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Legendary Studded Leathers  

WT: 0.5 Size: SMALL
Language:Common Tongue
Item Type:Book
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Planes of Power Item

Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 1

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Obtained from: This item is obtained from NPCs.

Plane of Knowledge

Zone(s) Found In:
Book Text:

A strange tailor once paid a
visit to the city of New
Tanaan wearing a stunning
suit of studded leather
armor. When questioned by
the tailors of the city the
stranger revealed to them
the process by which the
armor and similar variations
may be crafted.

Studs for the armors must be
obtained from a blacksmith
for use in the construction
of the leather armors and a
pattern for the desired piece
of armor must be purchased
from a vendor.

Bricks or chunks of various
planar ores can be broken
down with a smithing chisel
into bits. Three bits are
then melted and tempered

with the appropriate temper
then filed into studs.
Five studs are required for a
tunic, four studs are
required for leggings,
gloves, or boots. Three studs
are required for a cap or
sleeves, and two studs are
required for a bracer.

Dream Haunt Studded Leather

Crafted from the hides of the
twisted Nightmare Mephits
and adorned with an Emblem
of Nightmares this dark
leather armor is said to
offer the wearer power over
the substance of dreams and
nightmares but is said to
also have caused madness in

the wearers mind. The studs
of this armor are crafted
from nightmare iron mined
by the hobgoblins that dwell
in the Plane of Nightmares
subterranean caverns.

Storm Rider Studded Leather

The hides of the Storm Riders
that inhabit the Plane of
Storms are used in
conjunction with studs
crafted from electrified
copper to craft this
shocking leather armor.
The pieces of armor are
adorned with an Emblem
of Storms and it is said
that the wearers of this
armor can brave the most
violent forces of nature with

Firehide Studded Leather

This legendary leather armor
is crafted from the hides of
Fire Mephits, studded with
glowing molten studs, and
adorned with an Emblem of
Fire. Not even the fires of
Fennin Ro can penetrate this
magical leather.

Stonehide Studded Leather

Flexible as normal leather
yet hard as stone this rare
leather armor is crafted from
Earth Mephit hides, studded
with studs crafted from
immaculate steel, and
adorned with an Emblem
of Earth.

Trilounhide Studded Leather

This legendary aqua leather
armor is crafted from the
scaled hides of Water
Mephits, studded with
studs crafted from e'cian
ice and adorned with an
Emblem of Water. The
wearer of this armor carries
with them the blessing of the
Triumvirate of Water and the
powers that accompany it.
Windskin Studded Leather

This shimmering cloudy
leather armor is crafted from
the hides of the Air Mephits
that stand guard over
Xegony's temples in the
Plane of Air. The studs

of the armor are crafted
from the mysterious
wind metal and the armor is
adorned with an Emblem of

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