafury Cyclops' near the pirate camps. Hope this helps!!

Edited, Wed Jul 9 14:13:36 2003
RE: Easier toes for all four
# Jul 19 2003 at 2:41 PM Rating: Good
Unless they changed his spawn time since I last camped him, his spawn time is about 5 minutes.
focus items
# Jun 04 2003 at 8:10 AM Rating: Decent
Are the 4 focus items no drop ? Can my high lvl ench do this quest for my mage ?
RE: focus items
# Feb 10 2004 at 5:38 PM Rating: Decent
5,311 posts
The description and the picture both appear to say "no drop". My guess is they're no drop.

That being said, you enchanter can acquire all the items required to complete the quests and give them to your magician to turn in.
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RE: focus items
# Jul 23 2004 at 9:20 AM Rating: Decent
Just don't forget to go have your mage talk to the Quest NPC's first and get the quests before turning in the items.

Sparximus Maximus, 14th Mage on Tunare
Demodius: Lvl 80 Undead Warlock on Durotan
Mauler: Lvl 72 Undead Warrior on Durotan
Popfizzle: Lvl 71 Undead Mage on Durotan
Scapula: Lvl 77 Undead Rogue on Durotan
Draga: Lvl 72 Orc Hunter on Durotan
Mojomama: Lvl 80 Undead Priest on Durotan
Moovealong: Lvl 70 Tauren Druid on Durotan
Arielliana: Lvl 70 Blood Elf Paladin on Durotan
Damojomon: lvl 71 Troll Shaman on Durotan
Moohawk: Lvl 80 Tauren Death Knight on Durotan

i got it
# Mar 30 2003 at 7:41 PM Rating: Default
i got it today with my lvl 8 mage somewhere i read that you dont have to have malachite to summon earth pets when this is equiped but i tried to summon with no malachite on me and it says missing components well maybe it does and i have to be higher lvl but i dont care only a couple silver for each malachite and this makes a nice wep for a lvl 8 mage and if it does make my earth pets more powerful more power to me.

celesdene 8th season highelf mage
ikinix 18th season wood elf druid
kenki 11th season half elf warrior
of the rathe
and formerly akashio lvl 35 half elf rogue of
think i like elves........ nah just a coincedence
i did play an iksar monk once
3 down 1 to go
# Mar 04 2003 at 4:10 PM Rating: Decent
OK, I started these focus item quests because I picked up a 'stein' one night in Najena and decided to look up what it was for. Since then I have returned to Najena whenever I get downtime and have nothing better to do. I have picked up the shovel, the stein (many times) and the torch. I am currently rounding up the last pieces needed to make the 'Shovel of Ponz' and if it does 1/2 what the 'Torch of Alna' did for my fire pet.... Good Mother of Mithanial Marr !! The 49 fire pet was a brute to start with and now it's just downright kickass. Also..just for general knowledge. Using the 'Reclaim' click effect on your 49 EarthPet will gain you about 7%mana per cast. In other words carry tons of Malachite and go from next to no mana to 100% in less than 2 minutes. Mages the time spent getting these items is well worth it.
oh you guys are friggin morons
# Feb 08 2003 at 6:45 PM Rating: Default
In my life as a magician on Bertoxx, I Have helped countless other mages get their focus items for a small fee (about 30-100pp) and I would know the effect! THE SHOVEL CAN BE USED FROM LEVEL 4 TO 49 and still get the buff. It enhances their lvl by one or two, and gives a small STR, AGI, and DEX boost. Same with the other 3 peeps are truely idiots not to get that!

Now it might look different on a few level pet spells (your lvl 4 pet when you first get it is equal to your lvl, right? My 39 air pet was equal to a 33 druid friend of mine! That was with my Broom of Trilon too) compared to your level.

Get this item as soon as you're able to run there and kill mages in Najena (mine was given to me by person camping there) and the whole quest should take about 4-6 hours. The other 3 parts are usually all sold in the bazaar. Sometimes, if you are extremely lucky, you can also get a Torn Page of Elemental Mastery- DO NOT destroy this! It is on the mage epic and a very rare drop.

The shovel overall, is better than most items I know of. You should see it at lvl 44! (44 earth pet sold in Katta Castellum)

Medya Wyvernslayer, 46 Magician of Quellious
Bertoxxulous Server
short & sweet
# Dec 14 2002 at 7:53 PM Rating: Excellent
702 posts
What to do:
Talk to Vira (Gnome p415,p90, per EQATLAS near #7) in Temple of Solusek Ro to get the info on 4 items she needs for each quest you are doing for each of the 4 Mage pet focus items.

None of the items are no-drop, so the best thing to do is hit the vendors in the surrounding areas first or auction in the zone. Go to OOT and check vendors for toes, if none there try Everfrost, and then try Nejena (go to the floor where you get the 3rd key and kill those mages) then buy needed gem and go to back to Vira.

The main items broom, torch, stien & shovel drop from mobs called 'An Alligator' the Swamp Alligators do not drop them.
Shovel of Ponz (increases size and power of Earth Elementals above level 34) requires:

A Shovel-Magician (9-24) in Najena or "An Alligator" (18-34) in Cazic Thule or Feerrott.
Eye of Gargoyle-Mistmoore (level 22-36) or Gargoyles in OOT (level 18-20).
Toes of a Hill Giant--in EK, NK, or WK, Rathe Mountains, WC (level 33-37), or Gornit in OOT.
A Ruby-from vendor.
Torch of Alna (increases size and power of Fire Elementals above level 34) requires:

Fire Drake Scale-Fire drake (level 9-11) in Lavastorm Mountains.
Fire Giant Toes-Fire Giants are in SolB (level 47-51) or Gornit in OOT.
Torch-Magicians (level 9-24) in Najena and Alligators (level 18-34) in Feerrott.
Fire Emerald-from vendor.
Broom of Trilon (increases size and power of a summoned Air Elementals above level 34) requires:

Griffen Feather-most any griffens near Karanas or vendors in Rathe, NK, and probably Jaggedpine.
Cyclops Toes-SeaFuries in OOT (level 39-42) and Cyclops in SK, RM, WK (level 28 - 42) or Gornit in OOT.
Broom-Magicians (level 9-24) in Najena and Alligators (level 18-34) in Feerrott.
Star Ruby-from vendor.
Stien of Ulissa (increases size and power of a summoned Water Elementals above level 34) requires:

Mermaid scale-Sirens on the spires in OOT
Ice Giant Toes-Ice Giants in Everfrost Peaks or from Gornit.
Stien-Magicians in Najena and Alligators in Feerrott, Magicians (level 9 -24) and Alligators (level 18-34).
Sapphire-from vendor.

[these notes were gathered from my experience and other posts, thank you for your help you know who you are]
Updated Information Please
# Nov 24 2002 at 1:56 PM Rating: Decent
36 posts
Hi everyone,

I need the latest updated info on this item. From my understanding, the gators are no longer in Cazic Thule but in a new location. Do they still drop the shovel?

#REDACTED, Posted: Aug 21 2002 at 11:09 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Ok, I am druid so don't know much about this stuff, but reclaim energy gets back some of the mana you used to summon the pet right?
she no likey me
# Feb 03 2002 at 6:06 PM Rating: Decent
I'm a 35 DE mage, and Vira is apprehensive to me. therefore she won't give me a quest. how do I fix that?
RE: she no likey me
# Nov 28 2002 at 10:29 AM Rating: Decent
The named Erudite in the tent near Ortallius the Orc in SRo gives you faction also... you give him gold, and he gives you random low-level spells plus faction.

There is also an easy quest to be done in Mistmoore in the Mausoleum inside the graveyard: there's a named Shadowed Man (looks like a floating open tome) behind the mausoleum who gives out a flower quest. He asks you to go inside, you simply walk around and enter the Mausoleum, and take a flower (looks like a small bag) from on top of the sarcophagus inside. Be careful though, there are 2 pitfall traps on either side of the sarcophagus which drop you smack dab into the jail where you will promptly get smacked around. Give the flower to the named Shadowed man, and he gives you a random vendor item and some Ro faction.
Check your faction in the temple after doing either of these quests about 20-25 times, and it should become one step better :)
RE: she no likey me
# Jul 16 2002 at 11:04 AM Rating: Decent
23 posts
You can also turn Cutthroat Insignia Rings in to the named orc in the Northwest corner of South Ro to get Temple of Solusek Ro Faction.

Garizbane Tharisfury
46 Enchanter (Saryrn)
"Not in the face, NOT IN THE FACE"
RE: she no likey me
# Mar 10 2002 at 4:48 AM Rating: Decent
Kill shadowed men if im not mistaken
# Aug 04 2001 at 9:35 PM Rating: Decent
i don't know about anyone else, but from what i have read about all of the focus items, they do not increase your pets lvl, as one person wasted mana testing, what it does do is increases your pets stats. only way that i can see to test that is to have 2 mages that summon the same pets and they be exactly the same lvl, and duel it out. so lets try to get all the information before we start telling people that they are full of BS....
Please explain to me how you found out that the buffs won't work, does it say that it has put the buffs on the pet? and if you are below the lvl does it not? how? please elaborate....

i am currently working on getting this item for my lvl 13 mage on Tarew marr, if it works, great, if not, nothing wasted, nothing better to do.

RE: Truth?
# Oct 19 2001 at 7:50 PM Rating: Default
It says on the quest board that its not active till lvl 34!!!!!!!
RE: Truth?
# Oct 24 2001 at 10:17 AM Rating: Decent
It also says the effect doesn't work until 29, which is wrong. I can't say for sure or not, my mage is only level 6.
RE: Truth?
# Sep 14 2001 at 7:06 AM Rating: Decent
Get it. This will work wonders on you level 16 pet. I have tested this with the shovel only. Try casting your level 16 earth pet without the shovel. Con your pet and take note of the actual physical size of the pet. At 19 my earth pet was always green. Now, cast the level 16 earth pet while holding the Shovel of Ponz. The summoned pet you made using the Shovel of Ponz is CLEARLY larger in size than the non-shovel pet. At 19 the pets also conned blue(shovel)instead of green(non-shovel). This shows that the "Shovel of Ponz" can actually increase the level of your pet. I have only verified this with the Level 16 Spell "Minor Summoning: Earth". And this I know to be true.

Corelian Majere
Mage of the 25th Circle
Xegony Server
# Aug 04 2001 at 2:14 AM Rating: Decent
It is true the effect of the shovel will work but the "buffs"wont I have found this out my self so there ya have it all yous peeps trying to say that you can use it at lvl 4 etc. are full of BS!!!!!!
# Jul 10 2001 at 12:33 PM Rating: Decent
Sorry if I am bein a little like a newbie but it says alligators DROP this is it listed there just 4 the quest or is it like some rare drop on a lvl 34 alligator plz reply)
RE: Alligators
# Nov 24 2002 at 1:54 PM Rating: Decent
36 posts
It's not the actual SoP they drop, just the shovel you need to take to Vira.
RE: Alligators
# Jan 08 2002 at 5:11 AM Rating: Good
The alligators that drop this are in Cazic Thule below the courtyard. You have to swim to the cavern where they spawn. I killed alligators there for about 2hours when I was 31st sk and there were about 10 shovels dropped during that time.
Do the stats stay
# Jun 05 2001 at 3:13 PM Rating: Default
If unequip the shovel after summoning a pet does it retain the increased stats?
# May 10 2001 at 11:17 AM Rating: Default
All the focus items make stronger pets starting at lvl 34.
# May 03 2001 at 11:05 PM Rating: Default
i want to try to do this quest.. is it hard?
RE: difeculty
# Sep 14 2001 at 7:54 AM Rating: Decent
Depending on your level really. If you are of level to benefit from it (ie L-34) then no, it just requires patience and a little cash. While the Magicians in Najena are a pain, they are not hard to defeat... in fact if you can blast them to death in one shot, their pet dies without fighting. Just keep killing until you get what you want.

proc test
# Apr 09 2001 at 1:25 PM Rating: Default
At level 24 i tested this item.12 casts using the SoP and 9 casts without it.
Pet level Avg with SoP: 20.3
Pet level Avg without SoP: 20.3

Therefore, SoP does NOT add levels to pet at Mage level 24.

Magician 25
RE: proc test
# Nov 16 2003 at 11:43 PM Rating: Default
That's because it only works for 34+ pets
procs earlier
# Jan 12 2001 at 7:29 AM Rating: Default
my level 21 mage can use the proc
RE: procs earlier
# Apr 02 2001 at 3:23 PM Rating: Default
theres a difference between a triggered effect and a "proc".. you can use th reclaim energy part of the shovel.. but the "buffs" to your pet wont occur until later
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